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Rental Contract :

Create Pricing Master Data (Cylinder Rental)

Transaction Code : VK11 / VK12 / VK13

For Cylinders : condition Type ZCRR

For Bulk Installations : Condition Type : ZRNT

For Cylinders, Pricing is based on Scheme (as shown above)

Create Rental Contract

Transaction code : VA41 / VA42 / VA43

Contract Type : ZRC

Enter Sales Area : 1000 / 10 / 90

Enter Sold to Party , Ship to Party, PO Number, Material and Target Quantity

Press Enter

Systems will ask for Scheme Number (if it is Cylinder Rental)

Enter Scheme at item level

Go to Item Level Data – by Double Clicking on the item

In Item Level Data – Goto Shipping Tab

Enter Plant : 5003 (your Plant)

Goto Condition Tab in Item Level – For checking the Pricing conditions and Tax
Select Billing Plan Tab

Check the Billing Dates

Here the billing periods can be changed

To change the Billing Dates (To make quarterly)

Remove Tick Mark in Hdr check Box

Instead of 50 (monthly on the first day) the following options can be selected

40 – End of Quarter
51 – Monthly, on the Last day of the Month
53 – Monthly (from today’s date to same day in the next month)

Select the appropriate option

And Press Enter

Click on Back Button

Save Contract
Rental Invoicing :
Transaction Code : VF04

Select Order related Billing (Tick Mark)

Give the Billing Date : Date on which Rental Billing is Due

Click on Display Billing Due List

select the appropriate Rental Contracts from the List
click on Individual Billing
Click on Save Button
Billing Document Number is displayed on the Status Bar.