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Topic Voluntary Arbitration: A study of Prerequisites Duport Steels v. Sirs [1980] 1 All ER 529 H.L Express Newspapers v. MacShane [1980] 1 All ER 65 H.L Mediation and Conciliation : Conceptual Distinction Conciliation under the ID Act, 1947 Conciliation and reference of Industrial Disputes under the ID Act Government role in making reference of ID under Section 10 of the ID Act Significance of the Definition of Appropriate Government under the ID Act. A Critical Study of the Ranga Vilasa Motor Company Case. Review of cases on Interpretation of Carried on under the Authority of under Section 2(A) of the ID Act Judicial Ambulation of Interpretation of Workmen given in ID Act A Critical Study of Madras Gymkhana case Signifiacance of the decision in B.S.W.S.B v. Rajappa A study of majority and dissenting opinion in Dimakuchi Tea Estates Case A Critical Study of the Definition of Industrial Dispute- Is there a need for change? Collective Bargaining under the ID Act: Possibilities and Suggestions A review of cases relating to publication of awards under the ID Act Strikes and Lockouts during the pendency of Conciliation: A study Implication of Justice Krishna Iyers Interpretation of Section 11A of the ID Act Rights Disputes and Interest Disputes in Industrial Disputes Law Signifiacance of words On Ground Only in Section 18(1) of the Trade Union Act Legislative Double Standards between Private Sector and Public Sector enforcement of awards under ID Act A critical study of Illegal Strikes and Lockouts under the ID Act. What and Why of Retrenchment Judicial Construction of Application of Chapter VA of the ID Act A conceptual analysis of Strike A Review of changes in the meaning of Lay off Status of collective bargaining agreements in the United Kingdom The Doctrine of the Tort of Civil Conspiracy in English Tort Law and application to Trade Unions Scope of Protection under Section 18(1) of Trade Union Act in light of Historical Background of Indian Trade Union activities. Gandhian Approach to Labour Management relations in light of Ahmadabad Textile Labour Association An analysis of definition of trade dispute in Trade Union law Significance of Justice Krishna Iyers opinion in Rohtas Industries Case for the Trade Union Movement. Outside Leadership in Trade Unions Definition of Trade Union in the Trade Union Act: An Analysis and its Parentage Problems of Recognition of Trade Unions in India A study of cases relating to the nature and functions of Registrars of Trade Unions in India.

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An Analysis of scope of immunity from criminal conspiracy under Section 17 of Trade Union Act. Development of doctrine of conspiracy in English Law. Enforcement of awards under the ID Act when some monetary benefits are due Representation of Parties in Industrial Disputes under the ID Act Corporate Personality of Trade Unions and Protection of its funds Problem of Trade Union Finances Purposes of Standing Orders and the requirements for Certification Misconduct and Disciplinary Penalties in Industrial Relations A study of cases dealing with distinction between Workmen and Independent Contractor AITUC: Its origin and philosophy ILO and freedom of association: Is there a need for fresh approach to Trade Union Law in India? ILOs contribution in protection of human rights with special human right of your choice in Indian Law ILO Standards and Changes in Workmens Compensation Law A Critical Examination of Provisions of V B of the ID Act Curtailment of Management Prerogative in Closure of Industrial Undertaking- A study of Provisions and Cases under the ID Act Distinction between Illegal and Unjustified Strikes Second Limb of Section 18(1) of the Trade Union Act: History and Significance Doctrine of Restraint of Trade and Section 19 of the Trade Union Act Works Committee- History, Purpose and Efficacy An analysis of Suptd Engineer Machkund v. Workmen Heavy Engineering Mazdoor Union v. State of Bihar (1969) 2 LAJ 549 (SC) Wages: Concept and Conceptions in Indian Labour Law A study of Gujarat Steel Tubes v. G.S.T.L Mazdoor Sabha (1980) 1 LLJ 137 Illegal Strike in S. 22 of ID Act: A Conceptual Confusion? AIR 1960 SC 1223 Legal Regulation of Strike in Indian and International Perspective Collective Bargaining and Indian Law Legal Control of Closure of Industry (1976) 1 LLJ 478 (SC) Closed Shop and Union Shop in Indian and English Trade Union Movement Impact of globalisation on Indian Labour Legislation (1980) 2 LLJ 72 SC Judicial Incorporation of Social Justice and Constitutional Values in Industrial Adjudication Srikrishna Jute Mills v. State of Tamil Nadu A study of Supreme Court judgements relating to review or refusal of order of appropriate government to make reference of industrial dispute First and Second International and their impact on Indian Trade Union Movement An analysis of process relating in settlement of industrial disputes and effect of settlement

Concept of wages under the ID Act Need to redefine trade union in light of modern developments Are Trade Dispute under Trade Union Act and Industrial Dispute under the ID Act in pari material ? Protection of employment of workmen on transfer of undertaking: Study of English and Indian Law Check off: A remedy for inter union rivalry Rooks v. Bermond 1964 House of Lords Labour Law and SEZ Tripartism in Industrial Relations: Development of Government Policy