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Information on Position Applied 1. 2. 3. 4. Position Title Grade Vacancy Announcement Number Date of Availability : Translator/Administrative Assistant : FSN 8 / FP 6 : FSN 69/2010 : September 01 2010

Personal Information Full Name Other name(s) used Place and Date of Birth Current Address Mobile phone number E-mail Citizenship : Masni Fanshuri : Masni / Datuak : Padang, November 25 1978 : Jl. Siak gang Setia 101 Kelurahan Rimbo Kaluang, Padang 25114, West Sumatra. : +628153501291 : mfanshuri@gmail.com : Indonesian

Graduate School Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra Undergraduate University Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra Vocational School SMEA 2 Padang, West Sumatra Dates attended From : 09-25-2007 To : present Dates attended From : 09-10-1996 To : 09-13-2003 Dates attended From : 07-20-1993 To : 05-20-1996 Graduate NO Degree/Diploma Magister Hukum Major Subject Constitutional Law

Graduate YES

Degree/Diploma Sarjana Sastra

Major Subject English Linguistics

Graduate YES

Degree/Diploma N/A

Major Subject Accounting

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License, Skills, Training, Membership, and Recognition A. Professional licenses, certifications, typing/keyboard, computer skills, formal and on-line training. I do not hold licenses/certifications concerning computer literacy or typing/keyboard skills. Those skills were taught in the vocational high school I attended since 1993 up to 1996. Graduates of vocational high school are not required to have formal certification for those skills. Another information I would like to add is that one of my hobbies is photography. This hobby obliges me to be able to work with computer programs/softwares related to graphic design, such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW. B. Professional organizations, associations, awards, honors, fellowships, and publications. 1. Andalaswara Choir (Holder of Gold Diploma I, Asian Choir Games 2007, Jakarta). Position : Co-founder and Artistic Committee Member

2. Community Concerning Intellectual Property Rights (Non-Governmental Organization on Intellectual Property Rights in Padang, West Sumatra). Position : Co-founder

3. Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Nasional VI Yogyakarta, 2002 Achievement : - Fourth Runner-up in Singing Seriosa - Fourth Runner up in Popular Youth Choir Category

Language Proficiency

No. Language 1. 2. 3. Bahasa Indonesia English Nederlands

Speak Level V Level V Level II

Read Level V Level V Level II

Write Level V Level V Level I

Primary Yes -

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Work Experience Employer Supervisor Job Title Duration of Work Salary Working Hour Job Description: 1. Liaising the Consul General with local provincial and municipal officials for indepth discussion on US assistance to West Sumatra. 2. Providing translation for the comunication between the Consul General and local officials and community. 3. Providing the Consul General with updates on local political constellation. 4. Any other duty within capabilities as assigned by the Consul General. : U.S. Consulate, Medan : Stanley Harsha : Local Assistant to US Consul General during Earthquake Emergency Response Period in Padang, 2009. : October 5 2010 through October 13 2010 : USD 80; on daily basis. : 40 hours/week; or as requested by the Consul General

Employer Supervisor

: International Organization for Migration : Stuart Simpson (Head of Sub-office Padang) Mobile Phone: +61409334533; email: ssimpson@iom.int : Logistics/Procurement Assistant : April 1 2007 through August 31 2007 : IDR 54,000,000/p.a. : 40 hours/week

Job Title Duration of Contract Salary Working Hour Job Description: 1. 2.

Responsible for all financial aspects related to procurement Processing mission procurement cycle from requisition up to delivery of goods/services requested.


Coordinating and supporting the Logistics/Procurement Officer for any requirements of good/services for the IOM mission


Making sure all mission assets are recorded to the Asset Inventory Database.

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Preparing weekly reports on the purchase tracking matrix and analysis of data.


Any other duty within capabilities as assigned by Head of Sub Office or Head of Logistics/Procurement department.

Employer Supervisor

: Pusat Kajian Hukum Wilayah Barat, Andalas University : Prof. Dr. Yuliandri (Project Director) Mobile phone: 08126602825, e-mail: andri_1962@yahoo.com : Supervisor of Administration and Finance : August 1 2005 through June 18 2006 : IDR 54,000,000/p.a. : 40 hours/week

Job Title Duration of Contract Salary Working Hour

Job description (among others): 1. Supervise financial transactions and administration actions within the project. 2. 3. Supervise administrations in terms of correspondence for the project. Produce monthly and annual financial report of the project assisted by Finance Officer. 4. Control the procurement and logistics support for all the programs in the project. 5. Advise the project management in the possibility(ies) in revision of program, corresponds to the project budget.

Employer Supervisor

: Pusat Kajian Hukum Wilayah Barat, Andalas University : Prof. Dr. Yuliandri (Project Director) Mobile phone: 08126602825, e-mail: andri_1962@yahoo.com : Finance Officer : November 1 2004 through July 31 2005 : IDR 18,000,000/p.a. : 40 hours/week

Job Title Duration of Contract Salary Working Hour Job Description: 1.

Responsible for any payment made by the project.

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2. 3.

Responsible for all cash in and out flow of the project. Providing the Supervisor of Administration and Finance weekly report in which details of payments made are recorded chronologically.

4. 5.

Coordinate and support the projects accounting system. Any other duty as assigned by Project Director and/or Supervisor of Administration and Finance.

Employer Supervisor

: European Union Electoral Observation Mission (EUEOM) 2004 : Julian K Falkenberg (Long Term Observer) Mobile phone: +491727228832, e-mail: j.k.falkenberg@gmail.com

Job Title

: Interpreter for the Long Term Observers (LTOs) for the 2004 Indonesian General Election in West Sumatra. Duration of Contract : March 1 2004 through September 31 2004 Salary : IDR 127,750,000/p.a. Working Hour : 40 hours/week Job Description: 1. 2. Language assistant to the LTOs in communicating with local stakeholders. Provide local updates on political constellation for the LTOs by briefing the LTOs with political news. 3. Assist the LTOs in providing observation progress report to the EUEOM national supervisory board. 4. Provide training for the interpreters of Short Term Observers.

Major Language-related Work Experience: a. Translator for the ProRLK; a joint project of GTZ (Gesselschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit) of the German Republic with Bappeda West Sumatra, Padang, September 1996. b. Translator for the National Democratic Institute The Carter Center in the 1999 General Election, Padang, March 1999.

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c. Assistant Researcher for the Japan International Cooperation Agency in the Research on the Outcomes of the Social Impact of Maternal & Child Health Handbook, West Sumatra, September October 2001. d. Translator for the International Republican Institute in the seminars on political party youth organizations, Padang, 2001, 2002, and 2006. e. Translator for International Seminar on the Management of Industrial Planted Forest; World Wildlife Fund, Pekanbaru, Riau, March 2007. f. Translator (mostly documents) for experts: 1. Prof. Dr. Saldi Isra, SH, MPA (Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Andalas University). 2. Prof. Dr. Yuliandri, SH, MH (Professor of Legislation, Faculty of Law, Andalas University). 3. Prof. Firman Hasan, SH, LL.M (Professor of International Law, Faculty of Law, Andalas University). 4. Emeraldy Chatra, PG. Dipl (Senior Lecturer of Communication, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Andalas University). g. English Instructor, ALI (April Learning Institute) of PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP), 2007. h. Associate Lecturer of English at the IAIN (State Institute for Islamic Studies) Imam Bonjol, Faculty of Pedagogy (Tarbiyah), 2008. i. Associate Lecturer of English for International Relations at the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Andalas University, February 2008 up to July 2010. Personal References 1. Prof. Dr. Saldi Isra, SH, MPA; Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Andalas University. Mobile phone: 0812 6619 853; e-mail: sisralat@yahoo.com 2. Adriyetti Amir; International Officer of Andalas University. Mobile phone: 0813 6328 1241 3. Ahmad Rizal; Accountant, British Embassy Jakarta. Mobile phone: 0812 1019 2329; e-mail: ahmadrizal@ymail.com
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Other Information


Days available to work as part of a regularly scheduled work week: Monday through Friday


The Mission does need to provide accommodations in order to ensure my capability to perform all the essential functions and duties for the position I apply for I do not have permanent accommodations in areas nearby the Mission area.


I have been operating vehicles without any incidents in the past three years. I am a holder of drivers license for motorcycle (SIM C).

Signature and Certification I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the information on and attached to this application is true, correct, complete, and made in good faith. I understand that false or fraudulent information on or attached to this application may be grounds for not hiring me, or for termination/dismissal after I begin work, and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment according to this country's law or U.S. law. I understand that any information I voluntarily provide on or attached to this application may be investigated.

Signature Date

: ___________________________ : August 20 2010

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