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Maturity Benchmarks Survey Sheet

School Pseudonym: The Establishment Your Name or Group Name: Lynn Johnson Clearly mark the box that best represents the level of maturity achieved at your school site. Please refer to the Emergent Islands Integrated Intelligent

behavioral X Policy


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Planning resource/infrastructure

behavioral Budget resource/infrastructure X X

Administrative Information

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Assessment CURRICULAR Curriculular Integration

Teacher Use

Student Use

Stakeholder Involvemnt

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Administrative Support


X resource/infrastructure SUPPORT Training behavioral X X X


behavioral X Technical/Infrastructure Support resource/infrastructure X

behavioral Local Area Networking (LAN) X

Local Area Networking (LAN)

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behavioral District Area Networking (WAN) X resource/infrastructure CONNECTIVITY Internet Access X behavioral resource/infrastructure X X


X Communication Systems

Communication Systems


behavioral X New Technologies


INNOVATION behavioral

Comprehensive Technologies


Comprehensive Technologies


Evaluator Comments Technology use is embraced and staff would like more training and access to other innovative types of technology. Appropriate use policy exists for students. Staff and students are blocked by district filter determined by district administration. No formal staff policy exists. No formal plan exists. Budget is limited. No formal plan, and improvements are made on a replacement basiss or with overall educational / curricular no plan in mind. Try to replace what dies first, usually replaced with used/recycled equipment. Also rely heavily on grants for major improvements.

PowerSchool is used, considering moving to Skyward. Many things are backed up on paper (ie, budgets, purchase orders). Overhead projection systems and Elmos. Have been waiting projection systems to be completed in libraries for a year. State testing is done electronically. Also Waterford, Star, AR, IDLA courses, PLATO. see previous comment Depends on the teacher and their comfort level but no district requirements.

Waterford reading enrichment & Accelerated Reader. see comment above Very little stakeholder involvement, School Board is usually informed of major changed, ie. Adding a lab to a building.

No formal discussion among all administrators involved, mainly superintendent and tech personnel collaborate based on budget demands. Some training was offered voluntarily to those receiving overhead projection system. Support is informal only and slow in coming, leading many to just work around or put up with a problem. No formal support, except help desk. Usually, just "grab someone in the hall if you have problem" model. Shared drives have begun to be installed this year and are being used more for resource sharing. It is in it's infancy. Email use is standard.

Access is available, some computers are as much as 10 years old and very slow. IEN (vidoe conferencing system) is used at a basic level between schools within district and now with some schools out of district to teach courses. Installation of IEN state funded program (grant) improved data lines to High Schools. District servers are outdated and replaced upon "death". Mainly used to share information across a geographically large district for staff. Middle school and High School students have limited access to Gaggle accounts.

All staff, including janitorial and transportation staff have access to email. Some choose not to utilize it. Gaggle accounts are available to some HS & MS students if teacher choose to use program. Often, like student, teachers use technology outside of school hours that they do not or cannot utilize at school. The new technologies allowed are extremely limited and not innovative, but when introduced are utilized by staff. Most recent addition, overhead projector systems with Elmos. Overhead projection, Elmos and video conferencing in limited locations installed within last 3 years. Use of video conferencing is minimal as travel for face-to-face meetings is still standard.

Prevelent fear of dragging down the LAN if many users are online at once. Many online sites and applications are blocked for both staff and students. With justification, some sites may be opened.