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The human mind is, and has always been full of curiosity.

Our ability to think, understand and question is what essentially distinguishes us from the rest of the creations of Allah. We act according to our understanding of different matters. In other words, our actions are a reflection of our cognitive ability. When faced with a certain set of facts, or when trying to find out the answers to certain questions, we rely on a framework of ideas and beliefs through which we interpret the world. This framework of ideas and beliefs is called a worldview. Human beings distinguish right from wrong, good from evil and logic from illogic based on their respective worldviews. Hence what might seem perfectly logical or right to one person may seem totally absurd or wrong to another due to the different worldviews both persons hold. For instance, it may be perfectly right for a person with a materialistic worldview to earn profit by "killing the competition", but a person with a socialist worldview may find it totally wrong. This is because when making a decision, the respective persons will judge their actions according to their own worldviews. The key to understanding Islam is to understand the fact that Islam in itself is a worldview. And when faced with a certain set of facts, an Islamic man deals with them in accordance with the Islamic worldview. When answering certain questions, an Islamic man uses the Islamic worldview as a frame of reference. In today's modern Jahiliyyah, many a Muslims are finding it hard to come to terms with the teachings of Islam, and fail to find logic in what the "Mullah" says. The reason behind this is that although these people are Muslims in name or on paper, their worldview is either not Islamic, or it is part Islamic part western. When faced with a certain set of questions, the frame of reference which many Muslims use to answer those questions is often not Islamic. Hence, many Muslims are in a state of confusion. This state of confusion arises when Muslims use the western worldview to find answers to the questions which are related to Islam, or when they answer some questions using the Islamic worldview as a benchmark and answer others using the western worldview. This is why many Muslims find it logical to believe in Allah, to pray and even fast, but find no logic in other Islamic teachings such as Hijab or Jihad. Hence to understand Islam and its teachings, one has to understand the Islamic worldview. Unlike the western materialistic worldview, the Islamic worldview deals with every aspect of human life. It covers both the seen and the unseen, the visible and the invisible worlds. It regulates all aspects of human behavior, such as how to dress, how to talk, how to rule a nation, how to fight a battle etc... Therefore, unlike the western materialistic worldview which is based on a few vague assumptions, the Islamic worldview is based on a concrete and well defined set of rules, regulations and facts. An Islamic man is a person whose benchmark for decision making is the Islamic worldview. Therefore, a person might be a Muslim but still might not be Islamic. An Islamic man makes decisions using the Islamic worldview as a frame of reference. This means that the decision making process of an Islamic man has an extended time frame. According to the Islamic worldview, people are not only responsible for the consequences of their actions in this world, but also in the Hereafter. Hence an Islamic man makes decisions which will benefit him both in this world and the next, and

refrains from those actions which may lead to benefits in this world at the expense of the Hereafter. An Islamic man believes that he has been put on this earth as a Khalifah of Allah, and his duty is to develop this earth and spread the word of Allah. He believes that this world is a test, and he will be held accountable for all his actions in this world on the Day of Judgment. His ultimate success depends on to what extent he lived his life in this world according to the Laws of Allah. In a nutshell, an Islamic person acts according to the Islamic worldview, and the Islamic worldview holds that the Hereafter has the ultimate significance. Hence to understand Islam, one has to keep this in mind. Once Muslims embrace the Islamic worldview, they will automatically start to get answers to the questions which seem so confusing. Therefore, every Muslim should strive to not only be a Muslim, but also Islamic. A good understanding of the Islamic worldview is key to a good understanding of Islam.