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QOD_1__2K0321-edited (Krpalu and akrta droha)

• What is good character

• Behavior of a sadhu establishes good character
• Qualities develop as a consequence of taking exclusive shelter of Krsna
• Why should we know these qualities
• A devotee is merciful by acting as instruments of great acaryas
• Both acar and pracar are important
• A devotee is merciful through the act of preaching
Akrta droha
• Humility means feeling deeply dependent on Krsna
• Standard of humility – trnad api sunicena
• Key principle in cultivating these qualities – obedience to Guru
• As long as we have envy for others we cannot be compassionate to them

QOD_2__2K0322-edited (Satyasara)
• Review of previous clas
o A person who is completely dedicated to God has these 26 qualities
o Hearing from pure devotees is more important that hearing from Lord
o Reasons for discussing these classes
• Truthfulness is beyond just being honest
• Truth means knowing things as they are and speaking the way they are (in relation
to God)
• Conception of absolute truth; It is beyond all limitations (e.g., question of who
designed the designer)
• A devotee is also honest in day-to-day dealings
• Generally truth must be spoken in a palatable manner, but for the sake of
protecting absolute truth a devotee may speak strongly
• By cultivating higher taste lower things will go away
• In human life we should discriminate
QOD_3_2K0323.mp3 (Satyasara)
• Truthfulness involves fighting falsity
• How to fight falsity
• By using everything in service of Krsna under guidance, we are fighting falsity
• By doing our service properly, we are fighting falsity
• We can fight falsity by broadcasting Bhagavatam’s message
• Many types of falsity – Science (no God), Mayavada, secularism etc.
• In every possible way we should fight falsity by living according to the scriptural
• Boy and Guru
QOD_4_2K0324.mp3 (Satyasara)
• Different levels of falsity- Hypocrisy
• A fully accomplished devotee establishes the truth based on scriptural evidence
• A devotees guidance is based on spiritual considerations
• In day-to-day dealings we should be truthful
• In Kali-yuga people still have a tendency to hear the truth
• A devotee must be truthful in keeping his vows
QOD_5_2K0325.mp3 (Sama)
• A devotee sees everyone equally as an eternal individual spirit soul
• Material equality will lead to frustration
• Differences are not bad but there is oneness of interest
• IIT students are meant to do brahminical work
• Samadarsi means equally giving opportunity to everyone for engaging in service
of Krsna
• It is the consciousness in doing things that make the difference
QOD_6_2K0327.mp3 (Nidosa)
• A devotee is perfect because he is surrendered to Krsna and acting according to
His instructions
• Any fault we find in a pure devotee is our own fault
• A devotee doesn’t find faults in others but to protect the truth he will speak facts
without malicious intention
• Difference between calling a spade-a-spade, fault-finding and blasphemy
• The technical faults in composition of a devotee is actually a decoration of the
• We shouldn’t see irregularities in the body of a pure devotee
• The yardstick to judge any one is scripture
• If we are surrendered, Krsna can empower is to understand things properly
• Everything is not predetermined

• Sieve and Needle
• South Indian Brahmana
QOD_7_2K0328.mp3 (Vadanya)
• Without forgiving one cannot be broad-minded
• Material benefits are temporary. A devotee administers the highest benefit of love
of God
• Material well-being follows spiritual well-being
• When we have love for Guru and Krsna, anything of this material world becomes
totally insignificant
• Holy name is the matchless gift
• It is easier to go back to Godhead in Kaliyuga because of Mahaprabhu’s causeless
• Compassion is a feeling and magnamity is an action
• To sustain enthusiasm we should chant in the association of devotees and avoid
QOD_8_2K0329.mp3 (Mrdu and Santah)
• Gift of Krsna bhakti cannot be repayed
• Real magnamity of a devotee is that he goes on giving the highest gift without any
expectation under all circumstances
• Key to remaining calm is to not contemplate the object of sense
• A devotee is un-agitated because he is not into politicking
• A devotee doesn’t speculate
• Mrdu doesn’t mean that a devotee doesn’t take a strong position.
• To become mrdu what is required is deep internal security in relationship with
Guru and Krsna
• One who knows that Krsna is the Supreme controller, maintainer and proprietor
can be peaceful
• Desires of bhulti, mukti and siddhi make one unpeaceful
• We are not peaceful because we want to be the controller
• We should keep our relationships Krsna centered then we will be peaceful
• By being completely engaged in service of Krsna, we can be peaceful
• We should follow general and specific duties with devotion
• Haridasa Thakura and Prostitute
• Haridasa Thakura and Serpent
QOD_9_2K0402.mp3 (Suci)
• A devotee is clean externally and internally
• External cleanliness
o Simplicity is a pre-requisite for cleanliness
o Good hygiene is very important for not getting sick
o Cleanliness includes tidiness
• Internal cleanliness
o Free from six bad qualities
o By chanting the holy name, Krsna cleanses the heart of these dirty things
o We should maintain four regulative principles
QOD_10_2K0403.mp3 (Suci)
Story of Raghava Pandit
• All the time there must be a deep desire to offer the best to Krsna
• Krsna is looking for internal cleanliness
Gundica Marjanam
• A devotee should work hard to remove the dirty things from the heart
• Process of remove these dirt is to hear and chant and apply ourselves attentively
• Second cleansing of name, fame and recognition
• Association is very contagious. Therefore, we should hear from pure devotees
• Krsna Consciousness is a glorious process
• We cannot stay in Krsna Consciousness without service attitude
• Our self-confidence comes from Krsna
• We should look for service and ecstasy will come as a consequence
• There is nothing embarrassing in front of Krsna
• Satisfaction comes when we follow the instructions
• Intelligence means to follow the intelligent
QOD_11_2K0404.mp3 (Akincana)
• Krsna becomes the beloved of those who have given up shelter in janma,
aiswarya, sruta and sri
• It is not that we have to give up our possessions to become detached but use them
in Krsna’s service
• Everything can be utilized in Krsna’s service
• We should not go on accumulating things but use the available things in Krsna’s
service under guidance of pure devotees
• Key principle for applying yukta-vairagya: Guidance of devotees
• Quota means living to serve Krsna
• We use things under guidance of Guru and Krsna to serve their mission
• In following the instructions, no matter how tough it may be, but we have to do it
• Our attitude to diseases – I have made so many mistakes in my past life, this is
just a token reaction for that
• We should analyze the encouragements we get to do the right things
QOD_12_2K0405.mp3 (Sarvaupkaraka)
• A devotee does welfare work for all living entities including plants and animals
• A devotee is not inclined to partiality
• This process is not restricted to anyone
• Our responsibility in spreading the compassion of parampara
• A devotee is interested in uplifting everyone and particularly those who are very
• One who understands that holy name of Krsna is non-different from Krsna, his
preaching will be powerful
• Only on spiritual platform we can do any good to any body
• Only way to become independent is to become completely dependent on God
• Highest mission is to connect the spirit soul back to Godhead
• Motivating factor for missionaries to preach
• Srila Prabhupada meeting with Bhaktisiddhanta
QOD_13_2K0407.mp3 (Krsna eka sarana)
• It is impossible to surrender unconditionally other than to Krsna
• Surrender – Giving up all our concocted ideas and accepting Krsna’s ideas as
• 4 levels of surrender
• Surrender to Krsna is not sentimental
• We can judge our advancement by seeing how eager we are to accept the
instructions of Krsna
• Pride blocks one’s surrender to Krsna
• Accepting Guru is not hobby that one accept or reject according to one’s whims
• Under all circumstances Guru’s instruction must be fulfilled
• Highest level of surrender – I am Krsna’s property
• Karmarpanam Vs Karma yoga
• We have to become mature in applying the instructions ourselves
• Distraction while chanting is due to material desires
QOD_14_2K0409.mp3 (Aniha)
• A devotee is indifferent to material possessions
• A devotee manifests quality according to the need of service by Krsna’s
• Krsna arranges circumstances for those qualities to come in the foreground
• Basis of a devotee being aniha is that whatver he has in his possession, he uses it
in Krsna’s service
• No one is indispensable
• The purpose of doing the service is purification
• Haridasa Thakura being self-constrained in the presence of the prostitute
• Haridasa Thakura being tolerant when he was being beaten in 22 marketplaces
• Srila Prabhupada using an old trunk as a desk in US
• Old man having the blessing of living as long as his hairs were there
• Regime of Maharaja Pariksit

QOD_15_2K0410.mp3 (Sthira)
• Ups and downs in devotional service are there till one reaches nistha
• Fixity is possible when there is simplicity
• Pleasing the spiritual master is the basis of remaining fixed
• One should perform his sadhana very diligently for becoming fixed
• Lack of steadiness is due to anarthas
• One must regret his wrong doings
• Motivation for regulation: Disciplining the mind
• Till bhajan kriya takes place anartha nivrtti will not take place
• Initiation is a matter of heart
• Doubts are due to sins
QOD_16_2K0411 (Vijita Sad Guna-Lust)
• Lust is the source of anger
• Modern science encourages these bad qualities
• Lord doesn’t get covered by these bad qualities
• A devotee is undisturbed by various desires coming to his mind
• The bad qualities have to be spiritualized
• Our duty towards non-sense of modern science
• By the process of pure devotion our lusty desires have gone almost to nil
• To become completely purified of lusty desires one must beget Krsna Conscious
• Krsna having 16,000 wives as an indication of His being lusty
• Chinese King and Prime nos.
• Prostitute and Haridasa Thakura
• Nara-Narayana Rsi and heavenly damsels
• Hrdyananda Maharaja’s reply to a homosexual
QOD_17_2K0413 (Vijita Sad Guna-Anger)
• Anger is due to desire for sense gratification
• To control anger we must be strong in our hearing and chanting
• Weak hearing and chanting weakens the mind
• Anger should be utilized properly by becoming angry with non-devotees
• In case of pure devotees anger is inspired by the Lord for service
• At our stage we should control anger rather than exhibit it
• Sir would want to spend time writing books and we should cooperate with him
• Information doesn’t transform the heart. Knowledge means knowledge of the soul
• For an uncontrolled person, mind is the biggest enemy
• Doing anything other than K.C. activity is gambling
• The responsibility of decision is on us not on Sir
• For someone who wants to make advancement in Krsna Consciousness, Krsna
gives what is best for him
• When we get angry it is mixed, not purely for service
• Manifestation of uncontrolled anger
• Our responsibility after receiving Sir training
• Dronacarya using celestial weapons on ordinary troops out of uncontrolled anger
• Hanuman burning Lanka
• Narada Muni and his snake disciple
QOD_18_2K0414(Vijita Sad Guna-Greed)
• Greed is symptomized by wanting more no matter what one has
• Greed makes on insane and unpeaceful
• Consequences of Greed in the modern world
• Without a bonafide spiritual master one cannot understand what is greed and what
is not greed
• We have to become pure-hearted by giving up our anarthas
• Our responsibility is to educate people
• Essence of training is service attitude
• Leo Tolstoy – King and man running for land
• Mark Twain – Couple fighting over deferred legacy
• Dry stool Vs Wet Stool
QOD_19_2K0415(Vijita Sad Guna-Greed)
• How to use greed in Krsna’s service
• A devotee is greedy to serve Krsna
• Krsna Conscious becomes dynamic when one is detached
• With attachment one will be sunked by greed
• There must be burning desire to please Krsna
• One can be unlimitedly greedy for Krsna provided it is done under guidance
• We should bring more and more devotees at the lotus feet of Guru and Krsna
• The more Krsna becomes pleased, the more we want to please Him
• We should give innocent people more and more opportunities to come in contact
of Guru and Krsna
• Everything works out when we are humbly detached
• Desires of people change in different yugas
• Karma is dynamic
QOD_20_2K0417(Vijita Sad Guna-Illusion)
• Illusion is thinking of body as the self
• We should not be too eager to get praises from foolish people
• Illusory energy of the Lord is very powerful
• Our real designation is that we are servants of Krsna
• Without service attitude one cannot overcome illusion
• We have to change our consciousness not activity
• Greatest suffering is to be in illusion
• A man who is not in illusion will not find faults with others
• Normal Vedic rituals etc. should not cover our bhakti but they should be done in
relation to Krsna

QOD_21_2K0418(Vijita Sad Guna-Madness)

• When a person thinks of himself anything other than what he is, he is considered
• One does most foolish things when he is mad
• One form of madness is pride
• Pseudo-spritiual Guru are spreading out of madness
• Scientist propose foolish theories out of madness
• Central principle of all madness is aham-mameti
• Real success of spiritual life is to develop qualities of devotees
• We should follow Krsna’s instructions and Krsna will maintain us
• Indra trying to kill brajavasis out of anger
• Ravana stealing the Goddess of fortune
• Hitler killing 1000’s of people
• Constanting pouring molten lead in the mouth of saintly persons
• Christians butchering cows
• Person bitting the ears of his mother
QOD_22_2K0419(Vijita Sad Guna-Envy)
• Envy cannot be transcendentalized.
• Basis of envy – One doesn’t want to serve Krsna
• We should be careful not to direct our envy toward superiors
• Those who have a habit of poisoning devotees they can’t stay in the mainstream
• Because of envy we start competing with each other instead of progressing
• Sign of envy is we cannot appreciate others
• With ill feelings for other Vaisnavas we cannot make any progress
• Solution is to genuinely appreciate good qualities of others, even small things.
• Best means is to chant nice rounds, talk less, worship deities nicely
• We should not be envious of those who are envious of us
• If we are pure no one can touch us unless Krsna permits it
• Spiritual protection – providing atmosphere where wife can become Krsna
• First of all we should accept that we have a problem and then praise the devotees
• If the purpose of appreciation is spiritual then transformation will take place
• We have to become completely free of envy to appreciate the dealings of Radha
and Krsna
• Daksa offending Siva
• Kaliya poisoning yamuna
• Prahlada Maharaja not being envious of Hiranyakasipu
• One should not eat too little or too much
• One should not find faults with other Vaisnavas for eating too much
• In the normal course of activities one shouldn’t eat too much
• A devotee eats for the pleasure of the Lord but for himself he can be completely
• We should not go to extreme ends (becoming dry renunciants or sense-gratifier)
• Most important principle is to be regulated by time and then quantity
• If one is not hungry one shouldn’t eat
• Principle is that we should be controlled in our eating. It should have a purpose in
relation to Krsna
• Eating too much will lead problems of genitals
• Ramacandra Puri offending Vaisnavas
• Jagadananda Pandit
• Sanatana Goswami feeding saltless capatis to Madana Mohana deities
• Raghunatha Dasa Goswami eating food left over by the cows
• Anyone who thinks he is a body is mad
• Modern world is pursuing happiness on a bodily platform
• No body is happy in this world
• Impersonalists go to other end of happiness – Rejecting spiritual life altogether
• Those who are engaged in sense-gratification cannot understand spiritual life
• False sense of happiness (janma, aiswarya, sruta, sri) produces another kind of
madness – pride
• Although human life is temporary, it is valuable
• We are losing our vital life pursuing temporary happiness
• Desire for becoming sane will come in the heart when we come in the association
of devotees
• Bagaundi
• Sisyphus
• Old man having benediction of long life (one hair falling in a day of brahma)

QOD_25_2K0423.mp3 (Manada)
• A devotee respects every living entity as a part and parcel of Krsna
• He even carefully respects Krsna’s property including inanimate things
• We cannot respect each other if we do not have respect for Krsna
• A devotee has no ulterior motive in respecting others
• Geniuine Vs Pseudo respect
• Although a devotee respects everyone, but worship is restricted only to Supreme
• Respect for Supreme Lord and bonafide spiritual master is exclusive
• A devotee has to make the distinction between God, devotee, non-devotee and
• Respect between 3 kinds of devotees
• When a person knows how to respect the Supreme Lord, Spiritual master and
Brahmanas then his respect is perfect
• Love without Krsna is all useless
• Guru and Krsna centered relationships
• In preaching and so no our primary focus is respect for Guru and Krsna. I am
preaching on behalf of my spiritual master
• Praying is important but one must also take right steps to correct it
• Relationships that are properly grounded do not last
• Training is of connection and how to make that connection
• One should control the mind by seeing everything as part and parcel of Krsna
• First step is to learn to respect spiritual authority
• Exclusive respect means nobody else other than Krsna is worshipped
• To reinstate oneself in service one has to beg forgiveness from a Vaisnava
• Oasis
QOD_26_2K0424.mp3 (Amani)
• A devotee is free from two kinds of false prestige
• A devotee respects others but does not expect any respect in return
• Becoming disturbed when someone says something bad to us is due to false
• A devotee’s main concern should be with Guru and Krsna. If Guru and Krsna
think that we are doing all right then we are doing all right and vice versa
• A devotee is not worried about criticism to himself but he doesn’t tolerate
criticism of Vaisnavas.
• Ambition for false prestige makes the life miserable
• A devotee doesn’t advertises his practices, position etc.
• A devotee has high regard for Krsna and things related to Him.
• If we carry a humble position then all right prestige will come
• Our attitude towards the gift Krsna Has given us
• Glorifying Guru and Krsna is a much better method to give up glorifying
• We have to maintain spotless record then no body can attack us. Attack means
spotless conduct, character and speech. Our conduct should be so impressive that
no one can say anything
• Best form of defense is to go on aggressively preaching
• Selflessness can be achieved only when we have the desire to bring people to the
lotus feet of Guru and Krsna very transparently
• We should preach under guidance
QOD_27_2K0425.mp3 (Gambhira)
• Gravity is based on recognizing Krsna’s greatness
• If we practice gravity then we can think about things more carefully before
speaking them
• A devotee doesn’t reacts to stimuli but absorbs it and process it before reacting
• We should not reveal our plans to non-devotees
• Gravity protects us from making foolish statements
• We should not try to make a grave devotee ungrave
• Gravity means we are not moved by modes of nature
• One way of chastising is to not say anything
• We have to reveal our mind to someone who can help us stay Krsna Conscious
• Spiritual master never forces, he inspires
• We should also know the mood of the person we are serving
• Difference between will of Krsna and plan of Krsna
• A sincere devotee places himself in the position of surrender to Krsna
• We should be attached to spiritual master not just service
• When we have a deep desire for obedience and following in the heart then we can
know that I am pleasing my spiritual master
• Pleasing the spiritual master is a moment-to-moment thing
• One should be progressive. At no point one should feel that he has made enough
• We should reveal our mind at the right time to the right people (devotees). We
should not reveal the mind to non-devotees and be straight-forward with devotees
• Giriraja Maharaja trying to know the heart of Srila Prabhupada about which of the
three temple (Madras, Bombay, or Mayapur) to choose
• Srila Prabhupada not reacting to a couple wanting to do band party
• Gravity of Lord Caitanya
• Story of Chota Haridasa
• Story of Kala Krsnadasa
QOD_28_2K0426.mp3 (Karuna)
• A person who is unable to bear another’s distress is called compassionate
• Real compassion is to do something so that other person’s suffering stops
• To take Krsna Consciousness and give it to others takes a lot of commitment
• Purity is very tangible – Dedication to Guru, Keeping one’s heart and actions on a
pure platform
• Compassion and purity go together
• Lust and anger must be controlled for purity
• Utility is the principle – Using everything in Krsna’s service without getting
caught up under guidance
• Krsna cares about our surrender and devotion to Guru and Krsna
• Books are the basis
• We have to come to the right standard of character so that Sir can give his time for
writing books
• By submission to Guru and Krsna only we can control our senses
• We should do the needful to avoid sinful activities
• Without pure devotion full development of character will not take place
• Sins can only be avoided on the platform of devotion
• If we cannot please the spiritual master there is no question of becoming
• Whole process of Krsna Consciousness is hinged on pleasing the spiritual master
and spiritual teachers
QOD_29_2K0427.mp3 (Maitra)
• A devotee is a friend because he directs one to Krsna
• All relationships in this material world are temporary
• If somehow we can inject Krsna Consciousness in such relationships then those
relationships would last
• Friends in Krsna Consciousness are life-long friends and eternal friends
• We have to be very-very grateful for the network of friends that has been created
for us
• Friends in Krsna Consciousness share very intimate thoughts and feelings about
Guru and Krsna
• The bonding force for friendships in Krsna Consciousness is relationship with
• If we take full shelter of the relationships formed here, we will never fall down
wherever we are in this world
• Familiarity makes relationships material
• Expression of gratitude is something we can do to make the program dynamic
• Deep relationships will develop automatically when we follow the right principles
• A good devotee will have deep relationships with everybody
• Deep relationships are not possible independent of Guru and Krsna
• Essence of spiritual life is gratitude and regard toward Guru and Krsna
• Our opulence is our relationships with each other
• Teacher wanting to express gratitude toward a student
QOD_30_2K0428 .mp3 (Kavi)
• A devotee is most interested in Krsna not in some language etc.
• Language is incomplete without glorifying Krsna
• A devotee is poetic by nature because he has to explain Krsna in many poetic
• A devotee’s whole life is a poetry
• One has to keep Guru and Krsna’s instruction in the center of his life
• We should certainly thing of those who have helped us in Krsna consciousness
• Krsna dasa Kaviraja Goswami composing Caitanya Caritamrta
• Vyasadeva’s writing
• Valmiki

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