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I Shall Not Be Moved!!

Acts 27:13-26

This morning we are going to look at a storm Paul faced, and in

doing so we will learn that all the time Paul was going through this
the Lord was there.

If you are going through a storm be encouraged your God is not so

far away. Amen

We need to catch up to understand were is are going to start so let’s

summarize verse 1-12

Paul sails for Rome

1. Prisoner on his way to see Caesar.
2. Roman centurion named Julius responsible to see that Paul
see Caesar.
3. Stops in Sidon, Paul meet some believers.
4. Sails on and stops in Myra where they got on another ship
headed for Rome.
5. Stops in Fair Haven, plans to leave that harbor.
6. Paul tells them bad idea, no one listens to him.

Acts 27:13-20

They encounter a storm

1. Decides to sail because of a nice south wind.
a. Paul knew they were taking a chance. Why?
2. The storm hits them.
a. Typhoon strength winds.
b. Known as the northeaster winds.
c. Was feared by many for its destructive power.
d. Blew them out to sea
e. Knew they were in trouble.
How many of us can say we’ve been there. It looks good then all
hell breaks loose.

3. So rough they pulled up the lifeboat.

4. Banded the ship.
a. Customary practice kept the ship from breaking apart.
1. God’s promises.

5. Sand bars of Syrtis.

a. Said to be an infamous graveyard of ship. (Off the coast
of N. America).
b. Bermuda Triangle.
c. Made sure to stay away.

The next day still being battered.

1. Crew started to throw cargo overboard.
2. Next day still threw things over. Things they needed

Isn’t this true in our storms we start to throw things over even the
tools we need to get through: trust, confidence, and faith.

As we face the storms in our lives.

1. Feeling out of control.
2. Our situation is driving us.
3. There are times when we can not see the light, and we can’t
see any purpose for the trials that we are experiencing.

2 Corinthians 4:17-18

4.Gave up all hopes of surviving.

a. Giving up can be good when we give up to Jesus. But bad
when we give up to circumstances.
Acts 27:21-26

Paul stands and takes control

1. Men did not eat for along time.
2. Conditions of food/seasickness.
3. You should have listened to me.
a. Paul was a traveler.
b. Wisdom in certain people.

John 16:33

God reveals His Presence

1. No life will be lost.
2. This ship will be destroyed.
3. Visit by an angel.
4. Because of you they will be safe.
5. Don’t fear Paul.

Paul’s response
1. I believe God.
2. Paul shows his full trust in God.

Will you believe what God has promised you?

Paul believed when there was nothing to believe.

Abraham believed
Romans 4:21
21 He was absolutely convinced that God was able to do anything
he promised.

Take Heart
1. A ship of non-believers.
2. Paul still shared his love for God.
3. Paul used his faith to strengthen others.
4. We will be ship wreck.
5. The Lord never told Paul what was going to happen once he
gets to the island.
6. Paul had to trust which island God would bring them too.

Jeremiah 29:11

Many times we will panic when we are not sure what to do in the
midst of a crisis.

We can learn from Paul and wait on the Lord for instruction on
what to do next.

While we are waiting lets spend time praising and thanking God in
advance for fulfillment of His promise in guiding and caring for

Isaiah 40:31

Gang refuse to panic or get depress about the storm in your life.

Proverbs 3:5-6