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Emergency Legal Symposium on USA Grand Jury, Espionage, Wiileaks Cyberstalking by DOJ, the Drugging of CIA agents and

their prisoners RE: WIKILEAKS London emergency legal symposium on USA Grand Jury, Espionage, Wiileaks Cyberstalking by DOJ, the Drugging of CIA agents and their prisoners we need full force in london to support Assange! to everyone included in this letter---we have such a huge opportunity to share full force the extent of what might happen to Mr Assange in American detention. this is a crisis of information. we must find new ways to get this to the press and the people: immediately. here is a link to the original idea. dear gena mason---re yr brilliant article for wikileaks central """""sealed warrant for Assange's arrest, potentially on charges that the WikiLeaks""""

potential and ongoing support: in touch with kevin zeese of and the filing re: swedish weapons industry Operation Want as well as his "disbartorturelawyers" project my richest friends are politically hesitant staying with kind friends and assange supporters now. i am determined to help.

put up the "great wall of wikileaks" in london. london: if you came here, i could assist with friends as our resources are growing in that regard. the last time i asked was last june for finance for a LA WEEKLY documentary, which i dont know they either got the message or could afford to help ship in the (underpaid contract) film crew. the british media is completely ignorant of Grand Jury Process, general EFF issues--cyberlaw and open info movement-- and very ignorant of CIA especially in CIA-Sweden collab or USA "legal" torture doctrine as it may affect Assange planning Rush Wikileaks Legal Symposium on USA angle for the British Press: tech genius harry halpin is helping reach out to american legal scholars in this regard: benkler, lessig, zittrain and people he knows from the grand jury process and tech halpin suggested perhaps Assange could be a speaker due to the huge draw, but it needs to be a Focus on the USA aspect of the case future tense, which the British Legal teams do not seem to emphasize enough the USA surveillance and cyberlaw issues we need to bring into play as well as the Grand Jury shenanigans, the torture doctrine, and extraordinary rendition, refoulement, and such severe abuse Sweden uses at USA behest i will include him in this loop so he knows you are a brilliant legal scholar contributing to the marketplace of ideas and we will see what we can do for finance. justice4assange: the justice4assange people could possibly help with basic accomodation if you could be here for the 5th of december event at the royal courts, but

as for a panel i wish it to be early enough for a true analysis to sink into the deliberately obfuscating and uneducated British press who minimize the dangers of extradition. i bless you for your response and am so eaten with grief at the moment it consoles me immensely that you write. anything and everything you can do is so appreciated and your work is so profound. i wish i knew "where the money is" so we could just make this happen seamlessly my friends in sweden can help if team moves there much love all and bless you, mary eng 21 november 2011 about me: i started last year with 15K from a national lawyers guild police brutality settlement spent it on my investigation in sweden, then trip back to the USA to gather more support. and then london for the assange trial in july. currently i have 1500 in a usa acct. i trained paralegal in california. the scan i put up for assange is at i am not "official" but i work very hard all the time