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DIP profile customization:


In this scenario, Service provider provides Service to the customer and replaces some
material and bills to the customer.

In the billing document all the materials which were incurred during the service (the
components mentioned in the Service Order) will be mentioned.

Profile name: ZCSBILL

Goto Transaction code SPRO

Select SAP reference IMG
Go through SAP menu path Sales and Distribution Sales Sales Documents
Customer Service Service Quotation / resource Related Billing Profiles For
Resource-Related Billing/Quotation Creation
Choose Execute.
Double Click on Usage
Specify the Sales Document Type here.
Select the line item and double click on Characteristics.
Choose Activity Type, Cost Center, Cost element, Material and Unit of Measurement.

Select the Char ctRelevant Check Box

For Unit of measurement also select No summarization check box.

Double click on Material Determination.
Note don’t mention any material in Material / Service Column.

Select the line item and double click on Criteria.

Specify the respective cost Element for the material or select the Set for the Cost element.

Choose Save button on the top of screen and saved the profile.