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Project Manager Checklist To Do List for Project Management

Project Manager Checklist is a 'to do list' for project managers to deliver projects effectively. Use this as a step by step guide to put your project plans together. Getting Started Develop a business case for the project Make sure the project fits company agenda Overview any key risks avoiding details Identify all concerned in the project Consult a finance expert Get the business case approved by senior managers

Defining The Project Write project definition statement Send project definition statement to all concerned Define areas be included in the project scope Describe what each person does in the project Specify responsibility of each project team member Think who should be in the project team Ensure each team member has the skills required Form a group of project managers Hold a meeting with all concerned

Planning The Project Make your project planning checklist List all the activities in work breakdown structure Group tasks under different category headings Write down dependencies of all activities Estimate how much time each activity will take Identify activities that have to be completed by the due date Prioritize planned activities Make a communication plan and communicate it with all concerned Carry out a full risk analysis Appoint a team member to manage each risk Filter your project for slipping tasks Make a Gantt chart to monitor the project progress Make a milestone plan for the stages of the project Check the project by the milestone dates Set a realistic deadline for the project

Monitoring The Project Agree monitoring and reviewing process with senior managers Decide on how and what will be monitored in the project Keep records of the project

Choose the type of control that is needed Agree monitoring and approving changes system with senior managers Have a formal approval from senior managers before action a change Appoint someone to be responsible for the project quality Review the project quality with the client Make sure someone can sanction changes in senior manager absence Set an agenda for project meetings to review progress Define action points against each item on the agenda Review the items on the critical path Report if the cost or time limit exceed Report progress at the end of each stage of the project Monitor issues that may be causing concern

Closing Down Set a date for a post project review meeting Invite senior managers and project team Consider debriefing the project team at the meeting Check whether you have the same results as in original plan Check budget, quality requirements and deadline meeting Make a list of unfinished tasks Write final project report and share it with all concerned Inform all involved in the project about its closedown Write personal thanks notes to project contributors Celebrate the close down within your team