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all classes will be held in huvos auditorium of Faulkner hospital, located at 1153 Centre street, Boston, ma 02130.

Faulkner hospital receives american heart association award for Quality stroke Care
Award demonstrates Faulkner Hospitals commitment to quality care for stroke patients


Calendar of events
all community health events are free and open to the public. Free parking will also be provided. to register, call 617-983-7500.
Bariatric Information Session Wednesday, October 26, 2011 6-7:30 pm Is weight loss surgery for you? What are the latest surgical and dietary treatments? Get the answers to your questions at this free presentation and Q&A session. Be Supermarket Savvy: A Dietitians Top 11 Food Finds Tuesday, November 1, 2011 7-8:30 pm Nancy Oliveira, MS, RD, LDN, Nutrition You may have heard to shop the perimeter of a supermarket to find the most naturally nutritious foods. But lets face it, many of us spend most of our time in the center aisles with the packaged items, trying to decipher food labels to make the best possible choices. Join us for this informative, practical talk to learn a dietitians Top 11 Food Finds in your local supermarket! Faulkner Hospital will be offering free health food tastings from 6:30 7 pm prior to the Be Supermarket Savvy lecture. Bariatric Information Session Wednesday, November 2 6-7:30 pm Is weight loss surgery for you? What are the latest surgical and dietary treatments? Get the answers to your questions at this free presentation and Q&A session. Whats Hot in Skin Care Thursday, November 3, 2011 7-8:30 pm Dr. Stephanie Caterson, Plastic Surgery Micheline Hajj, RN, Plastic Surgery Learn how you can bring back healthy, beautiful skin by following tips on how to keep your skin looking young. Information on the advancements in skin care, including laser therapy and pharmaceutical skin care products will also be discussed. A Healthy Heart for the Golden Years Tuesday, November 8, 2011 7-8:30 pm Dr. Leonard Lilly, Cardiology This interactive lecture will review specific risk factors that lead to heart disease, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, cigarette smoking and physical inactivity. We will discuss how straightforward attention to these factors reduces the chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke, and prolongs life. We will also consider the use of cardiac medications in older individuals and how to discuss common side effects with your doctor or other health care providers. Faulkner Hospital will be offering a free cholesterol and blood pressure screening from 5:30 7 pm prior to the Healthy Heart for the Golden Years lecture. Coping with Holiday Stress Wednesday, November 9, 2011 7-8:30 pm Brooke Staats, RD, LDN, CNSC, Food & Nutrition Learn to avoid giving in to holiday stress by eating right, staying active and being kind to yourself. During this talk we will provide strategies on how to tackle holiday parties and festive meals by planning ahead to allow yourself time to celebrate without the guilt! Make this your healthiest holiday yet! Breast Imaging Today Thursday, November 10, 2011 7-8:30 pm Dr. Shara Oken, Radiology Dr. Bethany Richman, Radiology Learn about the different types of breast imaging, the differences between screening and diagnostic mammography and the current breast screening recommendations. Faulkner Hospital will be offering free mammogram information and the

directions can be found by visiting our website at www.faulknerhospital.org.

health news From your Community hosPital

Faulkner Hospital has received the 2011 American Heart Association/American Stroke Associations Get With The Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award. The award recognizes Faulkner Hospitals commitment and success in implementing excellent care for stroke patients, according to evidencebased guidelines. To receive the award, Faulkner achieved 85 percent or higher adherence to all Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Performance Achievement indicators for two or more consecutive 12-month intervals and achieved 75 percent or higher compliance with six of 10 Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Quality Measures, which are reporting initiatives to measure quality of care. These measures include aggressive use of medications, such as tPA, antithrombotics, anticoagulation therapy, DVT prophylaxis, cholesterol reducing drugs and smoking cessation, all aimed at reducing death and disability and improving the lives of stroke patients. With a stroke, time lost is brain lost, and the Get With The GuidelinesStroke Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award demonstrates Faulkner Hospitals commitment to being one of the top hospitals in the country for providing aggressive, proven stroke care, says Linda Bresette, NP, Stroke Program Manager. We will continue with our focus on providing care that has been shown in the scientific literature to quickly and efficiently treat stroke patients with evidence-based protocols.

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opportunity to schedule a mammogram from 6:30 7 pm prior to the Breast Imaging Today lecture. Update on Colon Cancer Screening Tuesday, November 15 7-8:30 pm Dr. Alene Conant, Gastroenterology Colon cancer is one of the more commonly diagnosed cancers in both men and women. There are several ways to screen for colon cancer, including colonoscopy. This talk will review the current recommendations for colon cancer screening, including who should be screened, how often screening should occur and what to expect during a colonoscopy. Bariatric Information Session for Spanish Speaking Adults Wednesday, November 16, 2011 6-7:30 pm Is weight loss surgery for you? What are the latest surgical and dietary treatments? Get the answers to your questions at this free presentation and Q&A session, which is conveniently offered in Spanish. Innovations in Minimally Invasive Gynecological Procedures Thursday, November 17, 2011 7-8:30 pm Dr. Antonio Gargiulo, Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Karen Wang, Obstetrics and Gynecology This presentation will focus on robotic surgery for fertility preservation with a review of fertility-sparing robotic surgery options for women facing reproductive difficulties, as well as a minimally invasive approach to hysterectomy where the advantages and benefits of laparoscopic procedures to hysterectomy will be explained.

Faulkner Community PhysiCians GrouP adds new PCPs to meet GrowinG needs
Faulkner Community Physicians recently added three new primary care physicians to their offices in Hyde Park, Roslindale and West Roxbury to meet the growing need for PCPs in the area. Dr. Naureen Raja-Shafiq has joined the staff of the Hyde Park office. Dr. Glenn Allison has joined the staff of the Roslindale office and Dr. Khang Vinh Nguyen has joined the staff of the West Roxbury office. Dr. Allison and Dr. Nguyen are currently accepting new patients and Dr. Raja-Shafiq is booking patients for December when she returns from maternity leave. I enjoy working with diverse patient populations in terms of different medical issues, ethnicities, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, says Dr. Nguyen. With the training theyve received and the collective experiences they bring to our medical group all three of these new primary care physicians will be an asset to this community for years to come, states Dr. John Lewis, Medical Director of the Faulkner Community Physicians practice in West Roxbury. While access to primary care physicians has continued to decline in recent years, were proud to be able to expand our services to meet the needs of our surrounding communities.
From left: Dr. Naureen RajaShafiq, Dr. Glenn Allison and Dr. Khang Vinh Nguyen

Its a great privilege to be able to practice in an area Im so familiar with,

Boston, MA 02130 1153 Centre Street Marketing and Public Affairs Faulkner Hospital

states Dr. Allison. What I enjoy about primary care is getting to know patients and striving to form a trusting relationship that will allow me to accurately diagnose any health problems they encounter.

faulkner Community PhysiCians is a grouP of 10 PhysiCians with offiCes in 3 Communities. for more information or to make an aPPointment, Please Call 617-983-7500.

Looking your best has never been easier or quicker

In addition to expertise in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Brigham and Womens Plastic Surgery at Faulkner Hospital also offers a full array of Laser and Skin Care Services including: Skin Care Analysis / Consultation Laser / Intense Pulse Light Services Acne treatment Spider veins Leg veins Scar treatment Melasma Rosacea Hair Removal Sun spots Telangiectasia Skin Rejuvenation Non ablative skin resurfacing Skin tone and smoothness Microdermabrasion Skin tightening Hydrafacial MD Facial Peels Pharmaceutical Skin Care Products including Obagi Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane

Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery Program offers advanced treatment and personalized care
Brigham and Womens Hospitals Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Program is expanding its services at Faulkner Hospital. Under the leadership of Dr. Jon Einarsson, Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, the program brings together expert gynecologists who specialize in treating a wide range of gynecologic conditions using advanced, minimally invasive approaches, including many techniques that are designed to preserve uterine function. Other benefits include: Less blood loss Less post-surgical pain/less medication Quicker recovery and return to normal activities Less scarring Less likelihood of complications Patients with multiple gynecological issues may be seen and treated by several specialists in the Program at the same time, which gives patients peace of mind in knowing that theyre being seen and treated by experts in specific fields.

NutritioN you caN feel good about

Faulkner Hospitals Nutrition Clinic is staffed by Registered, Licensed Dietitians with extensive experience in their field. Our outpatient dietitians will provide you with individualized nutrition counseling to address your specific needs and to help you live a healthier lifestyle. We work as a team with your physician and collaborate with your health team to provide the best care. To make an appointment to meet with a Registered Dietitian, sign up for one of our weight loss sessions or schedule a nutrition presentation or wellness program, please call 617-983-4455 or email us at FHNutritionClinic@partners.org.

our expert staff caN help you:

Create a personalized nutrition plan based on your Understand the relationship between an existing
illness or condition and its impact on your diet Lose weight sensibly and permanently Gain weight healthfully Eat well to enhance athletic performance Provide information on healthful food choices for your growing family Gain information on food allergies or intolerances Lower your risk factors for developing heart disease, pre-diabetes or diabetes Provide healthful tips for preparing and storing food needs and food preferences

Brigham and Womens Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Faulkner Hospital.
If you think you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery, learn more about your options at the Brigham and Womens Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Faulkner Hospital. With our surgeons from Brigham and Women's Hospital who are also on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, we offer the latest in surgical and dietary treatment to help you achieve and maintain a healthier weight. Our comprehensive program is a level 1A Bariatric Center, the highest accreditation from the American College of Surgeons. And at Faulkner Hospital, youll always find personal care thats close.

Comprehensive care from the name you know and trust.

James Greenberg, MD

Faulkner GastroenteroloGists FoCus on womens health

Gastroenterology Associates at Faulkner Hospital now provides a full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic services to adult men and women of all ages. Gastroenterology is the medical specialty for evaluating and treating diseases of the digestive system, which includes the upper gastrointestinal tract (the esophagus, stomach, and small bowel), the lower gastrointestinal tract, or colon, and the liver.
From left, Dr. Amy Lo, Dr. Ewa Preneta and Dr. Alene Conant.

Free Information Session

Medical advances in the field of gynecology have allowed us to treat many of the issues facing women while avoiding a hysterectomy and preserving uterine function,
says Dr. James Greenberg, Chief of the Division of Gynecology at Faulkner Hospital. For more information, please call 617-983-7500.

prone to some gastrointestinal illnesses. Some women have more complex intestinal issues given a prior history of surgeries, including hysterectomy, tubal ligation, ovarian surgery, and caesarean section, says Dr. Conant. Women are also prone to other gynecologic diseases that can affect the gastrointestinal tract, such as endometriosis. According to Dr. Preneta, accurate diagnosis of conditions often results in simple and straightforward treatments.

In many instances, conditions can be treated by simple lifestyle modifications, including decreased stress, changes in diet, weight loss, increased exercise and rest, states Lo.

If you are interested in looking and feeling your best, contact Brigham and Womens Plastic Surgery at Faulkner Hospital at 617-983-7500 today.

iNdicatioNs for referral

Patients may be referred to the Minimally Invasive Gynecology Surgery Program at Faulkner Hospital for evaluation and treatment of the following conditions: Uterine fibroids Endometriosis Ovarian cysts Urinary incontinence Pelvic prolapse Overactive bladder syndrome Abnormal bleeding or menorrhagia

To make an appointment with Gastroenterology Associates at Faulkner Hospital, please call 617-983-7500.

To register for the free information session or schedule a consultation, call (617) 732-8500. You can also learn more by visiting www.FaulknerHospital.org.

Is weight loss surgery for you? What are the latest surgical and dietary treatments? Get the answers to your questions at a free presentation and Q&A session. Call today to register. For an up-to-date listing of free information sessions, visit www.FaulknerHospital.org.

While both men and women suffer from conditions of the digestive system, women may be more

From left: Dr. Joanne Chung, Dr. Ali Tavakkolizadeh, Dr. Malcolm Robinson, Dr. Ashley Vernon and Dr. David Lautz of Brigham and Womens Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Faulkner Hospital.