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Samantha Bankey September 27, 2011 JRNL 121, 12 p.m.

Newspaper Exploration #1 Papers: Ferris State Torch: This years fall commencement ceremony will require tickets for admission. With a conference switch looming, Ferris State University students are eager to give their opinion on the future of the FSU mens ice hockey team. Released earlier this month (and for free if you Facebook liked the Southpark page), Primus gave the world another great album to tune out the world to. Detroit Free Press: A former Romulus police chief, his wife and five police officers were charged this afternoon with 22 counts including conducting a criminal enterprise and embezzlement stemming from a five-year corruption probe of the department's special investigative unit. Things could get tricky at trial for underwear bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who learned today that the jury will get to see a lot of evidence that he fought to keep out, including a replica of the bomb he allegedly hid in his underwear when he tried to blow up an airplane. The Detroit Police Department's eight-year effort to comply with federally mandated reforms is finally paying off, a court-appointed monitor said in a report this week. The New York Times: The cost of health insurance this year climbed more sharply than in previous years, outstripping any growth in wages and adding uncertainty about the pace of rising medical costs. With chaos growing, many Syrian Christians said they feared a change of power could deprive them of the semblance of protection the Assad family has provided. Greece and Germany seek to avert a Greek default; donors look to Gov. Chris Christie for a Republican presidential bid; and engineers assess the Washington Monument. What do they have in common? All of the leads are one sentence and they give a small basis of what the article is about. Also, all of the leads besides the first one listed in the Torch has a minimum word count of 25 words with the maximum at 53 words. What leads do you like? In the Torch, I like the hockey lead. In the Free Press, I like the first two, even though the first one about the Romulus Police Department is very long. For the Times, I like the health insurance one. What do you dislike?

In the Torch, I think the commencement lead is very boring and the one about Primus has parentheses, which I am turned off by. For the Free Press, I dont really dislike any of them but Im not really interested in the third one. In the Times, I dont like the wordiness in all of them, but thats just the style of the newspapers and the writers. Which leads grab you? The Romulus Police one because I live in Romulus and its extremely big news for any city. I also am grabbed by the NYT lead with Syrian Christians because the beginning is With chaos growing and it catches my attention. Did the leads meet your expectations? How? Yes they met my expectations. All of the leads were kept to one sentence and talked about the most important information. Not all of them were kept under 25 words, but they still stuck to the point and kept the information clear.