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Provide Energy, LLC was formed in the State of Nevada in November 2005. It
is a privately held limited liability company headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada.

Provide Energy, LLC is an energy resource company engaged in oil and gas
drilling and production and acquires leases with proven reserves that maximized profit
potential and minimize risk.

Management has over 50 years experience in the oil and gas industry and has
been involved in the drilling, completion, operating, and redeveloping existing fields
throughout different parts of the world.

Jim Goad, Manger

Has over 40 years experience in the Oil Industry with extensive supervisory
experience in plant operations, experience in well testing, workovers, drilling, gas and
water injection, steam flood wells, and artificial lift systems.

Starting in 1962, Mr. Goad started working as head well-puller working over
existing shallow and deep wells for several major oil producers and independents.

In 1977 he worked for Occidental of Libya as senior production foreman

responsible for all phases of production on flowing wells, artificial lifts, submersible
pumps and gas lift wells. Mr. Goad was transferred to the North Sea as senior production
foreman for Occidental.

In 1982 Mr. Goad started working for Huffco, Indonesia as senior production
foreman. He worked for Unioil as operations manager responsible for 90 wells drilled in
Colorado, was owner operator of Golden Bear Energy, production supervisor for Zubair
Oil Tool in Muscat, Oman. Before joining Provide, he spent the last 8 years working
with TRC Operating, Inc. as production superintendent/drilling supervisor.

Plainview Oil & Gas, Inc. was formed in the State of Colorado in 1999. It is a
privately held company headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Plainview Oil & Gas, Inc. is an energy resource company that was formed for
the sole purpose to develop the Rocky Flats project. Plainview Oil & Gas, Inc. is an
operating company licensed and bonded in the State of Colorado.

Management has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and has been
involved in the management of off-shore and on-shore drilling, completion, and
operations throughout different parts of the world.

A.J. Carter, Operator

Mr. Carter was a founder and CEO of a public energy company, in charge of high-
level project management in an offshore program in Angola and Benin, West Africa and
Brazil in South America. He was also a supervising petroleum engineer for American
Metal Co., Ltd. He managed a multi-million dollar budget for drilling and production

As a Petroleum Engineer, Mr. Carter’s experience covers drilling, completion and

production engineering, onshore in fourteen states and western Canada, off-shore and on-
shore petroleum engineering for major companies throughout the world.

Mr. Carter’s experience includes primary and secondary recovery of oil; drilling;
completion and production of gas and oil wells; designing pipelines for a foreign
consulting firm; performing reservoir studies; and responsibility for field and general
office planning for drilling, completion and operations of oil and gas sells for a mining
concern in 11 western states and western Canada.