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Long-Distance WiFi
Posted on October 12, 2011 by weyes

About Long Distance WiFi Whats long distance WiFi? A long distance WiFi access point i access to the Internet. Creating a network of these devices gives different locations of an aggregate services so they can afford a better connection by sharing costs. Besides, it can offices (such as clinics, field offices, and government locations) together on a broadband

device that allows one or more locations to connect to distant Internet services in order to

office to share information and communicate with each other. Inveneo identifies, sources

range long distance Outdoor WiFi product like wifi antenna for use in rural settings. Inve

local partners then can design wireless networks using these devices that are cost effectiv

supported and meet the organizations operational needs. Key features: access points th

network and device setup, with integrated software that has an internal webserver with e

accessible from any standard web browser rugged wireless routers that can be used in m

configurations, for long-distance point-to-point links or to connect multiple locations co

two radios and choices of antennas for a variety of network configurations including patc connectors lightning protection Key hardware design features: One or two WiFi radio

designed for the harshest environments with waterproofed and ruggedized cases, a water

point-to-multipoint WLAN or relay station Includes Power-Over-Ethernet injector, pol

choice of patch, 24dBi dish, or omni antenna Operable from 12 VDC (110/240 VAC adap

Network connectivity links from 1km up to 100km Rugged, waterproof enclosure Net Establish point-to-point link between large skyscrapers or other office buildings. Bring

for faster set-up Applications 1. Business Provide coverage to a large office or business c

construction sites or research labs. Simplify networking technologies by coalescing arou

Internet related widely used technologies, limiting or eliminating legacy technologies suc

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11/22/2011 10:14 PM

Long-Distance WiFi | weyes

these can be dedicated to uses where they actually are needed. 2. Residential Bring Inter

cable/DSL cannot be hooked up at the location. Bring Internet to a vacation home or co 3. Nonprofit/Government Connect widespread physical guard posts, e.g. for foresters,

mountain or on a lake. Bring Internet to a yacht or large seafaring vessel. Share a neigh

area, without any new wiring In tourist regions, fill in cell dead zones with Wi-Fi coverag

connectivity for local tourist trade operators Reduce costs of dedicated network infrast

security by applying modern encryption and authentication. In general, a wireless infrast Connect critical opinion leaders, infrastructure such as schools and police stations, in a

more robust security by default than wired infrastructure, which relies on physical access

can maintain Build resilient infrastructure with cheaper equipment than an impoverishe

afford, i.e. rather than using a military-class network technology that must leave with the

military, use (and leave behind) commercial grade tools Reduce costs and simplify/prot commercial technologies like Wi-Fi especially as they are used in mobile devices.
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cheaper simpler equipment that draws less fuel and battery power; In general these are h
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