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hello guys

we are going to turn our w810i into a rocking set.

first of all i will take no any responsibility for any kind of damages or
somthing like that..if u guys are experienced computer user..then thre is no any
problem..and if you are a newbiew..then deeply understand each step...and if u
guys have any problems..i will guide you...no problem
let first study what is internal file system...

inernal file system(ifs)is combination of two folders

1.main firmware(hint=>r4c,r4d,r4e)
2.file system (like windows have c:\windows folder)

1.main firmware..
it is a utility pack in which some default applications installed
like we have jc doe texas,hp printer application,default image which are un
and once we sucsessfully accessed its inernal file system..it is possible to
delete all unwanted files..


it is the main folder in which we wil make changes for enabling flash
menues and so on..

before starting process..kepp in my mind that i tried this process at my

"""unbranded"" w810i...achived successfully..but if u have a branded phone like
cingular,orange named w810i...then try it at your own responsiblity..
dont disappoint..i have some solution..for branded handsets...i will describe it
in next release..

now the question is

how to make a connection with pc..

we will use same data cable through which we transfer daily life files...

how to connct???
(now we are going to install usb flash driver,slightly difficult)
turn off your phone
press and hold the "c" key on your phone
connect the data cable
windows will require for a driver..
path it to "kenreaves's usb flash driver"
keep holding the c key until the driver is installed.

(the follwoing step is only for confirmation)

disconnect the cable...
again press c key and connect the cable
open "device manager"by pressing"windows+pause break" hot keys...
in the last of the driver's index..
newly installeddriver is there..

now you have successfully performed ist step...

if there is any problem consult with me...
now just poweron your phone...still we have another lengthy step...

install far manager in its default location..

c:\program files\far

(need concentratoin)
unrar sefp(se flash plugin)v
copy the folder named as"sefp"
to c;\program files\far\plugin

unrar sefp10.0.5
copy the folder named as"sefp"
to c;\program files\far\plugin
it will as about overwrite

third time here is third plugin for specially accessing w810i's inernal
do the same process
just overwrite third plugin to plugin folder of far manager

after third try

go to c:\program files\far\plugin\sefp\scripts
check if there is script file named as "w810_cid49***"
if it is placed then its ok...
if it is not..then rewrite all 3 plugins from the beganing..

now we are able to access its file system...

one more thing to clear...
we cant access directly to its internal file system..because there a security
installed by se...initially we have to break the security for accessing its
internal file system...
for breaking the security...
this is the beganing of the process
note:after doing this step.your phone will not able to powe on.just because of
missing the firmware.
open the "phone-xs ...beta"

check in "flash main firmware"

provide the path where the dummy firmware is placed"w810_cid49_red.ssw"

press flash button..

it will remove previous ssecurity enabled firmware
and install another security broken firmware.
in other words you can say..it developes the bridge to access internal file
this process will take hardly 10 secs...
now the display of your set has gone....

now disconnect the cable..remove its battery...

again plugin the battery.load far manager,press f11,select sefp plugin in the
list.select w810 boot script.press enter the matrix.
press c button.connect the cable again.
now far manager is attempting to acccess internal filesystem...
it will take maximum 1 minute.
after loading...there are 2 foldres..

not:if we double click at flash folder...the connection will loose..

there fore do not click flash foldder...

double click fs..

this is the iternal file system of our w810i...
there are many folders...

if you want to enable flash menues

just go to
<<<<<updating please wait for further steps>>>>