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Report from the Eveready First Month

FIRST WEEK o listening to customer requirements and presenting appropriately to make

a sale;
o maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers in

person, and via telephone calls and emails;

SECOND WEEK o arranging meetings with potential customers to prospect for new

o acting as a contact between a Eveready and its existing and potential

o negotiating the terms of an agreement and closing sales;


o gathering market and customer information;

o representing the organisation at trade exhibitions, events and

o negotiating on price and costs, delivery and specifications with buyers

and managers;

FOURTH WEEK o challenging any objections with a view to getting the customer to buy;


Sales executives sell their Eveready's goods and services to new and existing customers. Their customers may be retails outlets, businesses, individuals, wholesalers or manufacturers. They are also involved with identifying new markets and business opportunities. Their role helps to ensure the commercial success of a diverse range of companies in UK and overseas markets and may involve working with high-profile brands and products in areas including: fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). such as food, drink and stationer)-; consumer durables, such as clothes, domestic equipment and toys; industrial supplies; IT. software and media supplies: serv ices, such as print and financial services.

Within the sales environment, a number of other job titles are also used to refer to a similar job role, including: territory manager; territory development manager; sales representative; sales development representative.

Typical work activities

Typical work activities depend on the market and the setting. A basic distinction can be made between two types of sales: Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer or Consumer (B2C). B2B sales involve selling products or services from one business to another. This is a typical avenue for graduates. For example, a sales executive in a Eveready that manufactures fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), e.g., soft drinks, will sell to the retailer and may be involved in making a strong argument so the products gain a listing. Activities important for success include:

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relationship building; researching the market and related products; presenting the product or service in a structured professional way face to face.

B2C sales involve direct selling to the consumer or end user. Examples include selling credit cards via the telephone or selling new cars in a showroom.

EMPLOYMENT as sale manager


Eveready Industries India Limited Eveready Industries India Limited is one of India's most reputed FMCG companies. The company has a portfolio comprising dry cell batteries (carbon zinc batteries, rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries), flashlights (torches) and packet tea. It has recently forayed into the Mosquito repellent industry under brand name. "Poweron". EVEREADY is India's largest selling brand of dry cell batteries and flashlights (torches), with dominant market shares of about 46% Eveready Industry now has about 8200 Employees in the group. Eveready is certified with I.S.0-9002 certification for most of its plants. Customers are well satisfied with products of the company, and the plant is licensed by Bureau of Indian Standards for Manufacturing" of all its Batteries. The new tagline "The Next Century of Power" affirms Evereadv's commitment to being technology leaders well into the future, evolving with consumers to meet their changing needs. From small beginnings with an import consignment in 1905 of Rs 500. Eveready today dominates the Indian market and stands for portable power and light to millions of consumers.

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EVEREADY INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD, was originally founded in 1926 with the name "Eveready Company (India)".This company was taken c'-er by a joint stock company called "Eveready Company (India) Limited". Incorporated under Indian companies Act, 1913 June 20. 1934 with a registered office at Calcutta, where it presently continues. On June 30. 1941 the name of the company was changed to "National carbon Company (India) Limited'". On December 24. 1959. the name of company was further changed to "Union Carbide India Limited" (UCll.).Rccenth on April 24. 1995 UCIL was renamed as Eveready Industries India Limited. Mission statement, \ ision, slogan, logo


VISION > For over a century, our corporation has been a partner to consumers with our expertise in portable power and light. > Today, we endeavor to be the perfect Companion to consumers by providing value-for-money brands with tangible Differentiation in quality every day; we seek consumer proximity to ensure the enjoyment of better living. r- Our core competence will be based on these three core values for the total synergy and future profitable growth of our corporation. As Eveready walks ahead in second century of existence, we have the following objectives -

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To consolidate our benchmark supplier position in all traditional outlets for batteries and flashlights.

Employ a systematic and scientific approach towards increasing our reach and quality of reach. To leverage our sales & distribution competencies into identified newer channels To service the outlets with a diversified range of products. This includes batteries, flashlights, homelights. packet tea. mosquito repellents. CFLs and bulbs.

To constantly explore new selling arrangements in identified markets to improve effectiveness

of servicing Organization chart ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman (Non-Executive) Mr. BM Khaitan Executive personnel Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Deepak Khaitan Chief Executive Officer of the company Whole Time Directors

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Mr. Suvamoy saha Non-Executive personnel Mr. Aditya Khaitan Mr. Bhasker Mitter Mr. Diwan Arun

Location product range & variety Eveready products are available under the mother brand name EVEREADY (Batteries anJ Lighting Solutions) and also extended brand names like . . . . EVEREADY ULTIMA (Alkaline Batteries) EVEREADY RECHARGE (Rechargeable Batteries) EVEREADY JEEVAN-SATH1 (Brass Torches), EVEREADY DigiLED (LED Flash Lights).

EVEREADY CFL (Compact fluorescent lamps). . . EVEREADY POWERON (Homecare products) and EVEREADY PREMIUM GOLD / J A AGO / TEZ (Packaged Tea) etc

Range of Eveready Alkaline Batteries Alkaline Batteries Eveready Ultima Alkaline battery is the ultimate energy solution to the power-hungry electronic gadgets of modern times. It is undoubtedly a new benchmark of quality & performance in the category of alkaline batteries. The promise of performance comes with an affordable price tag. making it truly an ultimate choice. Eveready Ultima Alkaline Batteries are best suited for power-hungry new age gadgets like: Digital cameras Remote-controlled toys Certain MP3 players
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High-end portable audio-recording systems etc.

More variety of sizes in the Ultima range will be available very soon.

4 AAA Alkaline-2112 4 AA Alkaline -2115 4 9V Alkaline -2116

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Dry cell batteries Carbon Zinc Eveready industries India Limited are the World's third largest producer of Carbon Zinc batteries, selling over 1 billion batteries every year. Present in all segments of dry cell batteries, Eveready holds the dominant Market shares in every segment. Eveready Industries India Limited is the first entrant and the leading brand in the organized rechargeable battery category. 'Eveready Recharge' batteries can be recharged up to a thousand times with its flagship 2100 series, Eveready is providing the Indian consumer with the latest offering for digital cameras and other power-hungry applications. Eveready also provides recharge batteries for cordless phones, ensuring their enduring performance. Eveready Industries India Limited is the largest manufacturer of flashlights in South Asia. Since pioneering the portable lighting revolution in the country a century ago. Eveready has enjoyed an uninterrupted leadership position in this segment. An unparalleled distribution network ensures that Eveready torches are always available within easy reach, wherever you are. From remote villages to the city heights. Hvereadv flashlights light up lives across the length and breadth of the country. The trusted "Jeevan Sathi" brass torch, has been a constant companion for generations of Indians, is one of the most trusted brands in rural India, across product categories, enjoying an enviable 90% market share. The Eveready range of flashlights covers a wide price band of Rs 40/- to Rs 1275/-. to suit every need and every pocket. Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, Eveready torches are the obvious choice for millions of consumers from all walks of life. Eveready torches are the obvious choice for millions of consumers from all walks of life .Eveready has now launched an altogether new 'category' of torches - the LED torches. The category is being called "Eveready digiLED"... and will have many models in its portfolio. This category will offer to the consumers a torch which has.. Low battery consumption Focused White light Slide switch for easy operation-strong durable bod).

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Eveready digiLED torches offer benefits of low battery consumption, sharp focus and white light...whereas the Eveready regular incandescent bulb torches give bright light; long reach and area lighting... fulfilling all portable lighting needs of the consumers.

CFL (Compact Fluore^cuit Lamps) In June 2007 Eveready Industries India Ltd entered into a sales and distribution tie-up with phoenix lamps Ltd for selling CFLs (Compact fluorescent Lamps) under the brand name Eveready Halonix. Phoenix Lamps Ltd an Indo Japanese joint venture with a total investment of over us $ 40 million with 4 plants hav ing a production capacity of over 130 million lamps a year, benchmarked to international regulations for Quality, Performance and safety. Eveready extensive distribution network and high end lighting solutions of phoenix has resulted in this synergistic tie-up. Eveready Halonix has a wide range of general lighting of over 200 SKUs for housing & Industrial purposes. CFL reduces the energy consumption by 75% and lasts up to 10 time's longer then incandescent light lamps.

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FIRST WEEK o advising on forthcoming product developments and discussing special promotions;

SECOND WEEK o liaising with suppliers to check the progress of existing orders; o checking quantities of goods on display and in stock;

THIRD WEEK o recording sales and order information and sending copies to the sales office; o reviewing your own sales performance, aiming to meet or exceed targets; o gaining a clear understanding of customers' businesses and requirements;

FOURTH WEEK o making accurate, rapid cost calculations, and providing customers with quotations; o feeding future buying trends back to employers; o Attending team meeting and sharing best practice with colleagues. List of competitors > Nippo batteries > > High energy Battteries (india) Ltd Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd r-

Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd Branches & offices Eveready has invested in building one of the deepest and widest distribution networks in India through the following initiatives: A growing family of nearly 4000 distributors. A team of 1000 exclusive vans servicing retailer needs by covering the length and breadth of India.


A consumer reach across around 80 per cent of all battery selling retail outlets in India (source MODE)

Eveready is now not just expanding its distribution network; it is also customizing it in line with the growing preference to buy most products in rural malls and urban large-format hypermarkets. Sales Offices

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Delhi Luck now Patna Guwahati









Sales Office

Bangalore Chennai Cochin

Historical developments of the company Ask any Indian consumer to name a Battery and the first brand that comes to mind is Eveready. Not just among batteries. Eveready is a powerful brand across categories. Eveready has a portfolio comprising dry cell batteries (carbon zinc batteries, rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries), flashlights (torches). CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and packet tea. Recently it has also forayed into the mosquito repellant industry. Eveready's strength is the result of a continuous and well-orchestrated brand development strategy that maximizes the value from each consumer touch-point.

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LiSUls the iconic urban face of Eveready. I he advertising byline of the popular Red series of batteries, it is today symbolic of the empowered urban lifestyle that the brand reflects. The original, path-breaking campaign won as many as 11 advertising awards. The current television commercial on Eveready Ultima, which has explored and demonstrated the technique of light painting (through the TVC) has been very well received and is a one of its kind commercial in the entire batteries segment. The unmatched consumer confidence is also reflected through the various accolades that the company has got over the years. Few highlights have been listed below: In the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)'s 'Brand of the year' 2005 shortlist. Eveready made the top ten finalists list, along with brands like Nokia. HP. Titan. Dabur and five other Hindustan Lever Brands As per AC Nielsen, Eveready stood 7th among all FMCG companies in terms of growth in the year 2004-2005. The Economic Times' Brand Equity survey of Brands by Sales, April 2004, put Eveready at no. 22 across brands in all categories. Scores in the CI1 survey done by the independent brand consultancy Vertebrands. show Eveready scoring a near-perfect 99% total awareness among Target Consumers. As per Vertebrands' survey, on a 10-point scale. Eveready scored 8 on popularity and 7.7 on contemporariness. Of all consumeis surveyed. 41% called it "The Only Brand for Me". In the AAUTS (Awareness,Attitude.Ushership Tracking Study ) conducted by AC Nielsen in the year 2007-2008 , Eveready emerged with a Brand Equity of 7.5 out of 10 and the nearest competitor came up with 3.7. The same study by AC Nielsen showed Eveready having 45% market share vis a vis its nearest competitor having 30% (2007-2008). Some of the major milestones for F.VERF.ADY INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD include the following: > 1926: Commencement of battery business.
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1956: Commencement of zinc rolling mill operation. 1958: Manufacture and sale of flashlight commenced.


1961: Commencement, manufacture and sale of chemicals and plastics (This business was sold in 1989).

> > > >

1965: Manufacture and sale of battery electrodes and cinema arc carbon commenced. 1969: Start-up of the pesticides plant of Bhopal. 1971: Commencement of marine products business (closed in November 1983). 1972: Start-up of the electrolytic Manganese Die-Oxide plant.

^ 1982: Start-up of the Nepal Battery Company, a joint venture at Katmandu, Nepal, r- 1984: The Bhopal incident and shutdown of the pesticides plant. > 1986: Divestiture of worldwide battery business (ex UCIL) by Union Carbide Corporation to Ralston Purina. > > 1990: Suspension of operations at Srinagar Battery Plant due to civil unrest. 1992: Commencement of Computer Software Development business, r- 1992: Announcement

of sale of UCIL shares by UCC. > 1992: A modern facility for manufacturing UM3 (R-3) Penlight size metal clad Batteries was installed at the Madras plant. > 1993: Discontinuation of the Computer Software Development business.

^ 1994: In mid-December final exist of UCIL and entry of Mcleod Russel (India) Ltd. a member of Williamson Major group as the majority share holder of UCIL. As a brand, the war cry consumers in urban India. The ionic symbol similarly stands for the assurance of power to rural consumers. promises empowerment to young

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Eveready's packet tea business and poised for greater gains in market share. A brand means added value. It is the only steering mechanism available to build profitable growth. We are the perfect companion who delivers power, light and beverages.

We are concerned about environmental issues we accompany consumers throughout their daily lives by providing maximum enjoyment.

We ensure widest availability. Our corporate identity is highly visible. The communication of our messages should intrigue consumers and be implanted in their sub conscious on a constant basis through rational, mental and social benefits.

Achievement of the company Eveready industries India Ltd. was originally founded in 1926 with the name "Eveready Company (India)."This company was taken over by a joint stock company called "Eveready Company (India) Incorporated under Indian Companies Act -1913 on June 20/1934 with a registered office at Calcutta, where it is presently continuous. Further the name is to be changed as "National Carbon Company (India) Ltd" and "Union Carbide India Limited". Recently on April 24/1995 UCIL was renamed as "EVEREADY INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD".

Eveready Industry now has about 8200 Employees in the group. Eveready is certified with I.S.0-9002 certification lor most of its plants. Customers are well satisfied with products of the company, and the plant is licensed by Bureau of Indian standards for Manufacturing" of all its Batteries.

4.9 Product photographs

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Evereadyj, Super Heavy Duty

Reliable and economical


li^ EVEftEAO Yi 1" atcHAactAm* f

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...nrt'iui .h W

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Sales managers train and direct a sales team in a Eveready setting. They assign territories, set sales goals and assign quotas for sales representatives. A sales manager must have an educational background in business administration, statistics or mathematics. Some employers look for sales managers with a master's degree in business administration. Qualifications Bachelor's degree with a minimum of three of more years in sales or direct client contact is required. Proven track record of successful technology product sales, such as ERP systems is required. Experience selling to a higher education environment is preferred.

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Strong communication skills both written and oral and excellent presentation skills are required. This position is eligible for remote status. Relocation assistance is not available at this time.


A sales manager is often promoted from within a Eveready. and work performance may be considered in addition to formal education. Generally, companies seek candidates with a bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing, and many prefer the candidate to have a master's degree. Aspiring sales managers may also earn degrees in a specific area, like technology. This type of degree can prepare them for jobs with specialized companies. For example, a sales manager seeking a position in a high-tech industry, such as computers, might consider both a technical and business degree. A sales manager needs excellent computer skills and a thorough understanding of the Internet. Many companies conduct sales promotions and advertising campaigns via the Internet. Computer skills are also necessary for data management and bookkeeping. A sales manager benefits from skills in a second language.


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Great rewards await sales managers who take a new approach to an old problem Every day. sales managers lace the challenge of getting the numbers, with fewer people and smaller budgets. They're constantly trying to do more with less. It can be stressful, to say the least.But
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research by the Industrial Performance Group shows that it's easier than it seems to respond to this challenge and increase sales. Sales managers can get more out of the salespeople they already have without increasing the budget and without working their people harder. All it takes is a new perspective. For sales managers willing to take a fresh look at how they manage their salespeople, the rewards will be great. When the "tried and true" stops working If you're a sales manager and your numbers aren't where they need to be, you've probably considered one or more of these options: Lower sales expectations and reforecast. This will make the numbers easier to hit, but lowering sales forecasts can be a career-limiting move if you do it too often. Lower your price to buy more sales volume. This might boost volume- m'iu gross revenue, but it can seriously hurt profits. And lower profits mean even less money for next year's sales and marketing budget. Put a bit more pressure on the sales force. Again? This might work one more time, but it will eventually push your people to the breaking point. If you burn out your top performers, they'll start moving to greener pastures.None of these options are very attractive. It's certainly not like the "good old days," when sales managers could always turn to incentive programs, sales contests, motivational speakers and the old-fashioned "stern talking to" to get a short-term spike in sales. For many sales managers, these popular approaches just don't work like they once did.


31 | P a


The old tactics just don't work that well anymore, because most salespeople are already working hard. Downsizings. re-engineering and the "lean" movement have all affected the salesperson.

For example, many companies cut costs by eliminating entire customer support departments. But customers still need support, so salespeople picked up the slack. As a result, they spend less time selling and more time doing what others used to do: supporting the customer.

Companies also reduced costs through longer and leaner supply chains, but this created more potential for problems and mistakes. When these problems hit the customer, salespeople go into action. They drop what they're doing so they can investigate, resolve the problem and keep the customer happy. This takes more time away from prospecting and selling.

If you're a sales manager, we don't need to go any further. You know the list goes on and on. There are many more examples of how today's competitive environment has squeezed the salesperson.

In fact, our recent survey of more than 1.500 salespeople showed that the average salesperson spends less than half (38 percent) of his or her time selling.

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It's not that salespeople lack motivation or financial incentives. Their time is simply being eaten up. They're working longer and harder just to keep their heads above water

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and hold onto the customers they have.

If your salespeople are already giving 100 percent, don't expect another incentive program, motivational speaker or "stern talking to" to improve their performance. They're already "maxed out."

Try a new perspective

The only way to really improve sales performance is to free up your salespeople so they have more time to sell.

This will require some "outside the box" thinking. But the companies that take this step will have a major competitive advantage. There's no reason why that advantage shouldn't be yours.

When you free up just one hour of a salesperson's time, you'll begin to see an impact on your sales numbers. See for yourself by trying our Sales Performance Calculator.

To learn practical steps you can take today, click, h-.t for our free report. "The 5 Common Barriers to Peak Sales Performance."

And to really put this information to work, click here to learn about our Peak Sales Performance Work Session. This informative work session will show you what to do on a day-to-day basis to help your salespeople become peak performers with low risk and no additional sales and marketing costs.

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Q1. Do you purchase power cell from the Eveready ? S.No. 1 2 options yes no Total % of Response 60 40 100

% of Response
of fU>S|>0HM>



Interpretation: 60% of the respondents have purchase power cell. Q2. Reasons for selling a particular power ceil more?

35 | P a g e

Options Margin Demand Others

Percentage of Respondents 32 56 12

Interpretation :

56% of the respondents say that they are selling a particular power cell more because of its demand. 32% of the respondents are selling Eveready power cell because of its margin.

36 | P a g e

S.No. 1 2

Q3. Are you getting delivers lree? options % of Response yes no Total 99 1 100

% of Response
b % of Response

Interpretation : Most of the respondents say that getting delivery free. Q4. Are you feeling better purchasing at the store?

S.No. 1 2 3

options yes not sure no

% of Response 60 30 10

37 | P a g e

% of Response
yes noi sure no

Interpretation* 60% of the respondents say that feel better purchasing at the store.

38 | P a g e

Q5. Do you think that the promotional material provided attraetiv

Options Yes No 68 32

Percentage of Respondents

Interpretation : 68% of the respondents say that promotional material attractive. 6. ANAL YS1S OF THE WORKING OF ORGANIZA TION








14. REFERENCE Q6. How is the credit polic> of the Eveready?


Options Good Average Poor 36 42 22

Percentage of Respondents

Interpretation: 42% of the respondents say that the credit policy of the Eveready is average, 36% of the respondents say that the credit policy is good. Q7. Does the Eveready pro\ ide you discount?

41 | P a g e

Options Yes No 80 20

Percentage of Respondents

Interpretation: 80% of the respondents say that Eveready power cell provides discount and 20% of the respondents say that Eveready power cell provides them discount. Q8. Is the promotional material provided by the Evereadv effective?

42 | P a g e

Options Yes No 53 44

Percentage of Respondents



Interpretation : 56% of the respondents say that promotional material of Eveready is effective. Q ). Are you interested in buying power cell II" the Eveready provides you attractive margin ?

43 | P a g e

Options Yes No 76 24

Percentage of Respondents

Interpretation: Most of the respondents are ready to buy power cell if the Eveready provides them attractive margin.

44 | P a g e

QIO. What are the responses of customers after sales promotional activities of Options Excellent Good Average Poor Can't Say 55 10 12 6 17
18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

the Eveready Percentage of Respondents






responses of the customer is excellent after sales promotional

Excellent Average Say Can't

activities. 10% say it is good. 12% say it is average. 6 say it is

poor. 17% cant say about the responses of the customers.

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Eveready power cell should maintain proper supply of the product to the dealers & retailers. Supply of the product should be made as soon as possible after receiving the order. Eveready power cell should choose suitable means of transportation to minimize damage. Availability of the product should be increased in outside & rural areas. Eveready power cell should have a flexible payment norms & supply norms Eveready power cell should also concentrate on small dealers, to increase the sale. Eveready power cell should provide considerable margin to the dealers to Encourage them for selling of the product.

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Career Info for a Sales Manager

50 | P a g e

Sales managers can be found in almost any industry. Wholesale and retail trades, finance,

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insurance and manufacturing firms employ 62% of sales managers, according to the U.S.

52 | P a g e

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment growth is expected to be approximately 13% in the

53 | P a g e

period between 2008 and 2018. Competition by companies for the sale of goods and services

54 | P a g e

will drive employment growth.

55 | P a g e


56 | P a g e


57 | P a g e


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50 | P a g e


The best opportunities for sales supervisor positions are expected to come to those who have retail experience, such as those previously working as a cashier, customer service representative, or salesperson. Competition for such positions is projected to remain aggressive, particularly among those offering desirable earnings and appealing working conditions. Although employment growth for sales supervisors is expected to grow, it is projected to be at a slower-than-average-rate for all occupations through the year 2012. New opportunities will be retrained as retail companies hire more sales staff and increase the responsibilities of sales supervisors. It is expected that as practiced supervisors move to higher managerial positions, transfer to other professions, or leave the work force, more job openings will transpire. However, as with other supervisory and managerial employment positions, job turnover is fairly low. Through the advancement of technology companies are finding new ways to contact and communicate with potential customers. The internet and electronic commerce are some of the technological tools helping businesses advance today. Some companies are hiring sales managers who work exclusively to manage internet "^ites. Easily accessible to customers, internet sales managers answer questions concerning product prices, terms of delivery, any other questions regarding a product that the customer may have. It is expected that a demand for internet supervisors will increase as time goes on and as internet and electronic commerce become progressively more popular. In fact, it is possible that the influence of electronic commerce and the internet on sales may decrease the number of sales supervisors needed in the industry. However, this impact should be minimal. The patters of employment growth within the industries for which sales supervisors work will greatly impact the employment opportunities for sales managers within that particular area. For instance, while the number of self-employed sales supervisors is expected to decline (as

51 | P a g e

national chains create increasing competition for independent retailers), the number of supervisory positions within the service industries is expected to grow quite rapidly. Restructuring and consolidation that takes place at the corporate level of many retail chains is not expected to have an influence on store-level retail supervisors, although middle-, and upper-level managers may be affected. Historical Earnings Information Salaries earned by sales supervisors vary significantly. Factors that may affect wages include how long a person has been working in that particular position, the type, size, and location of the business, and the level of responsibility the sales manager has. Salaried sales supervisors made median annual earnings of $29,700 in the year 2002; this includes commissions. Between $22,790 and $40. 100 a year were earned by the middle 50 percent, and the lowest 10 percent made less than $18, 380. And the highest percent of sales supervisors earned a yearly salary of more than $55,810. In 2002, the industries employing the largest number of salaried supervisors of retail sales workers made reached median annual earnings as follows: Building material and supplies dealers - $32,780 Grocery stores - $29,940 Clothing stores - $28,060 Department stores - $27,390 Gasoline stations - $25,000

Salaried sales supervisors working in non-retail establishments earned annual wages of $53,020; including commissions. The middle 50 percent brought in between $ 37, 68 and $77,690 each year, and less than $26,780 was earned by the lowest 10 percent. And, the highest 10 percent made annual earnings of more than $114,210. In 2002, non-retail industries employing the largest number of salaried sales supervisors reached median annual earnings as follows: Wholesale electronic markets and agents and brokers - $74,000

52 | P a g e

Professional and commercial equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers - $72,970 Insurance carriers - $63,220 Machinery, equipment, and supplies merchant wholesalers - $60,450 Federal Government - $50,570

The type of merchandise sold, and the preferences of the individual establishment affect the type of compensation systems that may be used. Many sales supervisors receive compensation through commission or a combinations of salary and commission. If compensated through a commission system, supervisors are given a percentage of their department or store's sales. In this way it is possible for supervisors to noticeably improve their earnings, depending on their own ability to sell their product as well as the condition of the economy. Oftentimes, supervisors who sell large quantities of merchandise or surpass sales goals receive an additional bonuses or other awards.

Opportunities for jobs in this occupation will be most easily obtained by persons who have a considerable amount of retail experience. An overall slower-than-average growth rate for jobs in this area of work is likely to come about due to the expected decline in the number of self- employed sales supervisors needed. Supervisors in this area of work often work long irregular hours which commonly include evenings and weekends. Many retail establishments promote employees within the company to supervisory positions. In some cases a postsecondary degree may increase chances for sale employees to be advanced into a position management. Sales supervisors are often responsible for the management of cashiers, customer representatives, retail salesperson, order fillers, stock clerks, wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, and sales engineers. They may also undertake the task of interviewing, hiring and training new employees. Most sales supervisors are also in charge

53 | P a g e

of preparing work schedules and assigning workers to specific jobs. Supervisors may hold job titles such as department manager, or sales manager. The main responsibility of sales supervisors working in retail establishments is to guarantee satisfactory service and quality goods to their customers. In addition, they are required to deal with complaints, answer questions, and occasionally see to budgeting, accounting, and purchasing issues. Individual responsibilities for sales supervisors vary with the size and type of business they are working for. Larger businesses tend to have multiple supervisors who specialize in a single department or one main aspect of retail merchandising. Within a large retail establishment, day-to-day administration of individual departments such as, women's apparel, cosmetics, or shoes, is often done by a sales supervisor or department manager. These managerial sales workers establish and implement policies, objectives, goals, and procedures for their particular departments. Also, they organize activities with other department heads, and continually strive for easy and efficient operations within their departments. Along with supervising employees, supervisors also clean and organize various shelves and displays, attend to inventory work in stockrooms, inspect various merchandise to ensure that nothing is damaged or outdated. In addition, sales supervisors coordinate sales promotions, review inventory and sales records, and develop merchandising techniques. They are also responsible to promote sales procedures and public relations by greeting and assisting customers. Sales supervisors working in non-retail environments are often asked to oversee and direct the activities of sales workers who sell industrial products, vehicles, or a variety of services such as advertising or internet services. In addition, they may be responsible for preparing budgets, assigning sales territories, devising sales- incentive programs, approving sales contracts, or making other decisions that specifically affect personnel. Some sales supervisors working for small or independent businesses directly supervise sales associates and are responsible for the operation of the entire company or store. Many of theses are self-employed business or store owners.

54 | P a g e


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Many of the supervisors who have acquired a postsecondary education hold associate's or bachelor's degrees. Degrees are commonly focused on business, management, social sciences, or other liberal arts subjects. Many students gain experience in their area of interest by participating in an internship program, often developed mutually by individual schools, and various businesses or companies. Companies vary in the amount and type of train they supply to their supervisory employees. Formal training programs for management employees are common amongst large retail chains and include both classroom instruction as well as on the job training. In some cases training may be extensive lasting as long as a year or more, while in other situations the training time may be brief lasting a few days to one week. Topics such as scheduling, interviewing, customer services skills, and employee and inventory management are usually taught as part of the in-class training given to supervisors. While training on the job, some supervisor trainees may alternate throughout several different departments, while others may be assigned to work in one specific area. Retail franchises often have training programs that are all- embracing, covering each function of the company's operation. Topics included in this type of training session may include management, budgeting, marketing, finance, product preparation, purchasing, compensation, and human resource management. Training programs are usually available directly to college graduates.

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It is important that sales supervisors get along with all types of people. They need to be self-disciplined, decisive, have good judgment, and ingenuity. Because both employees and customers can be very demanding at time, it is very important for sales supervisors to be patient and mild mannered. The ability to organize, motivate, and direct the work of their subsidiaries, as well as an capacity to communicate clearly and persuasively with customers and other supervisors are key assets needed by a good sales is quite common for individuals who display team-building skills, leadership, self-confidence, determination, and motivational skills to become contenders for promotion to an assistant manager or manager position. Because college education is viewed as a sign of motivation and maturity, acquisition of a postsecondary degree may speed up this advancement. Promotion to manager status, in many retail establishments, comes to employees within the company. Advancement to a higher management position may come more slowly to individuals working in small retail establishments where the number of management positions are limited. In large businesses, an extensive career ladder often exists. Supervisors working in these types of companies may be given opportunities to transfer to another store in the chain or to the central office should an opening arise. Supervisors may go on to work in areas of advertising, promotions, marketing, public relations; or they may work as - purchasing managers, purchasing agents, or buyers, (who purchase goods and supplies for their organization or for resale), or sales managers (who organize marketing plans, monitor sales, and propose advertisements and promotions).Selected supervisors who have worked in the industry for a long time, continue on in their careers by opening their own stores or sales firms. However, Such entrepreneurs should bare in mind that retail trade and sales occupations are highly competitive. Although many independent owners become successful, some fail to cover their expenses and eventually go out of business. In order to find success, a good business sense as well as strong public relations and customer service skills are highly recommended.

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"Sales management"originally referred exclusively to the direction of sales force personnel, "sales management" meant management of all marketing activities.including advertising.sales Sales research,physical distribution.pricing & product merchandising.

management is attainment of an organization's sales goals in an effective & efficient manner through planning, staffing, training, leading & controlling organizational resources. Revenue, sales, and sources of funds fuel organizations and the management of that process is the most important function.

An essential sales leadership role is to establish a sense of purpose or vision and clear direction to get there. A key element of a business' strategic 12-month plan is to answer the question: "Where will all the sales come from?" The sales plan is not a guesstimate. It takes its direction from the marketing strategy and is based on thorough research and a considered positioning of the Eveready within the market place.. Sales planning involves predicting demand for the product and demand on the sales assets (machines, people, or a combination of both). Failure to plan always means lost sales. Planning insures that when a consumer wishes to purchase the product, the product is available, but it also means opportunities for additional sales are presented and the sales assets are available to exploit these opportunities. Planning should allow for meeting increasing customer demand for more products, services and/or customization as the business is growing, but also react quickly when demand decreases. Sales planning improves efficiency and decreases unfocused and uncoordinated activity within the sales process.


Work experience is the most common way in which sales supervisors acquire the necessary knowledge of management principles and practices they will need. Many supervisors start off working on the sales floor as cashiers, salespersons, or customer service representatives. While working in these positions they learn the basic policies and procedures of the company as well as merchandising skills and customer service. Sales workers come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Some may have no sedentary education, while others may have associates, bachelor's or even masters degrees. Regardless of the amount of education they choose to receive, courses in marketing, management, accounting, sales, communication, sociology, and psychology are recommended. Because nearly all inventory control systems, cash registers, and sales quotes and contracts are computerized, it is essential that sales supervisors be computer literate.

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QUESTIONNAIRES Name : _______________________________________

Address : _____________________________________________ Contact No. : __________________________________________ Ql. Which Eveready power cell Brands of you are selling? Options Yes No

Q2. Reasons for selling a particular brand? Options Yes No

Q3. Are you getting delivery free ? Options Yes No

Q4. Which Brand's schemes is better in terms of customer Demand Options Yes No Q5. Do you think that the promotional material provided attractive?

Options Yes No

Q6. How is the credit policy of the Eveready ? Options Good Average Poor Q7. Does the Eveready provide you discount? Options Yes No Q8. Is the promotional material provided by the Eveready areffective? Options Yes No Q9. Are you interested in selling Eveready product if the Eveready provides you attractive margin? Options Yes No

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Q10. What are the responses of customers after sales promotional activities of the Eveready?

Options Excellent Good Average Poor Can't Say

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Magazines : Business Today

Business Week.

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Business World Newspapers Economic Times The Hindu Times of India

The sales reporting includes the key performance indicators of the sales force. The Key Performance Indicators indicate whether or not the sales process is being operated effectively and achieves the results as set forth in sales planning. It should enable the sales managers to take timely corrective action deviate from projected values. It also allows senior management to evaluate the sales manager. More "results related" than "process related" are information regarding the sales funnel and the hit rate. Sales reporting can provide metrics for sales management compensation. Rewarding the best managers without accurate and reliable sales reports is not objective. Also, sales reports are made for internal use for top management. If other divisions' compensation plan depends on final results, it is needed to present results of sales department's work to other departments. Finally, sales reports are required for investors, partners and government, so the sales management system should have advanced reporting capabilities to satisfy the needs of different stakeholders.

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Sales managers organise, motivate and lead sales teams in a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) and finance. The) are responsible for the combined performance of the team and for ensuring that everyone within their team reaches their targets. They may set the targets themselves or receive them from the sales director. They may also operate incentive schemes that motivate members of their team to reach or exceed sales targets. Whilst management structures vary significantly between companies and sectors, most sales managers will be responsible either for specific geographical areas (area sales managers) and/or particular products, or for specific types of customer. Sales managers will usually be responsible for: recruiting and training sales staff; supervising, motivating and monitoring team performance; allocating areas to sales executives; setting budgets/targets; liaising with other line managers; reporting back to senior managers; liaising with customers (which may include actual selling): maintaining detailed know ledge of the Everead\ "s products or sen ices: keeping abreast of what competitors are doing.

Depending on the culture of the Eveready and level of seniority within it, sales managers may also be involved with product development, identification of new business opportunities and the development of marketing strategies.