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Video Production : Steps & Stages

Development Idea

Pre-Production Plan

Production Action

Post-Production Edit

Distribution Show

Brainstorm (MindMap, Parameters) Research Ideas Pitch Ideas & Projects Write Scripts

Create Storyboard Survey & Select Locations Create Scene Breakdown Create Shooting Schedule Create Shot list Label Tapes Research visual ideas (location, types of shots, angles, lighting, camera movement) Who will be interviewed? Voice Over? B-Roll? Location & Sets? Shooting schedule? Roles & Responsibilities Tasks & Lead times

Obtain Equipment Film Required Scenes Log Footage Production Report

Review Footage Create Paper Edit Log & Capture Footage Export for Viewing

Present Finished Film Organize Additional Screening Produce Public Material


What is the Purpose? Vision: What do you see this project achieving? What is this film going to be about? What questions will this film answer? Production Team Roles & Responsibilities? Format / Treatment of film. (Style)? Duration of film? Delivery Date(s)? Who is the audience? Venue where the audience will see this film? Delivery materials?

Shot List Cameras Other equipment Lighting Audio Filming Roles & Responsibilities Tasks & Lead times

Review and Log footage Create paper edit Import footage Assemble footage Picture & Sound cut (Rough Cut) Transitions & Special Effects Titles & Finishing Export for viewing Watch film Test Screenings Export

Showtime. When Where How? Publicity Posters, Invitations, Press Kits Audience Venue Treats

Key Elements

Production Planning
Production: _________________________ Chapter / Purpose / Narrative Date: ___________ Name: __________________ Audio & Special Effects Images / Visuals