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AciduIate ;07- \l- si-jl- lt\ To make food or liquids slightly acidic

by adding vinegar or lemon juice to it.

cup of roselle juice diluted is better to ,./:,90 with than the lemon

Aerate ;07- \ er- t\ The term means the same as "to sift". Dry
ingredients passed through a sifter or fine mesh strainer to break up
clumped pieces. t also incorporates air into ingredients making them
You should aerate the soil before planting the seeds.

eat ;erb \bt\ To stir vigorously in a circular motion.
-You must first beat the eggs.

raise ;07- \ brz\ - A method of cooking in which very little liquid is
used and the food is cooked over several hours in a sealed pan.
Tougher cuts of meat are better prepared this way.
- He braised the beef in a wine sauce.

45 ;07- \ chp\ A small cut of meat taken from the rib section and
commonly including a portion of the rib itself. Also referring to quick,
heavy blows of a cleaver or knife when preparing foods.
-Chop the carrots into small cube-shape.

4uIis 34:3 \k- l\ A culinary term used generally to describe a
thick puree, sauce, or soup.
- Try LIem wILI meILed buLLer, or LurLure suuce or u LomuLo coulis.

ice 34:3 \ ds\ Foods that are cut into cubes about 1/8 to inch
- Chop the onions into dice.

258. 4II45 34:3 \ d-llp\ A small amount of semi solid food placed on
top of another food.
- My piece of pie was served with a dollop of whipped cream.

259. 34I4 34:3 \- n-ll-j\ The science or study of winemaking, also
spelled, "oenology.

260. 5icure 34:3 \ e-pi- ky:r\ Anyone that possesses an appreciation
and understanding of fine foods and wine.
- Thomas Jefferson was one of merica's first greatepicures.

261. FiIIet 34:3 \ fi-llt\ A boneless cut of meat or fish, also, the action of
removing flesh from the bone to obtain the fillet.
juicy fillet of beef.

262. Fr4t 34:3 \ fr4th\ A cooking term referring to a layer of foam
consisting of tiny bubbles or the process used to achieve them.
-!utting some froth as a design is a good idea.

263. GarIic Press 34:3 \ gr-lik pres\ A kitchen utensil used to press a
clove of garlic through small perforations thereby extracting both pulp
and juice.
think you should use that garlic press instead.

264. Gri3d ;07- \ grnd\ To reduce a food substance to fine, medium, or
coarse particles.
Grind the meat till medium.

265. Has 34:3 \ hash\ - A dish of finely chopped meats & vegetables
(usually leftovers are used) combined with seasonings and sauted until
golden brown.
sLIII muke poLuLo pIe und poLuLo ,s IIke my mom used Lo muke!

266. Herbs 34:3\ lrb\ Any of a variety of aromatic plants very used in
cookery, not only the season hot dishes but also used in salads or as a
vegetable by themselves. n previous times, the term "herbs once
included all plants and vegetables that grew above ground, those
growing below ground were considered "roots.
dish seasoned with chopped fresh herbs

267. 3cise ;07- \in- sz\ The technique of making shallow incisions into
meats or fish with a sharp knife for the purpose of either tenderization or
to insert herbs/spices into the flesh.
He used the knife to incise the meat.

268. 3terIardi3 ;07- \ in-tlr- lrd\ The technique of inserting thin strips
of pork fat called "lardons into lean cuts of meat using a larding needle.
Similar to larding, with interlarding, the fat is left protruding from the
surface of the meat whereas larding is achieved by submersing the fat
wholly in the flesh.
lllleL a sole and lnLerlard each plece wlLh a blL of anchovy

269. amaica3 erk 34:3 \jl- m-kln jlrk\\ A Caribbean cooking
technique, also, the seasoning blend used. Primarily used in grilled
preparations such as pork or chicken, the seasoning blend usually
consists of ground chilies, thyme, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves,
garlic, and onions. The seasonings are either rubbed into the meat or
mixed with a liquid to create a marinade.
!amalcan [erk ls such perfecL

270. eII-R4II Pa3 34:3 \ je-l-rl pan \ A baking pan, rectangular in
shape, about 1 inch deep, used to make sheet or sponge cakes used
for jelly rolls.
- Jelly-roll pan are also used for other baking projects like cookies.

271. K3eadi3 ;07- \ nd\ The process by which a mixture of dough is
made smoother, softer, and more elastic by working with the heel of the
hand also incorporating air and additional ingredients at the same time.
nead the dough until it is smooth.

272. K4be eef \ k-b bf\ An exclusive grade of beef cattle produced
in Japan. The production of this beef is very limited and extremely
expensive to obtain. The cattle are subjected to a treatment of limited
mobility, massaged with sake, and fed a selective diet that includes
plentiful amounts of beer, resulting in extremely tender and full flavored
obeeefis delicious yet expensive.

273. adIe 34:3 \ l-d
l\ A large bowl-shaped spoon with a long handle
used for serving soups and stews, there are also smaller ladles with a
lip on the bowl used for basting with the cooking juices and for spooning
The chef hunted for a ladle to add the chicken broth to the pot.

274. iais43 34:3 \ l-l- zn\ A thickening agent added to soups sauces
or other mixtures. Common liaisons are roux, cornstarch, and egg yolks.
You could use some liaisons to thicken that sauce.

275. Mari3ade 34:3 \ mer-l- nd\ A seasoned liquid either cooked or
uncooked, used to soak foods for varying lengths of time for the
purpose of adding flavor to the food, but also to soften the fibers of
meats. n many cases the marinade maybe used for deglazing or to
make an accompanying sauce.
variety of spicy 2arinades.

276. MuII ;07- \ mll\ To flavor a beverage or liquid with various
ingredients, usually spices, by heating it.
s its Christmas, let's mull some wine.

277. Na55e 34:3 \ nap\ A French term meaning to cover food with a light,
thin, layer of sauce.
I nappe a leg of lamb with glaze.

278. NutraceuticaI 34:3 \ n-trl- s-ti-kll\ - A nutraceutical is any food
that is nutritionally enhanced with nutrients, vitamins, or herbal
Better eat nutraceutical to make you strong and away from sickness.

279. OIeai34us PIa3ts 34:3 \ -l- a-jl-nls plant\ Fruits, seeds, and
plants with a fat content of 60 to 40 percent and rich in proteins. Their
main uses are as a source for oils, or roasted and salted for consuming.
They include almonds, pistachios, peanuts, olives, walnuts, etc. and the
seeds of sunflower, safflower, poppy, etc.
1he baLLle Lo boosL Lhe Afrlcan oleaglnous planL secLor needs Lo be conducLed ln boLh Lhe large
commerclal planLaLlons and Lhe smallerscale ones

280. O5e3 Faced 34:3 \ -pln - fst\ A culinary term used in menu
descriptions for a dish consisting of one slice of bread topped with
various ingredients which may be served hot or cold.
nopen-faced sandwich

281. Pastr Ie3der 34:3 \ ps-tr blen-dlr\ A kitchen tool consisting of
parallel U-shaped steel wires with both ends attached to a wooden
handle. t is used in making pastry dough to incorporate a cold fat into a
flour mixture by "cutting in or blending the ingredients without applying
!astry blender is an old tool yet its useful in many ways.

282. Piqua3t ,/ \ p-klnt, - knt; pi-kwlnt\ - A term used culinary to
describe foods that are agreeably pungent.
!iquant vegetables seasoned with pepper.

283. QuadriIIer 34:3 \kw- drillr\ - To mark the surface of grilled or broiled
food with a crisscross pattern of lines. The scorings are produced by
contact with very hot single grill bars, which brown the surface of the
food. Very hot skewers may also be used to mark the surface.
&se quadriller in the barbecues.

284. Quick reads 34:3 \ kwik bred\\ A term describing breads that do
not require kneading or time to rise because either baking powder or
baking soda are used as the levener.
Recipe collection of quick bread recipes.

285. Ra3cid ,/ \ ran(t)-sld\ A term describing fatty foods or the fat itself
which has gone stale due to oxidation of the fat. This is accelerated by
exposure to light, high temperatures, or prolonged contact with a
metallic substance.
Some foods become rancid quickly.

286. R4IIi3 Pi3 34:3 \ rl-ling pin\ A kitchen tool used primarily to roll
out dough, but has many other uses as well. Although there are varying
types, one characteristic remains with all, a perfectly symmetrical
cylinder top make the dough evenly flattened.
TrunsIer LIe roIIed ouL pusLry Lo LIe Lop oI LIe pIe usIng LIe 7olling
pin In LIe sume wuy descrIbed Ior LIe buse pusLry.

287. SaddIe 34:3 \ sa-d
l\ A cut of meat consisting of the two loins from
the rib section to the haunch or tail, most commonly from hare, rabbit,
lamb, or venison.
Teach me how to use saddle cut in a recipe.

288. SaIad 34:3 \ sa-lld\ A dish of raw or cold, cooked food usually
seasoned or dressed with a cold sauce, served as an hors d'oeuvre,
side dish, or appetizer.
salad of fresh greens.

289. Ta3d44r Ove3 34:3 \tn- d:r l-vln\ A round top oven made of
bricks and clay used to cook foods with direct heat produced from a fire
made in the back of the oven.
purchased a home tandoor oven early this year and it has been absolutely

290. Tem5ura 34:3 \ tem-pl-rl \ A Japanese technique of batter dipping
and deep frying foods, particularily fish and vegetables.
Tempu7, vegeLubIes und LIe cIIcken suLuy LIuL come wILI deIIcIous
cruncIy peunuL und sweeL cIIII suuces.

291. &3Ieave3ed adj ( n-l v nd) - Describing any baked good that has no
leavener, such as yeast, baking powder, or baking soda (flat breads).
He is so good that he can tell if it is unleavened or not.

292. &3m4uId verb/nmold/ The careful removal of a food shaped in a
mould such as cakes and terrines.
The cake was perfectly unmould.

293. Vea3 34:3 \ v-gln\ Referring to dishes prepared absolutely
vegetarian, without the use or contact of any animal product
'm on a vegan diet.

294. Vi3airette 34:3 \ vi-ni- gret\ A basic preparation of oil and vinegar,
combined and seasoned.
My favorite salad dressing is vinaigrette which is made with oil, vinegar, and

295. Wi5 ;07- \ hwip, wip\ To beat ingredients vigorously to incorporate
air increasing the volume of the preparation.
Just continue whipping that mixture.

296. Wisk 34:3 \ hwisk, wisk\ A kitchen utensil consisting of a series of
wires around a handle used to whip or mix ingredients.
Use the whisk as you whip the eggs.

297. Y4ke 34:3 \ yk\ - A substance that binds or holds ingredients
ou can use some yoke in your ingredients.

298. Y4Ik 34:3 \ yk\ - The yellow colored center of an egg.
The yolk of the egg was as bright yellow as the morning sun.

299. Zest 34:3 \ zest\ The outermost covering of citrus fruits containing
aromatic oils.
The recipe calls for a tablespoon of lemon est.

300. Zu55a 34:3 \ ts-pl- \ The talian word for "soup".
An talian costumer is asking for a zuppa.

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