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Study on Pollution Control Measures of Electromagnetic Radiation Based on Ideas of Energy-saving

ZHANG Zhong-feng, ZHANG Ji-juan, MA Qing-zhi College of Materials Science and Engineering Central South University of Forestry and Technology Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R. China
AbstractElectronic products plays an un-replaceable role in modern society. But An increase in the number of people in and the world having of health problems and caused data by electromagnetic radiation pollution. Based on test reports large numbers literature about electromagnetic radiation, the types and characteristics of electromagnetic radiation pollution had been analyzed. And the body endanger of electromagnetic radiation pollution were studied systematically. On this basis, the pollution control measures of electromagnetic radiation were made an in-depth dissertation to protect the health of people. KeywordsPollution Control Measures, Electromagnetic

was large-scale use of electrical appliances, such as electric mattress, television, computers, fluorescent lamps, microwave ovens, induction cooker, cordless phones, mobile phones, air-conditioning, hair dryer, electric ovens, vacuum cleaners, frying machine, coffee machines, electronic watches, air cleaners, radios and so there are different levels of electromagnetic radiation[2-5]. These high-tech products produced by electromagnetic radiation, but also become the indoor air pollution, radioactive pollution and noise pollution after another indoor environmental pollutant. Therefore, this article on the types of sources of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiation hazards, and its prevention and control measures carried out assessment and research. 2 ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION SOURCES

Radiation, Ideas of Energy-saving

With the development of civilization, humanity has 1 INTRODUCTION entered into the information society. A lot of TV, radio stations, radar, satellite communications, microwave transit stations, mobile communications and other equipment associated with electromagnetic radiation is increasing. These facilities for human life and development has played an important role, but also created an environment of electromagnetic radiation energy density increases. In recent years, as a result of electromagnetic radiation pollution caused by interference, so that between residents and businesses the contradictions occur from time to time, and the trend has intensified. If we try to identify the types of pollution sources are mainly two types of natural and artificial. Earth itself is a big sunlight itself is a band of

Social competition is brutal, treatment of any person is equal, if you can actively face the competition, perhaps you are the main competition, so the face of fierce social competition experience to shorten the time to speed up the work efficiency, people had to rely on electronic communication tools, electronic office tools, household appliances, such as to maintain their own high-performance, fast work and life. Lead to office automation equipment, mobile communications equipment, and household appliances rapid access to our living space[1-3]. But these few thousands of electronic products without the protection of the human body bundled in a full-intensive network of harmful radiation. Scientific research shows that not only mobile phones, in the family

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electromagnetic waves, as well as electromagnetic waves generated by lightning planet. Artificial electromagnetic radiation generated based categories: broadcast television transmission systems, such as television transmission tower, radio station; wireless communications launch systems such as mobile phone base stations; high-pressure delivery systems, such as high-tension line, substation; electrified railway, such as magnetic levitation industry, science, medical use of electromagnetic energy facilities, such as high frequency smelting furnace. 3 POLLUTION FORM OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION At present, the international community, there are two different perspectives: a view that long-term low-dose exposure to harmful to health; another kind that only reached a high enough intensity can be affected adversely. China's electromagnetic radiation, almost all researchers agree with the former. Electromagnetic radiation hazards to humans are divided into thermal effects, non-thermal effect and the cumulative effect [2-3]. Thermal effect is the high-frequency electromagnetic waves on living organisms cells heating effect caused by temperature rise, as a result of electromagnetic waves penetrate the biological surface is a direct effect on the internal organization, often do not see what the body surface, and the internal organization has severe burns on the heart vascular system is palpitations, head up, insomnia, leucopenia, decreased immune function and so on; on the visual system is the visual impact of decline caused by cataract, etc.; the impact on the reproductive system is to reduce sexual function, reduced sperm quality of men, pregnant women occur spontaneous abortion, fetal malformation [2-3]. A non-thermal effect is the impact of low-frequency electromagnetic waves. Human being electromagnetic radiation, the temperature has not significantly increased, it has interfered with weak electromagnetic fields inherent in the human body, so that the human body in a state of equilibrium, the destruction of the weak electromagnetic field so that the blood, lymph and cellular changes caused by protoplast cells DNA damage and genetic mutations and abnormal, which caused Series diseases such as

leukemia, cancer, birth defects and so on. Non-thermal effects include physical effect (effect) and chemical effects. At present, many experts and scholars believe that the effects of electromagnetic fields on human tissues have a chemical effect is much larger than thermal effects, which can be seen non-thermal effects "of mass destruction [2-3]. After the accumulation effect should promptly the human body receives the radiation, restore without enough time by the radiation damage, the long time is become the permanent morbid state. The role of these two effects on the human body, on the human body has not yet had time to repair the damage, in this role by the electromagnetic radiation, the extent of the cumulative harm. The cumulative effect of long-term in nature can be a serious life-threatening [2-3]. 4 BODY ENDANGER OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION POLLUTION Electromagnetic radiation, colorless, odorless, invisible, people may be exposed every day in different slow and indirect electromagnetic radiation without realizing it, easy to lose sight of the harm. Public health experts have said that the electromagnetic radiation on people's influence is ubiquitous, but not terrible, could be more appropriate for the prevention, so as to reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation, the hazards are mainly six aspects. It is very likely that children suffering from leukemia caused by one of the reasons why. Electromagnetic radiation at high long-term environment, make the blood, lymph and cell protoplast change. It can induce cancer and accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells. Electromagnetic radiation pollution will affect the body's circulatory system, immune, reproductive and metabolic function, but also evoked serious cancer, and will accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells. Impact on the reproductive system, mainly to lower sperm quality for men, pregnant women occurred in spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation. It can lead to children's intelligence incomplete. World Health Organization, computers, televisions, mobile

phone electromagnetic radiation have adverse effects on the fetus. Impact on people's cardiovascular system, manifested as palpitations, insomnia, and some women's menstrual disorders, heart movement excessively slow, the heart wrestles the volume of blood to reduce, the Dou heart rhythm is uneven, the white blood cell reduces, immunologic function drop and so on. People's visual system is adversely affected. Because human eyes are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation organs, excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution will cause a decline in visual acuity, cataract, etc.. High doses of electromagnetic radiation will affect and could destroy the human body the original biological current and biological magnetic field is the body's electromagnetic field the original exception occurs. It is worth noting that different people or the same person at different ages on the carrying capacity of electromagnetic radiation is not the same as, the elderly, children, pregnant women are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation crowd. 5 CONTROL MEASURES ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION POLLUTION In the modern information society, completely avoid the electromagnetic pollution is impossible. Therefore, we must take effective measures to prevent electromagnetic pollution, and safeguard human health. A The protection of high-risk groups Living and working in high-tension lines, substations, radio and television stations, radar, electromagnetic transmission tower near the staff; frequent use of electronic devices, medical equipment, office automation equipment, personnel; to live in a modern electrical automation environment staff; wear cardiac stroke patients browser; environment to live in more than pregnant women, children, the elderly and the sick, etc., should be aware of indoor electromagnetic radiation pollution in the extent, if the environment of electromagnetic radiation pollution is relatively high, it is necessary to take corresponding measures. B The correct choice of equipment, to reduce the radiation equipment Electronic products electromagnetic radiation

performance is different, as we choose radiation small accessories, in order to reduce electromagnetic radiation. If the ordinary mouse 0.1T, ordinary keyboard 0.11T, wireless mouse top 0.53T, wireless keyboard top 0.96T, the top wireless gateway 0.15T, printers 0.11T, fax machines 0.2T, more than the power of radiation equipment is not large, can be assured use, but the wireless keyboard, wireless mouse radiation larger, to be used to control the use of time to protection. Another example is cell phone radiation is a direct attack on the eyes. Cell phone use, resulting in the microwave for one minute will make the eyes temperature 0.02 degrees Celsius, some people suffer from cataract is the most frightening thing is that wearing metal frame glasses playing cell phone. Metal spectacle frames because of electromagnetic fields can lead to increased use of mobile phones on the absorption of radiation will increase 63 percent, so that the eye injury suffered even more serious. C Places the equipment correctly, maintains the reasonable distance Do not let the electronic products huddle together. Electronic products should not be placed too concentrated or frequently used together, especially television, computers, refrigerators should not focus on display in the bedroom so as not to climb their own ears in the super-agent, radiation risk. The electromagnetic field is the best protection with the launch of the source to maintain a certain safe distance between the electromagnetic fields of various frequencies is attenuated with distance and quickly. General distance high voltage transmission line 50 meters of a 100 meters away its power frequency electromagnetic field intensity and the environment near background values; 30 centimeters away from the computer screen is far, the electromagnetic radiation intensity is far below the radiation exposure limits; distance color TV and microwave oven 1 meters away from the relative security. Reduce standby. When the moratorium on the use of electrical appliances, it is best to not let their time in standby mode, because at this time, produce more weak electromagnetic fields, radiation will also have

accumulated a long time. Wash the face and the hands promptly. And electrical contacts, it is necessary to clean bare skin timely; it will reduce the radiation suffered more than 70%. D The establishment of human-computer evaluation system The establishment of human-computer combination, quality control evaluation mechanism of electromagnetic radiation. Complicated electromagnetic environment, the development of science and pollution control standards and assessment, is directly related to pollution prevention and control can effectively implement. Shall, in accordance with a combination of qualitative and quantitative principles, relying on integrated prevention and control, the establishment of human-computer combination of prevention and treatment capacity assessment system, to take mechanical certification, pollution-level assessment, quality-control approach, the implementation of electromagnetic radiation traction and development. E Positive drug control and treat electromagnetic pollution Apart from the emission source, but also the use of shielding, limiting working hours, increase body resistance and so on. Indirectly, including the adoption of the precautionary approach to conditioning, such as drugs, such as eating some vitamin A, vitamin C and protein foods such as carrots, seaweed, cabbage and animal liver and so on, to strengthen the body's ability to resist electromagnetic radiation. REFERENCES
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