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Fight for the Right Cause with the Massive Weapon of Knowledge.

(The Asia Foundation (TAF) and Rays of Development Organization’s (ROD) joint
venture to fight TB)

Written by: Khadijah Shah (Rays of Development Organization)

On the 10th June, at 9:00 am, at Sargodha Catholic School, Sargodha, classes 9th and
10th participated in the function, which was held by the co-operation of the Asia
Foundation Pakistan, and the Rays of Development Organization, Sargodha.

The lectures specified in the function were associated to the struggle against
Tuberculosis, Sixty Two (62) students were accompanied by 4 teachers, and the Principal
Brother Shanti, attended the function. Both the organizations were provided with the
freedom to give lectures and to guide the students with liberty, about these dangerous

This is the first course function held by these two organizations and their basic purpose
is, to guide the students of Schools about these diseases. The similar chain of events is to
be carried on afterwards in 6 big Schools in Sargodha to inculcate awareness in the minds
of the listeners especially students. In the issue of Schools, both organizations merge to
show the best consequences in this good cause. As far as the Government Schools are
concerned, The Asia Foundation (TAF) Pakistan has taken the responsibility on its
shoulders to guide the students to lead a healthy life as HEALTH IS WEALTH.

From the Rays of Development Organization Rosy Dewan, Nadeem Samuel and Imran
Mazher and from The Asia Foundation Pakistan Mohammad Asif and Miss Sana, the
social activists, showed their vital presence in the function.

The lines written on the slogans were justified and discussed in detail by both of the
NGOs. The first slogan was that Tuberculosis is curable. Miss Sana answered several
questions to make the conceptions of the students clear.
The questions were as following:
1. What is Tuberculosis?
Ans: It is the disease of lungs but on certain conditions it can also effect the other organs
of the body.
2. Can Tuberculosis spread its viruses?
Ans: Yes, it can spread it viruses when an infected patient spits, coughs or sneezes.
3. What are the symptoms of Tuberculosis?
Ans: Cough prolongs three weeks or even more that that, blood comes in the spit,
normally the patient suffers from temperature and the weight reduces.
4. Where can be Tuberculosis diagnosed?
Ans: It can be diagnosed from a nearby Hospital, Health and Tuberculosis Center. To
diagnose the disease the spit test is taken.
5. How can it be cured?
Ans: There is no need to get worried because National Tuberculosis Control program is
started and World Health Organization has started a program named DOTS (directly
observed therapy short course), due to which the patient should without any delay refer to
these programs and they will provide him with a special medicine which he has to take
for 8 months regularly.
6. Where can is this medicine available?
Ans: This medicine is available at almost every medical store or hospital and in the
Government hospitals, it is provided without any financial restriction.

After her, spoke Nadeem Samuel, to share his knowledge with the undergraduates. He
told the students about what things are to be kept in mind.
1. The patient should not give unnecessary gaps in taking the medicine and the medicine
should be taken with the proper management of time.
2. A responsible man should become his caretaker or guardian.
3. The members of his family should not neglect him or send him somewhere else for the
treatment. They should have a friendly and caring attitude towards him to bring some
hope in his life.
4. Breast Feeding is harmless even when a woman is afflicted by this disease.
5. The Disease of Tuberculosis is curable and for the best result one has to take the medicine
for 8 months and he has to be punctual in doing so without any delay. He should also
consult a specialist for a regular check up to show the progress in his reports. Without the
doctor's suggestion he should not discontinue the medicine.

Mr. Nadeem Samuel added that the man who is suffering from this disease should make
the proper use of handkerchief while coughing, sneezing and spitting; as it can be
effective in the open environment and can become the cause of annoyance in the lives of
In the end of the function Lays chips and the packets of juices were distributed amongst
the students, by Mohammad Asif and Imran Mazher. The Principal of Sargodha Catholic
High School, Sargodha, Brother Shanti thanked both organizations for providing the
younger generation with knowledge and for inculcating in their minds the awareness due
to which they can lead a happy and healthy life in the society.

Spokesmen of both the organizations, namely TAF and ROD thanked Brother Shanti for
providing us a chance to interact with the students directly and provide them with the
awareness of the bitter realities (diseases) of life, but when faced with courage and
determination, then they become no less then the dead mosquitoes.

Report Recommended by:

Mr. Ferhan Mazher,
(Rays of Development Organization).