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This time of focus, this time of release, this time of gathering together all of the extraneous
energy patterns and reducing all perceptions, all thoughts, all externalized conditions into a
singular point of consciousness is a most important process for a soul to embrace. As all souls
experience in the earthly sojourn, there are a multitude of challenges, a multitude of emotional
relationships, a multitude of physical attractions and even attachments, all of which serves a
purpose, all of which is ordained to be so as the creative process from within the soul has
attracted such a multitude of presentations into its existence.

When the perception becomes clear, when the perspective becomes unlimited, when the inner
eye opens and sees the relationship and connectedness of all things, then it can be known and
can be understood, and can be experienced that all existence from the perspective of the
opened eye of the soul is reduced to a single point of consciousness, a single point of existence
within the vast network and panorama of creation. To come to this singular point of
consciousness is the goal of the journey of the soul.

When you go outside at night on a clear moonless night and stare up into what you call the
heavens, what do you see? With simply your physical eyes, you see hundreds, thousands, and
if you could count them all, millions of individual points of light that you call stars and planets.
Each of these points of light has a place in the scheme of creation. Each is there for a reason.
Each point of light has purpose, has substance, and has a place in the universe.

Now as you stand there and look into the heavens, slowly ascend until you are above the earth.
As you move out and away, consciously projecting your awareness into this vast panorama of
the star lit night, you come to a point where you turn around and look back. What do you see?
You see a point of light called Earth. It is simply another point of light within this vast infinite
landscape of the universe. Consider that within the environment and context of each of these
points of light, within what can be said is the observable universe, there are correspondingly an
infinite number of points of consciousness that are inhabiting, surrounding, sustaining,
experiencing and existing, not in the physical form, but in the form of the multitude of connecting
points that form the vast web of the consciousness of the universe.

If you look back at the point of light called earth, you recognized that there are billions of
individualized points of consciousness inhabiting, surrounding, and manifesting awareness within
the context of that singular point of light within the universe. The same is true of all points of
light, for nothing stands alone. Everything is connected.

If you go out far enough and as you extend to the very depths and farthest reaches of the
observable universe, and as you look around and see this infinite array of points of light, you
know that there is a vast all-encompassing consciousness that is present everywhere within what
is being experienced and seen. Then as you move into and through the gate of multi-
dimenisonal experience, you step through into another vision or what would be called another
dimension, but it is simply a progression along the continuum of existence. As you make this
transition, you become aware that there is another vast field of infinitely presented points of
expression, points of consciousness, points of light. And this continues forever.

So consider what is being suggested. The singular point of light, the singular point of
consciousness that is the consciousness of the soul is aligned with, is part of, and is connected to
an infinite number of similar points of consciousness which when all seen together, as one
extends and goes to the farthest reaches of the infinite expression of creation, are all seen to in
turn reduce down to a singular point of light. That singular point of light of which all
individualized soul centered points of light are related is the very center of all creation. It has
been called the Central Sun. It has been called the Eye of God. It has been called the Source
of all. All consciousness reduces to a singular point of awareness.
Find that point within who you are as a soul. Explore what that singular expression is all about.
Feel the connectedness of that singular point of consciousness with all other points of
consciousness, with all other points of light in this universe and other universes and beyond.
And see that as you go out far enough, all consciousness reduces to a singular point, and that is
the Source of all.

Feel the truth of the expression, We are One. Feel the depths of meaning of that expression.
See within the depths of your consciousness that singular point of Oneness where all
consciousness, all existence is contained. Know that all else is but a passing and temporary
condition and illusion. Come to that point of centeredness and let that be your only window to
the eye of the soul, to the eye of the Creator.