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Work Description

Design a leaflet and exquisite touristic rout to Russian Federation.

You should take into consideration

Due to insufficient information I have on topic I can use only my imagination and analytical ability to develop a product. No practical research was done in this field, off course. That means, I will have to neglect some facts which should be discovered by means of survey. Anyway my guesses will be supported with short explanation of the decision on particular theme. Developing a new tourism product, tons of information should be collected, verified and supported with research or survey. In case of lack of possibility to perform the first essential steps I should consider them to have positive outcome for each aspect of my product as if the research has been done.

Introduction to roots of product.

I myself am Russian, therefore the roots of my future decision can be understood. Geographical region to be used as a part of my product is Russian federation. Russian land not only in meaning of soil will take part in development, but also Russian traditions will take place and Russian soul. Russian Federation stretches for thousands of kilometers covering the territory of two continents. Almost all climates are represented in this huge territory. Flora and fauna are amazing. Russian traditions and talks about Russian soul are often in our century due to economical position this region is taking. Almost every transcontinental corporation is presented in Russian Federation and almost each serious businessman in the world has Russian colleagues whom he visits on business trips. Almost every one has this unusual feeling for Russian soul and hospitality. And what is essential to me in development of this product is that from all of this crowd of people highest percentage

of them or own a business or have a qualitative positions in transcontinental companies. This means they must be wealthy or provided with high salary.

Product itself.
Group of people is formed. They are met in the airport in Russia by a guide. The group is transported to a hotel where they stay till next morning. While staying in hotel the group has an info session and gets educated with suitable information about details of their stay in Russia.

Day 1
Group is taken to Russian village. All people serving the guest are in traditional Russian apparels. Guests are introduced to traditional Russian sauna* where they are offered food (caviar, blini or pancakes, salmon and so on), and drinks (kvass, beer, vodka). * - it is essential to understand that Russian sauna (banya) differs from Finnish not only with temperature and steam (Russian sauna is more sever then Finnish) but also with a method of using it. It usually takes half a day to go to banya. We are eating and drinking in banya. It should be quite extreme to unprepared people therefore interesting. Related info here:

Day 2
Group is taken to Barents sea for extremely cold water diving. Barents sea is full of fish and seals. Guest are accompanied by a professional divers, doctor, and professional photographer. At the end of the diving session guests are offered food and drinks on board the ship.

Day 3
Group has a day of relaxation in hotel near Moscow and getting prepared for next day

Day 4
Moscow night life. One of most expensive cities in the world is open for observation, partying and money spending. Group is taken to 4-5 different places during the night. In the end every guest is provided with a book of high quality where all photos from this trip can be found (as you remember they were accompanied with a photographer). This trip can be useful for establishing new business contacts in Russia and will help better understand Russian soul to those who are planning investments in Russian economy.

The leaflet.
Leaflet folded 2 times (3 sections) INSIDE

FIRST Introduction. First product or service. First service group.

SECOND Second service or group of services.

THIRD Third service or group of services.

OUTSIDE INSIDE Summary of previous info, additional info, secondary info, images or photos. BACK Technical info (company name, address, tel. n., email, etc), how to find, related info. FACE Slogan, info in short, main image, Company logo, image making pictures.

Target audience: Central Europeans, active, wealthy, 25-50 year old, male.
Why: This audience is most educated in questions of western countries, due to business relations with Russians and their companies knows much about unique lifestyle of Russian federation so this audience is keen in trying it out. As well this audience is most solvent one, that is important.

Price: price off course should be rather high and unaccepted by regular people, in
this case we are concentrating our vision on wealthy people. The leaflet itself may look patriotic but it is not. Ive chosen these images due to their historical value. Art of soviet period is quite popular among rich moguls and these images remind of power Russia possessed and still possesses. Lenin was quite a neutral figure in history, not evil. Therefore I consider he has can have his own space on leaflet. As well he still magnetizes attention to himself.. The color of background is neutral, then the content of leaflet is more visible and the possibility of using bright colors is more useful. Red, white and black together give a magical triangle in advertisement and branding, like Coca Cola. So Ive chosen exactly these colors. comrade, you welcome to Russia is written grammatically incorrect as if it is a kind of an accent interpretation. I tried to catch the attention of a potential buyer with big red letters of RUSSIA where R is reversed and reminding client of Cyrillic

alphabet. RUSSIA is written in big sized letters and eye is supposed to catch it at first glance therefore we are informing customer of our destination at first sight. The inside of the leaflet contains not exact images of exact places customers are going to visit, but it gives an emotional background for the feelings they should have. Images are just describing brand from the traditional side. Caviar is luxurious product and for some reasons Europeans think Russians eat it with spoons for breakfast, well let it be so because that gives the image to the auditory we need, wealthy and willing to spend. Matryoshka is like a Russian bear therefore should be used. I have put an image of Barents sea to give an approximate description of diving conditions.