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Where the web is going.


by Jay Joyce
Jay Joyce is an Internet and marketing professional with over 25 years experience. As an Internet strategist and marketer,
Jay helps businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, convert web traffic into sales, increase search engine
rankings and incorporate best practices. You can connect with Jay on all the major social networks.
Do you remember three years ago? The iPhone was launching. Facebook was catching on. Groupon did not
exist. Blackberry ruled the mobile universe. Twitter had launched. Nobody had heard of QR Codes or the
iPad. Keywords actually worked for your website. Android was an alien being. And no one had heard of
content marketing.
That was just three years ago. Imagine what will happen during the next three years.
Since 1994, The Idea People have taken our clients to where the web is going. We were one of the first web
companies in Atlanta to develop our own website content mangement system called The BOSS in 2001. It
operated on the backend of our client websites to allow them to update text and images on their website
by themselvesrevolutionary in 2001. We developed a real-time web application in 1999 that helped the
Greenville-Spartanburg Airport display flight arrivals and departures via their websiterevolutionary in 1999.
Today, we help all types of companies, from start-ups to 150 year-old businesses, combine sophisticated
web applications and creative website design to allow users to conduct business, download software,
monitor profiles and accounts, and connect to their customers and social communities.

Push to 2015

Forward thinking. Proactive and trendsetting. Raising the

benchmark. Market leaders. These are phrases that our
clients use when describing how they want their business
to be perceived in the marketplace.
It takes technology and Internet savvy to create momentum
and opportunities for businesses to grow in todays
competitive marketplace.
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You can't just ask customers
what they want and then try
to give that to them. By the
time you get it built, they'll
want something new.
- Steve Jobs
What is Push to 2015

Push to 2015

is a technology initiative that we developed here at The Idea People to help prepare our
clients for how business will be transacted and how your customers will be interacting with technology
and the web.
Push to 2015

is our all-encompassing campaign that pulls together wired and wireless web devices,
smartphones, tablets, geolocation and QR code campaigns, custom content delivery, e-commerce,
personalized interactive applications, video, and your customers social media lifestyle.
Moblle and smart phones emerge as leadlng
collaboration devices
lPads and tablets replace 1]3 of desktop and
laptop computers
Content ls dellvered to customers based on thelr
geographic location
50% of software and data ls accessed from the cloud
The search englnes have dlvlded thelr maln search lnto
smaller topic-based engines
Some format of k codes or "smart bar codes" wlll
hold multimedia, interactive order forms, product
videos, and customer profile information
0eveloplng and dellverlng custom content wlll emerge as the prlmary asset ln marketlng and sales
Soclal medla marketlng and lnternet marketlng wlll allgn much closer together as a mlgratlon to dellverlng
custom content plcks up speed
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The Idea People identify upcoming trends for 2015.
What makes the biggest impact
on your lead generation goals?
current statistics
How will todays trends change
in the next 3 years?
Source: 0ctober 2011 lndependent Study by
The Idea People
What can you do to prepare?
Create a custom technology marketlng strategy.
Comblne marketlng wlth technology and use the strengths of both teams to spark a new rallylng polnt for
your customers.
ldentlfy how your customers use technology ln thelr soclal llves and mlrror that wlth marketlng campalgns
that produce posltlve results.
Personallze the way that you lnteract wlth customer bases. Shelf the "corporate speak" and talk wlth
customers through soclal medla channels at thelr level.
Mlgrate the way you thlnk to "custom content development".
our customers only want to read lnformatlon that ls hlghly-relevant to how and why they make purchaslng
declslons. The search englnes are also movlng more toward dellverlng hlghly-relevant search results.
2011 The ldea People. All rlghts reserved. lhTFkhFT FXPFkT SFklFS | | 70.398.37 P0
Fxpand telephone and ln-person aspects of your customer servlce to the web wlth a custom web appllcatlon.
web appllcatlons allow your customers to lnteract wlth you on thelr tlme schedule.
"Moblllze" your customer touch polnts by ensurlng that your websltes and web appllcatlons are moblle-
frlendly and operate on all moblle 0S platforms.
use vldeo. Put press releases, customer lnstructlons, product]servlce tutorlals, new product releases, and
company storles on the web wlth vldeo. vldeo ls the closest you can get to actually slttlng down and
speaklng wlth customers. 8ut vldeo does lt on thelr tlmetable!
Create multlple onllne touch-polnts for your customers wlth content-drlven portals. Content wlll rule the
search englnes. our customers want content that ls extremely targeted to thelr unlque needs. lf you have
multlple products or servlces, create speclal 3-page web portals that are entlrely focused on one speclflc
product or servlce. F-newsletters. F-streams. weblnars.
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About The Idea People
The Idea People are here to help you transform and strengthen your online business presence with creative web design, custom
web application development, and Internet customer marketing. Please call Jay Joyce at The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email to schedule a private meeting to discuss your plans for your Push to 2015

and where the web is going

Elements you will soon see in a browser near you in 2012.
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Technology and the Internet prove every month, quarter, and year that change is the fuel that drives customers to the latest gadgets
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