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Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty,

Ha Noi University of Technology,

Ha Noi, Vietnam
Email: , Tel.:
Date: 2007/01/

To Whom It May Concern:
I am AAA, the professor of Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty, Ha Noi
University of Technology. It is with great pleasure that I am writing the letter to endorse
the application of Nguyen Ngoc Hung to your University. I hope the information I provided
will be valuable to appraise the quality of this candidate.
My relation with Nguyen started 3 years ago, when I taught him major BBB. Through this
course, I recognized his full strength of conscientiousness and smartness, two among
most essences that make a genuine Engineer. In the class, he proved to be excel others
in approaching the subject and solving the problems related the lecture. He is one of the
most successful followers in my class; I was surprised when he responded to my
questions by brainy and creative answers. Obviously, Mr. Nguyen can join in any
academic course and get good achievements with some good qualities as above.
During the course, he is a diligent student who always accomplished excellently
homework that I assigned. I still remembered the assignment I required my student to
complete is CCC. It was a difficult work and took a lot of time for student to examine and
perform, the students need to have not only deep knowledge but also industry to
accomplish. Astonishingly, Mr. Nguyen completed and presented this task on time and
very well.
In addition, his presentational ability is very good. This is important quality that require for
students to finish their study. I was impressed by his clear and fluent voice, he expressed
his opinions confidently and persuasively that always made me pleased. I highly
evaluated his presentational skill and I believe that this quality will help him to fulfill higher
goal in the future.
Moreover, the social communication is very important for students to live and study in
campus. Mr. Nguyen is friendly and jovial people who get along very well with his
classmates and teachers. Many extra-curricular activities have his part; he joins them well
as a participator, but mostly a manager. Our English-speaking club owes it astonishing
effect to her creative ideas for presentations and activities. He is trustful, honest and
enthusiastic who becomes closer to everyone in Ha Noi University of Technology.
All in all, from what I have stated above, I strongly believe that Mr. Nguyen is sure to be
capable of all academic pursuits to study Master program in Telecommunication
Electronics in your University. If there is any further detail you would like to know about
this candidate, please contact me by email or by phone.
Yours truly,