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Compiled with the assistance of the Tiger University Program of the Estonian Information Technology Foundation

Beginning iOS Development

Ilja morgun, Jaagup Kippar

Requirements for developing iOS apps Object oriented programming Model-View-Controller Header and implementation les Xcode and Interface Builder

Requirements for Developing iOS Apps

What you will need

A Mac Preferably an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad Xcode An iOS Developer Subscription

Xcode can be downloaded through

Tallinn University developer subscription Mac App Store if you have Mac OS X 10.7

Object Oriented Programming

Non-OOP programs may be a one "long"

list of commands

Object Oriented Programming

OOP programs group smaller sections of

these commands into functions or subroutines each of which might perform a particular task i.e. accessible from any part of the program

Some of the program's data can be 'global',


Isolates the application logic from the user interface, permitting independent development, testing and maintenance of each

The users data and the data displayed to
the user

Manages the behavior and data of the

application domain about its state

Responds to requests for information Responds to instructions to change state

What the user interfaces with Renders the model into a form suitable for
interaction, typically a user interface element for different purposes

Multiple views can exist for a single model

Code that manages the link between the
view and the model

Receives user input and initiates a response Accepts input from the user and instructs
the model and a view port to perform actions based on that input

Header and Implementation Files

Header Files

Blueprints for objects Allow programmers to separate certain elements of a program's source code into reusable les

Implementation Files
Contain the implementation code for the
method(s) of a class

The place where all the code is

implemented and executed from


A suite of tools for developing software for Mac OS X and iOS

Interface Builder

Interface Builder
Allows developers to create interfaces for The resulting interface is stored as a .nib
le, short for NeXT Interface Builder, or more recently, as a .xib le integrated into Xcode applications using a graphical user interface

In Xcode 4 Interface Builder is directly

iOS Simulator

Enables testing of iPhone and iPad applications on the Mac

Whats New in Xcode 4?

New Features
Single window mode Interface Builder is built in Live issues Autosave

Lets build our rst iPhone app