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by Michael Neal
illustrated by Luis Dominguez
Western Publishing Company, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin 53404
TM indicates trademark of Warner Bros. Inc. C 1984.
4.) 1984 By Warner Bros. Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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It was a cold winter morning.
Billy Peltzer was trying to
start his car. As usual, it
wouldn't start.
"Oh no," thought Billy. "I'm
going to be late for work again!,
-------- -
- __. __s.-) ""'----
Billy ran all the way to the bank where he worked. When he got there, his
boss, Mr. Cor ben, was waiting for him.
"You are late again, William!"
Mr. Corben said sternly.
"I'm sorry," replied Billy.
"My car wouldn't stan."
"I don't want excuses!
I want you here on time!"
shouted Mr. Corben.
"Yes, sir!" said Billy.
Billy went to his window and began his day's work. Kate Beringer was already
busy working. Billy liked Kate. "Good morning," he said.
"That's a pretty dress."
"Thank you, Billy," Kate replied.
He always said something nice to Kate,
but he could never work up the courage
to ask her to go out with him.
A shon while later, Mrs. Deagle came
into the bank. She was very rich and
very nasty. Nobody
in town liked her.
"Get out of my way!, Mn. Deagle
shouted rudely. She pushed past
everyone on line and walked right
up to Billy's window.
"Your dog broke my imported snowman!" Mrs. Deagle shouted at Billy.
"I'm very sorry," said Billy. "I'll pay for the damage. It won't happen
again, I promise."
work day fmally came to aD end. He
leeliJil& sad and lonely IS be -.Jbd
"What a terrible day," be tli:RJJht.
went wrong!"

Billy's dog, Barney, came running up the walk
to greet him. "Hiya, boy!" said Billy. "I hope
you had a better day than I did!" Seeing Barney
made Billy feel a little better. "At least I h a v ~
one good friend," he thought.
-- -=-.:-:
"Hi Mom, I'm home!" Billy called
when he got inside.
"Oh, Billy. I'm glad you're here," said his
mother from the kitchen. "I can use your help."
Mrs. Peltzer was busy making dinner. "Would
you crack two eggs for me, dear?" she asked as
Billy strolled into the kitchen.
"Sure, Mom," said Billy.
He was always gild to
help his mother.
Billy reached for the Peltzer Egg
Cracker, one of his dad's inventions.
Dad's machines!
They work so well the
first couple of weeks,
but then ...
The machine cracked the eggs, but the
yolks, whites, and shells all fell into the
bowl together.
' ,
; S I G H ~ Here are
a couple more eggs.
Why don't you just
use the sink.
Mr. Peltzer traveled a lot trying to sell his inventions, so his
family was always thrilled when he returned from one of his
trips. Now that Christmas was coming, they were especially
happy to be together again.
"How was the trip?" Mrs. Peltzer asked when the hugging
and kissing stopped.
" Not bad," Mr. Peltzer replied. "But never mind that now. I
have a present for you, Billy. Open it!"
When he unwrapped the package, Billy couldn't believe his
eyes. Sitting in a wooden case was the most unusual
creature he had ever seen. Its small body was covered
with fluffy fur. It had big sad eyes and long
pointed ears. It seemed to be smiling,
and it let out a giggle.
"What is it, Dad?" Billy asked.
"It's a Mogwai. I thought it would make a good pet,"
Mr. Peltzer replied.
Billy and the creature took an instant liking to each other. Barney, however,
growled at the Mogwai.
"Hey, Barney!" said Billy. "Come on, be a good boy. We can all be friends ."
Suddenly the creature began to make strange sounds. "Whafs he doing,
Dad?" Billy asked.
"He's singing," Mr. Peltzer explained. "He's very talented. Smart, too. He
figured out how to y.rork most of my gizmos all by himself."
"Gizmo-that's a great name for him," said Billy. "You like that name, boy?"
Gizmo smiled as if he did.
Mrs. Peltzer could see the joy on Billy's face.
She wanted to capture that feeling in a picture.
Look at the camera,
Billy! You too,
Suddenly Gizmo screamed and leaped
into Mr. Peltzer's ar ms.
" I'm sorry," said Mr. Peltzer. " I forgot
to tell you. This little fellow hates
bright lights."
After a few moments Gizmo relaxed and returned
to Billy's arms. " Gee, Dad," said Billy, "he's
terrific-the best present you ever
brought me. Thanks!"
"Merry Christmas, Billy,"
Mr. Peltzer replied.
"He can sing," thought Billy. "I wonder
if I am teach him to speak."
~ - - - & . &
One more time now.
Way to 90, Giz!
BIL-LY! Come on,
try it!
Gizmo began to sing again, and Billy decided
to play along. When Billy made a mistake, the
remarkable creature reached out and pressed
the right note.
"Amazing!" Billy thought, as he tossed
Gizmo a piece of chocolate to reward his
cleverness. Barney howled with jealousy. A
Billy, feeling sorry for his dog, tossed him A ~ . : f . \
some chocolate, too. ~ ~
"Well, look at that!" said Billy. Gizmo was petting Barney, and Barney was
enjoying it. "See Barney, he likes you. I knew you guys could be friends!"
Gizmo jumped onto Billy's head. "Hey you're in a playful mood!" he said,
laughing. "In fact, you've put me in a silly mood, too! Wait here," Billy said,
as he went over to his dresser.
Billy pulled a small Santa Claus cap out of his drawer and put it on Gizmo's
head. He placed a mirror in front of his pet. To Billy's surprise, Gizmo
shrieked with shock when he saw himself in the mirror.
The little creature
was so startled that
he lost his balance
and toppled right
off the desk.
Gizmo hit the floor
hard. He was scared,
confused, and hurt.
He began to cry.
Come on, Giz,
we'll fix you
right up.
Billy thought that Gizmo
had enough excitement
for one day, so he tucked
him safely in bed.
Barney was glad to see
that the Mogwai was all
right. He showed Gizmo
how he felt by giving him
a big, wet kiss!
Gizmo giggled with
delight, and Billy was
Billy was so pleased, in fact, that even his troubles at work didn't seem so bad
any more. " I'll get to work on time tomorrow," he resolved. "And I think I'll
ask Kate to go to the movies."
He pulled the covers up around him. " Good night, Barney. Good night,
Gizmo," he whispered happily. He had a new pet, which was, of course, very
exciting. But more than that, Billy Peltzer had a new friend.
Based on the hit movie!
Billy Peltzer gets an unusual pet from his father for Christmas- Gizmo,
the Mogwai. Share the fun and warmth as Bi lly gets to know his new
Also available
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