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Dead sland Cheat

UnIimited Money
Entry Location:
After the Exodus quest

This is a very simple cheat, and can be done very early in the game. t can be achieved when you first clear the
Lifeguard Tower area for Sinamoi (EXODUS Quest). Once you have completed the Quest he will tell you that there
are other people around that need some help, and he will be in the lifeguard tower office. This is when you can get
unlimited money, it will take time, but if you're low on cash, why not!

Anyway, the game will save and this will be your last checkpoint saved. There's a paddle ($27 Value) in that office,
right next to the door (left side corner). f you take the paddle it will be added to your inventory, now load the last
checkpoint saved, you should still have the paddle in your inventory; however, a new paddle will respawn in that
same location, so keep taking the paddle and then loading your last checkpoint saved until your inventory is full. Next
step, once your inventory is full, is to go down stairs, and sell those paddles to Wayne (Shop Trader). After you sell
them load your last checkpoint saved, and you will notice that you still have the money from selling the paddles, now
just keep doing this until you have the desired amount of money, and that's it!

Submitted By: Wicked Spik
Dead sland Unlockable
ead IsIand Achievements
Entry Location:
Dead sland Achievement List

#ootin' Tootin' Lootin' (30 points):
Loot 5 Exceptional Weapons.

Tis but a fIesh wound! (10 points):
Sever 100 limbs.

There and back again (30 points):
Explore the entire island.

Catch! (10 points):
Kill an nfected with a grenade blast.

#oad Trip (10 points):
Drive a total distance of 10 kilometers.

Cardio (10 points):
Travel a distance of 20 kilometers on foot.

Swing them sticks (25 points):
Kill 150 enemies using Analog Fighting controls.

Gesundheit! (10 points):
Heal yourself with a medkit 100 times.

Light my fire (20 points):
Set 10 zombies on fire simultaneously.

10 heads are better than 1 (15 points):
Kill 10 zombies in a row with headshots.

A taste of everything (25 points):
Kill a zombie with 10 different melee weapons.

One is aII I need (20 points):
Kill 5 nfected in a row with a single blow.

Can't touch this (20 points):
Use a hammer to kill a series of 15 zombies without taking damage.

Humanitarian (15 points):
Kill 50 human enemies.

Tae Kwon Leap (25 points):
Kill 25 zombies with your bare fists.

I want one of those (30 points):
Customize 25 weapons.

Karma-geddon (15 points):
Kill 50 zombies using a vehicle.

To put it bIuntIy (25 points):
Kill 250 zombies using blunt melee weapons.

Hack & sIash (25 points):
Kill 250 zombies using edged melee weapons.

Guns don't kiII but they heIp (25 points):
Kill 250 zombies using firearms.

Need a hand? (10 points):
Join another player's game.

Warranty Void if Used (10 points):
Create a customized weapon.

Gotta find'em aII (20 points):
Find 60 collectibles.

NearIy there (25 points):
Find 120 collectibles.

Steam Punk (30 points):
Create weapons to rival the gods of fire or thunder.

OriginaIity (10 points):
Play in a co-op team of 4 different playable characters.

Together in the Iight (10 points):
Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the same partners.

Going steady (25 points):
Complete 25 quests while playing with at least one co-op partner.

#ageman (25 points):
Kill 100 enemies with Fury attacks.

PeopIe Person (10 points):
Play with 10 different co-op partners for at least 15 minutes each.

Mnage trois (25 points):
Complete 5 quests with 3 co-op partners.

#ight 4 Life (30 points):
Complete act with 4 different characters.

A very speciaI day (30 points):
Kill 250 zombies with modified weapons.

SchooI of hard knocks (30 points):
Reach level 50.

Knock, knock (15 points):
Breach a locked door with the first blow.

Busy, busy, busy (60 points):
Finish 75 quests cumulatively.

Learning the ropes (10 points):
Reach level 10.

edicated student (25 points):
Reach level 25.

Secret Achievements

Everybody Iies (20 points)
Use a large medkit to heal an injury of 5% or less.

HeII in paradise (30 points)
Complete act .

Ah! SpoiIed meat! (10 points)
Kill a Butcher using an axe.

Oh, no you don't (10 points)
Kill a Ram using tackle skill.

Savior (20 points)
Save 5 people besieged by zombies.

How many days exactIy? (10 points)
Play Dead sland at least 28 days after starting it for the first time.

No raccoons in here (30 points)
Complete act .

King of the jungIe (30 points)
Complete act .

Banoi #edemption (30 points)
Complete act V.

First! (15 points)
Kill a Suicider with a grenade.

Submitted By: CheatPlanet
Dead sland Hints
Safe, easy kiIIs
Entry Location:

f your getting creamed out there and running out of stamina, jump on a car bonnet or hood and walk up to the roof of
the car. Stay there and you can punch, slash or even shoot those pesky undead untill their more dead. t works extra
well on the hard zombies that require a ton of hits to make them deader.

Submitted By: Ghosts And Goblins
Fast heaIth
Entry Location:
When drinking an energy drink

When you need to drink some cola whilst getting swarmed by some zeds, usually you can't because you actually
drink it and not just consume it's sugary goodness just by touching it. So, to skip the drinking animation, all you got to
do is Kick as soon as your character puts it to their mouth, and bam, one health square.

Submitted By: xabea

new Came + mode
Successfully compleLe Lhe game SelecL nexL lay Lo sLarL a second playLhrough wlLh all prevlously
earned money and lnvenLory lLems (blueprlnLs weapons eLc)
r uupllcaLlng lLems
1hrow Lhe weapon you wanL Lo dupllcaLe 8efore lL hlLs Lhe ground press up 1hen choose Lo drop Lhe
weapon LhaL ls equlpped LxlL ouL of Lhe menu and plck up boLh lLems 8epeaL Lhls as many Llmes as
When you reach a checkpolnL durlng any campalgn quesL ln Solo mode drop Lhe lLem(s) on Lhe ground
you wanL Lo dupllcaLe (you can drop all Lhe lLems ln your lnvenLory) 1hen klll yourself by uslng ueo
8ombs or MoloLovs When Lhe respawn Llmer beglns Lo counLdown pause Lhe game and reload your
checkpolnL When you respawn all Lhe weapons you dropped wlll be back ln your lnvenLory and wlll also
sLlll be laylng on Lhe ground where you dropped Lhem - ?ou also wlll noL suffer Lhe cash penalLy
from dylng slnce you reloaded Lhe checkpolnL - 1hls gllLch was done on an unpaLched verslon of
Lhe game
Lqulp an lLem LhaL can be Lhrown Lhen press 1hrow Weapon + urop Weapon ?our characLer should
Lhrow Lhe lLem and Lhen qulckly drop a copy of Lhe same lLem 8epeaL Lhls as many Llmes as deslred
Look aL your feeL hold 1hrow Weapon Lhen hold Swlng + urop Weapon lf done correcLly Lhe lLem
wlll fall ouL of your hands and you wlll Lhrow anoLher one down aL your feeL - 1hls can be done
wlLh boLh Lhe analog and dlglLal flghLlng sLyle
Whlle playlng as Logan hold Alm Lhen hold lury whlle almlng aL mulLlple zombles Lhen press
ALLack/1hrow Weapon lnsLead of Logan uslng hls knlves he wlll Lhrow Lhe equlpped weapon causlng
Lhe game Lo dupllcaLe your equlpped lLem
Lqulp a sLackable lLem such as cockLalls grenades medklLs eLc Make sure you are one lLem under
your lLem capaclLy 9/10 13/14 eLc Make sure Lhe lLem ls equlpped and ln your hand 1hen crafL Lhe
ueo8omb CockLall or MeaL 8alL ?ou wlll now have Lwo sLacks of LhaL lLem lnsLead of one 8epeaL Lhls
as many Llmes as deslred !usL make sure you have enough maLerlals - Make sure Lo use a reclpe
LhaL ls dlfferenL from Lhe lLem you are dupllcaLlng as Lhls gllLch someLlmes does noL work lf lL ls done
LhaL way lor example do noL use Lhe ueo8omb reclpe lf you are dupllcaLlng Lhe ueo8omb 1hls gllLch
was done on an unpaLched verslon of Lhe game
Culck Lravel beLween areas unLll a merchanL sells Lhe necessary maLerlals Lo crafL a ueo8omb 1hen go
Lo a crafLlng Lable and crafL up Lo Lhe max of 30 ueo8ombs Cnce you have 30 ueo8ombs ln your
lnvenLory each new bomb crafLed wlll creaLe an addlLlonal 30 ueo8ombs 8epeaL Lhls as many Llmes as
deslred lrom u!u96
r Lasy experlence
8each Cpes Cave ln AcL 3 Lhen use Lhe uupllcaLlng lLems Lrlck Lo copy your mosL valuable weapon
Sell Lhe weapons Lo a vendor Lo geL a loL of money Lhen buy Cleander from a vendor lf lL ls avallable
AfLer buylng as much Cleander as posslble fasL Lravel back Lo Cpes Cave and Lurn lL ln Lo Lhe Lrlbesman
LhaL glve you Lhe conLlnuous ureamLlme evenL Lach Llme you Lurn ln flve Cleander 8lossoms you wlll
geL $1 and 1000 experlence polnLs 8epeaL Lhls as many Llmes as deslred
r Lasy money
Co Lo Lhe warehouse and geL Lhe Pammer and 8aseball 8aL 1hen fasL Lravel Lo Lhe Church and sell
Lhem Lo geL approxlmaLely $400 Co back Lo Lhe Warehouse and Lhe Pammer and 8aseball 8aL wlll
have respawned 8epeaL Lhls as many Llmes as deslred - ?ou musL be ln Lhe ClLy and have
dlscovered boLh Lhe Church and Lhe Warehouse Lo do Lhls Lrlck
llnd an area wlLh a loL of value lLems (champagne eLc) such as klLchens and frldges CollecL Lhe lLems
Lhen leave Lhe area or fasL Lravel Lo anoLher locaLlon and back for Lhe lLems Lo respawn CollecL as many
lLems as posslble Lhen sell Lhem for easy money
ln Lhe Slums Lhere ls an abandoned bulldlng aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe map Cnce lL ls cleared ouL you can
fasL Lravel Lo lL ln Lhe back of Lhe bulldlng are Lwo rooms and each has a frldge LhaL someLlmes
conLalns a boLLle of champagne keep fasL Lravellng Lo anoLher area and Lhen fasL Lravellng back as
many Llmes as deslred Lo geL a loL of champagne for easy money
use Lhe uupllcaLlng lLems Lrlck Lo dupllcaLe as many lLems as deslred 1hen sell Lhe lLems for easy
r Lasy MoloLov cockLalls
AfLer you compleLe AcL 3 enLer Lhe hoLel and go down Lhe hallways unLll you reach Lhe lounge wlLh
Lables and chalrs 1here wlll be approxlmaLely 10 boLLles of alcohol on Lhe bar LhaL you can plck up
1hese boLLles of alcohol wlll respawn once you exlL Lhe hoLel and reenLer Lhe hoLel Lravellng Lhe same
way you wenL CollecL as many boLLles of alcohol as deslred Lhen go Lo Parland and Lrade Lhe boLLles of
alcohol for MoloLov cockLalls ?ou wlll geL one MoloLov cockLall for every Lhree boLLles of alcohol
8epeaL Lhls as many Llmes as deslred A MoloLov cockLall can klll mosL zombles ln a slngle area lnsLanLly
lrom uemeLrl
r Lasy MlllLarylndusLrlal Complex challenge
Whlle dolng Lhe 8lLLer 8eLurn mlsslon Lhere ls a mounLed machlne gun on Lhe balcony of ClLy Pall
MounL Lhe machlne gun and flre lL Lvery bulleL flred counLs Lowards Lhe MlllLarylndusLrlal Complex
challenge keep shooLlng Lo easlly compleLe all four levels
r kllllng humans
1hls Lrlck works besL wlLh Logan 1o easlly klll humans Lhrow modded weapons Powever Lhere are a
few excepLlons 1he weapon musL be sharp 8lunL weapons only damage Lhem sllghLly 1he mlllLary
macheLe works besL 1he weapon musL have elLher a olson or Shock mod llre wlll noL do any damage
Make sure you upgrade Lhe weapon Lo aL leasL level 3 lL ls recommended Lo mod a powerful weapon so
lL does more damage agalnsL sLronger humans keep your dlsLance when Lhrowlng and have plenLy of
ammunlLlon 1hls ls one reason why Logan ls beLLer for Lhls as Lhrown ob[ecLs can come back Lo hlm
Powever lf you have a clear vlew of Lhe LargeL Lhrow Lhe weapon and Lhey should dle lnsLanLly
r kllllng large groups of zombles
When you encounLer large groups of zombles or a loL of Lhem are chaslng you run Lo Lhe closesL vehlcle
!ump on Lop of lL and crouch on Lhe hood ?ou can hlL Lhe zombles buL Lhey should noL be able Lo
aLLack you - uo noL do Lhls on Lhe roof of Lhe vehlcle as you wlll noL be able Lo hlL Lhem and Lhey
can sLlll someLlmes hlL you use Lhe analog sLyle of flghLlng Lo geL more decaplLaLlons and swlng your
weapon fasLer
r urownlng zombles
When zombles are chaslng you slmply run lnLo Lhe waLer Lhen klck Lhem so Lhey drown Lo geL easy x
lnsLead of Lrylng Lo melee Lhem
r CeLLlng kllls wlLhouL dulllng your weapon
kllllng zombles wlll dull your weapon Powever when Lhe weapon ls close Lo breaklng lL ls noL
compleLely useless 1hrowlng your weapons can damage zombles wlLhouL dulllng Lhe weapon lf you
have a weapon worLh keeplng buL lL ls almosL used up keep Lhrowlng lL aL zombles unLll you can repalr
lL agaln
r Pldden provocaLlve plcLures
ln AcL 2 enLer Lhe mayors offlce ln ClLy Pall before lL geLs aLLacked by zombles knock down Lhe
palnLlng on Lhe very back wall ln Lhe room behlnd Lhe desk Lo flnd Lhree phoLos of a semlnude blonde
r 8anol Perald LxcerpL locaLlons
Search Lhe lndlcaLed locaLlons Lo flnd Lhe 8anol Perald LxcerpLs
1 When you flrsL wake up afLer belng aLLacked lL ls by Lhe fooL of your bed
2 uurlng Lhe Lxodus maln quesL you wlll come Lo a large group of zombles by a car and Parrls 1o Lhe
lefL ls a bulldlng (Surf Shop souLh of Lhe Llfeguard 1ower) and lL ls on Lhe desk wlLh Lhe compuLer
3 uurlng Lhe Lxodus maln quesL when you geL Lo Lhe Llfeguard 1ower lL ls on Lhe flrsL floor ln Lhe
back room on Lhe desk
4 ln Lhe 8ed 8ungalow (norLhwesL of Lhe Llfeguard 1ower) ln Lhe bedroom desk
ln Lhe Colden 8ungalow ulsLrlcL (dark bungalow) llvlng room corner shelves near Anne Snlder
6 ln Lhe Sllver 8ungalow ulsLrlcL power sLaLlon ln a Loolbox
7 ln Lhe ulamond 8ungalow ulsLrlcL Cazebo bar on Lhe desk lnslde
8 ln Lhe ulamond 8ungalow ulsLrlcL norLh mosL bungalow llvlng room shelf
9 ln Lhe LookouL 1ower enLer Lhe bunker from Lhe 8lack Pawk uown maln quesL Lravel Lo Lhe
norLhern bunker When lnslde cllmb up Lhe ladder
10 ln Lhe Marlne Workshop on Lhe workbench ln Lhe warehouse
11 ln Lhe bunker wesL of Lhe Marlne Workshop on a workbench ln Lhe locked bunker (lL unlocks aL Lhe
sLarL of AcL 3)
12 ln Lhe huL along Lhe WesLern 8oad easL of Lhe hoLel Parlan !ohnson ls ln fronL of Lhls huL and glves
Lhe Make ?ourself AL Pome slde quesL lL ls on Lhe dresser near Lhe bed
otel lotkloq lot ooJ lotetlot
13 uurlng Lhe 8orn 1o 8e Wlld maln quesL ln Lhe hoLel lL ls ln Lhe room wlLh Lhe morphlne on a desk
afLer #1 and #16
14 uurlng Lhe 8orn 1o 8e Wlld maln quesL ln Lhe hoLel afLer you glve ken Lhe morphlne conLlnue
Lhrough Lhe doors LhaL were locked and sLralghL ahead ls a door wlLh a couple of zombles behlnd lL lL ls
on Lhe desk ln LhaL room
1 uurlng Lhe 8orn 1o 8e Wlld maln quesL ln Lhe hoLel you wlll come Lo a klLchen wlLh ovens SLay Lo
Lhe lefL ln Lhls room and follow Lhe map AfLer you go Lhrough a dlsh washlng room you wlll be ln a
small room lL ls on a luggage carL (afLer #16)
16 uurlng Lhe 8orn 1o 8e Wlld maln quesL ln Lhe hoLel as you are golng Lhrough Lhe hoLel you wlll
walk down a hall wlLh wlndows wlLh bllnds Cn Lhe lefL slde of Lhls hall ls a door whlch ls before Lhe glfL
shop lL ls ln Lhe room on a Lable
r lu Card locaLlons
Search Lhe lndlcaLed locaLlons Lo flnd Lhe lu Cards
1 uurlng Lhe assporL 1o Llfe maln quesL ln a blue sulLcase ln fronL of 8ungalow #4
2 ln Lhe CoasLal ler bar aL Lhe end of Lhe pler easL of Lhe Llfeguard 1ower above Lhe weapon chesL
3 AL Lhe coasL dlrecLly norLh of #2 on Lhe wlndows edge of Lhe Llfeguard SLand
4 AL Lhe coasL on a beach blankeL on Lhe shore easL and sllghLly norLh of Lhe bungalow used ln Lhe A
8ay Cf Pope slde quesL
ln Lhe ulamond 8ungalow ulsLrlcL norLh of #4 ln a bungalow on Lhe Lable ln Lhe llvlng room
6 ln Lhe ulamond 8ungalow ulsLrlcL norLh of # on Lhe cenLer Lable on Lhe sLage
7 ln Lhe bunker (unlocked durlng Lhe 8lack Pawk uown maln quesL) on some craLes
8 ln Lhe ulamond 8ungalow ulsLrlcL bar on Lhe beach of Lhe small lsland easL of #6
9 ln Lhe ulamond 8ungalow ulsLrlcL ln Lhe easLern mosL bungalow souLh and sllghLly Lo Lhe easL of #8
near Lhe baLhLub
10 ln Lhe ulamond 8ungalow ulsLrlcL second bungalow Lo Lhe rlghL Lo Lhe wesL of #9 on Lhe bed
11 uurlng Lhe 1oo Much Sugar slde quesL (Sllver 8ungalow ulsLrlcL) as you are comlng Lo 8ungalow
#14 lL ls ln Lhe bulldlng Lo Lhe rlghL on a desk
12 ln Lhe Colden 8ungalow ulsLrlcL bungalow wlLh klm and Anne nlghLsLand near Lhe bed
13 ln Lhe Colden 8ungalow ulsLrlcL ln Lhe bungalow wlLh Luke Cralg on Lhe nlghLsLand near Lhe bed
14 uurlng Lhe Seek And LooL maln quesL when you geL Lo Lhe gas sLaLlon lL ls ln Lhe back room on a
Lable by Lhe [ulce boxes and cash reglsLer
1 ln Lhe warehouse norLhwesL of norLh Cas SLaLlon on Lhe desk
16 ln Lhe warehouse beslde Lhe mechanlcs shop on Lhe roof
17 ln Lhe warehouse wesL of Lhe mechanlcs shop under Lhe lamp on Lhe rlghL counLer
18 ln Lhe hoLel exLerlor near Lhe fronL enLrance by Lhe buses ln an open sulLcase
19 ln Lhe hoLel exLerlor lnslde Lhe bar wlLh Lhe uead Zone grafflLl (lL ls unlocked durlng Lhe 8orn 1o
8e Wlld maln quesL)
20 ln Lhe hoLel exLerlor ln Lhe souLheasLern womens underground washroom on Lhe slnk
21 ln Lhe hoLel exLerlor ln Lhe bungalow where you flnd Annes bear from Lhe 1oy SLory slde quesL
22 ln Lhe hoLel exLerlor ln Lhe bungalow from Lhe Cold ulgger quesL ln some open luggage
23 ln Lhe hoLel exLerlor ln Lhe survlvor SLeve Summers bungalow ln Lhe llvlng room
24 Cn Lhe roof of of Lhe SouLh Cas SLaLlon
2 AL Lhe far wesL road on Lhe map abouL 180 meLers norLh of Lhe gas sLaLlon ls a Lruck LhaL has
crashed lnLo a llghL posL near Lwo crash pollce cars lL ls on Lhe dashboard
otel lotkloq lot ooJ lotetlot
26 uurlng Lhe 8orn 1o 8e Wlld maln quesL ln Lhe hoLel lL ls nexL Lo one of Lhe servers LhaL you have Lo
reseL (afLer #29 and #30)
27 ln Lhe MeaL Locker ln Lhe hoLel ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe room on Lhe floor near a corpse
28 ln Lhe hallway afLer Lhe elevaLor afLer [umplng down Lhe shafL and exlLlng Lhe elevaLor lL ls near a
corpse on Lhe floor
29 uurlng Lhe 8orn 1o 8e Wlld maln quesL ln Lhe hoLel afLer you walk Lhrough Lhe shower room lL ls
on a shelf Lo Lhe rlghL (afLer #30)
30 uurlng Lhe 8orn 1o 8e Wlld maln quesL lL ls sLralghL ahead on a couch afLer enLerlng Lhe hoLel
r lnvesLlgaLlon 1ape locaLlons
Search Lhe lndlcaLed locaLlons Lo flnd Lhe lnvesLlgaLlon 1apes
1 ChapLer 1 Welcome 1o 8anol (SLarLlng 1he lnvesLlgaLlon) ln !ohn Slnamols 8ungalow (#11) Lhe
bulldlng Lo Lhe rlghL of 1ed kneellng ln a pool of blood under Lhe bookshelf ln Lhe llvlng room
2 ChapLer 2 8usy Survlvlng (MeeLlng 1he lnformanL) uurlng Lhe Cn 1he Alr slde quesL aL Lhe Lop of
Lhe llghLhouse on a Lable beslde !ames SLeln
otel lotkloq lot ooJ lotetlot
3 ChapLer 2 8usy Survlvlng (Chaos ln 1he SLreeLs) uurlng Lhe 8orn 1o 8e Wlld maln quesL ln Lhe
hoLel on a Lable on Lhe rlghL aL Lhe end of a hall overlooklng Lhe pool
Act 1 collectlbles
r Skull locaLlons
Search Lhe lndlcaLed locaLlons Lo flnd Lhe colored Skulls Cnce you flnd a Skull you musL place lL over a
cerLaln polnL Lo unlock Lhe reward

8ead more hLLp//wwwcheaLcccom/pc/deadlslandcheaLscodeshLml#1q6klunZ3u#lxzz1cML038Ll
under CreaLlve Commons Llcense ALLrlbuLlon nonCommerclal no uerlvaLlves