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1. General
Q1.1 How much does CATS cost? Q1.3 What constitutes a user? Q1.4 Does CATS provide training? Q1.5 Will I be bound by contract if I upgrade to CATS Professional? Q1.6 Can the "Powered by CATS" icon be removed? Q1.7 How Secure is my Data? Q1.8 Can you give me the names of other customers whom I can speak to before I sign up? Q1.9 What is the difference between a candidate having green stars vs. orange stars? Q1.11 What does the Resume Inbox feature do and what is my email address for it?

Q1.12 When uploading someone from Linked In it puts their resume in as a .pdf. Does the information in the .pdf searched when searching for a keyword? Q1.13 What is the best way to submit a candidate resume to my client? Q1.14 One of my users cannot see any jobs (or can only see a few jobs) even if we removed all searches/filters and I can see them fine Q1.15 Can I easily copy a candidate to a contact and vice-versa? Q1.16 Why does CATS separate candidates and contacts? Why not just "persons"? Q1.17 What is workflow? Q1.18 What is an Email Template? Q1.19 If I cannot attend the webinars that are shown each Thursday, can I view them elsewhere? Q1.20 Is there a feature so we can see the preview of a candidates specific job application from that job order pipeline without actually opening that candidate profile?

2. How-To
Q2.1 Can I and how do I mass import resumes into CATS? Q2.2 Can I and how do I send mass emails? Q2.3 How do I change the order of the fields when viewing a candidate? Q2.4 How do I send resumes directly to CATS? Q2.5 How do I save my search terms? Q2.6 How can I mark activities as completed? Q2.7 How do I customize my user signature? Q2.8 How do I add a resume to an existing candidate record? Q2.9 How can I change my password? Q2.10 I have a recruiter list & need to email them all automatically when the job status changes. How can I do this? Q2.11 How do I publish a list?

Q2.12 How can I copy a candidate pipline from one job order to another? Q2.13 How do I customize my candidate statuses? Q2.14 How can I edit the status of multiple candidates at once? Q2.15 How can I change the status of multiple job orders at once? Q2.16 How can I edit multiple records at once? Q2.17 How do I add candidates in a list or from a search to a job order pipeline all at once? Q2.18 How do I copy an existing job order to a new one? Q2.19 How do I install the CATS Firefox Toolbar? Q2.20 Can I add a job order to an email? 2.21 How do I modify the subject of an automatic email? 2.22 How do I forward a candidate to a hiring manager for their approval and how does the approval get back to CATS?

3. Account Settings
Q3.1 Can I change my CATS site name and/or company name? Q3.2 If our business has changed countries, how can we update our country selection for candidates? Q3.3 How do I hide from my careers page? Q3.4 How do I change my site logo? Q3.5 How come I am getting logged off and have to sign back in several times a day? Q3.6 How can I setup my domain so that it points to my CATS careers page? Q3.7 How do I link my job board posts to my Careers Website? Q3.8 I am trying to create an email template to give a status update to a candidate to let them know their resume has been submitted to the client. Could you help? Q3.9 How do CATS searches work? What does wildcard searching mean? Q3.10 How do I add an image to a job posting?

Q3.11 Have you thought about adding a dropdown for immigration status? Q3.12 Is there a way to take the resumes that are received in my email and forward them to an email address so they parse into CATS? Q3.13 I see that I can turn the tracking on for EEOC, but is there a template that can be added to the career page, so if a candidate uploads a resume, is there a drop down that can be created where they fill it out themselves?

4. Billing
Q4.1 Which payment methods are accepted? Q4.2 I've deleted a user, why didn't my billing change? Q4.3 How do I update my billing information?

5. Careers Website
Q5.1 Can a candidate change his/her profile in CATS if we created him/her? Q5.2 How do candidates see and apply to my jobs? Q5.3 How do I enable the Website Integration? Q5.4 What is a Careers Website? Q5.5 Where is the Careers Website hosted? Q5.6 What is Website Branding? Q5.7 Is Website Branding required to post jobs on my website? Q5.8 How can I edit the files necessary to do Website Branding myself? Q5.9 I don't have a website. Can I use my Careers Website as my website? Q5.10 What happens if a candidate applies to more than one job? Q5.11 How can I require that candidates register first on my Careers Website before they can apply to a job? Q5.12 Does CATS publish my jobs on the web? Q5.13 How can I edit the questions on my job applications that candidates must answer?

Q5.14 How can I setup which columns show up on the job listings? What if I want to hide a column like "Date Posted"? Q5.15 How can I segregate my jobs by category? For example I'd like my candidates to select a state or industry first. Q5.16 How can I customize the email messages that are sent out to candidates when they apply? Q5.17 Why are candidates getting emails from "Noreply" or "Nobody" after applying to a job from my careers page?

6. Advanced
Q6.1 What are the restrictions of the API? Q6.2 When deleting/renaming options in a extra/custom field, why don't old values propagate to new ones? Q6.3 Does CATS integrate with Google Apps? Q6.4 What is the difference between a static vs. dynamic list, and how do I create them? Q6.5 When I download files or export data from CATS, it's not asking me where to save the file or showing "Save File As...". Q6.6 How does CATS identify duplicate candidates? Q6.7 Why can't I view all of my search results? Q6.8 How do I upload data to your FTP Server? Q6.9 How do I get data from my old ATS imported into CATS? Q6.10 How can I manage my candidate source list? Q6.11 How can I create a backup? Q6.12 How can I publish a job posting without putting it on my website?