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PUNE: 411027
VIJAY ARUN YANDE EMAIL: vijay.yande@gmail.com
PHONE: (+91) 98901 59599

Total Experience: 6 Years


C Sharp 2 Years
C, C++, Visual C++ 3 Years
SQL Server 5 Years
MFC (Sockets) 1.5 Years
Visual Basic 6 3 Years
Crystal Report 4 Years

Other Skills
Power Builder, .Net, Oracle 8

Professional Work Experience

Company Period

Ensim India Pvt Ltd (Microsoft Gold Partner) From Feb 2006 – till date
Systime Computer Systems Ltd. From Sep 2005 to Feb 2006 (6 months)
E2 Business Solutions, Inc. From June 2004 to Sep 2005(1.3 yrs)
Midriff Net Solutions Aug 2000 to May 2004 (3.9 Years)
Softdeal Computers Dec 1999 to Aug 2000 (1 Year)

Professional Achievements

Received the “ON-THE-SPOT-AWARD” for finding a solution of a critical security issue in the
application from ‘Ensim India Pvt Ltd’.

Educational Qualification

SSC Maharashtra State Board of Sec. and higher sec edu. (1995) 83%
DCT Maharashtra State Board of Tech. Exam 1995 – 1998 63%
DAC C-DAC (Post Graduate Course) (Vashi) Jul 98 - Jan 99 69%
BCA Pursuing from IGNOU from Jan 2003 (last semester)
Mobility and over the air provisioning of Mobile Device (Ensim India
Private Ltd)
Provisioning a Windows Mobile 5.0-based device involves creating a provisioning file that contains
configuration information, and then sending the file to the device. There are several ways to deliver the
provisioning file to the device. (You might have received a configuration SMS from your operator when you
have first time activated GPRS, MMS service on your mobile. Upon saving SMS, automatically configures

I) A device that is connected to a desktop by a USB connection

In case of auto configuration exe, user needs to update resource information of the EXE file
and let the user download and run the exe. When this exe runs, it reads information from
resource and automatically configures Mobile device settings using RAPI (Remote
application programming)
II) Over the air (OTA)
A SMS containing mobile provisioning instructions is sent to user’s mobile device. User sees
prompt for saving settings and upon saying yes settings are applied to the mobile device.

Technologies used: ASP.Net (C#), VC++, Active Sync, Remote API, Mobile SDK, Emulator, SQL Server
Member: 2 Members
Period: 6 Month
Role: Research, design and implementation of solution. Writing Functional specification, UI Design, Coding,
database design including stored procedures.

Email SDK (Ensim India Private Ltd)

A SDK kit for other developers to integrate custom email solutions into Ensim Unify solution. For example
smarter email. There are lots of custom email solutions available in market. It’s nearly impossible to provide
separate service manager to each email solution. This kit enables customers (developers) to write their own
solution that will integrate into Ensim Unify. Developers need to implement the interface. Then SDK
dynamically loads the custom DLL and executes the appropriate functions.

Technologies: C#, SQL Server, Reflection

Team Size: 10
Duration: 6 Months
Role: Research and design of API and Implementation using .Net Reflection, Database design and UI design.
Also worked on stored procedures.

ONQ-Dialtime (Systime Computer Systems Ltd)

This is transactional management solution for prepaid telephony business. It gives Real time tracking of sales
data. Dialtime provides prepaid services like prepaid mobile, electricity, Internet access, Multimedia, Calling
cards, etc for users. These things are managed by dialtime. This is three tire architecture. POSH (point of
sale host) which manages the transactions and point of sale. OLI (Onq Loyalty Interface) manages business
logic. Every POS is a small terminal which is a touch screen interface. User need to swipe the card and enter
pin number for validation. This communication between systems is through TCP/IP.
KIOSK – In McDonald’s restaurant, customers can give orders using touch screen interface. They choose items
and confirm order. This system works in conjunction with dialtime as a client.

Technologies: VC++ 6.0, MFC - Sockets, SQL server

Role: As a developer on KIOSK system, coding.
SEO (EcompanyInABox, Inc)
Search Engine Optimization is a process by which you increase the ranking of your web site in organic search
engines (www.google.com). Pages having higher rank get listed in top position than pages having lower rank
(Larry Page Algorithm). ERP named EVEREST (www.icode.com) having integrated web solution was basically
the main target, but can work on any database. The main function of this app is to use the this database to
optimize all its customers website so that it would be listed into top 10 listing of the Google, Yahoo, Etc. I
have to search products, categories, etc. on search engines apply lengthy string processing algorithm and
store them in to database. Accordingly the Web page title, Meta tags are generated which helps to increase
page ranking. There is also automatic clicking on links to increase ranking. There are already some tools
available like WebCEO (www.webceo.com). But this application works on lower lever than this application
and gives better control and better automation.
Also developed some tools, which shows the ranking and statistics related to Search engine optimization
(SEO). These statistics helps lot in organizing and deciding your keywords and add campaign on Google and
other search engines.

Technologies: C#, SQL Server, VBA (in Ms Excel)

Member 4 Member
Period 1.5 Yr
Role: Investigation and development of main application, tools and database design and UI design, coding.

Messenger (Midriff Net Solutions)

This is the standard messenger like Yahoo/MSN messenger developed for one of the leading astrological
website. It is having standard features like text chatting, audio and video. Users can exchange text messages
with text formatting like change colors, font, size, style and emotions. Users are also able to make use of
audio and video for communication. Administrator can define permission for users like audio, video and text
chat; also administrator can control the visibility of the users to each other. Users can send receive files
through messenger window like yahoo but the file size limitation is not applicable like yahoo messenger.
Target user gets prompt to accept the file. When other user permits then only file transfer begins. Users can
block and unblock other users.

The program is developed using MFC Socket classes. Program uses CSocket class for socket interface. For
displaying text, pictures in singles document it uses html. It uses standard windows API calls for audio
recording and it manages to send voice over TCP/IP. It communicates with video camera driver using windows
API calls, and transfer it over TCP/IP. Program uses Access database for storing user data and logging
communication happened between users. It makes low level API call to capture voice and image.

Technologies: VC++ 6.0 (MFC-sockets), Windows 32 API, MS-Access

Period : 8 Months
Members : 3
Role: Involved from beginning, till deployment. Research, development, UI, coding of server and client code.
Also development of Audio, video capturing and streaming data over TCP and design and implementation of
File Transfer, Message Transfer and Database design

Child World (Softdeal Computers)

This is an interactive educational CD-ROM for children. Four dancing cartoons come on the screen and
teaches child through various fun and learn activities. This CD-ROM is marketed by MegaSoft under their
name in India and abroad. Tutors speak in English responds to Childs every movement like keyboard and
mouse. These are like MS-Office 2000’s assistants. When child is correct they responses with claps, gift, etc.
if they are wrong they tells correct answer.

Technologies: Visual Basic 6.0, Text to speech Engine, Microsoft Agent

Project Duration: 1 Year
Role: As a developer worked on creating various fun and learn pages. Implemented animated characters using
Microsoft Agent Technology.
Midriff Net Solutions
This is the standard payroll system. Each employee can have unlimited and different earnings and deductions
with scripting support to calculate custom formula.
Hospital Billing System
This is billing software, which maintains billing of the hospital. This software records expenses made for IPD
and OPD patients and finally at discharge time it generates bill. For staff members they have health scheme
under which they get some amount of discount for one year. It automatically maintains the amount used by
every staff member yearly. It also keeps the record of every patient’s medical history and lab reports. It
generates the detail analysis reports and graphically presents data. It is a multi-user system.
At some installations database size has grown to have more than 70 million rows and is still performing
best in every area of database concepts.
Multilevel Marketing Solution
This is the solutions for multi level marketing firm. Multilevel marketing is having a network structure e.g.
One member when brings another member then first member is called a parent and other is child. Depending
on some conditions parent gets commission. When he completes, some no of members then he gets bonus.
This program visually generates the tree of these members visually displaying member and his sub members.
Calculating commission monthly, yearly and bonus with single click.
School Management System
This is the standard school management system; which was allowing users to manage the daily activity of the
school. Student’s admission, their fees, pending fees, etc. are the part of the system. System could also
handle the task of receipts. Regular reports are also available daily, monthly, yearly, etc.

For above four projects

Technologies: Visual Basic 6, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports, VBA (script)
Role: Database designing and implementation and deployment. Also worked in stored procedures. Various
complicated reports related to applications, using Crystal Reports.
Design and implementation of Generic UI and framework, which is consistent throughout all

1. Participated in State level exhibition and competition of Academic projects named DIPEX (Shodh)

2. Won the consolation prize in National Level exhibition and competition of academic projects
called EXPO

Other Details
Date of birth: 28-04-1980
Birth Place: Pune