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Dear Parents, Welcome to the third grade and the beginning of a fun & exciting year at Barkstall Elementary.

My name is Ms. Bribiesca and I am your childs teacher this year. We are located in room 103. As an educator, I feel it is important for both the teacher and the parent to be on the same page to ensure a childs success. I am highly looking forward to meeting you at Open House next week. Throughout this newsletter you will find my classroom policies, as well as useful resources to benefit both you and your child. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely,

No. 2 pencils Colored pencils Large pink eraser Ballpoint black or blue pens Box of crayons Water-based markers 3 Perforated notebooks Wide-ruled loose- leaf paper 3 Pocket folders Box for storing supplies Highlighters Index cards Ruler Glue sticks Scissors Facial tissue Bottle of hand sanitizer

Paola Bribiesca 3rd Grade Teacher (217) 373-5580 ext. 103

Developing Community
If you look around in your community, you will notice that every person plays a role whether its the mailman, the pizza delivery guy, the police officer, or the mayor. In your childs classroom, I will assign duties to different students each week (which are all found below). These duties are set not only to establish a safe environment, but to help children gain a greater sense of responsibility. Students will learn how important it is for each job to be done; for example, if we the lunch box carrier does not do his /her job, some students will not get to eat; if the classroom librarian does not do his/her job, students will be fined for not turning in their library books.

A good leader inspires others to have confidence in the inspires others to leader, but a great leader have confidence in themselves. -Tao Tzu

Lunch Box Carriers (2): Carry the bin with lunch boxes to the cafeteria Classroom Librarian: Takes the book cart with class library book returns on Tuesdays and turns in material Door Holder/Messenger: Holds the door for the rest of the class when transitioning from one location to another Line Leader: Leads the class line during transitions and stops at each hallway intersection Pencil Sharpener: Sharpens classroom pencils during the last five minutes of class Teachers Assistant: Passes out worksheets and homework to the class Homework Checker: Checks for completed homework Mailbox Duty: Files graded homework & notes to parents in mailboxes Substitute: Completes a students duty if he or she is absent

Student Expectations
Students are expected to come to my classroom ready to learn and follow daily procedures, which will be posted on the board when they enter the classroom in the morning. In addition to following the school rules, students must also follow the classroom rules. When requesting student needs, I ask that students use hand signals to minimize interruptions. If students misbehave or rules are not followed, students will be given consequences.

1. Be Safe 2. Be Respectful 3. Be Ready to Learn

1. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 2. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. 3. Listen when TEACHER and classmates are speaking. 4. Follow directions the first time given. 5. Come to school ready to learn.

Behavior Consequences
Strike 1 =Warning Strike 2- Lose 5 min. of recess Strike 3-Lose 10 min. of recess Strike 4-Sent to office

Homework will be assigned daily. Your child should complete & turn in assignments on time and do his/her best work. Please review homework with your child and sign the agenda daily. Assignments should be completed in pencil, unless otherwise specified. Work completed in pen, crayons, or markers will not be accepted. In the event of an absence, your child is required to complete the assignments and turn them in as soon as possible when he/she returns to school. If your child does not turn in an assignment on time, a study hall will be substituted for recess that day. If the assignment is still not completed after that, the student will receive a zero on the assignment.

Upcoming Events
Tuesday, August 21st Back to School Night (7-8pm) Monday, September 3rd NO SCHOOL Wednesday, September 5th School Pictures Friday, September 14th Fall Fest Dinner & Game Night (6-8pm) Thursday, September 20th Childrens Museum Field Trip
***If you would like to be a chaperone for the Childrens Museum field trip please email me at or send a note to school with your child by Thursday, September 13th.***