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Parameters related to programs (1/1) No. 0010#4 0011#6 0015#7 0016#3 0016#5 0019#5 0028#4 0029#4 0030#7 0032#5 0036#1 0036#5 0040#2 0040#5 0045#6 0057#7 0063#2 0065#7 0389#2 0391#7 0393#3 0393#6 0395#0 0396#7 0111,01 12 0243 0248 0554 0587 0588 0589 0876 Symbol PRG9 G01 CPRD NPRD SPAG M02NR EXTS ADRC G91 BUN GSP GSPC MAPS TMCR CLEA MBCLR M198P MaB PRG8 NOCLR M3RQNG RADCHK DLG99 EORRE Description The editing of sUbprograms 09000 to 09999 is not prohibited/is prohibited. Upon power-up, the GOO/G01 mode is set. When the decimal point is omitted, the least input increment/mm, inch, deg, or sec unit is used. The decimal point input and display function is used/is not used.

An angle for direct ~rawing dimension programming is specified by angie/supplementary angle.

After M02 is executed, control returns/does not return to the start of the program. External program number search is invalid/valid. As a chamfering or corner R address, Cor A/,C or ,A is used. Upon power-up, the G90/G91 mode is set. For B 8-digit input, 1.000 is always used/1.000 (millimeter) or 1.0000 (inch) is used. The G code system is of type A/type B. The G code system is of type B (A)/type C. Address Q for the pass point signal output function cannot be used/can be used. The T code is for a tool function/for calling 09000. The reset button, external reset signal, and emergency stop operation set the reset state/clear state. Upon reset, MDI-B programs are not cleared/are cleared. M198 address P specifies a file number/program number. One block can contain only one M code/up to three M codes. The editing of subprograms 08000 to 08999 is not prohibited/is prohibited. When the clear state is entered, certain G codes are cleared/are not cleared. The specification of a three-digit M code is valid/invalid. When circular interpolation is specified, the difference between the radius at the start point and the radius at the end point is not checked/is checked. In the feed per rotation mode, a dwell command is specified by time/spindle speed. If an EOR is read without reading a program end code, an alarm is issued/the reset state is set. M code which performs no buffering Third digit (hundreds digit) of a wait M code M code for calling programs stored in a file Program number for parameters/macro variables/diagnostic data M code 10r specifying spindle orientation M code for canceling spindle indexing Initial value of an M code used for spindle indexing




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