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Ferrero Rocher is a spherical chocolate sweet made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA. Introduced in 1982, the chocolates consist of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut cream and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. The sweets each contain 73 calories, and are individually packaged inside a gold-coloured wrapper. Rocher comes from French and means "rock".. In just a few years it became the favourite chocolate treat for millions of people. Today it's the world leader in its category. An original recipe, manufactured with the utmost attention, refined packaging and ground-breaking advertising campaigns. Its innovative shape round but irregular and its unmistakable golden wrapping give it that elegance that has made it famous and also hint at the unique taste of this speciality: a creamy filling, a crunchy wafer and a delicious hazelnut

Ferrero is company founded in 1946 in Alba. Originally from pastry shop, today Ferrero International is the worlds fourthlargest companies in the confectionery Market : 16 plants & 36 commercial companies all around the world. 20,000 employees. 35,000 crores of turnover in 2006. A wide & complex portfolio of products,including mainly: chocolate spread, candies, pralines, bakery, chocolate snack eggs with surprise, cold tea & chilled chocolate products.

The original Ferrero philosophy was based on a few simple principles: Use only the highest-quality ingredients. Be unique! Never copy anyone else, then Manufacture with the most modern technology.

At the heart of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates is a whole roasted hazelnut and creamy.

Chocolate filling inside a light crispy wafer, wrapped in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. It is a whole roasted hazelnut and creamy chocolate. Ferrero Rocher is a praline-filled hazelnut and chocolate shell, wrapped in golden foil packaging that has instant consumer recognition. Today the product comes in number of specifically targeted pack formats, including a seasonal cube and Christmas tree shaped box, an Easter egg format and various sizes to meet consumer needs all around the year. A new diamond format in also introduced to further enhance the premium

3. target audience
Particular group of people, identified as the intended recipient of an advertisement or message. Also called target population Urban middle-high class people should be targeted because of the purchasing power this population possesses. These people know about different brands and are demand a superior product. Moreover, they have a sense of taste as well and they would like to use Ferrero products as a status symbol in different occasions like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Rakshya Bandhan, Holi, Deewali and many more. In a competitive business world, one cannot sell everything to everyone. One has to select or target certain types of customers who has the ability to buy and are willing to purchase certain goods and services. Therefore, the target audience refers to a group of potential buyers of a particular product. For instance, if a marketer wants to launch a luxury car costing Rs1 crore, the target market would be customers from the upper income group. The variables of target audience include demographic, Sociographic. Psychographic, and Behavioural variables ( explained under bases of segmentation ). The variables enables themar
For religion, caste and culture. It is a multicultural product.

For house wifes as a token of love from their husbands. For Office Colleagues or Assistants from their Boss. For Occasions at Diwali, Christmas, EID and other festivals in India.

Womens are the best target for this product as they are attracted to chocolates and as a token of gift.

4.Competitors in the market :

Ferrero in Europe & in India

The European confectionery industries are very competitive, heterogeneous and highly fragmented markets with some major players leading the industry in nearly all countries involved in this business meeting. About two third of the entire market is satisfied by the top ten western European confectionary companies (67%).The five largest Western European countries including the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain alone account for 74% of the total Western European confectionery market leaving only a share of 26% which is spread across the remaining European countries. Chocolate products clearly dominate the confectionery scene followed by sugar confectionery, chocolate outlines and chewing gum as shows the table below: -

Segment distribution

Varieties of Products available in Europe: - There is a wide range of products available in European confectionery market like Ferrero Prestige, Happy Hippo, Kinder Surprise, Giotto, Kinder Bueno, Tic Tac, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and more. The market leaders in Europe are Cadbury, Nestle, Perfetti Van Melle and Ferrero. Ferrero entered India in 2006 with 4 products of its range: NUTELLA : the world famous chocolate spread; FERRERO ROCHER: pralines; combination of creamy milky chocolate, whole roasted hazelnut & crispy wafer; TIC TAC: small candies of different flavours; KINDER JOY:chocolate snack egg with surprise inside.
Segment wise distribution of Indian confectionery market

Indian confectionery market is expanding like never before

as the local subsidiaries of global confectionery majors like Cadbury, Perfetti Van Melle, Lotte and Wrigleys are swinging in to action with new marketing strategies backed by investment to grab largest share of Indian confectionery market.

Salient features of Indian confectionery markets:

The size of Indian confectionery market is growing at the rate of 15 to 20 % annually. About seventy percent of confectionery market is based in the urban areas. Mainly sugar-boiled confectionery products dominate Indian market. The small shopkeepers play an important role in the distribution of products. Availability of cheap labor. More liberal policies of govt. to allow FDI in India as compared to previous years. The Indian market is scattered into small areas, lack of infrastructure causes complexities in distribution and transportation.

The competitors in the market for the product : Ferrero Rocher , it growirket. ng in todays market as Chocolate has become the way of relaxation and burning out hunger. People use chocolate for gifting during festival season and as the competition of the product is growing , other companies also advertise their product in the internet and electronic media , by the way of television and magazines etc. So every chocolate companies want to higher their sale in different festive seasons and have a high profit level in the annual year as it creates fame and name in the company. There are different companies which give competition to our product , which are :





For centuries, chocolate has symbolized luxury and decadence, its sensual feel and rich, lingering taste conjuring up images of sex and sin, elegance and wealth, forbidden pleasures and rare delights. Brought to Spain from the Americas in the 16th century, chocolate began its European career as a beverage consumed at court. Originally served the Aztec way -dissolved in water, unsweetened and spiked with hot pepper -- chocolate was quickly domesticated with sugar, honey, vanilla, cinnamon and, eventually, milk. Sweet, rich and special, chocolate became part of Europe's heightened, exclusive aristocratic culture. From there, chocolate's progress followed that of the Industrial Revolution. When the invention of the steam engine during the 18th century made it possible to grind large quantities of cacao beans, drinking chocolate quickly became a popular beverage, served in cafes across Europe. In the early 19th century, the cocoa press made it possible to produce dry cocoa powder by squeezing out cocoa butter -- and by the middle of the century, Cadbury was marketing chocolate bonbons and creams. Milk chocolate followed in 1875 and decisively opened chocolate to the mass market. The candies we know and love today were born shortly after: The Hershey Bar was launched in 1900, Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar in 1905

and Hershey's Kisses in 1907. During the 1920s, Hershey's Mr. Goodbar and Mars' Milky Way were introduced. Snickers, Three Musketeers and M&Ms followed Chocolate is a tricky, delicate substance -- difficult to manage, sensitive to heat and cold, and tending, as we all know, to melt. But it is also one of nature's most beguiling foods, and as such, it has inspired enormous, dedicated inventiveness for centuries. Originally the elite drink of kings, chocolate's popularity never had to be manufactured, and in the West, it has always readily matched its availability on the market. By the 20th century, chocolate was cheap and widely available, yet still wrapped in an aura of exclusiveness and illicit pleasure. Manufacturers know this, and capitalize on it: The image of Lady Godiva, naked upon her horse, has sold countless truffles ever since Belgian chocolatier Joseph Draps founded Godiva in 1926. Today, chocolate is big business. The International Cocoa Organization reports that as of 2005, Mars's annual global chocolate sales exceeded $9 billion. Cadbury Schweppes's sales were $8.1 billion, Nestle's were $7.9 billion, Ferrero SpA's were $5.5 billion, and Hershey's were $4.8 billion. The Swiss consume 167 million pounds of chocolate each year -- or 22 pounds per person. Americans consume three billion pounds of chocolate -- or almost 12 pounds per person. Moreover, chocolate appears to be recession-proof: Since the 2008 market crash, chocolate sales worldwide have just kept growing. Chocolate, it would seem, offers consolation, or perhaps blissful oblivion, in the midst of crisis.

7.Conclusion :

Price, quantity , taste and richness , almond , cashew , coco, quality .

Your experience. 6. purpose for selection of specific ad media.

Advertising Agencies

Businesses need advertising agencies to help them generate awareness, and more importantly, interest in their offerings. This is one of the best resources out there for finding those who can best utilize the advertising media, advertising agencies. Advertising Media
In most English-speaking countries, Ferrero have concentrated on advertising the Rocher chocolate, and allowed the associated recognition of their company brand name to sell other Ferrero chocolate types. In the United Kingdom the 1990s advertisement series based upon a party in a European ambassador's official residence has been repeatedly parodied in popular culture (see references in the section below) and taken on a reputation for having limited artistic value.[4] Nonetheless, the extent of popular reproduction and mimicking must suggest a high degree of success in strict advertising terms. The opening voice-over (voiced by UK actor Jonathan Kydd), "The Ambassador's receptions are noted in society for their host's exquisite taste that captivates his guests", together with the on-screen comments of guests such as "Eccellente" and "Monsieur, with these Rocher, you're really spoiling us", remain widely recognised and quoted in the United Kingdom. The concept of a butler wandering between party guests holding a silver tray with a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher has become a trope and a popular stereotype of diplomacy in general. There has been discussion about the socio-economic targeting of the advertisement, and the extent to which it may or may not be insulting to the more down-market audience to whom it was presented as an aspirational brand by means of an Italian advertisement dubbed in English, such as this quote from the New Statesman: "Within this inner sanctum of the smart set, a distinguished manservant glided silently through the moneyed throng, with a pyramid of golden baubles, perched on a silver salver, offering a huge piled plate of the sweets to the guests at an embassy party."[5] The product has been the sponsor for Desperate Housewives in the UK, since October 2008. It has since been replaced by Special K.