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Every shot
tells a story


10.6 10.6 10.6

Hold stage Trigger Hold stage Trigger Hold stage Trigger
10.4 control 10.4 control 10.4 control
stage stage stage
10.2 10.2 10.2

10.0 10.0
Rifle 10.0 Rifle
Rifle 9.8 9.8

9.6 9.6 9.6

9.4 9.4 Pistol 9.4 Pistol

Pistol 9.2 9.2

-2.6 -1.8 -1.0 -0.2 -2.6 -1.8 -1.0 -0.2 -2.6 -1.8 -1.0 -0.2

Poor Average Good

The Noptel ST-2000 products feature accurate

measurement of the gun orientation path on the target
surface before and after the shot, and record the shot Reima Pensala, Firearms Instructor,
Police Technical Centre, Finland:
“Even one miss can be costly and the damage
A skill analysis may be carried out using either
perhaps irreparable. The Noptel ST-2000 makes
a graphical presentation or the numerical data derived
it easy to arrange training sessions. The Noptel
from the path, or both of these.
equipment makes the instructor's work easier and
faster, and it provides great help in identifying and
correcting faults in shooting technique.”
Simple hardware

Training with a service pistol

Juha Hirvi, Amu receives
Olympic Silver Medallist: NOPTEL instruction:

“Regular training with Noptel has clearly given a ”The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit's Service Rifle
boost to the effectiveness and quality of my training. team has been training drill sergeants, officers and
For example, my scores on air rifle have improved units with the best possible techniques on how to
considerably in a very short time. The essential shoot a rifle and be effective with it, along with com-
issue here is the immediate feedback from Noptel, peting in national and interservice competitions.”
which prevents the development of bad shooting

Sport training indoors Military training outdoors

ST-2000 Sport II is an indoor marksmanship training and ST-2000 Combinator is a multifunction trainer for both
analysis device for pistols and rifles. The real shooting distance marksmanship and field training. The unit can be used with
can be from 3 to 50 m. Dozens of shooting disciplines can be blanks or recoil system. It has two operation modes, marks-
simulated at each real shooting distance used. manship shooting with computer and Fighter-type pop-up
target shooting. The battery operated unit can use either a
ST-2000 Marksman is an enhanced marksmanship train- cable connection to a computer or a wireless radio link. The
ing and analysis device intended to be used mainly for military real shooting distance is from 5 to 300 m.
rifles. Outdoor use is also possible in a moderate environment.
The real shooting distance can be from 3 to 150 m. ST-21 Fighter is a versatile but simple and robust
outdoor rifle training device. The battery operated stand-
ST-2000 Pistoltrainer is a marksmanship training and alone unit is used for action training with pop-up targets.
analysis device for service pistols. The real shooting distance is Concurrent use of blanks is also possible. Training distance is
from 3 to 50 m. Using with our special recoil system gives the from 5 to 250 m.
shooter a realistic feeling of the recoil and allows semiautomatic
function of the weapon. ST-21 MiniFighter is the small-size version of Fighter,
meant for indoor training with service pistols and recoil
ST-2000 MilTrainer is an outdoor rifle marksmanship system. Training distance is from 5 to 25 m.
training and analysis device. The real shooting distance is from
10 to 300 m. Several trainees can shoot at a single target simul-
taneously. Concurrent use of blanks or live fire is also possible.

ST-2000 Sniper is the long-range model of the MilTrainer

Series. The real shooting distance is from 10 to 600 m.

ST-2000 BigBore is used for anti-tank shooting training

and analysis up to 500 m. The large measurement area makes it
possible to shoot at moving targets. Pistols • Rifles
Indoor • Outdoor
The maximum shooting distance for ST-2000 products
depends on the number of prisms Day • Night
used on the target.
Short distances • Long distances
All ST-2000 products Standing targets • Moving targets
use the NOS software,
which provides Dry training • Blanks • Recoil system
versatile features Multiple targets • Rapid fire
for training and

Noptel specialize Shooter training systems Quality of the products

in the design and manufacture of innovative have been the main group of Noptel pro- and good servicing are
optoelectronic products based on distance ducts for the last 20 years. Noptel was the among the most important
and position measurement. Our products first company to introduce an advanced op- factors in designing products
are divided into two main categories: tical shooter training and analysis system and systems for expert users.
Shooter training systems and measurement for everyday use by military professionals, The Noptel quality system
systems for industry and defence forces. law enforcement groups and sport shooters was awarded the ISO 9001
Noptel have supplied products and systems alike, and the company is now the leading certificate by Norske Veritas
to more than 60 countries since 1982. supplier of marksmanship training systems in 1997.


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