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Chapter: One
Introduction oI the Study
Origin oI the Report
imitations oI the Study


In an organization Human Resources anagement deals with people/ employee at work, where
Industrial Relation (IR) is concerned with many problem related to employer- employee, worker-
employer, worker- worker, employee- employee relation which is connected with the
employment or non employment or the terms oI employment on the condition oI work oI any
By the maintaining good IR any organization can continue its smooth operation. Fair labor law
should be practice in the organization to ensure labor certain rights and interest. Healthy working
environment, good grievance procedure, adequate saIety and Iacility can easily established good
Iace oI industrial work which is the Iunctions oI HR in an organization.
By maintaining good IR within any business enterprise absenteeism and labor turnover can be
reduced. Absenteeism and labor turnover has direct impact on production. Absenteeism and
labor turnover is important element Ior achievement oI production because the higher
absenteeism and labor turnover rate the higher hampering to the production. Hence it needs to be
controlled, which is one oI the major part and practice oI Human Resources anagement.


-0ctiv0 of th0 Study:
%he objective oI the report is to involve the researcher in practical situation or about the practice
oI Human Resource anagement in a business organization (Garments Industry).
Other objectives are:
1. %o get overall idea oI the Sunman Group
2. %o make comparison between theory
3. Understanding the impact oI absenteeism and labor turnover


0thodology of th0 Study:
%his study has covered by gathering diIIerent relevant inIormation on various important aspects
to the assigned topic. %he signiIicant Ieatures oI the report are the use oI collected data Irom the
primary and secondary sources.
%he report is organized, developed and Iormulated under a mixture oI instructive evocative and
logical Iramework. %o prepare the report successIully I have collected the relevant data and
inIormation Irom the Iollowing sources:
1. Primary source
2. Secondary sources
1. !rimary sourc0s:
I have collected primary data by discussion and interview Irom responsible oIIicials oI GH
2. S0condary sourc0s:
%he secondary data were collected through study oI Iiles, Irom books, journal, web site,
periodicals, diIIerent HR related documents and publications.


imitations of th0 Study:
uring the prepared oI this report I have tried my level best to enrich this report with adequate
data. In accomplishing this report some limitation was Iaced. %hese are as Iollows:
1. Some data were not collected because oI organization`s securities.
2. Organization`s rules and regulation makes abstract Ior visiting special area within the
3. Some report are Iound uncompleted and inconsistent
4. HR personnel are so busy; some time I have to wait Ior a long time to conduct my
5. Some inIormation is not collected Ior organization`s restriction.


Chapter: 2
A brieI proIile oI Sunman Group oI Companies
An overview oI Golden Horizon imited (GH)
Organ gram oI GH
HR Planning
ob Analysis
%raining and evelopment
Salary and Wage
BeneIit and motivation
PerIormance Appraisal
ConIlict management
SaIety and WelIare
SWO% Analysis

Bri0f profil0 of Sunman Group of Compani0s:
Sunman Group is one oI the pioneers in garments business in Bangladesh. It is one oI the well
established groups oI companies in garment business. It has got 25 Iactories out oI which one at
abroad in Cambodians.
%his has oIIice is situated in Chittagong which is the heart oI Bangladesh Ior it has total 151
production lines with capacity oI 192248dz per month in diIIerent product categories which is
challenging Ior other garment manuIacturing companies. Its annual export was around 89 million
in 2009-2010.
It has got Iacilities oI producing maximum oI sewing and packing materials oI its own Iacilities
to support sewing and Iinishing are as Iollows:
1. Woven and printed labels
2. Poly bags/ cartoon
3. Buttons/ drawstrings
4. Sewing threads


n ov0rvi0 of Gold0n Horizon limit0d:
Golden Horizon imited is one oI the companies oI Sunman group oI companies. Golden
horizon imited is 100 export oriented garments manuIacturing enterprise in Bangladesh. It is
situated at East Nasirabad, 53/B Baizid Bostami Road I/A, Chittagong. Among the 25 Iactories
oI Sunman Group oI companies Golden horizon imited is promising well. It was established in
2005. It has started its operations in unit- 1 with knits tops/bottoms product. Now Golden
horizon imited has Iive units.
!roduct Cat0gory Total of
!roduction capacity p0r
month in DZ
1 GH- 1 Knits %ops/ Bottoms 468 9 15600
2 GH- 2 Woven Bottoms 312 7 9100
3 GH- 3 Knits %ops 468 9 15600
4 GH- 4 Woven Bottoms 312 7 9100
5 GH- 5 Woven Bottoms 312 7 9100


Gold0n Horizon imit0d:
rgan gram:


rgan gram of HR D0partm0nt:


anaging irector


Administration & Personnel G

anager- HR

anager SaIety

Asst. anager

Personnel OIIicer WelIare OIIicer Compliance OIIicer SaIety OIIicer


HR !lanning:
HR planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number and
kind oI people at the right time capable oI eIIectively and eIIiciently completing those tasks that
will help the organization achieve its overall objectives.
%he purpose oI HR planning is to assess whose going and what implication these assessments
have on Iuture supplies oI and demands Ior human resources.
In these case HR manager oI Golden horizon imited is responsible Ior HR planning.
Golden Horizon imited has approved man power oI 254 oIIicers and 4461 general workers &
staIIs. However, the existence manpower is short then approved manpower. In 5 units there is no
existence manpower than approved. Golden horizon imited planning to recruit well educated,
skilled & experienced manpower because Golden Horizon imited consists or proIicient
manpower and it always search Ior technical and proIicient manpower.
Golden Horizon imited gives importance in HRP Ior long & short range. It also knows that iI
an organization is to achieve its goal it needs inputs, Iinancial resources. Golden horizon imited
considers human resources as one oI the key Iactor to attaining its goal and considers human
resources as a valuable asset.
%hrough an eIIective HR planning Golden Horizon imited able to maintain lower personal
Iixed costs retain current employees & worker, reduce labor turnover and absenteeism and
continuous productions.
%hrough maintaining eIIective HR planning Golden Horizon imited predict the upcoming
challenges Ior Iuture requirements oI technical proIicient manpower and they are gaining success
in these regards.


Recruitment is the process oI attracting a large number oI qualiIied applicants who will take job
iI it is oIIered. It should also provide inIormation so that, unqualiIied applicants can selI-select
themselves out oI ob candidacy. Golden Horizon imited Iollows a good recruitment program
that attracts the qualiIied. %his dual objective will minimize the cost oI processing unqualiIied
candidates Ior the company. Golden Horizon imited goes Ior both internal & external
recruitment sources. Golden Horizon imited`s recruitment policy is to recruit right person in
right place impartially without any discrimination in case oI gender, religion, status etc.
Recruitment process Ior the helper to oIIicer:
1. anpower requisition within the budget to be given to the HR department with the
approval Irom the plant level authority.
2. HR department starts immediately the recruitment process aIter receipt oI the approved
3. For the worker level an advertisement is given to the outside oI the company`s campus,
gate sources, in-charge, electrician`s etc. oIIicers level advertisement is given through
news paper, poster or any other media.
4. AIter receiving applications Irom the applicants/ candidates the anagement selects
some qualiIied candidates and sent initial interview card to the qualiIied candidates only.
5. Recruitment committee members are as Iollows:
G (Admin & Factory)
anager HR
Respective department head
6. %he decision oI the recruitment committee is treated as Iinal and no request Irom any
corner is entertained.
7. %he recruitment committee examines the paper and documents, reIerences and others oI
the candidates.


Selection is the process to select the best candidate among the applicants Ior particular job. It is
the Iunction through which the right is Iound out Ior the right job. Golden Horizon imited
Iollows a structure selection process. For the general labor the selection processes as below:
1. %rial card
2. Primary selection
3. Employment test
4. Comprehensive interview
5. Selected
6. Final approval Ior appointment
%his way Golden Horizon imited selects qualiIied labor to minimize the selection cost and also
to avoid the cost oI training and also to reject error Ior upward jobholder. Golden Horizon
imited Iollowed the Iollowing steps to select a qualiIied jobs holder Ior the organization:
1. Initial screening interview
2. Completion oI the application Iorm
3. Employment test( job related any test)
4. Comprehensive interview (aIter sending interview card)
5. Background investigation (all inIormation provided by the applicant are veriIied)
6. Physical examination (to meet the minimum standards Ior the organization`s group liIe &
medical insurance programs)
7. Final employment decision (an oIIer oI employment)
%hroughout the above selection process Golden horizon imited maintain equality and Iairness.
No discrimination is allowed Ior selecting employees in any post.


Orientation covers the activities involved in introducing a new employee to the organization and
to his or her work unit. An orientation program consists a diIIerent socialization process.
Orientation program includes inIormation about organization, its history, mission, and objective,
philosophy, procedures and rules; communicate relevant personnel policies. Golden Horizon
imited maintains an orientation program very Iormally Ior managerial newly joined employees
not Ior all.
%he G are the arranger oI this orientation program. anager HR is the co-ordination oI this
G (HR) is the chairman oI this orientation program. He specially gives brieI knowledge on the
code oI conduct and rules& regulation oI Golden Horizon imited. G- personnel and
representative department`s head are members oI orientation program.
%hey ensure saIety and security to the newly joined employee and give diIIerent idea regarding
working environment, Iringe beneIit and at last introduced the employees to his or her superior
and co-workers.


Golden Horizon imited Iollows a systematic way Ior replacement to maintaining right people at
the right job. Golden Horizon imited places the newly selected employee to his/her right work
station. Recruiting and selecting only competent and high potential employees does not
guaranteed that they will perIorm eIIectively. It is very much important to provide guidelines to
the newly selected employees to what to do, how to do, where & when to do.
A newly selected employee has provided a joining letter Irom the organization. Newly
employees are suggested to submit all required documents along with joining letter on the join
date to the respective department within the organization.


o- nalysis:
ob analysis is a systematic exploration oI the activities and accountabilities within a job. It is a
basic technical procedure one that uses to deIine the duties, responsibilities and accountabilities.
ob analysis is composed oI- i) job description, ii) job speciIication, iii) job evaluation.
Golden Horizon imited conducted job analysis Ior the manager and oIIicers. %hey do not
conduct any Iormalize job analysis Ior the workers. For the oIIicers Golden horizon imited use
group and individual interview method and Ior worker they do this by side oI observation
method. %he management, supervisor oI the worker observes their Iunctions and responsibilities
oI speciIic post and deIines job speciIication and job evaluation.


HR Training & d0v0lopm0nt:
An organization needs to have eIIicient and eIIective people to perIorm the activities that they
have to do. II the job occupants can meet this requirement, training is not essential. II the case is
diIIerent it is necessary to raise skill levels and increase the versatility and adaptability oI
employees. %raining is the act oI increasing the skills oI an employee Ior doing a particular job.
It is a method oI behavior through learning which occurs as a result oI education, instruction,
development and planned experience.
Golden Horizon imited has an attempt to improve its current and also its Iuture employee`s
perIormance by increasing an employee`s ability through learning and training. By analyzing
perIormance appraisal Golden horizon imited management determined training needs and
priorities. Golden Horizon imited uses observation and analysis job perIormance Irom diIIerent
training methods.
Golden Horizon imited also gives second priorities on the management and staII conIerence
and recommendations.
Golden Horizon imited by direct observation and job perIormance methods determines %NA.
%NA makes a clear idea about whether is required or not. II training is required then Golden
horizon imited arrange training program.
AIter %NA has been successIully done then Golden horizon imited goes Ior training design and
method. %here are two main methods oI training- i) On the job training, ii) OII the job training.
Golden Horizon imited basically Iollows on the job training method Ior training its employees
and workers. For workers and employees Golden horizon imited Iollows job instruction
method. I% uses a behavioral strategy with a Iocus on skill development. Golden Horizon
imited management designs a systematic policy to prepare supervisors to train operatives.


Comp0nsation and B0n0fits:
Compensation administration seeks to design the lowest cost pay structure which will not only
attracted, motivated, and retain competent employees but also be perceived as Iair by these
employees. Compensation is a kind oI method oI remunerating workers oI the organization
judiciously and adequately in achieving the objective oI the organization. anagement oI
Golden Horizon imited gives importance to compensate employees adequately, because a good
compensation system has an impact in motivating employees. Golden Horizon imited Iollows
two type oI compensation.
i) irect compensation: like salary, wage etc.
ii) Indirect compensation: like pay Ior time not work, Iringe beneIit etc.
Compensation is a cost, so Golden Horizon imited management has a Iair compensation plan to
pay a standard payment to the employees. While talking a decision about compensation Golden
Horizon imited management consider Iollowing Iactors:
a) inimum wage(RG sector) ordinance 2006
b) Instruction oI BGEA
c) Cost oI living
d) Ability to pay
e) Govt. rules & regulations.
I) Geographical diIIerence
g) ob analysis & job evaluation
Golden Horizon imited provides some beneIits to its workers to motivate employees Ior the
higher perIormances. Golden horizon imited provides these beneIits to its employees because
in absences oI these beneIit can contribute to employee dissatisIaction and increase absenteeism
and labor turn over. Golden horizon imited spent each year a huge amount oI these beneIit
program. A good beneIit program can retain current employees and also to attract good,
competent job seekers.


Gold0n horizon imit0d provid0s its 0mploy00s th0 folloing -0n0fits:
1. aternity beneIits
2. Fringe beneIits
3. Provident Iund
4. Insurance policy
5. %ransportation Iacility
6. Child care Iacility
7. eave beneIits
8. Incentive bonus
9. Better working environment
10.Good supervision
11.edical allowance`
12.Factory allowance


Salary and Wag0:
Compensation management reIers to providing and designing employee just, Iair, and equitable,
consistence & acceptable pay to retain in the organization with more productive. Pay is the direct
compensation provided to its workers and employees. Golden Horizon imited has well
established pay structure.
Base pay and incentive pay are Iound in Golden Horizon imited. Base pay includes salary &
wage. Incentive pay include diIIerent bonus, increment, allowances. In Golden Horizon imited
eIIective pay structure has some goal and objective. %hese are:
1. %o retain current employees
2. %o ensure equality
3. %o minimize and control cost
4. %o acquire qualiIied personnel Irom the labor market
5. %o comply with legal regulation
6. %o Iacilitate Ior easily understanding to all employees
7. %o provide reward Ior desired behavior oI employees
Salary is the payment oI any Iinancial or non Iinancial returns to the employees at the end oI
certain period oI time. It is the payment oI satisIactory oI white color workers in the
organization. Golden Horizon imited pays salary to its employees, oIIicers, managerial post
Wage is the payment oI any Iinancial or non Iinancial returns to the workers at an hour basis. It
is the payment oI satisIactory oI blue color workers in the organization. Golden Horizon imited
pays wages to the labor, operators, helpers etc
Golden Horizon imited basically pays time based salary o the oIIicers and managerial level
employees because:

a) "uality oI work is particularly important.
b) Units oI outputs are not measurable.
c) %here is no clear cut relationship between employee`s eIIort and output.
d) Supervision is good and supervisor knows what constitutes a Iair day`s work.
e) Work delays are Irequent and beyond employees control.
Golden Horizon imited pays output based salary to the production related workers because:
a) Unit oI output is measurable
b) %here is a clear cut relationship between employee`s eIIort and quantity oI output.
c) %he job is standardized, the Ilow oI work is regular and breakdown is Iew.
d) Opportunity to earn more.
Golden Horizon imited pays salary and wages to the employees as per BGEA instruction and
minimum wage ordinance 2006.


Grad0 Gradation of ork0rs Basic Hous0 r0nt
(30 of -asic)
Total -asic
1 a. Pattern master
b. ChieI quality
c. ChieI cutting
3800.00 1140.00 200.00 5140.00
2 a. echanic
b. Operator
c. Cutting master
2800.00 840.00 200.00 3840.00
3 a. Sample mechanic
b. Senior machine
c. Senior line leader
1730.00 519.00 200.00 2449.00
4 a. Senior machine
b. Knitting machine
c. inking machine
d. Cutter/ packer
1577.00 473.00 200.00 2250.00
5 a. unior sewing
b. unior knitting
c. unior cutter
1420.00 426.00 200.00 2046.00
6 a. Sewing/ winding
b. unior packer
1270.00 381.00 200.00 1851.00

Br0ak don of gross salary:
Basic------------------------------------------ %k.00
House rent------------------------------------ 30 oI basic
edical allowance-------------------------- %K. 200 (Iixed)

Exampl0 of gross salary:
Basic------------------------------------------- %K. 1730
House rent------------------------------------ %K. 519
.A-------------------------------------------- %K. 200
%otal gross salary---------------------------- %K. 2449


B0n0fits and otivation:
otivation is very important Ior product and production related organization. II workers are
highly motivated then their perIormances will be high. So to motivate to workers Golden
Horizon imited gives some Iinancial and non Iinancial incentives. Following are the motivating
incentives allowed by the Gold0n Horizon imit0d manag0m0nt to its ork0r:
i. Attendance bonus
ii. Food allowance (%iIIin packets per employee)
iii. Yearly bonus/ Iestival bonus (two times in a year)
iv. %ransportation allowance (only Ior employees)
v. Salary and wage
vi. Over time beneIit
vii. Evening %iIIin (Ior each worker)
viii. Provident Iund
ix. Insurance Iacilities
x. eave beneIits (casual leave, sick leave, medical leave)
Gold0n Horizon imit0d also provid0s non financial inc0ntiv0s to its 0mploy00s Th0s0 ar0
as follos:
i. Salary payment as regular basis
ii. Over time payment rate is more than the other local organization
iii. Recreation (Games, Sports, usic etc)
iv. Rest period (lunch break, evening break)
v. Healthy and saIety working environment
vi. Career opportunity
vii. Status etc
Golden Horizon imited provides a Iew rewards to its employees. GH does not have a well
structure system but it can provide some beneIactor program which gives its worker to motivate


!0rformanc0 ppraisal:
PerIormance appraisal means evaluating an employee`s current perIormance relative to his/her
perIormance standard. Golden Horizon imited uses perIormance appraisal Ior allocating
rewards and promotion, identiIying the areas where developing eIIorts are needed and
identiIying criteria against which selection and development program are validated. When new
employees are selected and placed in to respective post then one oI the next concerns is
perIormance appraisal. In Golden Horizon imited this is called 'Annual ConIidential Report
(ACR). %he main objective oI this is to take administrative decision about pay rise promotion
and also to evaluate actual job perIormances with standard job perIormance.
In Golden Horizon imited every year every employees experimented an evaluation oI their past
perIormances. PerIormance appraisal helps the employee as well as the organization to know
what level oI perIormance is actually achieved. %he ACR actions Iollowing data and inIormation
about every employee continuous oI one year job perIormance. %hese are:
1. Attendance and Punctually
2. Cost consciousness
3. Ability to perIorm job assigned
4. Eagerness to accept responsibility
5. Behavior and relationships with supervisor and colleagues


Conflict anag0m0nt:
%here is no organization which is altogether Iree Irom conIlict. In Golden Horizon imited there
is no trade union and no authorized collective bargaining agent Irom the worker. Insist oI CBA
Golden Horizon imited Iormed a worker representative and welIare committee. %his committee
consists oI one welIare oIIicer, Iive personnel oIIicers and Iive compliance oIIicers headed by
HR manager oI the Iactory. %his committee ensures workers right, interest, and good industrial
relation by minimizing conIlict management among the employees.
Golden Horizon imited is 100 export oriented garments so it always tries to maintain good IR
among the employees. GH Iollow the prescribed process oI disputes setting procedures. Golden
Horizon imited management shows good attempt to resolve any conIlicts quickly as possible.
BGEA ensures 100 bias Iree settlement oI conIlict.

iscipline Administration:
1. At Iirst day, give warning (orally) to the employee who experience their Iirst oIIence
(leaving without permission, unexcused absence, habitual late attendance)
2. Secondly, they give warning (written) iI the Iirst oIIence continuous Ior long time or
3. %hirdly they issue showcase letter to the employee who conduct a serious oIIence
(continuous deIective work, attacking another employee with intend to seriously harm,
malicious destruction oI organizational properties, stealing sexual harassment,
disobedient to the immediate supervisor etc) giving Iour (4) days time to reply.
4. AIter receiving reply letter oI showcase iI the management is not satisIied with the
answer, then they sent an enquiry notice addressing the respective employees with the
Iull opportunities to conduct his/her deIense and enquiry oIIicer is appointed in this case.
5. AIter hearing and veriIying Iacts witness documents Irom the employee the enquiry
oIIicer will give a report on the enquiry to the management.
6. AIter receiving the report Irom the enquiry oIIicer the management will take the decision
whether any disciplinary action like dismissal, demotion, sustention will be appropriate in
this case or not and then send the order oI the management to the respective employees.
Golden Horizon imited management Iollows above disciplinary procedure to handle conIlict in
the Iactory premises.

Saf0ty and W0lfar0 program of Gold0n Horizon imit0d:
Saf0ty: Golden Horizon imited maintains a good IR among the workers. Golden Horizon
imited Iormed a saIety and health committee and appointed a saIety manager Ior ensuring
overall saIety to the labor who is working in the organization premises. %here are a saIety oIIicer
who works hard to maintain saIety regarding man and machine. A saIety operator looks aIter and
checks diIIerent saIety issue in the Iloor Iactory.
R0sponsi-ility of a machin0 op0rator r0garding saf0ty:
i. Have to clean and wash every machine beIore the machine started.
ii. %o check out whether any needle guard, eye guard, saIety guard, machine and motor
policy are broken down or not.
iii. Not allow any broken or damaged needle to the machine.
iv. Should use mask, hand gloves, ear plug, and saIety glasses where necessary.
In Golden Horizon imited within 10a.m saIety oIIicer set the Iactory, check all the saIety issue
and report to the Iactory engineer and Iorwarded to the saIety zonal in- charge.


SWT nalysis:
Golden Horizon imited maintained good HR practice within its organization. SWA% analysis is
a process Ior determining organization`s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. As per
my observation oI my Iew days and collection oI inIormation Irom respective oIIicers oI Golden
Horizon imited related with my topic I have experienced Golden Horizon imited`s SWO%
analysis. %he SWO% analysis oI HR oI Golden Horizon imited is showing below:
Golden Horizon imited maintain good labor management which many RG
organization sailed maintained well.
Follows all labor laws in the Iactory.
Ensuring industrial democracy which is not Iound in any local organization.
aintaining all HR Iunction quite well.
Experienced management.
Good working environment
Payment to workers timely and regularly.
Providing adequate saIety and welIare Iacilities.
Follows a structured grievance handling procedures which many local organizations
Iailed to maintain.
Golden Horizon imited does not maintain long term HR plan.
abor turnover is high which nearly 3 is and the expected rate is 1.
Absenteeism rate is higher; it is nearly 5- 6 than expected level, expected level is 2-3
Irom the management view oI point.
ack oI HR training program Ior the HR oIIicers.
High work pressure.
Some employees think that transportation Iacilities should increase.
ack oI job security.


aintaining good IR can make buyer group loyal.
By maintaining good labor management relation can hire and recruit more talent and
competent manpower Irom local sources.
Opportunities to receive oIIer Irom well developed country to export product by IulIilling
respective buyer requirements.
Good IR result in higher productivity and so thus reduced the production cost which can
make many diIIerences in competitive markets.
In Golden Horizon imited high work pressure result in absenteeism and labor turn over.
Career development path should be developed well otherwise employee dissatisIaction
will increase.
HR management should provide training immediately relating human relationship.
As rising condition oI local market GH has to update its beneIit compensation and
program otherwise it will Iail to retain current competent employees.


Chapt0r: 3
Impact oI Industrial Relation on Golden
Horizon imited Absenteeism
abor turnover
Analysis oI Absenteeism and labor turnover rate


Impact of IR on Gold0n Horizon imit0d:
Industrial Relation deals with people oI work. IR is concerned with many problem related to
employee-employee, worker-worker, worker-owner, owner-owner, relation. Golden Horizon
imited has a good IR with organization`s premises. Good IR maintaining in Golden Horizon
imited and oI this are equally shared among group the whole working group to management,
as maintaining good IR in Golden Horizon imited , have less labor turnover, minimum
absenteeism, less employee dissatisIaction and good grievance handling procedure are Iound.
%hough there is no CBA but there is a worker representative committee consists oI Iive oIIicers
headed by welIare oIIicer. %his committee deals with day to day workers conduct and report to
the head oI the HR department, iI any worker Iace any dissatisIaction, inequality, harassment etc.
which is against organization`s code oI conduct and labor law he/she may come to straight to the
worker welIare committee without any Iear and can represent accuse either oral or written.


Absenteeism is a condition that exists when a person Iails to come to scheduled work. Over the
year which reduced normal productions oI a product manuIacturing organization is absenteeism.
It is really harmIul Ior any organization, particularly product manuIacturing organization like
RG. High absenteeism has a great aIIect on RG sector. As per the realization oI concerned
department some serious eIIect due to high rate oI absenteeism in Golden Horizon imited.
%hese are:
a. High rate oI absenteeism some time reduced production goal.
b. Sometimes it reduced team spirits in Golden Horizon imited .
c. Sometimes high absenteeism makes diIIiculty to optimum use oI machinery.
d. Higher absenteeism increase product cost.
Golden Horizon imited management always try to maintain low absenteeism rate, it uses a
Iormula to have an actual absenteeism rate in the organization. %he Iormula is giving below with
a data maintaining by Golden Horizon imited management by the year ended 2009-2010.
Rate oI absenteeism
o of total ork0rs shift lost
------------------------------------------------- 100
o of total ork0rs shift sch0dul0d


&nit Total 0xisting
!r0s0nt (vg) -s0nt 0av0 !r0s0nt -s0nt
Unit- 1 809 788 11 10 98.64 1.3
Unit- 2 908 872 23 13 97.46 2.54
Unit- 3 831 758 51 22 93.86 6.14
Unit- 4 806 769 29 11 96.4 3.6
Unit- 5 889 853 27 09 97.00 3.0
%otal 4243 4040 141 65 96.67 3.33


a-or Turnov0r:
abor turnover reIers to the movement oI employees in and out oI a organization/business.
However, the term is commonly used to reIer only to wastage` or the number oI employees
leaving. High labor turnover causes problems Ior organization/business. It is costly, lowers
productivity and morale and tends to get worse iI not dealt with. As per the realization oI the
concerned department oI Golden Horizon imited , abor turnover has the Iollowing eIIects
Golden Horizon imited :
a. Increased oI its administrative expenses.
b. Adverse eIIect on its goodwill.
c. Reducing the royalty.
d. ecrease team spirit.
e. iIIiculty oI optimum oI use oI machinery.
I. Reduce actual cost.
Golden Horizon imited management always shows positive attempt to reduce labor turnover
rate. GH management uses Iollowing Iormula to Iind labor turnover rate in the organization.
Rate oI labor turnover rate (Replace method)
o of total ork0rs r0plac0d in a p0riod
------------------------------------------------- 100
o of total ork0rs in th0 p0riod

I have collected the Iollowing data Irom diIIerent reports registered and leIt Iile through the
cooperation oI the concerned person oI Golden Horizon imited.
AIter receiving his/her accuse the committee will draw attention oI the G oI the Admin and
also head oI HR department Ior quick resolving oI this problem (Labor Lurnover) wlLh followlng
rules and regulaLlon provlded from Lhe organlzaLlon


&nit Total
o of
vg o of
ork0rs during
th0 p0riod
R0plac0d Short/Exc0ss Turnov0r
Unit- 1 809 32 777 29 03/00 3.73
Unit-2 908 27 881 21 06/00 2.31
Unit-3 831 41 790 39 02/00 4.93
Unit-4 806 19 787 19 00/00 2.4
Unit-5 889 35 854 28 07/00 3.27
%otal 4243 154 4089 136 18/00 16.64


Chapter: 4
Findings and Recommendations


Golden Horizon imited is one oI the recognized business organization in garments sector.
aximum workers are Iound satisIied. However, I have Iound many Iindings in GH during my
several times visit in Golden Horizon imited:
1. Fair system in recruitment and selection process: Golden Horizon imited believes in Iair
recruitment and selection process Ior their employees. %hey try to make the whole
process unbiased and Iair. %he transparency in recruitment & selection process is their
Iirst priority.
2. Hiring the right number oI employees in right place: the objective oI Golden Horizon
imited is to make sure that each department has suIIicient workIorce to get the
organization ahead.
3. %he whole HR department is very well designed and organized, even though limited
workIorce is a problem sometimes.
4. Not paying enough attention to the employee development and their demand.
5. Competence gap Ior the employees is noticeable, the gap between the standard and actual
perIormance is noticeable in employees.
6. Compensation package are not Iound saIety.
7. ack oI suIIicient leave and holiday Iacilities increase absenteeism and so thus product
shipment are delayed Irequently.
8. Reward systems are not Iound up to date.
9. ack oI job security.


1. %raining should give to the HR personnel.
2. Supervisors are not Iound so committed to attain organization`s goal. So it should be
3. Excess manpower should be reduced.
4. Worker grievance should be eliminating immediately.
5. ong term HR planning should be maintained.
6. %he compensation package in Golden Horizon imited is not Attractive they should
restructure their salary and other compensation.
7. As there is competency gap in employees Golden Horizon imited should start employee
training and other development programs to develop the employees.
8. iIIerent leave Iacilities should be ensured.
9. ob security should be ensured Iirst oI all to retain current employee.


As per observation in Golden Horizon imited I Iound that there is a good industrial relation
existing within the Iactory. It is very much required Ior a garment Iactory. A good IR reduced
labor turnover, absenteeism and administrative cost. It is come to true that now-a-days without
having a good IR will not be able to grow up its business. Golden Horizon imited have a good
working environment and most oI the worker are committed to IulIill their as well as
organization`s vision and mission.
I tried my level best to represent details oI the Iunction oI HR department. I hope that this report
will come in the light oI success iI any individual/organization receives any help Irom it.


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