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Revelations of the Palmleaves from India for our time, 2012 and beyond

By Patrick Steensma The present days in the evolution of mankind form the age of tremendous revolutions. This article is about what the Indian Palmleaves have prophesied about them, how it coheres with other prophecies and how contemporary esoteric insights about the current phase in human evolution can contribute to a better understanding of whats going on. What are the Indian Palmleaves ? The palmleaves are sources saved by people from India in special libraries in Southern India which were written, guarded and maintained by the 7 Rishis1 thousands of years BC. These sources describe various subjects like insights in spiritual schooling, medicine, predictions of the future of continents, countries and individuals. Thus one can learn the purpose of ones life like certain possibilities for development and (potential) skills. This is read to the person in case such person seeks this knowledge in a conscious way this shows it has been foreseen that this person will come to learn about it2. This reading out in such an interpreting way is quite an art in itself, because the used language mostly is Old-Tamil (comparable to Old Sanksrit). On top of that it is a rather flower-like imagery language3. The basis for the texts of the palmleaves is the utmost refined and far developed astrology of the old culture of India. Therefore the skill of reading it is an ancient very specialized art, which makes it necessary that the one who reads it after going through the necessary inner development and education is able to align intuitively and out of empathizing via inspirational ways with its source, viz. with the Rishi's and other helping spirits who live in the spiritual world. For the purpose of preserving the texts written on the palmleaves they are rewritten on new palmleaves every 800 years. The German author, Thomas Ritter has written down4 his yearlong experiences and gathered essential knowledge about them. This also means the reading to him of his palmleaf and the description it made of his life, which according to him was completely accurate. Some remarkable predictions that came true In the beginning of September 2001 Thomas Ritter received the translations of a special manuscript that he found containing predictions of world events in our time. It must have been a peculiar experience when in the afternoon of September the 10th he was reading the very precise predictions about what we now know as 9-11 (including inside info about what really took place and who was behind it): On the eleventh day of the ninth month in the year 2001, according to the western calender, a crime will be committed of a magnitude which up to then was unheard of. It will take place in the most prominent city on the East-coast of the northern part of the double-continent (description of NorthAmerica and thereby New York). The target of this crime is a very large building which is considered to be a significant symbol of the western world. The building consists of two towers. These towers will be attacked by vimana's (old-Indian concept of airplanes)5. The vimana's will crash into the towers and cause huge damage. The towers will collapse, but not because of the impact of the vimana's, but because of prepared and intentional explosions within the towers. In the capitol of the nation in which this crime takes place, another attack will occur. In the building of the leadership of the army of this country a heaven-arrow will strike. To the public it will be stated that a vimana was crashed into the building which has the name fivestar(pentagon). This official version is incorrect...shortly after these occurrences the ruler of this country will accuse all conspirators of the Arabian territory of these deeds and will declare intentions of war towards a couple of these countries, which he will later convert into action. However, his accusations are not true. As a matter of fact does he know about the planned attack, in which people take part who work for him...It will give the ruler the possibility to start various wars in the years after this ...to press his interests of power and the interests of those who support him6.
1 The 7 Rishi's originally were the leaders of human culture in India after the exodus from Atlantis. They had taken the

3 4

5 6

spiritual fruits of the Atlantean times among others which were written on the palmleaves with them through which they could take care of the spiritual human evolution to continue. It also often states the date on which such person appears in the palmleaf library, including indications of his/her profession, physical traits & defects, previous lives, healing tips and moment of death. train-driver: driver of a vehicle which by usage of water vapor or other energies can help people cross over long distances. In his book: Die Palmblattbibliotheken und ihre Prophezeiungen zur Zukunft Europas (Jochen Kopp Verlag). His website is: http://www.thomas-ritter-reisen.de/index.html. Also see the video (in German) of Sri Sarvabhavana http://www.vedicguide.de/videos/video-palmblattbibliotheken.html It is known the old Atlanteans had developed airplanes. The list of absurdities of the official version for the causes of 9/11 is endless. It is typical that more then 50% of the New Yorkers are convinced 9/11 was an inside job. A source which gives a different insight into that moment and this event is the horoscope of that moment in Manhattan. It clearly shows it was a significant moment, which raised an important choice for the USA: or it will keep on dominating the world or choose to let its self be nourished by the peoples of the world while accepting them to give reflections on their behavior, so the USA can continue with its further development.

It also deals with Iraq: In the early morning of the 20th day in the 3rd month of they year 20037, according to the western calender, the USA will begin with an attack of very strong vimana's on the territory of the capitol of Iraq, as well as on military targets. The Americans have prepared this war for a long time. They completely disregard the objections of the other peoples and their representatives. The official reason adhered by the ruler of the USA for beginning this war is that the Iraqi government with its tyrannical ruler is a threat to the peace in the world and especially the USA. The Iraqi government is in possession of secret and extremely deadly weapons. Therefore it is necessary to defeat the Iraqi military, and to overthrow its government. These accusations turn out to be lies. Neither did Iraq have anything to do with the attacks of 11th of September 2001 on the cities of the USA, nor is its army really in possession of the threatening lethal weapons. Most of the other nations and their representatives will not trust the words of the ruler of the USA...Germany and France will openly and determinedly refuse to follow the USA...The man, who's trial they will carry out, is not the Iraqi ruler himself, but his double. The war will last many years, longer then the time that the ruler of the USA, who started this war, will be in office. About the enormous Tsunami in South-East Asia of 2004 the palmleaves say the following: In the last month of the year 2004, 6 days before its end, an enormous catastrophe will occur in the territory of South-East Asia. Beneath the sea west of the island Sumatra the earth will tremble so strong like it hasn't done for a long time. This undersea quake will bring about gigantic tidal waves which will destroy the coasts of Sumatra, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the coast of East-Africa. ...There will be suspicions, that a superpower, the USA, did artificially create the destroying sea-quake by a test of a new kind of weapon. Proof for it will however not be found8. Prophecies and the current evolution of mankind The course of human evolution is also woven into the palmleaves. Many peoples have made predictions for the 20th and 21st century. Like the Mayans, based on their astrological skills and knowledge have interpreted that the cycle of the so called Cosmic Year -approximately 25.920 years ends and that a new one begins. This will be either on the 28th of November or on December the 21st of 2012, or may be somewhere in between9. The horoscope of the latter date gives quite strong indications that this is a new start which gives great new opportunities. Hinduism divides human-evolution into 4 Eras (Yupas) with each their specific characteristics. They take place in longer and smaller cycles, therefore running through another, with each one alternately being in pole-position. About one of the 4, the Kali Yuga, the so called Iron Age, Rudolf Steiner founder of Antroposophy said it had begun in 3000 B.C. and ended in 1899. The nature and accent of this era means people predominantly are aware of the physical side of existence, because of which humans were able to experience themselves, to the greatest extent possible, as a free being separated from his/her spiritual home. Its side-effect is that these days the belief in the materialistic world-view (and science) has gone too far, showing its disastrous consequences in many ways. The transfer to the new era, comparable e.g. with that of the 4 seasons, is a process with its necessary revolutions. The current Golden Age (Satya Yuga, taking 5000 years and which has started in 1899) is one which is under the sign of freedom, love, wisdom, penance, and in which all foundations of religion are present in their totality, wherein the spiritual can e.g. be experienced by a clear intuition of truth10. Another source of inspiration about this transfer is the Revelation of St. John. This is also based on the eras of human evolution, divided in 4 major categories, viz.: the 7 Letters to the churches, the 7 Seals, the 7 Trumpets and the 7 Scales of Divine Wrath (i.e. Divine Love). These also take place and are subdivided into larger and smaller cycles. The biggest cycle is 7 x 2160 years of every major category. The first major category or era started with the 1st Letter to the church of Ephesus (Revelation Chapter 2), which refers to the era of the culture of India as its main geographic area. The era we are in is the 5th Letter to the church of Sardis (1417 3577 AD). Within esoteric knowledge this era is known as the Cultural Epoch of the Consciousness-soul which purpose it is for humans to become fuller conscious of themselves as a free individualized spirit and soul in a physical body as well as the accompanying manifestation of a new Cosmic Christianity11.
7 This is 100% accurate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_invasion_of_Iraq 8 Among others did Joe Viallis from Australia adhere that a special unit of the USA ignited an atomic bomb on the bottom of the sea. Also the way how the government of India responded makes one presume they knew about the involvement of the USA. To help their own victims India rebuild their security ship the INS Nirupak within 72 hours into a hospital ship with 50 beds, and declined the help of 2 US hospital ships with each 1000 beds. Also did the government of India warn the USarmy to stay far away from the sovereign territory of India. The US-navy new 2 hours ahead of time the tsunami would take place, but did not issue any warning, see: http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/weather/usadvancedwarning.html 9 Because of the turning of the axis of the earth does the equinox within 2160 years pass through each of the 12 zodiacal signs. E.g. have the Tibetans, Egyptians, Hopi and Aztec's integrated this in to their spiritual world-view and cosmology. 10 The other Yugas are: the Silver/Tetra Yuga which has an accent on the thinking and power of thought, with a masculine domination; the Bronze/Dvarpa Yuga in which science flourishes, and the spiritual is experienced within subtle energies, with many inventions and the feminine domination. 11 A main outer appearance of how this triad of Spirit, Soul and Body came about in the societal developments of this era is through the impulse of the French Revolution via the ideals of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood as well as through the impulse of the American Revolution which reveals the triad in the corresponding forms of respectively: The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and The Constitution. The Cosmic Christianity is quite different from the current main (older) stream catholic church propagated one. The latter was one of the forms in which certain developments belonging to the previous 4th Cultural Epoch (747 B.C. - 1417 AD) could find their way, like the aspect of ones experience of being part of a social spiritual community. This by the way does not mean such people are doing something wrong now, everybody has

Rudolf Steiner indicated that the smaller cycles of the subdivision takes places in 7 x approximately 150 years. In the year 33 A.D. the first of the 150 years of the first seal started to run. This means the 6th trumpet started to sound in the year 1843/44 which went on until the beginning of 1998 (viz. February-March), when the 7th trumpet started to sound12. A smaller cycle is one in which each chapter of Revelation takes 7 years, starting with chapter 1 in 1902. When taking a closer look, the developments in the evolution of humanity which are addressed by the mentioned period of the 6th trumpet, cover an important part of the transition towards the Satya Yuga-era. This because during this period of the 6th trumpet -and as a matter of fact in the course of the 20th century - a very fundamental event took place: the crossing over of the threshold of the spiritual world of the thinking, feeling and will of all human beings. Its consequence was that the thinking, feeling and will of every individual (living then and since then) has become loosened from the physical body. In the first 1/3rd of the 20th Century it meant that the life-force body was loosened from the physical head, around the 2/3rd it was loosened from the physical heart and around the transition of 20th-21st century has it been loosened from the physical part of the will (residing in the belly). Because of this tendency of ex-carnation taking place due to the loosening of the life-body from the physical, has a development been set into motion which offers new possibilities for gaining more spiritual awareness about the life-forces13. Besides, does this crossing over of the threshold and the new possibilities to gain awareness provide the option for people to go through a development of their individual soul-life on the basis of the physical world. This new situation actually enables a better understanding of the physical world because we can start with perceiving behind its veil. Within phenomenology (aka Goethean Science), further worked out by Rudolf Steiner in Anthroposophy, have the methodologies been laid down which enable the development of these spiritual faculties (the basic components are still further refined these days14). Another process which has placed this in an even more meaningful context is how it corresponds with the Second Coming of Christ in the Life World - thats why He is also often referred to as the Etheric Christ which started to take place at the end of the 19th Century15. For humanity this event means the releasing of new natural super-sensible skills of the soul which flowed out of His being. The purpose is that one is enabled to understand the creative activities which Christ generates in the Life-World, as well as being able to thus develop these skills within ones self. The possibility hereto has been created because Christ has undergone His Crucifixion and Resurrection in the Life World in the years 1933-1945 (it culminated in 42-45 when His actual Crucifixion and Resurrection in the Life-World took place evil being at its maximum)16. These faculties are consciously and love-based new faculties of clair-voyancy, clair-feeling and -hearing (also known as the consciousness of inspiration, which is about directing creative forces), and clair-willing (intuition). This will cause an ongoing increasing amount of people to have more intense observations of the occurrences of and within their life-bodies. Rudolf Steiner says people are enabled to develop these new skills the next 2500 years. The methodology of phenomenology (Goethean Science) contains the basic components which enable going through the spiritual paths of development of these skills. It also is the foundation for the development of the earlier mentioned Consciousness-Soul and thus corresponds with the triad of Spirit, Soul and Body. Its purpose is that your Selfawareness increases and that you can attain an increasing clarity of the observations of, and within, your Life-body. The
their own pace and path in becoming a spirit of freedom and love. The Cosmic Christianity which is in the making, and which is also the purpose of the 5th Cultural Epoch is able to grasp Christs impulse further and deeper through creating a Christianity which e.g. is a synergy and sublimation of the merits of the 12 world-religions. The 5th church of Sardis (Revelation of St. John, Chapter 3), refers to an older culture wherein people were focused on working with the stars. Rudolf Steiner said that the 7th Trumpet would start to sound at the end of the 20th Century. According to Marco Pogacnik this starting point occurred on February 1998. A clairvoyant friend of mine had a similar experience. Revelation of St. John Chapter 10, verse 1: Clouds - has to do with the thinking; rainbow with the feeling and pillars of fire has to do with the will/doing. The process of gaining awareness is e.g. referred to in Chapter 10, verse 9: ...little scroll...Take it and eat; it will be bitter to your stomach, but sweet as honey in your mouth. Our development into spirits of freedom of love goes through suffering the Stirb und Werde (die and become)-principle as stated by J.W. Goethe. Like the Education worked out by Nicolaas de Jong in the Spiritual Highschool Jasper (see: http://www.runework.com/Rune %20homepage/English/SpirScience/Jaspis/Engels%20SS%20Jaspis.htm, and http://www.gaiaheartworkz.com/gaiaheartworkz/gaiaheartworkzusauk/education/index.html), as well as the coaching and consulting for individuals and organizations I have set up in www.heartworkz.com and our Joint Venture for the healing and maintenance of life-forces in people's home, in and for organizations and in landscapes (see: www.gaiaheartworkz.com ). For a more elaborate story of this event, see The Spiritual Event of the 20th Century An Imagination. Published by Temple Lodge. It can also be read via Google Books. Christs Second Coming started at the end of the 19th Century when he absorbed all the materialistic thoughts of the people who died then and entered the spiritual world. Christ then also took in the archetypal being of evil. See Rudolf Steiner in the lectures of GA 152, the lecture of 2nd of May 1913 in specific. The climax of the materialistic impulse was around 1843/44; the times after this are the consequences of that. Around 1844 a deep impulse for materialistic thinking was holding sway. Think about the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin (the Beagle started its tour in 1836) in which he did not take into account at all any spiritual reality (things just evolve out of their own) and degrades the human into an animal-man, as well as Das Kapital by Karl Marx, both of major influence for creating the basis to shape society in materialistic ways. This was accompanied by the rising of the beast for which Rudolf Steiner warned in 1908 (Lecture-series GA 104) that would take place in 1933, and which has shown its self in the coming to power of Hitler (NSDAP) and the events of WWII.

12 13




outcome to which these developments can lead are the shaping of these new faculties and the 3 levels of consciousness: the 1st is that of the Clairvoyant the one who is able to perceive the spiritual realities behind the phenomena in vivid spiritual images and understands them simplified: that is a boat and this realm corresponds with Freedom; the 2nd is that of the Initiate the one who knows out of experience how the creative cosmic laws work in their harmonious way simplified: the one who knows how the boat works because he is inside the boat and its realm corresponds with Love; the 3rd is that of the White Wizard the one who knows how to act out of intuition at the right moment at the right place while acting in harmony with those cosmic laws simplified: the one who sails the boat to the right place at the right time, thus making this realm correspond with the Good. The White Wizard is able to act out of Freedom and Love and do something Good17. These three basics also corresponds with the earlier mentioned soul-faculties which descend from Christs Being. Therefore does the development of those new faculties also can have the outcome that people are able to tune into the Etheric Christ and thus can perceive: 1) Him in vivid images as a Being and understand those images (clairvoyancy), 2) how He directs His creative work (inspiration) and 3) knows how to co-act and co-create together with and out of the Etheric Christ (intuition and thereby helping to accomplish the Will of God the Father on Earth the Father and I are One, and carrying out the Will of the Father is my bread)18. The 7th Trumpet tells about the Second Coming of Christ at the end (Chapter 14:14). Because Christ is a free being without any karma, he can make the free choice to have this event take place earlier (viz. between the years 1933-1945). Many still believe it still needs to take place. Certainly this does not mean that concerning all the ins and outs in the current times this is a completely done deal, but the necessary basic deed was accomplished by Christ during that period. The further and deeper going transformation of the Earth into a planet of Love, Freedom and Goodness is an ongoing process. And through His deed this transformative tendency was embedded within and permeating the Life-World as an indestructible source and mark out of which the ongoing transformation of evil into the good could take place, and out of which people can join (out of their heart-forces) to work on helping to do the same. The essence of the 7th Trumpet thus is that the full downside of materialism is becoming visible. This can be found in the image of Archangel Michael defeating the dragon -viz. ahriman, also known as the biblical satan, who deceives the entire world. Because of this it has come into the world of men to become aware about the ins and outs of this deception and to find ways how to deal with it. This also points at the predicted incorporation of ahriman into a human being which various people through clairvoyant perception have observed started to take place since the first half of 2009 - and therefore will come to an end at the end of the second half of 201219. Here it also becomes important to make a clarifying elaboration about the specific characteristics of ahriman, lucifer (the biblical diabolos) and another adversary being who is the actual anti-Christ: also known as sorat, or the being of the number 666. This is the being who St. John refers to in Revelation Chapter 13, verse 18: This calls for wisdom: let him who has a mind reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is 666. While the Kabbala was the spiritual foundation of the spiritual knowledge in those days and applied by St. John, the nature and characteristics of the 666 -the dragon coming out of the Earth (chapter 13, verse 11)- becomes clear, as well as the core of evil is about. Sorat is the source of hate and black magic, his main-trait is destruction. He is the boss of lucifer and ahriman. Like shown by Revelation Chapter 13, verse 1-3, which says: ...the beast out of the sea ....to it the dragon gave his power and his throne
17 These three basic levels have been the universal foundation of our evolution of consciousness ever since. During Atlantis

they showed themselves respectively in our daily (physical world focused) awareness, our dream-state (in which we could perceive the creative activity of spiritual beings in our lives and in the world, and the deep-sleep state in which we found ourselves being embedded in the cosmos. The first major post-Atlantean culture which started out in India is still known as Hinduism and has expressed this threefold-consciousness in Shiva Vishnu Brahma. Directly linked to it are respectively: Sankhya -spiritual science about the phenomena in the world and one's life; Veda which means Word and stands for the principles of the cosmic creativity; and Yoga which stands for the reconnection with God the Father. It can also be traced back in the Egyptian-era in Isis, Osiris and Seth/Horus. Also does the Holy Trinity as in the Holy Spirit, the Son and God the Father correspond with this principle. J.W. Goethe coined these 3 levels in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. For further specification on elements having to do with these 3 levels you can look on: http://www.gaiaheartworkz.com/gaiaheartworkz/gaiaheartworkzusauk/education/spiritual-highschool-jasper/index.html 18 A way in which people can perceive the Etheric Christ is that he can appear as a vivid bringer of Comfort. A friend experienced Him while he was drawn into His Being in the effects He generated within a cloud and could perceive Him how He was directing His creative activity with gold-enveloped gestures, colors and cosmic symphonies. Another friend saw Him in a cloud in a church and was permeated by a very intense experience of love, after which he could observe the germ of love within everyone. Another example of how these faculties can take place is that people while doing a specific deed can receive a certain dreamed-image in their soul of which they know it is a future karmic consequence of that deed. This because our karma is embedded in our life-body. 19 It is also known out of spiritual knowledge that this is in accordance with the cosmic agreements concerning the consecutive incarnations of lucifer (the biblical diabolos), Christ and ahriman. Technically it is actually more an incorporation because the complete living in a human being takes 3 years -42 months, see e.g. Chapter 13, verse 5. Due to this agreement did lucifer go through his incarnation 3000 B.C. in the East, Christ through His in Jesus of Nazareth (thus becoming Jesus Christ) in the 42 months during the years 29 -33, in Israel. Ahriman will go through his in the West. See e.g. Rudolf Steiner in Lecture-series GA 191,193,194,195.

and great authority. This means that his activities shows resemblances with theirs, however does he goads their activity to use it for his own goals. Therefore do the main-traits of the other 2 originate from him: viz. condensing and conservation out of greed (the ahrimanic-satanic trait, working in the life-worlds [the sea]) and lust out of the ego (the luciferic-devilish trait, working in the soul-worlds). The Kabbala deducts the name out of the build-up of the number 666: 400 200 6 60 TAW (the ego) Resch (astral body) WAW (life-body) SAMECH (physical body) = TA =R =O =S
The ahrimanic/satanic inverted pentagram

The Kabbala reads the (bold) letters back to front, which closely resembles the occult symbol of sorat, gives: sorat20. like in its diagonal downward tendency. Every number each stands for one of the basic bodies of man, only are they then solely in service of the lower-self: the ego. This tendency is generated when exclusively living out of the intellect, viz. out of solely physical-earthbound directedness, which is based on the thinking that only uses the physical cerebral cortex. Sorat's influence and working is intensified in our times (due to the 3 x 666 = 1998)21. This supports ahriman in his doings, who actually does everything for sorat (Revelation Chapter 13, verse 12: It (ahriman) exercises all the authority of the first beast (sorat) in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, ..., and it can be recognized in people who are possessed by sorat. Those are e.g. also human beings of whom it will be impossible to believe that they are really human beings. This is eg expressed in an increasing hyper-materialism (developing things only for use and not for a good purpose) and in people who out of their one-sided fanaticism kill themselves and as many other people through suicide bombings, or commit absurd killings by individuals on eg universities, colleges (USA & in Germany) and a child-daycare (Belgium)22. Steiner talks about them as that they are recognizable by their external appearance (you can e.g. see it in their cold eyes); in a terrible way they will not only scoff at everything, but will also oppose, and want to destroy, and to push into the abyss anything that is spiritual. Outwardly, they will have intense and strong dispositions, with savage countenances, and with furious destructiveness in their emotions23. Knowing this you might be able to identify such people your self. Another essential trait of the 7th Trumpet is that it tells about how the qualities of God the Father come into effect (Revelation Chapter 11, verse 18: The nations raged, but thy wrath came ...). Also the small cycles of 7 years show the coming about of this wrath (actually Divine Love). Chapter 15 concerns the years 2000 up to and including 2006, in which the preparation is described for the coming into effect of Gods burning will (verse 1). In Chapter 16, concerning the years 2007 up to and including 2013 the vials of wrath are released. The 5th vial eg is poured out on the throne of the beast, indicating the end of the time of ahriman. The vials of wrath are in fact Divine Love24. It ensures that the obscurity of the overkill of unworkable, damaging workings of the adversary beings is dissolved and disappears so that again a clear situation comes about, in which the further planned Satya Yuga development can kick in. 20 The Germanic Edda refers to the three adversary powers to some degree in a similar wording: loki = lucifer, fenrir, or the fenriswolf= ahriman (he eats the inner sun, being your heart but also your life-forces) and surt = sorat. Respectively Odin, Thor and Freyr fight with these beings. Rudolf Steiner also speaks of sorat as of surat. 21 You can also find the 666 back in almost all barcodes. You can see that the outer 2 stripes (which are 2 thinner similar ones) stand for the 6, just like the 2 stripes in the middle (you can verify this by looking at a barcode which has a 6 in it and look at the stripes that are above it). The side effect of its super-effectivity is that it greatly depraves social interaction between humans (e.g while your at the counter of a store). The other phenomenon is the internet, the WWW. Out of esoteric knowledge of the kabbala of the number 6, as shown above, it appears this stands for the WAW (the Life-world) and that the W does so as well. This by the way doesn't mean that it is all bad, it is more a matter of how you apply/use it, as well as deal with and transform its negative affects. Therefore a lot of good things can and have been done with the internet. 22 Sorat literally is on earth himself since the sun-eclipse of the 11th of August 1999, and works in the Life-World. There among other things is he active to create a fake-spiritual world in which he hopes to captivate deceased people who have not equipped themselves with enough tools to find their way back into the spiritual world after dying. See Jesaiah Ben Aharon in The Spiritual Event of the 20th Century An Imagination. Published by Temple Lodge. It can also be read via Google Books. Also see Rudolf Steiner in his Lecture-series GA 104, as well as Nicolaas de Jong in his book Esoteric Christianity up to now published, although not yet in English, by Rune-books (see: www.runework.com). 23 Rudolf Steiner in the lecture series GA 346 explaining many aspects of The Apocalypse of St. John. 24 According to esoteric knowledge the current time is often called the Minor-Apocalypse, because a similar situation in its larger and full magnitude will take place further on in the future. Therefore the word Apocalypse is often used to indicate the end of the world, but it actually is Greek for Revelation, in which it tells about the new world that is coming into existence (which is not its caricature black magic-directed ahriman/satan-inspired new world order of the illuminati c.s.).

What the palmleaves say from now and onwards The predictions of the palmleaves give a rather precise picture what will take place during this transfer. Following is a short version of the scenario that according to the palmleaves will/can take place from now on25. Notwithstanding the very accurate and correct predictions of events some havent literally happened, but the text does also leave open space here and there for how and to what extent future events will possibly happen. This is inherent to the red thread of human evolution: there is a great deal of openness and freedom in it (how can we otherwise become spirits of freedom and love; the more while love is an activity which creates things anew), because of which it also depends on people and their thoughts, feelings and actions how things evolve. Ultimately, we are creative beings and are constantly co-creating these developments. Also the Revelation of St. John has this premise. Its message is also for people to join in to co-carry into effect those events. An example of a prediction which did not come true is that Iran was supposed to be attacked by the USA in 2006. You could think the prevention/postponement of it (the US has been very busy encircling it and waiting to go in) could be found in peoples increased awareness of the false nature and concoctions of the Bush-Government. The predictions come down to the following. Worldwide machines will cause rising unemployment and taxes relatively to increase more and more. The multinationals will claim enormous profits, will in fact become the most powerful forces in the world and will alienate themselves from the masses. These masses will start to understand this more and more, and see that this is the wrong way. Most people will yield themselves to what they are dished up by the media, sports, television, games, fake-adventures and will let themselves be dispersed by it, to find some way to cope with their tough daily lives. Behind the fake-wishes created by the media and corporations are no real human needs but wishes which bind people into matter, in the illusions of Maya and obstruct them from taking up what is of real interest to their development. People will yearn for old times, not expecting the future to contain anything good. Worldwide the transfer away from this situation is going hand in hand with the demise and dissolution of existing systems, resistance to further developments, apparent lack of good prospects, fear for the future and increasing violence. Therefore many people still hope for a strong wise dictator who will set the bad circumstances straight and punish the wrong-doers. Between 2019 2046 Europe will see various of such rulers enter the stage. Then as well will be understood this is not the right way. Slowly people will comprehend and apply it in their daily lives that only by taking full personal responsibility for their own life, family and that of those in their close circle, the circumstances of living can be positively changed. The enlargement of the EU more and more only serves its own interest, as well as that of economic and political powers that be, but not that of her people. The entry of Eastern European countries will mean more poverty for all citizens in the EU. Here as well is a process of demolition going on. Because The Netherlands and France have said no to the EUConstitution has the EU been thrown into an extensive crisis which will eventually lead to its demolition and dissolution of the system in this form. Until 2011 will the USA remain being at war in many regions in the world (like North-Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia. PS: luckily did not really take place yet) they will not have the magnitude of the wars of WW II under the cloak of freedom and peace. But in reality are they about power, land and oil. Between 2008 2012 the USA and other supporting countries will leave Afghanistan, realizing her plans have failed. The USA will be unable to win the war in Iraq and will disgracefully leave that country starting the 5th month of 2008 (PS: did to some extent happen and still does). Various parties will be in a fight for the power in Iraq until 2021 slowly a time of stabilization will begin. In 2011 huge economic problems will surface. First in the USA, then in Europe will money lose its value more and more. This is due to a failing monetary-policy based on the system of interest-on-interest and the believe of never-ending economic possibilities of development. Especially Europe will suffer from the world-wide wars because the victims of these wars will flee to Europe. The systems of welfare will not be able to cope with the millions of refugees. The USA will also have to deal with such problems. This will cause further destabilization of economies and a subversion of the value of western currencies. This system will thrust onto its limits in the autumn of 2012 when in the USA the US-Dollar will fall26. Until the fall of the US-Dollar system (the Fed) and the US-Economy will the powers in the USA put everything to work to try to avoid this demise. Through the fall of the US-Dollar the authorities will become incapable of paying its public servants, like its soldiers, because of which up to 2014 US-troops will almost all be withdrawn from their international locations. Therefore US-foreign policy will become insignificant. It also means that in the USA it will cause civil-war like situations, now between the West and the East which will last until the 2nd half of 2017. There will be great disorder and many businesses, factories, banks will have to shut down. There will be riots and lootings mainly in the bigger cities. Armed townsmen will loot in the country-side. Many people will die. The government will try to regain control through the still available armed forces. This will only part-wise work. Unpaid policemen and troops will revolt and will not refrain from using violence. Because of the collapse of the police and the army, the USA its self will not able to get a grip on it and the Canadian Army will step in and bring things under control. The fronts will run right across the country, it will be the biggest conflict since the Civil War, although now it will not be between the North and the South, but East against West.
25 In the book by Thomas Ritter the actual length of this scenario is about 20 pages. 26 Bernanke said it himself recently (October 5th 2010) in a more private gathering things cannot be saved:

http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2010/10/bernanke-tells-truth-united-states-is.html . Also did the State of Virginia accept a Joint Resolution which established a joint subcommittee to study whether the Commonwealth should adopt a currency to serve as an alternative to the currency distributed by the Federal Reserve System in the event of a major breakdown of the Federal Reserve System, see: http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?111+ful+HJ557 .

The European countries will also be struck by the fall of the US-Dollar and it will also lead to a devaluation of the Euro, however not as much as in the USA. Nevertheless will ordinary people strongly be weighed down by it and many will lose their way of living and live in poverty. It will also lead to many demonstrations in big cities against buildings, against foreigners living in the EU, members of parliament and corporations, as well as many lootings and terrorist attacks especially in the middle and Western Europe, but also in Spain, Italy and France. The violence will not be as severe as in the USA, because Europeans do not privately own that many weapons as people in the USA and it will not lead to a collapse of the police and army. Russia, China and India will suffer the least from the crisis because they support each others economy. The chaos in Europe will continue until fall 2016 and will be ended by the Russian and Chinese armies, which are called upon by European rulers. These soldiers will be seen as occupants, not liberators. The strong hierarchical structured societies will bring some ease, through which the economies will somewhat stabilize in Europe and the USA, which inhabitants will be prepared to give up many of their personal freedoms. It will not however put a halt to the demise of the EU, through which also new forms of cooperation will come into existence. Due to the Civil War-like situations there will be a decrease of sanitary conditions and service causing old diseases like cholera and the plague to enter the stage again. In the years after 2018 an awkward disease in the USA, Europe and Asia will kill hundreds of thousands of people. Those who are infected are susceptible for minor illnesses (like a cold) and they die mostly within 3 days. Starting 2021 will blood-worms attack peoples liver and heart and people will die from it within a week. From 2023 an African disease kills many people causing the inner organs to fall apart. It will spread like the flew. The environment is another danger. The sea-quake of South-East Asia is a beginning of a worldwide series of natural disasters which will take place in the next decades. The annual average temperatures will rise, because of which the enormous quantity of sweet water will make the Gulf Stream loose power, change its directions and suddenly collapse. Between 2029 2034 this will cause devastating droughts in southern USA, floods in China, change Scandinavia into an icy landscape, densely populated coastal regions like those in The Netherlands and Bangladesh will flood and be destroyed by storms. It will cause fuel shortages, peace-reassuring alliances to loose power, the outbreak of bloody conflicts, wars for natural resources, raw materials and food will destroy continents and strongly surfacing diseases will claim many peoples lives. The world will be on the brink of complete anarchy. Beginning in 2035 will an intense cooling of the atmosphere take place due to the collapse of the Gulf Stream and the turning into ice of the northern parts of NorthAmerica and Scandinavia, causing the reboot of the Gulf Stream and the climate to stabilize. Because of this there will be better harvests and societies will settle down. A climax of the natural disasters will take place at the end of the fall of 2046. A planetoid from out of the far regions of the universe will come towards the earth. Its course will run through that of the moon and the earth27. Because it come so close to the earth big earth- and sea-quakes, floods and volcano-eruptions will occur. Parts of California, the East-Coast of North-America, Japan, China, France, England, the coast of the North-Sea and the Baltic and the Mediterranean coastal regions will partly flood and/or be hit by earthquakes. Volcano eruptions in Bhmen, Germany will destroy surrounding areas. In Middle-Europe, especially in the cities, many buildings will collapse. Worldwide millions of people will die. After this catastrophe the climate in Middle-Europe will be more like that of the Mediterranean and snow will only be in the mountains. In the Atlantic area new land will rise. Starting in 2048 a new society will be built stretching from the western shores of Europe to the Eastern shores of Asia. It will be under the sign of great individual freedom with an obligation towards the general well-being and strong familyties. People will be able to decide upon local matters themselves. A new law will guarantee security and sovereignty for all the territories and nations that will join. The economic basis will be a monetary system without interest. It will also have an energy-source which will be an energy-form which will be at no charge and without any possible shortages most likely this will be in the form of techniques based on selflessness and morally controlled life-forces. It will be a energy-form which has been researched and discovered in the beginning of the 20th Century, but a not yet generally applied form. It will be called after its discoverer (PS: maybe Tesla). Land and water are under general supervision and only someones house can be called ones own property. From 2049 onwards will a worldwide knowledge break through that we as humans are not alone on this planet, which will have a far reaching influence on religions and world-views. Ending When taken the approach of the small cycles of 7 years for every chapter of the Revelation of St. John it is quite striking that the way how this converts into a time-line the ending of it comes so very close to that of the time-line of the Palmleaves. This because the last 2 Chapters (the years 2042 up to and including 2048 -Chapter 21- and the years 2049 up to and including 2055 Chapter 22) have to do with the coming about of the days in which things are clear(ed up again) in which There shall no more be anything accursed, ...(22:3) leading to a new time of repose, healing and peace in a new world. Although it actually is speaking of the New Jerusalem28 - which is a phase taking place in a very distant future - throughout time the preparatory work takes place and are pieces made manifest. Although the palmleaves do not go into the specific causes of the various forms in which Climate Change takes place (at least it is not in the book, but there might be other palmleaves which do), it does clearly state it is directly related to the start of a new Satya Yuga-Era and the consequences that brings along. It is therefor striking that the climate changes thus
27 This has already been observed by astronomers; they expect it to near the earth in 2036. 28 Jerusalem is derived from Yah-Ru-Shaleim which means place of peace of the I (=Yah), therefore is the New Jerusalem the new place of peace of the I. In Buddhism it is also referred to as the Shamballah.

are woven into a different context then what many scientists and so called scientific reports adhere. In stead of hanging the causes on the excessive emissions of CO2 there is a hidden agenda behind it as e.g. revealed by the indications of the causes of the Tsunami of 2004. Among others a part of this hidden agenda is the abuse of climate-influencing techniques. It is known one of these is HAARP29. When applied high-frequency, and nowadays also very low-frequency (VLF) and extremely low frequency (ELF), electro-magnetic radiation is beamed into the high atmosphere and into the earth. By weaving its sister Chemtrails into the atmosphere, which contains small metal particles, these waves can be directed30. The pollution with these particles cause the air to have a decrease of negative ions, which from a physical point of view are known to be the physical basis for our feeling of well-being (like the energizing effect of forest air -which has many negative ions. The life-forces themselves are the actual reinvigorating forces). This means that besides influencing the status of the earth, it also generates unhealthy impulses in our souls, causing fear, negative thoughts and depressions. Like the palmleaves indicate how the Climate changes directly relate to the upcoming of the Satya Yuga, it is therefore clear these changes actually have to do with the cosmic-spiritual events in which the new impulses of the evolution of mankind are expressing themselves in Earth-changing events. These can simultaneously occur and trigger such negative influences/impulses (which are aimed at the interference with and the obstruction of the coming down of these new impulses as well as our process of becoming aware of these new impulses and working with them. The release of increased goodness calls on a reaction of equivalent evil; a natural process) like the abuse and high-technology warfare through HAARP and the Chemtrails31. Or by trying to make us believe it is caused only by such modern weaponry, which is an attempt to create a diversion as well, through which people might also be mislead by which they might not be able to perceive events as for what actually really happened, including the spiritual sides to it. This all makes the totality of Climate Change a tremendous complex multi-disciplinary and deeply spiritual topic, and therefore not an issue which you can unravel and interpret by only using the materialisticHAARP-installations worldwide scientific approach. One of the processes that is fundamental to mention in this context is the influence and consequences of the magnetic polarshift that is taking place. The Northern Hemisphere of the Earth is about the astral and thus about consciousness, the Southern is about the lifeforces (e.g. the reason for the existence of the jungle there). A shift means our awareness is dipped more and more into our own Life-forces as well as into the World of the Life-forces itself, so we can increase our awareness of it as well as learn how to co-operate with the nature spirit-beings populating these realms. It also gives us the possibility to grow into the spiritual world, like creating your own Jacobs Ladder of consciousness and love. The mentioned newly released faculties flowing out of Christs being enable such processes. It also means the climate on the Northern Hemisphere is becoming more like the one on the Southern, and that is also what the palmleaves point out will happen. Such aspects of the whole picture certainly give more then enough reason to be quite distrustful towards the officially proclaimed causes for Global Warming, as it seriously smacks of manipulation due to the demagogic way how this CO2-version is exploited32. This of course does not mean that concerning the pollution of the environment many changes will have to be carried through with intensive and delicate care. And CO2 is also part of the issues, although actually relatively small. Not e.g. any bit less urgent is the severe pollution of the subsoil, which to a great extent has been caused by the one-sided conventional agriculture and the usage of pesticides33.
29 It stands for: Highfrequency Active Auroral Resonance Project. 30 Eg the earthquake that struck Haiti has most likely been caused by HAARP. There were observations of intense electro-

magnetic anomalies prior to the quake. If you do a google-search with did HAARP trigger Haiti you get numerous websites displaying that. Note that there is a HAARP-installation on Puerto Rico. Clarifying information about HAARP can be found on: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/meteorology/evergreen-aviation-admits-tochemtrail-contractswith-usaf.html. Also the recent (December 2010 January 2011) earthquakes are suspicious when you know how HAARP works and where in the world HAARP-installations are located. For some good education on how HAARP works (the map is also on there) see: http://citizensinactionbelgium.ning.com/profiles/blogs/haarp-installations-around-the 31 Rudolf Steiner prophesied that future warfare will be totally different from what we are used to know it as. 32 One of the most questionable demagogues Al Gore has been getting more and more opposition towards his Global Warming-version and his Inconvenient Truth-documentary as being permeated with untruths and lies, see e.g.: (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/education/7037671.stm). So much that it has even stirred up 30.000 scientists within the materialistic-scientific arena: http://conspiracyrealitytv.com/30000-scientists-want-to-sue-al-gore-over-inconvenienttruth-global-warming-lies/30000-scientists-want-to-sue-al-gore-over-inconvenient-truth-global-warming-lies-2/ 33 A recent UN-report by Olivier de Schutter (a special UN-reporter) even clearly shows that organic agriculture will double the food-production set off against that agriculture carried out with pesticides, a.o. because it deteriorates the environment.

The palmleaves can be considered to bring alertness and it is typical how many movies have these topics as their theme34. It is a complex issue how God the father, who loves us so dearly can let such catastrophes happen. Although some pieces of that puzzle have been previously mentioned I also cannot answer this question conclusively, but I can give some indications. The destruction of Atlantis was quite something and many initiates have warned this was possibly going to happen (and many were saved). Still many exodus rescue operations were organized, with the one of Noah as the most well known. Another can be found in a premises of the Revelation of St. John. Numerous times does it talk about that large amounts of people will die. One of the esoteric interpretations here is that it refers to what happens to the consciousness of groups of people, who spiritually die. Also does Revelation nowhere talk about the individual. The good actions, thoughts and feelings of the individual certainly do have effects on humanity as a whole. The book Tomorrows God tells of something God the Father says that if a certain clear awareness is generated by individuals worldwide and it grows into a certain percentage that already at less then 5% it acquires such a substance that it works as a counterbalance and can prevent, or bring change to, certain malicious consequences35. Also think of the city God did not want to destroy if there still was one person of good disposition. The large picture is it puts it on our plate to grow in awareness about what kind of beings we actually are. Also the spiritual beings of nature point this out. The leprechaun who Tanis Halliwel meets (in a holiday cottage in Ireland) thinks it is so incredible how little we believe in our own creative powers36. The Big Angel in the German books Conversations with Mller (a book by a German lady who talks with a whole variety of nature spirit-beings) points out that the angels have disconnected themselves from these spiritual beings of nature in the sixties and that since then it is up to humans to enter into a co-operation with these beings37. A consequence of not doing this, or not well, is that they grow wild. Eg did the Old druids know this very well and they were totally able of controlling these beings. It also points to our own destructive powers (a characteristic of evil) and the matter of learning to control these and apply them for the good. Of the God Shiva it is known she had a creative and a destructive side. It is the basic foundation of existence: a constructive tendency and a destructive one. Another fundamentally important part to mention in this regard is that the Earth has been built up out of all the qualities and forces of the Cosmos of Wisdom. This can e.g. be traced back in the stone-circles and many religious sites worldwide. In the older days humans were closely aligned with the Cosmic-Spiritual Worlds (out of their natural given clairvoyancy) and they cultivated their lives via creating places which enabled a direct connection of the specific spiritual forces of the stars, as well as to thus be able to interact with the spirit beings. A well known site which depicts this phenomenon is where the 3 pyramids in Giza are: they have a direct connection to the 3 stars of the belt of the Star-constellation of Orion. A startling display of such evidence can be found in the German book Der Himmel ist unter uns38 (Heaven is under our feet). It contains research of religious sites in most of Germany that are built according to an exact connection to star-images and constellations, thus revealing a tapestry on earth of those stars. This means that the Earth has come about also through us as a reflection of this Cosmos of Wisdom. While the core purpose of our existence and path we are on is to become a spirit of Freedom and Love, it also means that the Earth is not yet reflecting this to its complete extent and neither do we. Therefore is there still so much destruction and evil. Thus, within the basic composition of existence of the forces of creation and destruction it is our task to transform and create the Earth into a place of Freedom and Love, as well as becoming spirits of Freedom and Love ourselves. Then the Earth can become a place that is also Goodin stead of having evil(a Good deed is the outcome of something new that has gone through the processes of being imbued with Freedom and Love). Because things are still so destructive or evil it also challenges us to act and do something about it. What can come out of this is indeed a better place. We then have created it ourselves out of a new co-operation with the Cosmic-Spiritual World. Like this the New Jerusalem or Shamballah (see note 28) is in the process of being build. A solid middle of heart and soul will help for more of the newness to come into existence, while dissolving and releasing the old and unusable. We ourselves try to contribute to the current times via helping with the healing of landscapes that have been distorted by destruction and/or black-magic, thus helping the nature spirit-beings with new impulses of Freedom, Love, transformative forces and Grace, as well as helping the deceased who were stuck there (mostly because of the black magic) to be released from those places enabling them to continue their path into the spiritual world39. Another side which the Revelation of St. John also describes of the stronger setting in of the God the Father-qualities is that it brings in a more substantial contribution via which people are also able to grasp His state of being and awareness more and more, viz. through intuitions of truth and goodness, a harmonious loving relation to all that is in your surroundings, a mildness and a powerful awareness focused on acting in the world to realize ones ideals. This is also supported by and enabled for people through the earlier described newly released faculties that started to flow out of Christs Being and which are permeated by and based on freedom and love. Thus in the coming times do these developments contain a great challenge for us to increasingly grow in mastering our role as co-creators, while expanding our awareness that Mother Earth is a living being as well, and to create a world in which Goodness can dwell more and more.
See: http://www.srfood.org/images/stories/pdf/officialreports/20110308_a-hrc-16-49_agroecology_en.pdf .
34 Like: The Day after Tomorrow, Armageddon, The Matrix, V for Vendetta, Lord of the Rings, 2012, etc.

35 The book is written by Neale Donald Walsh. I do not want to go into an analysis here on the truthfulness whether or not it is only God the Father talking with him all the time; I am bringing it in because to me the way how this works seems plausible. 36 The book is called: A summer with the Laprechauns by Tanis Halliwell, Blue Dolphin Publishing. 37 Flensburger Hefte Verlag, Book Number 1 & 2. 38 Der Himmel ist unter uns, by Wolfgang Thiele and Herbert Knorr. Henslowsky Boschmann Verlag, 2003 39 See : www.gaiaheartworkz.com