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John Crane Production Solutions offers energy efficient fiberglass sucker rods (FSR) for the most extreme heavy load applications, severe corrosion environments and applications where more production is desired without having to upgrade current surface equipment.

FSR Fiberglass Sucker Rods

Our FSRs are lighter and stronger than steel, allowing for reduced failures and workover costs due to less stress on your equipment, lowering overall operating costs.

FSR Testing
Cyclic stress testing is utilized for our FSRs and is accomplished by randomly selecting completed FSR in a continuous and rapid cycle tester. Our FSRs are subjected to extreme stress ranges from 0 to 40,800 lbs of force for millions of cycles at a speed of 30 cycles per minute to ensure our product is second to none. Additional Accessories Pony rods Fishing tools Temperature tools Fiberglass Mud Anchors / Gas Seperators

Available in 37.5 rod lengths and diameters of 3/4, 7/8, 1 and 1 1/4 Elastic rod string, allowing more fluid to be produced with each cycle Reduced energy consumption Resists corrosion

Couplings Shear Tools Back-off tools

When you combine our top quality products with our exceptional service, the competition doesnt stand a chance. Contact your Production Solutions representative today for more information. www.productionsolutions.net 6308 West I-20 Midland, TX 79706 Phone: 432.685.3334 Email: info@productionsolutions.net

3604 Bethel Drive Big Spring, TX 79720 Phone: 432.267.9800

one-on-one with the well

John Crane Production Solutions Inc. Sucker Rod Data Sheet 09/09

FSR Technical Data and Operating Properties

Technical Data

Rod Size Rod Body Diameter Rod Body Area Weight Per Foot @ 37.5 API Pin Size End Fitting Diameter
Operating Properties

3/4 .735 .424 sq. in. .4840 3/4 1.50

7/8 .858 .578 sq. in. .6108 3/4 1.50

1 .980 .754 sq. in. .8188 7/8 1.625

1 1/4 1.225 1.18 sq. in. 1.2879 1 2.00

Tensile Strength* (psi) Min/Max Max Short Term Load (lbs)

90,000/115,000 20,000

90,000/115,000 25,000

90,000/115,000 35,000

90,000/115,000 50,000

Design Modulus for John Crane Production Solutions Sucker Rods = 7.2MM
* Limited by steel end fittings and couplings

Minimum Pump Length Calculator

Pump Length (working) (Pump length should be calculated with highest pump intake pressure) 9 x Footage of FSR x 1.75 1,000 = ________________ inches (A)

Maximum anticipated down hole pump or surface stroke, whichever is greater

= ________________ inches (B)

Plunger length = ________________ inches (C) 2 x Seating Nipple Depth 1,000 = _________________ inches (D)

Length of Pump = (A + B + C + D) = ________________ inches

Pump Spacing 9 x Footage of FSR 1,000 2 x Seating Nipple Depth 1,000

Total distance off bottom ______________ inches

6308 West I-20

Midland, TX 79706

Phone: 432.685.3334

3604 Bethel Drive

Big Spring, TX 79720

Phone: 432.267.9800

John Crane Production Solutions Inc.