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Weighing Software LiteIndicator Ver 5.

A weighing software, fastest, smallest and full with features Website & Download : http://LiteIndicator.com/ Email Inquiry : jerrycraft@LiteIndicator.com
A Weighing Software / Weighbridge Software / Scale System on Windows for Weighing Vehicle or goods in Construction, Agriculture / Livestock, Production / Manufacturing, Transportation etc. It is easy to use. Install to your Microsoft Windows computer and link it with any Digital Weighing Scale / Indicator or Weighbridge, it helps store data and weight in database and print them. It captures weight and store data or information you key in, example: Time, Vehicle No, Driver, Customer or Vendor, Product, Transporter, Driver, Location, Barcode and User Define Item. It is the most advanced, user friendly and flexible software. The only software that can auto detect any Digital Weighing Scale / Indicator or Weighbridge. The only weighing software that support User Define Item, User Define Screen and User Define Report. It support Multi Language and being the fastest and smallest as it is program using C++, not using slow and large .NET or Java. Below are LiteIndicator features. 1. It is most user friendly as it uses Windows. Able to use both mouse and keyboard. 2. The only software that connect automatically all type of Digital Weighing Scale / Indicator or Weighbridge (Universal). So that you do not have to know about baud rate, parity, data bit, stop bit, etc. 3. Very flexible, you can customize / define your own Item and Screen. 4. Also Able to customize / define your own Report easily. Reports include Ticket Report, Daily Report, Customer Report, Product Report, Invoice etc. 5. Support Multi Language, example English, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Hindu, Malay, Arabic, Polish, Thai etc. 6. Support Axle Weighing where each axle is weight individually to get the total weight. 7. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Also Windows 2000 and Windows 98 Second Edition. 8. It has Standard Version use in Weighbridge for truck in Construction, Agriculture / Livestock, Manufacturing Version use in Production Line where each weight auto print a ticket / label, and Manufacturing Barcode Version is use to get weight of a product while reading the barcode. 9. Very small (only 1.9MB) and Very fast. (Because program using C++ and running the fastest SQL database) Can run on slow and old computers (no need to purchase expensive fast computer) 10. Support barcode reading and printing. 11. Able to export data to Microsoft Excel. 12. When keying in data, system auto complete the rest of the text. Making keying in data faster. 13. Automatic backup, can choose where to backup in any interval days. 14. We own the code, therefore you are dealing straight from provider, so no worries in getting best service, support and price.

Authorized Distributor

Website & Download : http://LiteIndicator.com/ Inquiry : jerrycraft@LiteIndicator.com 1

Table of Contents Minimum Requirement.................................................................................................................................3 Setting............................................................................................................................................................3

Minimum Requirement
The minimum requirement to run this software on a computer system is: - Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Vista and Windows 7 - Any machine that can run Microsoft Windows. - 64 MB RAM - 2 MB Hard Disk Space - Serial Port for connection to the weighing indicator (weight bridge)

- This Admin Manual is use by weighbridge supplier / software supplier. Customers are not advice to use this. As there are settings that are not to be change by the customer them self. - weighbridge supplier / software supplier should set the Admin Password in the s. Setting > 2. Language . Dont leave the Admin Password empty. Leaving them empty will allow customer to change settings that they do not understand. And this will bring trouble.

1.1 -

Language and Other

Supervisor password is needed when delete ticket, change ticket weight and change old ticket information. Manager password is needed to access Setting. Admin password is needed to have full access in Setting. (Example: Auto Detect Indicator, Set Company Name, etc. Single Weighing By default it is double weighing. (Vehicle is weigh 2 times) Ticket below is the ticket running number. Date Format is use in report, the date format on the screen will follow the Microsoft Windows date format.

1.2 -

Export to Excel

Choose the date range to export to Microsoft Excel The date shown follows the Windows date format.

1.3 -

Import to Master Table

Choose the type of data you want to import. Copy and Paste the data to the empty box then click Import Maximum length is 50 character, except for vehicle (20 character)

1.4 -

Delete Ticket

Choose the date range to delete ticket. The date shown follows the Windows date format.

1.5 -

Auto Detect Indicator

Make sure you keep changing the weight until you see the correct weight running down the screen. (Should be detected in less than 1 minutes) (Note : If not detected, check cable. Can also use Windows HyperTerminal to check if there are signal.)

1.6 -

Manual Detect Indicator

You can also do it manually if you know the setting of the digital indicator. Use HyperTerminal to check the signal.

1.7 -

Set Company Name

Company Name is use in the licensing. A matching Serial No will be given once purchased. Remember that the Company Name will be printed in the Ticket and Reports.

1.8 -

Set Report

Print out are split to 2, Ticket and Reports. You can customize the print out format.

Below is the Ticket print out format. You can move them around, delete the one that you dont need and edit them. (Example, you can change the address) Internet connection is needed to save this. To increase the length of the boxes, move your mouse to the lower right corner and drag. Also works on top left corner of the box. To move the box, move your mouse to the middle of the box and drag.

1.9 -

Set Screen

You can customize the Input Screen. 8

Choose the correct screen to change.

You arrange the screen the way you want. You can remove or add any item. Please not remove the needed item like Save, Exit button, etc. Always backup all files before making changes. Do not change the words in the <>, it is fixed. To change the word that you want, then goto Setting > Set Language and change here.


Setup 2.1 Printing Setup

Due to most of customer use Ticket Size which is Half of Letter Size. Below are the step

> > Find Letter (The size is 8.5in x 11in), we need to create a new form with size 8.5in x 5.5in



Tick on Create a new form, then Change to Letter Half. Change 11.00in to 5.5in then click OK.

Goto to properties of your printer. (right click, then Properties) There are 2 places you have to change the paper size Printing Defaults and Printing Preferences


Change the Paper Size from Letter to Letter Half.


2.2 -

Setup Panasonic KXP-1121 Printer to print faster Some printer default printing is using Single Direction printing (UNI). You can change to Bi-Directional printing. In Bi-Directional printing, it will print when the print head move from left to right and right to left. So printing will be faster. To change this, follow the step below The printer come with a disk. Open the Setup.exe (If you dont have the disk, download from http://liteindicator.net16.net/KXP1121DosDriver.zip)

Change the Graphic direction from UNI to BI. Then press Enter.


2.3 -

Remote Support via Internet

We can remote support via Internet, to trouble shoot your problem fast. (Note: remote support cannot function if your computer is using proxy server to access internet) Schedule with us a date and time of your preference and email to us at jerrycraft@gmail.com (Then wait for the email reply to confirm) When it is time, open http://liteindicator.net16.net/RemoteSupport.zip Then Double click as shown below. We then able to see your screen and trouble shoot the problem.

2.4 -

Setup Serial Cable

Now a days, laptop does not come with Serial Port. But desktop does come with Serial Port. So that you can connect to the digital weight indicator. (if you still want to use a laptop, buy a usb to serial adapter, but some are not stable) To link the computer with the digital weight indicator. You will need at least 3 cable. Below is a diagram on which pin to connect. Remember to use female connector on both end. (Dont use male connector) There are 2 type of serial connector, 25 pin and 9 pin. Both can be use. For 25 pin, remember to use number 7 instead of number 5.


2.5 -

Payment using Credit Card via Paypal

To make Credit Card payment via Paypal for the software, go to http://liteindicator.net16.net/1_8_Purchase.html Then click on Buy Now

Key in Unit Price and Quantity as per agreed earlier. Click Update Totals, then continue checkout. After that, key in your credit card information.

<End of Admin Manual> 16