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1. what is the backup parameter file ?

2. what is the default location for backup ?

3. where is the back log file located ?

4. what are the contents backed up during backup ?

5. what type of backup is recommended for production server ?

6. what are the return codes for backups ?

7. what is the exact command to run a backup in >640 release

8. what are the brtools available to use ? list them all

9. which media is recommended to use during backup ?

10. what is the difference between all and full backup ?

11. can i take one data file backup if i want ?

12. can i rename the backup parameter file and how ?

13. i want to reuse the tape every 15 days. which parameter i have to use to do
this ?

14. who is the owner to backup mention both for windows and unix

15. what is the backup log file name ?

16. what is the frequency of the backup recommended ?

17. whcich utility are used to run the backup daily ?

18. tell the steps to schedule a backup daily at 10:00 pm using schedule task ?

19. what is a lock brtools ? and what is its extension ?

20. can i kill a backup ?

21. how to run a archive log backup ?

22. tell the exact command to run a archive log backup ?

23. what frequcney u should run the archive log backup ?

24. which file system gets filled up when archivelogs gets generated ?

25. which tcode is used to see the backup log at sap level ?

26. what is the extension for a online backup and extension for offline backup ?

27. what is the difference between rc = 0003 and rc = 0005 ?

28. what is the number 6 signifies in backup log file ?

29 can i use third party tool take the sap backup ?

30. what is a backup utility file ?

31. name some of the third party tools available in the market to take the
backup ?

32. what is the meaning for restore ?

33. what is the meaing of recover ?

ccms alert

1. which tcodes are used for alert monitoring ?

2. what are the methods used for alert monitroing ?

3. which method is used to send mail if any alert occurs ?

4. how to complete an alert ?

5. can i set an alert for any back ground job failure ?

6. list some of the major alerts u want to set when u r working in real time ?

7. if i don't get the alert to my mail or as sms then where is the problem ?

8. what is a smtp server and where it is used in sap ?

9. to send mail regularly to which method can be used ? explain in detail ?

10. are the mails client independent or client dependent ?

11. which user is responsible to send mail or as sender in ccms alert setting ?

12. which tcode is used to configure mail server setting in sap ?

performance tuning

1. which causes the performance problem ?

2. how do u plan for better performance for the system ?

3. which method is used for sap sizing ?

4. who are the responsible persons in both basis tuning and application tuning?

5. what are the major performance tuning areas needs to be tuned ?

6. how do u check which are the top cpu processes causing more cpu utilization ?
7. what is the reference time for wait time ?

8. what is an user context ?

7. how the response time is calculated ?

8. when do u check the gui time ?

9. how to know which are expensive tcodes ?

10. what tcode is used to check work load analysis ?

11. what are the major tcodes used for performance tuning ?

12. if lot of swap occurs in program buffer then what you do ?

13. how many types of memory are there ?

14. what is a priv mode situation ?

15. whcih memory areas reside in shared memory ?

16. what is the formula for vm in windows and unix ?

17. whats a roll-in-time and roll-out-time ?

18. what is the parameter used to set extended memory size ?

19. which parameter is used to set extended memory quota ?

20. which parameter is used for initial roll buffer ?

21. to reduce swap which parameter is used to increase the size of swap ?

22. how to know which are larger tables in a particular tablespace ?

23. can i assign larger tables into one customized tablespace ?

25. which tcode is used to run the buffer program to bring the usual transations
into r/3 buffer ?

26. how to avoid the priv situations if it occurs frequently ?

27. where can i see all the timing in the system ?

28. if there is a large cpu time , then which method has to be used to analyze
that area ?

29. if there is a large database time , then which method is used to analyze that
area ?

30. if there is a large/high gui time then what needs to be checked ?

31. when u use st04 tcode ?

32. if action tab in sm50 shows either dir read, seq read, insert, update , delete
, commit then which part of sap system needs to be analyzed ?
33. in which tab of sm50 the priv mode is displayed ?

34. if there is a load prgram in action tab of sm50 then what needs to analyzed
and tuned ?

35. which tcode is used to check the max memory used ?

36. buffer swaps are occured because programs get changed frequently and has to be
reloaded .

what needs to be done as a solution in production system in order to avoid lof

of swaps in the system ?

37. how types of memory are used when user log in and works ?

38. heap memory is available in which part of virtual memory ?

39. what is the significant of parameter abap/heaplimit ? how does it work ?

40. what is use of sap os collector ? what is the executable file name and where
does it locate ?

over all questions


1. which tcode is used to check transaction locks in the system ?

2. what do u check in updates ?

3. what do u do if the update gets terminated ?

4. how do u check the dead lock entries ?

5. why do u use the tcode sp12 ?

6. what do u do in the daily health check ?

7. how do u define webas ?

8. how many types of webas systems are available ?

9. what is a java stack ?

10. what makes a scs ?

11. how to access a java system ?

12. what are the components available in netweaver ?

13. what is the latest release for bi and portal ?

14. what is the latest netweaver release ?

15. what is the latest release for r/3 ?

bw administration

16. why the bw is used in an orgranization ?

17. how many types of source systems exist in bw or bw supports ?

18. how to create a source system ?

19. which tcode is used to access bw admistrative work bench ?

20. which tcode is used to do access work load monitor ?

21. what are the client tools or reporting tools used for bw ? list at least 2

22. what are the performance tuning method used for bw peformance tuning ?

23. list the tcode used for bw performance tuning ?

24. what is an infocube ?

25. what is an ods ?

26. what is psa ?

enterprise portal

1. which portal version you worked on ?

2. why portal used and how it helps business ?

3. what is the latest portal version ?

4. is j2ee is part of sap abap system or sap java system ?

5. how to access the portal server ?

6. what is function of scs ?

7. what do you mean by java stack and did you work on it ?

8. can i install sap abap system and sap java system for one instance ?

9. list some of the products which supports sap abap+java system togather ?

10. is it possible to install only java system from a sap abap+java supported
product ?

11. what are the toools used to monitor java system ?

12. how to apply the patch in java/portal system ?

13. what is the difference between config tool and visual admintoool ?

14. how to start config tool ?

15. how to start visual admintool ?

16. how to start log viewer ?

17. what is the use of log viewer ? why and when you look at it ?

18. what is the use of jspm ?

19. what is the benifit of sso (single sign on )

20. what are the prerequisties before you configure single sign on ?

21. what is the extension of security certificate of portal and how to generate
them ?

22. how to change parameter for performance tuning in portal ?

23. how to check the patch version in portal ?

24. what is the extension for portal patches ?

25. what is the transport mechannism in portal ?

26. how many servers are included in portal tms ?

27. which ume(user management engine) is used when you work on portal user
administration ?

28. who is the default super user in portal ?

29. if you forget the super user password and want to activate it again , how can
u do it ? list the steps.

30. can i change my location of trace file written by log viewer ? if yes then how

31. how to start portal server in windows ?

32. how to stop/start icm for a portal server ?

33. during portal patch application, do u extract the .sca files ?

34. what is ndi ?

35. what is sld (system landscape directory ) ?

36. what are the different ldap servers used for portal ?

solution manager

1. which version of solution manager u have worked on and what is the latest
version for this ?

2. what is the use of solution manager ?

3. who should use solution manager ?

4. as a basis amdin professional , how does it help ?

5. how to send the information from other system to solution manager ?

6. what is sddc ?

7. how to generate solution manager key ?

8. soltution manager is used since last 3/4 years in different sap versions ?
from which version of sap solution manager is mandatory and needs the key
before you proceed with installation ? list them

9. which version of oracle is supported in latest solution manager ?

10. how do u get notified when any error occurs ?

11. what needs to be done before you get the report from sap in solution manager ?

12. how does it help in projects ?

13. how does it help in upgrades ?

ecc (erp central component)


1. which version of ecc have you used and what is the latest version of this ?

2. can i install sap abap+java when i install ecc60 ?

3. what version of portal is available when install ecc60 ?

4. which version of bi is available when you ecc60 ?

5. what are the patch versions in ecc ?

7. how do i know that whether there is bi available to use in ecc or not ?

8. how do u know that whether there r/3 applications like (sd, mm, pp, fi/co., hr)
functionality available or not in ecc60 ?

9. do you need solution manager key while in ecc60 ?

10. which version of oracle you use in ecc60 ?

11. how to access oracle 10g to monitor ?

12. what are some of the advantages when the company uses ecc60 ?