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1Project Management (Bus 385) Fall 2008 MW 1:15-2:30 pm 3 units Dr. Roger L. Salstrom rsalstrom@jessup.edu www.salstroms.com/WJU/WJU.

Office Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed., 10:30-12:00 am Ph. 577-2273

Text: Project Management: The Managerial Process by Clifford W. Gray and Erik W. Larson, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin, New York, N.Y. 2006 Other articles assigned from the internet Course Description: An overview project management from both strategic and operational points of view. Quantitative methods include project planning, budgeting, evaluation, selection, scheduling and control. Project management software will be used to illustrate the concepts. Qualitative methods include project organization structure, staffing and team building. The role and responsibilities of the project manager will be discussed. Course Objectives The student will be able to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Explain the project life cycle and the basics of Project Management Explain the value of the team approach to project management. Describe the five stage of team development. Plan a project using Microsoft Project. Discuss the role and responsibilities of the Project Manager. Define organizational culture and explain its characteristics and implications for Project Management 7. Discuss the examples of Project Management in the Bible. Course Requirements Midterm I Final Quizzes Homework/class participation Paper and Presentation using Microsoft Project % of Grade 25 25 12.5 12.5 25 Points 100 100 50 50 100

Grade A B C D F Exams 90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 <60


No makeup exams will be given. If one exam is missed, then a zero will be given. If you must miss an exam, then see me in advance to possibly take it early. The format of the exams will be similar to the homework and will consist mainly of problems or short answer questions. Obviously, cheating on the exam will not be tolerated and will result in a zero being given for that exam. Quizzes A closed book quiz will be given at the start of class on the days listed on the schedule on the previous chapter that was discussed. The quiz will be very similar to the quiz on the web site. You will be allowed to drop your lowest quiz. Class Attendance/cell phones/computers Refer to the policy handed out during class Homework Assignments (30 points)/Class Participation (20 points) The homework assignments will be questions and problems that are assigned at the end of the chapters. The specific questions and problems will be given during class. If you miss class it is up to you to get the assignment. You will turn the homework two times during the semester. Doing the homework is the best way to prepare for the exams and to do well in the class. Ten points will be determined by the Biblical example of project management and bringing in an article about project management. The other 20 points will be determined by grading the homework on the following basis each time it is collected: All problems attempted and all correct All the problems attempted and mostly correct Most of the problems attempted and mostly correct Some problems attempted Not turned in 10 points 7-9 points 5-9 points 1-9 points 0 points

Note: Just copying the in class review notes is not attempting the problem. Class participation will be graded; you are expected to be prepared for class and to take active part in the class discussions. Also you are expected to be able to answer the homework questions during the review time. Use the class time to get any of your questions answered on the homework or concepts that you did not understand. Microsoft Project Paper The main purpose of this paper and presentation is to apply and demonstrated your knowledge of the tools and principles of project management to a project of your choice. You will be using Microsoft Project to demonstrate many of the principles. The project detail will be given during the first month of class. Plagiarism Plagiarism is considered a serious offense. Any occurrence will result in a zero for the assignment and will be referred to the Academic Committee to determine if the student may remain in class or in school.

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Chapters Syllabus & Modern Project Management (1) Labor Day Modern Project Management (1) Organizational Strategy & Project Selection (2) Organizational Strategy & Project Selection (2) Organization: Structure and Culture (3) Defining the Project (4) Guest Speaker (WJU Construction) Defining the Project (4) Estimating Project Times and Costs (5) Developing a Project Plan (6) Developing a Project Plan (6) Developing a Project Plan (6) Review Midterm I (1-6) Fall Midterm Break Managing Risk (7) and Appendix 7.1 Scheduling Resources (8) Scheduling Resources (8) Reducing Project Duration (9) Reducing Project Duration (9) Guest speaker Sumi Smith Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager (10) Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager (10) Managing Project Teams (11) Partnering: Managing Interorganizational Relations (12) Thanksgiving Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation (13) International Projects (15) Project Report & Presentation Review & Project Reports & Presentations Final 1:00-3:00 pm

Homework R 1,3,4 E 2,4 Quiz 1 R 2,4,7 E 1,2,6 Quiz 2; R 1,3 E 2,4 Quiz 3 R 1,7,8 E 1,3 Quiz 4; R 3,4,6 E 2,3 Quiz 5 R 1,4,5,6 Quiz 6 R 1,2,4,7 E 3,4 Quiz 7 & Turn in homework 1-7 R 2,3 E 1,6 Quiz 8 R 1,5,6 E 1,2,3 Quiz 9 R 1,3,7 E 2,6 (1,2& 5) Quiz 10; R 1,4,5,6 E 1,2(b&c) Quiz 11; R 2,4,5 Quiz 12 R 1,3,6 E 1,2,3,4 Quiz 13 R 3,4,5 E 3 Turn in homework 8-15