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Name InfoSphere Streams

Jaskiran Bhatia Country Manager Information Management

Rules! Mining ! Custom Analytics! ...In micro seconds

. & these opportunities are everywhere

Intelligent traffic Management

Stock market
Impact of weather on securities prices Analyze market data at ultra-low latencies

Health & Life Sciences

Neonatal ICU monitoring Epidemic early warning system Remote healthcare monitoring

. & these opportunities are everywhere

Law Enforcement, Defense & Cyber Security

Real-time multimodal surveillance Situational awareness Cyber security detection

Space weather prediction Detection of transient events Synchrotron atomic research

CDR processing Social analysis Churn prediction Geomapping

Traffic Control System in City of Stockholm

Data sources
GPS from 1000s taxis Loop Sensors
Speed of traffic Flow density of traffic (cars per second)

CCTV video inside tunnels Real Time Weather data

Travel time forecasts
Via SMS Now, In 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours etc

Integrate with existing system

Traffic Management for Sustainability and Efficiency

Multimodal Data Streams
GPS Cell-phones (location tracking) Public Transport (bus, docking) Pollution measurements Weather Conditions (including road conditions) Optical traffic flow detectors Travel time data based on plate recognition Induction loop detector data Accidents in network as they are being recorded Road closures (road work, etc) Still pictures from road cameras

GPS Data Streams

Real Time Transformation Logic

Real Time Geo Mapping

Real Time Speed & Heading Estimation

Real Time Aggregates & Statistics

Real Time Traffic Monitoring & Information (Multimodal) Travel Planner Only 4 x86 Blade servers to process 250,000 GPS probes per second, maps of 630,000 line segments
Interactive visualization Storage adapters

Web Server

Data Warehouse

Google Earth

Offline statistical analysis

Real Time Geo Mapping & Speed Estimation

GPS probe Matching map artifact Estimated path Estimated speed & heading

Recommendations Based on Hurricane Forecast

Correlate combined risk and trade VWAP to determine buy/sell Capture weather sensor data, analyses hurricane recommendations predicted path

Capture market data (high Compute portfolio volume)market indicators (low latency) Estimate impact on portfolios

Make DHTML Result Dynamically updated recommendations rendering risk and notify assessment for assets in projected path

System S platform

Web Zero platform of Real-time projections

hurricane path

Worlds fastest options trading prototype

Identify and execute trades Process over 5M events per second with average latency of 150 microseconds Expand to incorporate content feeds, news text, audio, video, to establish greater context for better decisions
CIO TD Bank "TD Bank Financial Group worked with IBM Research to develop a first-of-akind architecture capable of consuming, analyzing and acting on real-time market data while maintaining sub-millisecond response times even under extreme data loads

Equities Trading Starter Application

Modular design Components are plug-replaceable extend these or substitute your own Demonstrates how trading strategies may be swapped out at runtime, without stopping the rest of the application
TradingStrategy module looks for opportunities that have specific quality values and trends OpportunityFinder module looks for opportunities and computes quality metrics SimpleVWAPCalculator module computes a running volume-weighted average price metric

Predictive Analytics using InfoSphere Streams in a neo natal ICU helps detect life threatening conditions upto 24hrs earlier
Real Time analytics and correlations on physiological data streams
Blood pressure, Temperature, EKG, Blood oxygen saturation etc.,

Early detection of the onset of potentially life threatening conditions

Upto 24 hours earlier than current medical practices Early intervention leads to lower patient morbidity and better long term outcomes

Technology also enables physicians to verify new clinical hypotheses

Law Enforcement and Security Federal Government

Streams of information including video surveillance, wire taps, communications, call records, etc. Millions of streams per second with low density of critical data Identify patterns and relationships among vast information sources

"The US Government has been working with IBM Research since 2003 on a radical new approach to data analysis that enables high speed, scalable and complex analytics of heterogeneous data streams in motion. The project has been so successful that US Government will deploy additional installations to enable other agencies to achieve greater success in various future projects" - US Government

SPSS Modeler to Build Model, Streams to Detect Quickly Characterization of Motive

Build rulesets (profiles) of various cause categories

Utilizing crime scene information such as . . .


Crime reports when entered

Government and Law Enforcement: e911 Support

Data from 911 calls, satellite feeds, imagery from city traffic cameras

Streams defines the geo spatial location of the call by running powerful analytics in real time using satellite communication link and draws in city camera feeds from around the area

Real time support for 911 dispatcher and field personnel

Data stored for future auditing and evidence requirements

Sharpe Engineering and US Navy Phase 1 SBIR Research

Identify/build sample problem Preliminary sizing Est. development, deployment and operation costs Possible use cases
Advanced Analytics Navy Sensors InfoSphere Streams
Maritime commerce & Anti piracy Unmanned surface vehicles Disaster relief Cyber security

Command & Control

Sharpe Engineering

From Data Analytics To Smarter Cyber Security


Event Normalization
Firewall Security Events Historical data summaries &evidence Data Repository: Log aggregation / normalization

Temporal Anomalies, Event / Destination Correlations, Partial periodicity

Manual Tuning


True Positives/ Human False Positives annotations

Sensors Live Data

Temporal Analysis
InfoSphere Warehouse


Security Analytics, e.g., Botnet Analytics Entity Analytics (GNR, ...)

Channel Profiles Botnet Models ADS Models Statistical Models

ID & NAC Logs App/DB

ng u ni t k lfSe dbac Fee



Forecasting Space Weather at LOFAR Outrigger in Scandinavia (LOIS)

Solar Flares

Radio signal input and data preparation

Signal detection and noise filtering Strength and 3D directional analysis

Space Weather prediction regarding impact on satellites and electric grids

Triaxial Antenna

InfoSphere Streams

Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Telco Moving to Agile, Real-time Processes & Analytics

Large Indian Wireless Telco. 100+ million customers. >10% annual growth. Expanding operations abroad and growing to provide real-time services and 3G capabilities to customers. 2006 2007/8 2010

Business Value

Corporate Visibility
Marketing Campaign & Service Analytics Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Marts & Reporting

Operational Efficiency
Cross-sell/Up-Sell, Reduced Activation Time Customer Analytics and Business Process Management

Data Infrastructure Optimization

Single, real-time data feed for Fraud, BI & Revenue Assurance systems Real-time CDR processing

Information Management Evolution

Reduce Complexity
Reduce data latency from 6-12 hours to seconds Improvement in data processing throughput

Manage Risk
Implemented fault tolerant, and flexible solution

Reduce Cost
Consolidated existing integration systems by 50% Streamlined development & maintenance of data services

Streams provides tight integration with existing Information / Analytics Infrastructure for Call Detail Record Processing
Real Time User Analytics SOA Web Service
Cognos Mashups Applications Spreadsheets Fin Planning

InfoSphere Warehouse

Data Marts

Pr e-p roc es s

In fo


rv er

Analytic Models

ed D


InfoSphere Streams

ERP,CRM and Other Data Sources

Real Time Charging system telco in Japan

1. The Pain Point
Real time charging can increase revenue/profit But: 20 million users Dramatic call and IP traffic growth SMS grows at 30% annually Even hourly summaries were hard to do

2. The Solution
InfoSphere Streams with solidDB processes: 55K CDRs per second on 1 octicore node 10 million in 200 seconds 160K CDRs per second on 3 octicore nodes 10 million in 60 seconds Nearly linear growth Architectural pattern to prevent data loss Demonstrated high software productivity

3. The Happy Ending

Telco is extending the pilot; in production in 1H 2011 Platform to create new real time billing system