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Fire Kills

You can prevent it

You need to do your best

News Individuals
Dozens feared trapped in London tower block fire!
More than 100 firefighters tackling blaze in Camberwell.

Firefighter dies in Edinburgh pub blaze

Floor collapses as crews tackle fire at Balmoral Bar in Edinburgh's Dalry Road.

Major fire hits famous market

One hundred firefighters are tonight battling a major blaze at London's famous Camden Market.

Woman Trapped In Fire Has Died

One of three people trapped by burglar bars in a house fire Monday has died, officials say.

Students trapped in fire

Emergency services say the students were unable to leave the house because of the smoke.

4 Colby Students Die in College Fire

Sleeping Youths Trapped by Blaze in Ancient Hall Used by Fraternities.

News Industrial
Alarm Fire Tapped Out
"I mean orange flames blowing probably 100 feet in the air," he said. "I mean the whole back of the warehouse was going. I was like 'That's a chemical company? We're getting out of here.'"

Fire at UAE port's chemical depot put out

DUBAI (Reuters) - Fire-fighters extinguished a blaze that tore through a chemical storage depot at Jebel Ali port in the United Arab Emirates on Monday, the second fire in two weeks at a cargo port in the Gulf Arab oil exporter.

Firefighters battle massive fire at Sharjah's Port Khalid

Firefighters have been battling a massive fire which broke out at a depot of Emirates Lube Oil Company in Sharjah's Port Khalid

Six warehouses razed in Al Quoz industrial area blaze

A fire destroyed six paint warehouses in Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 on Saturday afternoon

News Expolsions
Man Dies Following Explosion And Fire In Camper In Rainier, Washington
RAINIER, Wash. (AP) -- A man has died following a camper explosion and fire that investigators believe resulted from a propane leak.

Alaska Firefighter Severely Burned in Blaze

Officials with the Boise National Forest said Todd Warner was transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital with second- and third-degree burns Thursday after a gasoline explosion about 7 p.m.

Tennessee Man Killed in Blaze

A Lawrenceburg man was killed and two firefighters were injured after a home caught fire on Sunday morning.

Toxic Fumes Hospitalize 28 Massachusetts Firefighters

More than two dozen firefighters were taken to Cape Cod Hospital on Friday after they inhaled potentially toxic fumes at a fire at a cranberry bog

Is there a less dangerous way?


A mobile motorized robot ideally designed to
Go the heart of fires instead of firemen Help assess the type of fire (chemical or other) Communicate images to help with save & rescue and navigation Intervene in extinguishing all types of fire with proper methods Access small and narrow spaces fire trucks can not access Allow 24/7 coverage and quick initial response

Life Saving Effective New Generation Fire Fighting Robot Tackle with any kind of hazardous fire Explosion proof Heat Resistance Body Multipurpose Flexible Customizable Enables impossible attempts

Where to use

Discovery Purposes Determine flammable analysis Determine explosive/danger risk analysis Figure out the inside condition for any purpose Find out trapped people Determine building structure for fire fighters who attempt to go inside etc..

Where to use
Operational Purposes Emergency Attempt Closer Attempt Hazerdous/Explosive Fire Attempt Any Kind of Special Task Operation Mount Resque kits SPREADER, CUTTER, SMALL RAM, MED RAM, LARGE RAM,

Where to use

Rescue Purposes Carry first aid kit to the trapped people Determine the place and built a secure living area To resque the injured people To carry medical kits

Robottica RFF011
Robottica RFF011 Designed for effective fire fighting for outdoor operations RFF011 is equipped with cameras, launcher, strong electrical motors, and nozzles. System has its own hydraulic system and it is easy to add any kind of hydraulic kits such as rescue kits, This robot is fully customizable and could be delivered in 45 days after PO.

Watch in action: http://www.robottica.com

Robottica UFF08
Robottica UFF08 Designed for effective fire fighting for outdoor operations, E.O.D. (Explosive Ordanance Disposal) , and with handling arms. RFF08 is equipped with thermal, x-ray and day/night cameras, strong electrical motors, and nozzles. System has its own hydraulic system and it is easy to add any kind of hydraulic kits such as rescue kits, This robot is fully customizable and could be delivered in 45 days after PO. Watch in action: http://www.robottica.com/EOD.html

Robottica RFF017
Robottica RFF017 Designed for effective fire fighting for foam, CO2, dry powder and clean agents. RFF017 is equipped with tanks where effective emergency is needed. It is equpiped with day/night cameras, strong electrical motors, and spray controling arms. System has its own hydraulic system and it is easy to add any kind of hydraulic kits such as rescue kits, This robot is fully customizable and could be delivered in 35 days after PO.

General Technical Features

316 Stainless Steel Body Water proof body Double Stainless Steel Tracks Temperature Resistance 300 - up to 400 ( special cases could be as well) Inside Body Insulation: Double Layers Material Resist Up To 900 Stairs Climbing 35 Double Water Connections With Automatic Release Function (John Morris Type Quick Coupling) Pulling capability 200 m 1.5 Two Empty Hoses Pulling capability 100 m 1.5 Two Hoses Full Of Water 4X12 V 43A Dry Gel Batteries Battery life 2000 Cycles Charging time 6 Hours Integrated Charging System Driving System Control PWM


General Technical Features

4 Hours Continuous Operating Time 12 Hours Working Time for Monitor Variable Speed Control up to 6 km/h Lighting: 2 Front and 2 Back LED Lightings RF Communication Wireless System 5 GHZ. Wireless Communication up to 300 m Open Area 100m Inside Buildings In Case Antennas See Each Other 500 m. 4 Cameras For Easy Operation (Color) 1 Day/Night Front 1 Day/Night Back 2 Day/Night Optical Zoom Cameras For Water Monitors 2 Way Communication System Dimension: 1280X854X820 mm (LXWXH) Weight: 320 kg

Control Panel
Ip 65 Standard Cabinet Automatic Release Quick Coupling Button 2 Way Communication System 2 Joysticks For Water Monitors And Drive 1 Joystick For Chemical Powder Bullets Launcher 15 LCD Screen Screen Vision For One Camera Or Multi Vision Screen for All Camera Status 4 Hours Continuous Operation Time Displays; Battery Life, Speed, Temperature, Lighting, System Self Check, System Defaults, Communication Level, Gas Analysing Figures Operating Software English (other languages is available)

Water Monitors
Rotation: 360 horizontally (max 18 deg/sec) Vertical Travel: 180 (+/- 90 from horizontal) Horizontal and vertical actions can be programmed to make specific sequence movement Flow Capacity: 400 -1800 lit/min at 10 bar (105-475 gpm @ 145 psi) Throwing distance: 60m+ at 2000 l/min (196+ feet @ 528 gpm) Maximum Operating Pressure: 16 bar (232 psi) Chassis Material: Stainless Steel 316 Nozzle material: Stainless Steel 316L, Bronze Streamshaper

Integrated Systems
Integrated Gas Analysing System Detection of Hazardous Gases For Protection Of Personal And Facilities Comprehensive Gas Risk Management

Combustible Gases Hydrogen Sulphide Oxygen Carbon Monoxide Chlorine Hydrogen Sulphur Dioxide Nitrogen Dioxide Hydrogen Chloride Hydrogen Fluoride Hydrogen Cyanide Ammonia Ethylene Oxide

Gas Detection Figures Can Be Seen On The Main Control Panel Launcher For Chemical Powder Bullets Throwing Distance 60 m. Controlled By Main Control Panel Extinguishing space per each shot 4 sqaure meters. Foam Tank 20 Litter (OPTIONAL) Internet Access (OPTIONAL) Mer2 can be provided with internet access to allow remote supervision

Traditional ways










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