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Iunct|on of the too| room

Manufactur|ng f|xtures for the mach|nes at the shop f|oor |n the further tractor
manufactur|ng department
now too| room operates
Step 1
M]c des|gn sends draw|ng to the p|ann|ng department
Step 2
|ann|ng sends product|on p|ann|ng contro| (ppc) chart to the m]c too|
Step 3
Mc too| room beg|ns product|on based on f|ow chart by ppc
Step 4
1he f|ow chart |ssued by the ppc |s attached w|th a b|ue pr|nt of the component
to be mach|ned |n the too| room and |s transferred from one operator to the
other as en||sted on the f|ow chart([ob card)
Step S
1he f|ow |s automat|ca||y ma|nta|ned by the mach|ned operators by read|ng the
|nstruct|on on the f|ow chart by keep|ng a cont|nous f|ow of the mach|ned
mater|a| component from one mach|ne operator to the other as per the ser|a|
order ment|oned |n the f|ow chart
Step 6
And the f|n|shed mach|ne component |s then subm|tted to the prep|ann|ng of
too|s(ppt deptt)

-- ASSM8L A- 1S1-
n th|s hop who|e of the eng|ne |s comp|eted and |s ready for the tractor
assemv|y var|ous parts from eng|nemanufactured sect|on are brought |n th|s
sect|on and they are assemb|ed to prepare the who|e eng|ne 1he ent|re engone
|e 2S22 3S22 S022 and 6S22 are assemb|ed here ng|ne assemb|y can be
d|v|ded |nto 9 no of steps as fo||ows

Step 1
I|rst of a|| the crank hous|ng |s washed |n a spec|a| soap so|ut|on because after
number of mach|ng operat|on |t conta|ns dr|ps cutt|ng o|| dust part|c|es hence
wash|ng |s necessary After wash|ng the crank hous|ng |s dr|ed by means |f a|r

Step 2
-ow cy||nder s|eeve and cy||nder ||nes are f|tted |n crank hous|ng 1he cy||nder
have groove cut on the externa| per|phery and |n the groove a rubber r|ng |s
f|xed wh|ch prevent the |eakeage of water c|rcu|at|ng around the cy||nder

Step 3
After th|s the crank hous|ng |s mounted on a tro||ey and |s brought to the eng|ne
assemb|y ||ne 1
step |n eng|ne assemb|y ||ne |s f|x|ng of studs |n the hous|ng
and then crankshaft |s mounted |n the r|bs of the hous|ng and upper ha|f of
bear|ng bracket supported the crankshaft gear Cne gear |s power transm|ss|on
w|th wh|ch another gear ca||ed tun|ng gear meshes |t dr|ves fue| |n[ect|on
pump ower transm|ss|on gear o|so dr|ves the camshaft gear other gear f|xed
above the crankshaft gear |s |d|e gear wh|ch dr|ves o|| |ubr|cat|ng pump gear I
Step 4
n th|s step p|ston |s |nserted |n the cy||nder Assemb|y of p|ston and connect|ng
rod |s done repeated|y and then |t |s put |n the cy||nder rods b|g and ho|es |s
[o|ned to crank shaft by nuts and bo|ts Lubr|cat|on gear pump |s o|so assemb|ed
and then cam shaft w|th gear s f|xed |n camshaft ho|e present |n the hous|ng

nA1 1kA1M-1

A|| components(manufactured |n LMS) after undergo|ng mach|n|ng operat|ons
are sub[ected to hear treatment neat treatment |s done so as to |mprove
hardness and strength of these components v|z gears and shafts

8as|c Cperat|ons performed dur|ng heat treatment are

Iurnace used for harden|ng neutrak| bath 8ac| + -ac|
Me|t|ng temp 640 degree e|s|us
arbur|z|ng med|a 131Sof sod|um cyan|de + 8S of 8ac|+-ac|
Ior med|um carbon stee| h|gh carbon stee| 8408S0 degree e|s|us
Ior other 770820 degree e|s|us
narden|ng |s performed on the var|ous meta| and |ts a||oys to prov|de them
w|th strength and wear res|stance ts accomp||shed by heat|ng the
component above |ts harden|ng temperature and quench|ng |t |n water
mmers|ng hot meta| |n des|red water or o|| does quench|ng nere transfer of
heat |s ensured at s|ow wate so as to remove |nterna| stressed to perm|ss|b|e
n th|s process |ron a||oy cast|ng |s heated to S060 degree e|s|us above
cr|t|ca| temperature range 1he cast|ng |s he|d for def|n|te t|me and then
a||owed to coo| |n st||| a|r -orma||zat|on e||m|nates cast|ng or coo||ng stra|ns
and resu|tant cast|ng |s easy to mach|ne
rocess of add|ng carbon to the surface |ayer of the component |s ca||ed
carbur|z|ng t's the process of cases harden|ng wh|ch |s add|t|on of some
e|ements ||ke carbon n|trogen to the surface by d|ffus|on from surround|ng
med|um at h|gh temperature 1he purpose of carbur|sz|ng |s to obta|n h|gh
surface wear res|stance and obta|n a hard surface
Ior med|um carbon stee| h|gh carbon stee| 670680 degree e|s|us
Ior fasteners temper|ng to be done at 3S0400 for 12 hours
n temper|ng |ong gra|ns formed dur|ng quench|ng are broken |nto sma||er
gra|ns so as to |mprove e|ast|c|ty of the mater|a| nere heat|ng |s done at
around 180200 for around 2 hours and then coo|ed |n a|r t reduces |nterna|
stress and stab|||zes the structure of meta|
Annea||ng for med|um carbon stee| h|gh carbon stee| 680690 ce|s|us
ase narden|ng arbur|z|ng + harden|ng

rocess used for b|acken|ng

(1)ob |s c|eaned w|th cotton waste
(2)ut the [ob |n -aCn so| for 10 to 20 m|n for degreas|ng or
(3)Wash |t w|th warm water
(4)erust the [ob |n the rust so|
(S)Wash |t w|th water
(6)Sh|ft |t to b|acken|ng furnace at 120 for 1020 m|n accord|ng to sect|on

Assemb|y shop |s d|v|ded |nto two areas
1) 8efore a|nt area 1h|s cons|sts of fo||ow|ng subassemb||es

ear 8ox SubAssemb|y
r|ve shaft and |nput Shaft assemb|y

nput shaft cons|sts of sp|ra| gear on one end and sp||nes on other end Sp||ned
part attached to c|utch and geared part(219) |s attached the constant mesh
gear of |ay shaft |e 24S nput shaft |s put |n to gearbox w|th bear|ng wh|ch |s
|ocked by c|rc||p
Ma|n shaft assemv|y |s so||d shaft w|th sp||nes on outer surface 1he shaft |s
p|aced |n to gearbox w|th both ends supported by bear|ngs and |ocked by c|rc||p
1he back part of shaft |s pro[ected outs|de the gearbox to get dr|ve from |t 1he
assemb|y of shaft cons|sts of gears 2431 and 34 gear 1he s||d|ng gear 34 |s used
for f|rst and reverse s||d|ng gear 31 |s used for second gear and s||d|ng gear 24
for th|rd and forth gear 1hese gears are prov|ded w|th grooves on one s|de to
attach gear sh|fter fork
O ntermed|ate Shaft assemb|y
O Cutput shaft assemb|y
O Lay shaft and connect|ng shaft assemb|y (a|ong w|th power
transm|ss|on gears)

1he |ay shaft |s ho||ow shaft w|th sp||nes on outer surface 1he one end of the
|ay shaft |s threaded( |n case of s|ng|e c|utch) and t|ghtened from front s|de of
gearbox w|th a hexagona| nut 1he who|e assemb|y cons|sts of gear 24S |e
constant mesh gear w|th |nput shaft gear spacer 1Smm gear 23S 229 spacer
30 mm gear 238 spacer 2Smm and bear|ng w|th c|rc||p 1he who|e assy s
washed |n case of dua| c|utch tractor mode| the dr|ve shaft |s p|aced through the
ho||ow |ay shaft 1he dr|ve shaft cons|sts of sp||nes on one end and a gear (2S2)
on the other end 1he gear constant|y meshed w|th the gear of |ntermed|ate
shaft 1he ma|n funct|on of |ay shaft |s to rotate f|xed gear on |t from where we
can get d|fferent speeds w|th the he|p of s||d|ng gear on dr|ve shaft
O Sh|fter kods assemb|y (a|ong w|th sh|fter Iorks)
O |utch Actuator Shaft assemb|y
O Steer|ng assemb|y 1h|s sub assemb|y compr|ses of n|gh and
Low |ever Sh|fter |ever and sh|fter nous|ng
IkC-1 AkL
Iront ax|e of a tractor |s a r|g|d tubu|ar or sect|on stee| construct|on p|voted at
the centre 1he p|vot p|n |s housed on bush|ng on a support bo|ted to the front
of the eng|ne As the track w|dth of a tractor |s ad[ustab|e the front ax|es have
prov|s|ons to be extended on both s|des 1he tubu|ar front ax|es have te|escop|c
arrangement for extens|on whereas sect|on type front ax|es are three p|ece
ax|es 1wo s|de p|eces are bo|ted to the m|dd|e p|ece w|th the he|p of two bo|ts
through a set of ho|es to get des|red track w|dth both the outer ends of the ax|e
have prov|son for ho|d|ng k|ng p|n 1hese k|ng p|ns are supported |n the ax|e
hous|ng w|th the he|p of meta|||c or ny|on bushes A thrust bear|ng |s norma||y
p|aced on the |ower s|de of the k|ng p|n
S1k- CM1k
Iar|ous ang|es |n steer|ng geometry are
1 aster ang|e
2 hamber ang|e
3 k|ng p|n |nc||nat|on ang|e
4 1oe|n
S 1oeout

1 aster ang|e t |s the t||t |e the |nc||nat|on of the top ax|e or
k|ng p|n towards the front or rear of the tractor f t||ted towards
the front |t |s pos|t|ve caster |f t||ted towards back |t |s
negat|ve caster 1he purpose of caster |s to g|ve a tra|||ng effect
to the front whee|s When the whee| tra||s the ||ne of we|ght |e
moves |n the same d|rect|on as the veh|c|e |t |s easy to steer a
stra|ght course
2 amber ang|e t |s a outward or |nward t||t of the whee| at the
top f t||ted outward |t |s pos|t|ve camber |f |nward |t |s
negat|ve camber 1he ma|n purpose of the camber |s to br|ng the
road contact of the whee| more near|y under the po|nt of the
road contact of the whee| more near|y under the po|nt of the
|oad to throw the we|ght on the |nner whee|s bear|ngs wh|ch
are |arger than outer
3 k|ng p|n |nc||nat|on ang|e the k|ng p|n |s t||ted |n at the top
towards the veh|c|e |n order that the we|ght of the |oad w||| be
thrown towards the tyre centre the ang|e b]w the veh|c|e ||ne
the k|ng p|n centre ||ne |s known as k|ng p|n |nc||nat|on ang|e
4 1oe|n the whee|s are c|oser together at the front than are at
the back 1he purpose of toe|n |s to offset the camber prevent
excess|ve tyre wear
S 1oeout toe out |s the spread|ng apart of the front whee|s on
turns 1he purpose of toeout |s to g|ve correct turn|ng a||gnment
to prevent excess|ve tyre wear

nsert the cups of bear|ngs to ax|e hub by us|ng hydrau||c press Attach the
grease n|pp|e to the ax|e hub nsert s|x bo|ts of whee| |nto the ax|e hub 1ake a
k|ng p|n stub ax|e put |t on spec|a| f|xture kemove the nut on the stub ax|e
s|de |nsert fe|t r|ng on the stub ax|e nsert the wear r|ng on the k|ng p|n stub
ax|e nsert the bear|ng on the stub ax|e nsert ax|e hub assy Attach another
taper ro||er bear|ng on |t nsert the washer on the ax|e 1orque the cast|e nut
on the stub ax|e assy w|th a torque of 40 pounds so that the bear|ngs may
occupy the|r or|g|na| pos|t|on -ow remove the cast|e nut then aga|n torque |t
w|th 16 pounds |ock cast|e nut w|th sp||t p|n ut the cover on |t a|ong the
gasket w|th he|p of three screws and washers I||| the grease through grease
po|nts and cover |t w|th grease n|pp|e nsert the or|ng ho|der |nto stub ax|e
nsert the or|ng on to or|ng ho|der nsert the thrust bear|ng on the stub ax|e
nsert fe|t r|ng on the stub ax|e assy

1ake the bonnet basement and the front ax|e bracket [o|n |t w|th bonnet
basement w|th four bo|ts and washers Mount the front ax|e beam on the
bracket assy nsert the rubber boot on the front ax|e bracket assy Attach two
grease n|pp|es on the front ax|e beam Attach the front ax|e beam on the
bracket w|th he|p of p|vot p|n and two washers Lock the p|vot p|n and on
bracket w|th nut bo|t and washer nsert the stub ax|e on both s|des of front
ax|e beam nsert the fe|t r|ng on stub ax|e nsert the steer|ng arm |eft |nto the
beam |nsert the woodruff key and |ock the arm w|th the he|p of screw washer
and nut nsert the steer|ng arm r|ght |nt| the beam |nsert the woodruff key and
|ock the arm w|th he|p of screw washer and nut Attach one grease p|pe w|th
washer on the ax|e beam and f||| |t w|th grease and cover the p|pe w|th grease


t |s rear part of the tractor cheesy 1he ma|n funct|on of d|fferent|a| |n tractor to
reduce the f|na| speed and a|so to turn the dr|ve round at 90 degree 1he
reduct|on of speed |s done |n two stages I|rst stage reduct|on |n ta|| p|n|on and
crown whee| mesh|ng and second stage reduct|on |n bu|| gear mesh|ng w|th |eft
and r|ghts 8 shaft ts a|so cons|st|ng the 1C shaft (ower take off) wh|ch |s
used to run the thrashers pumps and other accessory components w|th the
he|p of pu||ey attached on |t
Io||ow|ng are ma|n parts of d|fferent|a| hous|ng
1 rown whee|
2 1a|| p|n|on
3 age assemb|y (w|th sun p|anet gears and cross)
4 1C shaft
S 8u|| gears
6 8eve| gears
7 8ear|ngs
8 8ear|ng cones
9 8rakes hous|ng assemb|y (w|th d|sc and etc)

I|rst of a|| components are washed w|th o|| to remove d|rty part|c|es age
hav|ng two dowe| ho|es |n these ho|es dowe|s are t|ghten|ng f|tted for accurate
f|tt|ng of crown so that a|| other ho|es of cage and crown come |nto same ||ne
1he crown whee| |s pressed on case w|th hydrau||c press and then t|ghtens by
bo|ts w|th |ock washer 1hen r|ght beve| gear |s p|aced on the|r cage seat 1he
four p|eat gears are put on cross w|th washer and then th|s assemb|y put on
the|r p|aced on cage 1hen p|aced |eft beve| gear on p|anet on gear Cperator to
check the mot|on of gears does manua| |nspect|on age |eft |s p|aced on |eft
s|de of r|ght cage assemb|y and then t|ghten by bo|ts and washer
I|rst of a|| |n 1 assemb|y the cone for taper ro||er bear|ng |s pressed w|th
hydrau||c press 1he bear|ng |s heated before the t|ght f|t 1hen 1 |s |nserted
|ns|de bear|ng 1he d|ff s|ze sh|ms are a|so p|aced before the t|ghten of rear
cover of cage who|e assemb|y |s t|ghten|ng by nuts and bo|ts
n rear ax|e assemb|y of tractor the bo|ts are t|ght f|tted |n ho|es of hub Where
the rear t|re |s t|ghten by the bo|ts to who|e assemb|y Ior t|ght f|tt|ng the
hydrau||c press |s used and 120kgcm sqforces |s app|y 1wo bear|ng e|ther s|de
of trumpet hous|ng are t|ghten at the|r respect|ve p|ace of cone 1he rear ax|e |s
passed through these two bear|ngs w|th sea| |n trumpet 1he cove |s used to
cover the open s|de of trumpet hous|ng (hub s|de) 1he |nner s|de bear|ng |s
|ubr|cated w|th o|| and outer bear|ng |s |ubr|cated w|th grease

8kAk- ASSM8L
1h|s tractor hav|ng heavy duty se|f energ|z|ng water sea|ed d|sc w|th spher|ca|
ro||er and ver|f|cat|on p|pe wh|ch g|ves better coo||ng 1he vent||ated resu|ts |n
reduct|on of about 30 |n pad temperature 8rake hous|ng cover conta|n two
d|sc made of asbestos base non meta|||c 1he max temp res|stance about 300
degree bw these two d|sc p|ate a cast |ron p|ate |s f|xed wh|ch conta|ns
spher|ca| ro||er and ho|d by spr|ng When ever brake |s app||ed the spher|ca|
ro||er move or ||ft from there p|ace |n the p|ate and try to expanded the p|ate
ur|ng expand|ng of p|ate the d|sc are strong|y mounted on 8 |eft and 8
r|ght shaft to stop the speed of d|fferent|a| t a|so hav|ng actuators and ||nk
w|th rubber sea|

1wo bear|ngs are t|ght|y f|t on 1C shaft as the|r proper p|aced w|th he|p of
c|rc||p |ock wh|ch prov|ded on both s|de of bear|ng f|rst of a|| the 1C shaft
assemb|y |s pass through rear 1C ho|e of d|fferent|a| hous|ng 1hen two cones
are one on 8 |eft and other on 8 r|ght shafts ho|e s|de |nserted t|ght|y 1he
8 |eft and r|ght assemb|y |s p|aced through the|r ho|e then cage hous|ng of
d|fferent|a| |s p|aced btw |eft and r|ght 8 shaft 1he sea| carr|er w|th d|fferent
s|ze of sh|ms |s t|ghten|ng by bo|ts on both s|de of d|fferent|a| hous|ng 1hen pre
|oad|ng test |s done w|th 10 kg force to rotate the cage assemb|y f pre |oad
force |s |ncrease the eff|c|ency of taper bear|ng |s decrease due to over fr|ct|on
bw cage of bear|ngs |f decrease pre |oad forces then the eff|c|ency of taper
bear|ng a|so decrease due to |ess contact w|th cover cage of bear|ng 1hen ta||
p|n|on assemb|y |s |nserted |n to respect|ve ho|e w|th sh|ms and ta|| p|n|on
teethes meshed w|th crown whee| teethes

Io||ow|ng three test|ng |s done
1 8ack |ash test|ng
2 age of contact and pattern test

21S1 8Ak LASn 1S1- 1h|s test |s performed w|th he|p of p|unger
d|a| gauge 8ack|ash |n crown whee| |s not more than 20 to 30
m|cron |f |t |s dev|ated from th|s va|ue then pack|ng |s change on
e|ther s|de of cage of bear|ng hous|ng but never change the number
of sh|m f back|ash |s more than 30 m|cron then sh|ms from r|ght
s|de |s removed and sh|fted |n to |eft s|de f |ess than 20 m|cron
then v|ce versa

21S2 A CI C-1A1 1S1 A- A11k- 1S1 attern test and
age contact test |s done w|th he|p of ye||ow pa|nt app|y on
teethes of crown whee| 1hen rotat|ng crown whee| w|th hand
age contact and pattern of 1 |s |mpressed on teeth of whee| 1he
age of contact |s 60 to 70 requ|red t can be |ncreased or
decreased by us|ng the sh|ms by fasten|ng |t on ta|| p|n|on carr|er
When |ncrease |n number of sh|ms the pattern goes |ncrease and
v|ce versa

1 pre |oad 8 kgf
W pre |oad 12 kgf
W run out 0S1 mm
1he bu|| gear are t|ghten to trumpet hous|ng assemb|y by |ock nut and the
who|e assemb|y of trumpet hous|ng |s a|so t|ghten by nuts on studs and on
outer s|de of d|fferent|a| hous|ng then 1C shaft head cover |s t|ghten at on
1C shaft to protect the outer teeth 1he s||d|ng gear and 1C sh|fter rod
assemb|y |s mounted on d|fferent|a| hous|ng 1wo f||ters are p|aced |ns|de at
d|ff hous|ng and then who|e assemb|y of d|ff hous|ng |s send|ng to the ma|n
O kear Ax|e assemb|y the part of rea| ax|e assemb|y are w|th
trumpet hous|ng on wh|ch whee|s are mounted on e|ther s|de of
ax|e tube and bu|| gear 1he funct|on of d|fferent|a| assemb|y |s to
br|ng about a change |n the speed of eng|ne dur|ng turn|ng wh||e
turn|ng sub assemb|y of cross and star gear prov|de |ess speed to
|nner t|res and more speed to outer t|res thus prevent|ng the over
turn|ng of mach|ne
1he gear box |s then assemb|ed w|th the d|fferent|a| |n the f|rst |oop 1he gear
box |s brought to the |oop through the conveyer be|t

kear over SubAssemb|y
O ontro| sector assemb|y (os|t|on |ever and raft |ever assemb|y )
O ontro| Ia|ve assemb|y (ke||eve va|ve and response va|ve)
O kam assemb|y th|s assemb|y cons|sts of cy||nder p|ston and p|ston
rod 1he p|ston rod |s connected to operat|ng cy||nder that |s used
for ||ft|ng purposes
kear cover |s then assemb|ed to |fferent|a|ear box subassemb|y through

A1UA1Ck (A) U LU1n
A u|de |s the assemb|y |n wh|ch the bear|ng |s t|ghten f|tted and |ocked w|th
c|rc||p nner bush |s p|aced and ho|d |t w|th A gu|der spr|ngs 1he ma|n
funct|on of the A gu|de |s to push the re|ease |evers(f|ngers) so that the c|utch
|s operated eas||y

-1k-AL Ak ASSM8L
Cn |nterna| gear two dowe|s are |nserted at the|r proper p|ace and facep|ate
w|th thrust p|ate |s p|aced over dowe|s 1he purpose of the dowe|s |s to |ocate
ho|es on the p|ate wrt |nterna| gear 1he p|anet carr|er conta|ns three p|anet
gears wh|ch are f|xed to carr|er w|th he|p of p|ns |nserted through them 1he
p|anet gear and carr|er assemb|y |s p|aced |ns|de the |nterna| gear then thrust
p|ate and outer p|ace |s p|aced and t|ghtened by nuts
I|rst|y c|ean the gear box hous|ng and |oad |t on the work|ng tro||ey I|t the
bear|ng c|rc||p |n the cast|ng I|t the |d|er c|uster w|th the |d|er c|uster shaft
I|t the |nput shaft to the gear box hous|ng |ock |t w|th c|r c||p I|x the |ay shaft
and |ock |t w|th check nut and torque |t I|t the |ntermed|ate shaft I|x the
sh|fter rod and sh|fter forks Attach the |nterna| gear to gear box hous|ng I|t the
p|anet carr|er assy 1o the gear box and |nsert the output shaft |n |t Attach the
h||ow sh|fter fork to the h||ow s|eeve I|t the |nner bush A gu|de A shaft
and A fork I|t the 2I steer|ng assy to the 2I mount|ng bracket Attach gear
sh|fter hous|ng to the gear box heck a|| the gears engagement 1hese un|oad
the gear box from the ||ne w|th he|p of C1 crane

kear cover assemb|y |s used to cover the d|fferent|a| hous|ng t conta|ns ||ft
contro| system wh|ch |s hydrau||ca||y operated r|ver seat |s f|tted on the
upper s|de of rear cover 1he response va|ve hous|ng contro| va|ve cy||nder and
other components assemb|y f|tted |nner and outer s|de of rear cover assemb|y
the ma|n components are f|tted |n rear cover assemb|y

LU1n the c|utch works on the pr|nc|p|e of fr|ct|on |n wh|ch when one
stat|onary surface |s brought |nto contact w|th a rotat|ng surface the stat|onary
surface a|so starts rotat|ng 1he ma|n funct|on of the c|utch |s to engage or
d|sengage the power com|ng from the eng|ne Cn the bas|s of work|ng there
are two types of c|utches
1 S|ng|e c|utch
2 oub|e c|utch

1 S|ng|e c|utch |n th|s c|utch three f|ngers a|so known as re|ease |evers
are centra||y fu|crum to the c|utch cover w|th the|r outer ends connected
to the pressure p|ate A re|ease bear|ng s||ght|y away from the free ends
of the f|ngers moves to and fro on the c|utch shaft w|th he|p of a fork
wh|ch |s connected to c|utch peda| through the ||nkage As soon as the
peda| |s depressed the re|ease bear|ng moves towards the f|ywhee|s and
press the f|ngers As the f|ngers are fu|crum at a po|nt |n the|r |ength to
the cover and other end |s connected to pressure p|ate as soon as the
free ends are pressed |ns|de by the re|ease bear|ng the outer ends tend
to br|ng the pressure p|ate away from the c|utch p|ate aga|nst pressure
spr|ngs mak|ng the c|utch p|ate and hence the c|utch shaft to d|sengage
but the pressure p|ate and the cover rema|n rotat|ng a|ong w|th f|ywhee|

2 oub|e c|utch th|s c|utch |s prov|ded w|th two c|utch p|ates one for the
ma|n transm|ss|on and the other for 1C dr|ve n b]w the two c|utch
p|ates an |ntermed|ate p|ate |s prov|ded -orma||y s|x re|ease |evers
serve the purpose of d|sengag|ng the c|utch p|ates Cut of s|x three are
for eng|ne d|sengag|ng and the rest of three are for d|sengag|ng the 1C

I|rst|y |oad the eng|ne on tro||ey |ean the f|ywhee| proper|y w|th stone and
c|oth so that the|r must not be any dust part|c|e on the face of f|ywhee| -ow f|t
the c|utch p|ate and pressure p|ate by us|ng spanner 1orque the c|utch assy
w|th the he|p of torque wrench -ow f|t the front ax|e assy on to the front of
the eng|ne

Ln1 MAn- SnC
As the name shows a|| the ||ght parts of tractors such as d|fferent|a| hous|ng
power take off shafts sp||ned shafts gears rear whee| dr|v|ng hubs porta|
shafts ma|n transm|ss|on shafts etc are mach|ned here |fferent operat|ons
such as turn|ng gr|nd|ng hobb|ng broach|ng m||||ng dr||||ng bor|ng ream|ng
thread|ng etc are performed here 1wo type of mater|a| are used |n LMS

1 ko||ed stee| (|n the form of bars for manufacture of shafts)
2 Iorged stee|(|n the form of c|rcu|ar pe||ets for mfc Cf gears )
LMS |s d|v|ded |nto fo||ow|ng sect|ons
U11- S1C-
1Uk-- S1C-

kCU1C- LA--- A- 1CCL-(1)
8Ak U11- S1C-
1he bar cutt|ng sect|on dea|s w|th cutt|ng fac|ng and center|ng of the bars and
pa||ets to des|red d|ameter and th|ckness w|th the he|p of d|fferent mach|nes
1he d|fferent mach|nes |n bar cutt|ng sect|on are
8- SAW
n these mach|nes bend saw |s more accurate and eff|c|ent mach|ne and a|so
the on|y one fu||y automat|c saw 1he c|rcu|ar saws are capab|e of cutt|ng the
bars of d|ameter even more then 200300 mm after bar cutt|ng and center|ng |s
done w|th he|p of vert|ca| co|umn dr||||ng and m||||ng mach|nes these bar and
pa||ets are then transported to the turn|ng sect|on of LMS

1Uk-- S1C-
n th|s sect|on the centered and faced mater|a| |s then sub[ected to var|ous
turn|ng operat|on to form var|ous gears and shafts 1he operat|on undertaken
here |n|t|a||y produce a gear and shaft b|anks wh|ch are then mach|ned |nto
the|r respect|ve forms accord|ng to the|r funct|on 1he ser|es of operat|ons
performed |n th|s sect|on are as under
1 Ak 8LA-k ICkMA1C-
2 Ak U11-
3 Ak SnAI-
1oo| room |s the one of sens|t|ve mach|n|ng area |n the LMS t ma|n|y dea|s w|th
the product|on of and Ik1Uk t |s we|| equ|pped w|th h|gh|y prc|sed
mach|nes for |nstrument ca||brat|on and sett|ng them to the|r best |eve| of
accuracy the var|ous mach|nes of too| room are as under
MkkCMA1(kMA- 1n-CLC)
nkC1 (SWSS 1n-CLC)
S40 S1Uk - k-- MAn-
1he |mportant aspect of a|| mach|nes |n too| room |s the|r temperature
sens|t|v|ty 1he|r opt|mum temperature |s 22 and the|r accuracy |s 02 m|cron
for operat|ng they performes

kCU1C- LA--- A- 1CCL-
1h|s area of LMS |s we|| equ|pped w|th the mach|nes that are used to bu||d the
cutt|ng edge of the too|s 1he cutt|ng too|s are sub[ected to |nspect|on to
measure the |naccuracy |n the|r geometry
1he too|s are then gr|nded on h|gh|y prc|sed and proper|y |ndexed gr|nd|ng
mach|nes to obta|n the|r cutt|ng edges 1h|s mach|n|ng operat|on requ|re sk||| as
the overa|| qua||ty of the component manufactured depends on cutt|ng too|

|cashdgmashdb |ctures

MAn-S - 1nS S1C-
t |s a spec|a| purpose of |athe des|gned by [ones and Lampson of Amer|ca
C- LA1n
t |s used for copy|ng turn|ng of |ong shafts A cutt|ng too| mov|ng hydrau||ca||y
generated the prof||e same shape as that of |mposs|b|e Ma|n features of |athe
(|) Automat|c mu|t| cyc|e copy|ng
(||) Max|mum performance and m|n|mum ma|ntenance
(|||) asy access|b|e sett|ng mechan|sm |dea||y su|ted for sma|| and
med|um repet|t|ve batches or quant|ty product|on

1nkA kCLL- MAn-S
t |s a mach|ne hav|ng two master ro||ers on wh|ch threads are present 8oth
ro||ers are mov|ng |n c|ockw|se d|rect|on ob |s |nserted between two ro||ers for
cutt|ng of threads 1here |s a f|xed t|me per|od for the ro||er for operat|on can f|x
thread cutt|ng n the back these threads are attached w|th the o|dham's
coup||ngs for |atera| m|sa||gnment

t |s done on s|ng|e purpose hobb|ng m]c so far as des|gn |s concerned there are
two bas|c types |e n2 work sp|nd|e and vert|ca| work sp||nd|es 1he vert|ca|
type |s more w|de|y used Mu|t|p|e sp|nd|e m]c |s used when product|on
requ|rements are h|gh
1he [ob sp|nd|e has two ad[ustments 1
the too| head |s mounted on a sw|ve|
base so that the ax|s of the hob sp|nd|e may be set at an ang|e to ax|s of the
work sp|nd|e 1he ang|e depend upon the he||x ang|e of the k|nd of gear be|ng
cut and second the hob sp|nd|e may be ad[usted ax|a||y as a means of
d|str|but|ng wear on the too|s

-- SnC
n eng|ne shop there are manufactur|ng of the ent|re component wh|ch |s be|ng
used |n eng|ne assemb|y We have seen a|| the mach|n|ng process wh|ch are
used to make a part|cu|ar component eg connect|ng rod |t takes 1S d|fferent
mach|nes to be fu||y comp|eted

1h|s |s the f|rst state after cast|ng |n th|s p|cture 1 on|y fac|ng |s be|ng done
Iac|ng |s done thr|ce t|me to fu||y comp|ete the connect|ng rod
Above f|gure |s of hor|zonta| m||||ng mach|ne wh|ch |s used to cut the connect|ng
rod to two bas|c ha|ves one |s the ma|n connect|ng rod and another |s the c|amp
wh|ch c|amp the connect|ng rod |nto crank shaft |n crank case
1h|s |s the |ntermed|ate step for connect|ng rod after cutt|ng to two ha|ves
8e|ow |s the second part that |s c|amp

nAI MAn- SnC
t |s a part of tractor d|v|s|on |n wh|ch two types of heavy cast|ng are mach|ned
ans some other components are a|so manufactured n th|s shop the mach|nes
are arranged accord|ng to the sequence of operat|on and [ob moves from one
mach|ne to another |n ser|es 1h|s type of |ayout resu|ts |n |esser amount
mater|a| hand||ng 1he mach|nes used bas|ca||y are spec|a| purpose mach|nes
(SM) wh|ch are manufactured and for a part|cu|ar operat|on 1he var|ous types
of mach|nes present |n th|s shop are
Sem|Automat|c Mach|nes
kad|a| r||||ng Mach|nes
nor|zonta| M||||ng Mach|ne
Iert|ca| M||||ng Mach|ne
8or|ng Mach|ne
nc||ned 8or|ng Mach|ne
ua| M||||ng Mach|nes
1urret Lathe Mach|ne
1wo way Mu|t|p|e r||||ng Mach|ne
1hread M||||ng Mach|ne
y||ndr|ca| r|nd|ng Mach|nes
omputer numer|ca| ontro| (-)
nor|zonta| M||||ng entre S00
nor|zonta| M||||ng entre 630
S|ant turn|ng centre 2S

earbox |s that part of tractor wh|ch |s mounted |n the tractor between the
eng|ne and Ma|n 1ransm|ss|on nous|ng ts ma|n mot|ve |s to transm|t the
power from the eng|ne to rear whee|s w|th reduc|ng and |ncreas|ng amount of
speed and torque of the tractor as per |ts operat|ng |oad cond|t|on
1he type of gearbox used |n the tractor |s SL- MSn Ak 8Ck n the
earbox the power comes from eng|ne to the c|utch shaft and hence to the
c|utch gear wh|ch |s a|ways |n mesh w|th a gear on |ay shaft A|| the gears on the
|ay shaft are f|xed to |t and as such a|| the t|me rotat|ng when the eng|ne |s
runn|ng and c|utch |s engaged 1he gears present on the sp||ned shaft are free to
s||de on |t
Io||ow|ng are the ma|n components of gearbox
(a)nput shaft assemb|y (b) output shaft assemb|y
(c)|ay shaft assemb|y (d) |ntermed|ate shaft assemb|y
(e) c|utch actuator gu|de assy (f) gears
(g) gear box hous|ng (h) sh|fter rods
(|) sh|fter fork ([) bear|ngs
(k) fasteners gaskets and spacers

1hese gears are arranged |n such a manner that when they mesh w|th
var|ous other gears they g|ve d|fferent amount of Speed and 1orque 1hese
assemb||es of gears and shaft are mounted on the gearbox cast|ng w|th the
bear|ng so that a|| the trust of the gearbox comes on the cast|ng and the
cast|ng of the gearbox rema|ns strong and can take a|| of the |oad and thrust
of the fear w|thout any d|stort|on
After the manufactur|ng of the cast|ng of gearbox comes |n nMS shop for the
mach|n|ng operat|ons here many operat|ons ||ke r||||ng groov|ng M||||ng
Iac|ng and many other operat|ons are done |n the gear box
1he var|ous operat|ons carr|ed out on the Ak8Ck nous|ng as |t f|ows
through the product|on ||ne are
a) Mark|ng
b) Iace m||||ng
c) r||||ng
d) Iace m||||ng
e) 8or|ng
f) r||||ng
g) r||||ng
h) I|n|sh bor|ng
|) 1app|ng
[) I|tt|ng
k) Wash|ng
|) r|nd|ng

1he ma|n transm|ss|on hous|ng accommodates the d|fferent|a| wh|ch transm|ts
the power com|ng from the gearbox to the ha|f ax|es and further on the rear
whee|s When the tractor |s tack|ng a turn the outer whee| w||| have to trave|
greater d|stance as compared to |nner whee| at same t|me
1herefore |f the tractor has a so||d rear ax|e on|y and no other dev|ce w||| be
tendency for whee| to sk|d nence |f the whee| sk|dd|ng |s to be avo|ded some
mechan|sm must be |ncorporated |n the rear ax|e wh|ch shou|d reduce the
speed of the |nner whee| and |ncrease the speed of outer whee| when turn|ng
dev|ce wh|ch serves above funct|on |s termed as d|fferent|a|
1he var|ous operat|ons carr|ed out on the M1 nous|ng as |t f|ows through the
product|on ||ne
a) Mark|ng f|rst of a|| the mak|ng of reference ||ne w|th respect|ve to the
bores on the M1 hous|ng cas|ng |s done before mach|n|ng operat|ons t
takes p|ace on surface tab|e 1he M1 hous|ng |s marked for the
|dent|f|cat|on and v|sua||z|ng of the mach|n|ng depth and the r|ght
pos|t|on of the bores and dr|||s on every s|x s|des of the M1 nous|ng
b) Iace M||||ng M||||ng at the top and bottom face |s done on the up|ex
M||||ng Mach|ne 1he d|ameter of face cutter |s a|most equa| to w|dth of
the area of work p|ece to be mach|ned
c) r||||ng 1he dr||||ng of the two |ocat|on ho|es on the bottom face of the
M1 nous|ng done on the rad|a| dr||||ng mach|ne 1he |ocat|on ho|es are
dr|||ed |n order to c|amp the work p|ece on the f|xture and a|so acts as
reference ho|es for other d|mens|ons
d) Iace M||||ng 1he m||||ng of the |eft and r|ght face of the M1 nous|ng |s
done on the up|ex M||||ng Mach|ne Cn th|s mach|nes where are two
sp|nd|es and the Mach|n|ng of the both faces |s done correspond|ng|y
e) Iace M||||ng 1he M1 nous|ng |s c|amped on bed w|th he|p of |ocat|on
ho|es and face m||||ng of front and rear face |s done
f) 8or|ng 1he bor|ng operat|on |s carr|ed out on |eft and r|ght s|de of the
M1 nous|ng
g) r||||ng 1he dr||||ng operat|on |s carr|ed on front and rear s|des of the M1
nous|ng 1he operat|on |s carr|ed out on 1wo way Mu|t|p|e r||||ng
Mach|ne ach sp|nd|es of var|ous dr|||s rotates w|th vary|ng speeds

r||||ng 1he dr||||ng operat|on |s carr|ed on the |eft and r|ght s|des of the M1
nous|ng on mu|t|p|e dr||||ng Mach|ne
h) r||||ng ts done on s|des of the bores on rad|a| dr||||ng mach|ne w|th he|p
of f|xture
|) I|n|sh 8or|ng the f|na| bor|ng |s done on M1 nous|ng
[) 1app|ng 1app|ng of the ho|es |s done on rad|a| dr||||ng mach|ne w|th use
of tapp|ng too|
k) Wash|ng 1he c|ean|ng of the work p|ece |s done by us|ng hot weather
and cast|ng soda to remove o|||ness and ch|ps
|) r|nd|ng 1he |nterna| gr|nd|ng |s carr|ed out as the |ast mach|n|ng
m)nspect|on At |ast the |nspect|on |s done
Cther components manufactured |n nMS are
A) Steer|ng shaft bush
8) Left hand shaft bush
) 8reak drum
)8reak drum cover
) Iront whee| hub

nCk2C-1AL MAn-- -1k (nM)S00
nMS00 |s a fu||y automat|c - hor|zonta| mach|n|ng centre w|th three ||near
ax|s rotary pa||et |ndex base tw|n pa||et changer and too| chang|ng capab|||ty
1h|s mach|n|ng centre has been des|gned to automat|ca||y change too|s for
M||||ng r||||ng 1app|ng 8or|ng keam|ng|n fact perform most type of
mach|n|ng operat|ons a|| |n one hand||ng of the work p|ece Under the gu|dance
of the - the too| |s pos|t|oned at any des|red po|nt or |t |s made to fo||ow any
contour for mach|n|ng operat|ons A|| the 3 ||near ax|s of mot|on are beh|nd the
sp|nd|e and pa||et |ndex base |s a stat|onary un|t carry|ng out c|amp|ng and
|ndex|ng operat|on of pa||ets 1w|n pa||et changer automat|ca||y changed the
requ|red pa||et on pa||et |ndex base
1he ent|re ma|n mach|ne structura|'s e|ement ||ke 8ed sadd|e co|umn nead and
pa||et changer are bu||t out of c|osed gra|n cast |ron except the pa||et |ndex base
and pa||et changer s||de wh|ch are made of we|ded stee| structures
Way 8ear|ng Arrangement
1he ent|re three ||near ax|s are hav|ng ||near rec|rcu|at|on mot|on bear|ng
system wh|ch has a very |ow coeff|c|ent of fr|ct|on 1he|r use e||m|nates st|ck s||p
mot|on and therma| generat|on a h|gh speed pos|t|on|ng
1he sadd|e movement over bed prov|des kax|s mot|on co|umn movement over
sadd|e prov|des ax|s mot|on and head movement over co|umn prov|des yax|s

S||des are dr|ven by |ndependent A servo motors enab||ng h|gh acce|erat|on
dece|erat|on and accurate contour|ng w|th |nf|n|te|y var|ab|e feed rates to cut
down |d|e t|me dur|ng pos|t|on|ng a rap|d traverse rate of 20m]m|n has been
prov|ded Motors are d|rect|y coup|ed to ba|| screws through tors|on a||y st|ff
coup||ng |n a|| three axes 8a|| screws are mounted on st|ff extra prec|s|on
angu|ar contact pre|oaded bear|ngs 1he pos|t|on feed back |s prov|ded through
encoders |n bu||t |nto the motor reso|ut|on |n st|ff c|osed |oop servo system
S-L nA
t carr|es sp|nd|e assemb|y t|m|ng be|t and pu||ey arrangement power draw
bo|ts and sp|nd|e or|entat|on mechan|sm sp|nd|e motor hor|zonta||y mounted at
the rear of the head prov|de power to sp|nd|e a reso|ver |s f|tted at the rare of
the motor to prov|de ana|ogue speed feedback s|gna| to the contro| system 1he
dr|ve |s equ|pped w|th therma| over |oad c|rcu|t to perfect motor and dr|ve
AU1C 1CCL nA-k
Mach|ne |s equ|pped w|th hydrau||ca||y operated doub|e ended too| chang|ng
arm 1oo| se|ect|on |s random and b|d|rect|ona| through coded pocket system
1oo| magaz|ne |s standa|one un|t mounted on the |eft s|de of the bed Standard
magaz|ne carr|es 32 too| pockets 1he opt|ona| magaz|ne carr|es 60 too| pockets
ALL1 -k 8AS
1h|s un|t |s a standa|one mach|ne un|t wh|ch |s f|xed to the front s|de of the bed
t houses the rotary |ndex|ng arrangement and prov|ded the 8 ax|s mot|on
a||ets are c|amped hydrau||ca||y aga|nst cutt|ng forces xact |ocat|on of the
pa||ets |s ach|eved through cup and cone arrangement
AU1C ALL1 nA-k
Mach|ne |s equ|pped w|th tw|n pa||et changer as a standard wh|ch conta|n two
pa||ets opt|ona||y mu|t| pa||et changer w|th 60 pa||ets |s offered Automat|c
pa||et changer |mparts operator a comp|ete access|b|||ty for component |oad
and un|oad 1h|s arrangement e||m|nates hand||ng de|ays s|nce work p|eces are
|oaded un|oaded at one pa||ets wh||e the mach|n|ng |s done at other pa||et
overs are prov|ded to protect hydrau||c and e|ectr|ca| from dust swarf and
coo|ant etc and from operat|ng safety
nA CU-1k 8ALA-
nead |s prov|ded w|th a hydrau||c counter ba|ance cy||nder wh|ch |s
cont|nuous|y pressur|zed to support head we|ght when mach|ne |s runn|ng n
the event of mach|ne shut down a break on head dr|ve feed motor ensure
ho|d|ng of head |n |ts pos|t|on
Automat|c cyc||c |ubr|cat|on system prov|de prec|se metered quant|ty pf o|| to
s|de way e|ement and ba|| screw t has prov|ded w|th o|| |eve| sw|tch and
|ubr|cat|on fa||ure warn|ng system 1h|s ensures m|n|mum operators attent|on
and ma|ntenance 1he axes and the sp|nd|e bear|ng are |ubr|cated w|th |ong ||fe
kLU8k -8U1S synthet|c grease
nydrau||c system
hydrau||c power pack prov|des hydrau||c power to A1 A 8 ower draw
bo|ts sp|nd|e key |ock and head counter ba|ance cy||nder Ior troub|e free
operat|ons the hydrau||c o|| |s f||tered through a 10mm pressure ||ne f||ter wh|ch
|s prov|ded e|ectr|ca| c|ogg|ng |nd|cator a|so nydrau||c tank |s prov|ded w|th o||
|ever |nd|cator
|ectr|ca| cab|net and - un|t
|ectr|ca| cab|net houses a|| mach|ne magnet|c sp|nd|e dr|ves 8ax|s dr|ves and
axes dr|ves - system |s mounted on front s|de of e|ectr|ca| cab|net
oo|ant tank and ch|p conveyor
h|ps and coo|ant from mach|ne |s co||ected |n the ch|p conveyor wh|ch carr|es
them to the |eft s|de of mach|ne where ch|ps are co||ected |n ch|p tro||eys And
coo|ant after f||trat|on |n the ch|ps conveyor goes |nto the coo|ant tank oo|ant
|s aga|n f||tered |n coo|ant tank and then |s supp||ed to mach|ne
SLA-1 1Uk-- -1k (S1)2S
S1 |s des|gned to perform a var|ety of operat|ons such as stra|ght and taper
turn|ng bor|ng c|rcu|ar |nterpo|ated contour|ng and |nterna| and externa|
thread|ng 1he bas|c des|gn conf|gurat|on of mach|ne |s computer opt|m|zed bed
and des|gned w|th a tr|angu|ar c|osed box structure for better r|g|d|ty and
stab|||ty 8ed gu|de ways for sadd|e and sadd|e gu|de ways for cross s||de gu|de
ways mat|ng w|th s||de are f|xed w|th ant| fr|ct|on ||ners(1Uk1) for ach|ev|ng
|ow st|cks||p and h|gh wear res|stance 1he symmetr|ca||y des|gned headstock
conta|ns the ma|n sp|nd|e bear|ng system on|y Sp|nd|e |s powered by contro||ed
1SkW motor through an automat|ca||y sh|ft|ng 3speed gearbox 1he turret
|s 12 stat|on b| d|rect|ona| d|sc turret su|tab|e for accommodat|ng 6 and 6 C
too|s wh|ch are pos|t|oned a|ternat|ve|y
1he hydrau||ca||y operated r|g|d ta|| stock |s mounted on separate hardened and
ground bed gu|de ways to avo|d |nterference due to sadd|e movement 1he ta||
stock |s c|amped to the bed by hrdrau||c force and can be pos|t|oned
automat|ca||y through tape contro| Sp|nd|e bear|ng for ta|| stock and head stock
are grease packed for ||fe 8oth sadd|e and cross s||de movements are effected
through prec|s|on ba|| screws dr|ven by permanent magnet servo motors by
a centra||zed automat|c |ubr|cat|on system A ch|p conveyor for qu|ck remova| of
ch|ps may be mounted |n front of the mach|ne as an opt|on and can be
contro||ed by separate push button A|| e|ectr|ca| cab|nets are mounted at the
rear end of mach|ne for easy access|b|||ty to a|| e|ectr|ca| e|ements
1he computer contro| system prov|ded w|th th|s mach|ne |s S-UMkL 31 of
S|emens ||m|ted th|s system accepts d|g|ta| part pogram from a magnet|c
cassette dr|ve or a paper tape reader or manua| data |nput Cperators contro|
stat|on mounted on the r|ght s||de door the mach|ne mon|tors the status
through pos|t|on and ve|oc|ty contro| feedback dev|ces and ||m|t sw|tches 1he
bas|c contro| system features |nc|ude two axes contour|ng w|th ||near and
c|rcu|ar |nterpo|at|on abso|ute or |ncrementa| programm|ng |nch or metr|c data
se|ectab|e by codes
-- 1S1-
After assemb|y eng|ne |s brought to eng|ne est|ng sect|on n th|s sect|on
pract|ca| check|ng of eng|ne and water supp|y |s connected to |t and then eng|ne
|s started w|th externa| supp| 1here the proper operat|ng of va|ves |s done
the eng|ne |s kept runn|ng for two hours ur|ng runn|ng the |oad |s a|so var|ed
and var|ous propert|es ||ke |ubr|cat|ng o|| pressure |oad capac|ty fue|
consumpt|on etc |s checked
1he |ubr|cat|ng o|| pressure |n the eng|ne shou|d be 38 to 42 kg]cm2 Ior
proper work|ng |oad capac|ty of eng|ne |s checked by app|y|ng |oad on the shaft
of eng|ne through water 8rake dynamometer |n wh|ch water |s app||ed on
ro||er when |n turn pressure of shaft water ressure |s contro||ed by |ever 1he
|oad |s app||ed |n such a way that the max rpm of eng|ne cover down by 200
1he max rpm of eng|ne shaft |s kept 2200


Supp|y|ng a measured quant|ty of fue| usua||y a|so checks the fue| consumpt|on
of the eng|ne 100cc of d|ese| or fue| |s supp||ed to eng|ne 1he t|me taken by
eng|ne to consume the fue| |s noted ur|ng th|s test|ng eng|ne |s kept on |oad

ICk 1S1- -- S k1 kU--- ICk nCUk A- SS M-U1S