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Dear amit kumar, The Karmic Significance of Rahu and Ketu as it exists in your Natal Chart In your horoscope,

planet Rahu is in the fourth house, which indicates your greatest growth, evolution, and fulfillment come through taking care of your home and family life. In previous incarnations there may have been an overabundance of professional activities and social responsibility. Now you must concentrate on your own soul growth and fulfillment of emotional needs. All activities involving land, property, and homes are favored. You should develop your feminine and maternal energy, and seek to nurture all those in your presence. You should dedicate your life to family, children, relatives, and loved ones. You may do well in healing professions, nursing, cooking, catering, inn keeping, or any domestically oriented jobs. Although career focus, is neither psychologically significant nor a main objective of your life. You are extremely concerned about the well being of all members of your immediate community. You must do your best to see that everyone has a sense of belongingness. You should not look for a life of profound philosophical meaning. Your actions are not based on compelling drives towards particularly ambitious goals. Rather, you are here to experience and appreciate the full value of your emotions, senses, passions, sensitivities, and vulnerabilities. Your job is to keep your family and the human species alive and well. Tradition, rituals, and cultural values are of great importance. You are on a lifelong journey back to your roots. Spiritually, this means you should engage in meditation, contemplation, and all inner-directed selfdevelopment techniques. Also, you gain tremendous benefits from periods of selfimposed seclusion and isolation. On a more mundane level, you want to learn everything possible about the lives, history, and circumstances of your ancestors and predecessors. At the earlier stages of this life, you were organically connected to your father. However, as your consciousness grew, you quickly realized that there was no progress made in this realm. You then shifted your attention to your mother and all other tenderhearted expressions of creation. You are devoted to practicalities, not ideals. You are wonderfully sympathetic and function as a magnificent support system to those in need. You are like a rock of stability, always emotionally available for others. In this lifetime you are learning extreme devotion and loyalty to your loved ones. You may derive tremendous pleasure from gardening, landscaping, or farming. Collectibles and material possessions are very important. You must have absolute control over your daily environment. You should surround yourself with beauty and what ever appeals to your personal tastes. Living near water is preferred, and you may wish to develop your psychic, sensitive nature to the fullest. You are here for a highly subjective, even sentimental, experience of life and are now relinquishing your obsession with objective realities and ultimate truths. You may do well in mining, archeology, or any ecological vocation.

In ancient Hindu astrology, Rahu in the fourth house indicates problems with a forceful or domineering mother and troubles in gaining educational degrees. You have strong cravings in the heart and a possibility of attaining large houses or mansions. Ketu in the tenth house reveals a good reputation and successful professional life. Most suitable careers for you are the ones that involve any spiritual activity, which raises the consciousness of the common person. You have a distinct talent in metaphysical or natural healing techniques. The sign positions of the nodes are of much less significance. Rahu-Ketu Transit for you One of the major transits that had occurred which will have significant influence on the different events that will get triggered in your life during year 2010 is the transit of Rahu and Ketu from Capricorn to Sagittarius and Cancer to Gemini respectively on 17th November, 2009. Rahu and Ketu will transit through the same sign for next 1 and half years. On 17th November, 2009,the transiting Moon was in 3 house from the Moon in your natal chart. This signifies that Rahu and Ketu are in Copper form (Tamra Murthi) during its entry to Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. This is considered as Unfavorable transit for Rahu-Ketu and it is likely to deliver inauspicious results, provided Rahu and Ketu are also inauspicious in your natal chart.