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I was born on the 17th of September 1971 in Madrid, Spain, as the youngest of three sisters of very similar ages. My family was and still is very spiritual although it might not seem so from the outside. But I insist, I was born into an extremely spiritual family as I grew up in love, harmony, consistency, consciousness and prosperity. My parents were very wise in planning family life. By using practical control over themselves, their egos gave in to many of their personal likes and interests in order to keep familiar and communal welfare and achieving the maintenance of a strong and stable psychic, emotional and material harmony. Also, we were brought up in mutual service and respect and according to natural hierarchical values, providing us an ideal environment and grounds to grow up in this word. They taught me to have a futuristic vision so as to be able to decide my way, conscious that any act brings consequences, that any action has a reaction. They also taught me to know how to live the present so as to be able to live wisely towards future, while accepting, assessing and evaluating the past. My parents gave me so much love that I did not know how to handle such a powerful energy. It made me grow so much in my inner power and sensitivity as well as in my mind that unconsciously, my ego made me leave home at a very early age, creating much suffering to myself and the others. However, the fact of having been born and grown up in a home where spirituality is lived not by word but in practice, is a powerful seed that someday will sprout and begin to grow, as it was my case. The intense suffering during that decade and a half after leaving home when I wasnt able to understand lifes purpose, worlds functioning, suffering, deaths call, minds, uncontrolled and opposed emotions together with the feeling of being fed up with myself, with my thoughts and feelings, with my impossibility to be happy or keep happiness, with my lack of understanding and inability to live an adults life, triggered that the seed brought by my parents began to sprout, eager to become a strong and leafy tree bearing many fruits. This became especially true from the 23rd of February 2003 when I began a very specific meditative practice that got in charge and still is in charge of watering this seed-plant-tree, refining and developing them more and more each day. My parents on their side, continued to grow internally and practice this spirituality (that people dont usually recognize as such) and thanks to it we can still love each other and share beautiful moments together. And this is how I got, barefoot, to where I am now: the beginning of The Path to Life, that allows me to be born in myself, know and truly live this Life.