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HP LaserJet 9000/9050 Online Diagrams Released Olson Joins Parts Now! as Director of Marketing MFP Fundamentals Course Highlights New April Training Schedule

JANUARY 2005, VOL. 14, NUMBER 12




Continuing our effort to make your online ordering experience even easier, we are proud to announce the release of online printer diagrams for the HP LaserJet 9000/9050 series. The diagrams feature schematics of every section of the printer, so youll be confident you are ordering the part you
How to access the diagrams

the part number and description. Both the picture of the part and the part number in the table are clickable, which allows you to view part availability and pricingand purchase the part online if you are logged in. The diagrams on our website include many of HPs most popular model families, and we will be releasing a new model group every month. The seven model groups currently on our website are: HP LaserJet 4/4+/5 series HP LaserJet 4000/4050 series HP LaserJet 4100 HP LaserJet 4200/4300 series HP LaserJet 5Si/8000 series HP LaserJet 8100/8150 series HP LaserJet 9000/9050 series

1. Go to Parts Now!s website at www.partsnow.com. 2. Click on the Login button (Dont worryyou dont have to login to view the diagrams). 3. Click on the Part Diagrams button. 4. You will see a list of the printer models we currently have diagrams for. Clicking any of the models will bring up a list of diagrams available for that model. 5. Clicking on any of the parts in any diagram will prompt you to login in if you would like to see price and availability for that part. really need. Each diagram consists of an exploded view of each assembly in the printer, as well as a table that lists the part number and description of the parts included in the diagram. Parts can also be identified by rolling your mouse cursor over the picture of the part in the diagram, which reveals a box that contains

The diagrams can be viewed on our website, but if you would like to see price and availability for each part, you need a login. To obtain one, visit our website at www.partsnow.com and click on the Order Online @ Shop Now! button. You will need to fill out a form to let us know who you are, and processing will take 1-2 business days. I


Pam Olson has joined international laser printer parts distributor Parts Now! as Director of Marketing. Olson comes to Parts Now! with extensive experience in management, marketing, advertising and new business development, and will use this experience to effectively lead the efforts of the marketing department. We are committed to continuing to make the necessary changes within both our organization and business model whenever we see an opportunity to make Parts Now! a better place to work for its employees and whenever we can drive improved business results for our customers, said Kevin Guy, VP of Sales and Marketing. Most recently Olson served as Advertising Manager at Wisconsinbased apparel cataloger Lands End. She has also held the position of Olson partner for a privately owned business. I Matt Barnum

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Service Today is a Parts Now! publication with a mission to serve as a technical resource for printer repair technicians.

A new course on multifunction printers (MFPs) highlights our newly released week of hands-on printer repair training classes to be held April 3-7, 2006. These courses, held at the Parts Now! training facility in Madison, WI, cover all aspects of laser printer repair for several models of HP printers. The new one-day MFP Fundamentals course gives technicians the knowledge to service both color and monochrome MFPs. This class also focuses on the scanner portion of the MFP and includes theory of operation, paper path, consumables and ADF maintenance kits. Also covered is use of the MFP for copy, scan and faxing applications, along with

menus, common break/fix information and trouble-shooting. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to service and repair most lower and midrange HP laser model MFPs. The Parts Now! training department will also lead one-day courses covering the HP LaserJet 2100/2200/2300 series, HP LaserJet 42xx/43xx series, and a two-day course on the HP Color LaserJet 46xx/55xx series. For hands-on training class descriptions or signup information, call (800) 886-6688 to speak with a Parts Now! account representative or visit Parts Now! online at www.partsnow.com. I

Please direct all correspondence concerning content, submissions, or circulation of Service Today or any comments to mbarnum@partsnow.com.

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Congratulations to the following students who successfully completed Parts Now! Online Training courses in November/December:
Image Formation for Monochrome Printers
Jeff Baker Jamil Cubit Mario Falcone Adewale Idowu Wreginald Jones Amr Kaliouby Frank Martino Juliana Menner John Parks Silviu Rechieru Kathleen Snyder Jason Walker Ted Weed

SALES SPOTLIGHT: ROBERT RIOLDI Parts Now! account representative Robert Rioldi always makes customer service his top priority, and it shows in everything he does. Robert took a moment to tell Service Today about this dedication and why it is so important. Service Today: When did you start at Parts Now!? Robert Rioldi: I started at Parts Now! back in February of 2005. ST: What did you do before you worked at Parts Now!? RR: Ive been involved with sales and customer service for the last 15 years learning something new everyday. ST: What attracted you to Parts Now!? RR: I was attracted to Parts Now! because of the growth and opportunities which lay ahead for the next decade. ST: Why is providing great customer service for your customers so important? RR: Im a true believer when it comes to customer service. our

integrity to our customer not only gives us more opportunities to grow as a whole, but also helps our customers expand their operations. ST: What is something youve noticed about Parts Now! since you started? RR: Since Ive started with the company Ive got to know a lot of good people at Parts Now! that are always there to help. I think when a company like Parts Now! shows how much they stand by their employees and help at a moments notice, then you know how much theyre willing to help their customers. ST: What sets Parts Now! apart from the competition? RR: Parts Now! just has so much to offer their customers. For example, our technical support department is available free of charge 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. We also have a very impressive website, which provides important information that you can use every day, such as detailed order history, return info, and RMA status. ST: What do you like to do with your free time? RR: Outside of work I like to spend time with my beautiful wife and little rock star son. I also enjoy traveling and learning different cultures.

Lexmark T52X/T62X/T63X Series

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HP LJ 4000/4050/4100
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HP LJ 4200/4300 Series
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HP LJ 5Si/8000/81xx
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Theres not much to an HP LaserJet 4200/4300 series swing plate assembly (part number RM1-0043) just a couple pieces of metal, a few gears and a spring (Figure 1) but like most parts inside a laser printer, if it fails to function correctly the printer will let you know about it. This article will outline those ways, as well as give detailed instructions on how to replace the swing plate assembly, should you need to. A Simple Purpose The purpose of the swing plate assembly is to engage the main drive with the fuser, causing the fuser to turn. One of the gears on the swing plate assembly engages with a 40-tooth gear on the fuser (Figure 2) when the top panel is closed. If the fuser is not fully clipped into place or if the fuser has a broken fuser clip these gears may not engage properly. If that is the case, two things can happen: 1. Paper jam - If the gears dont engage at all, the fuser roller will not turn. When paper reaches the fuser, a paper jam will occur. 2. Grinding noise - If the two gears engage improperly, a grinding noise can result, which can also cause damage to the fuser gear, the swing plate gear, or both. If you experience either of these scenarios, the first thing you should do is remove the fuser and check the fuser gear, the two fuser clips (Figure 2), and the gear on the swing plate assembly for damage. You should
Figure 2 - The 4200/4300 series fuser has a 40tooth gear (red box) that engages with the swing plate assembly. Blue clips on either side of the fuser (red arrow shows right clip) secure the fuser in the printer. Figure 1 - The swing plate assembly for the HP LaserJet 4200/4300 series (part # RM1-0043).

also lift up the gear on the swing plate assembly to verify tension (Figure 3). If there is no tension, the spring on the swing plate assembly is detached, missing or broken. If that is the case, it is time to install a new swing plate assembly, since the spring by itself is not available. If there is tension and the gears and fuser clips are not damaged, reinstall the fuser. If the paper jam or grinding noise subsides, then the fuser was not seated properly in the printer. If the problem still persists, continue trouble-shooting as recommended by the manual the swing plate assembly is not the culprit. If you do find damage on the fuser gear, dont assume that you can just replace the fuser and solve the problem. Its costly and embarrassing to install a new fuser in a customers printer, only to experience the same problems with that fuser due to one bad gear chewing up the other. If you see damage on the swing plate assembly gear, youll have to replace that also.

Playing Hard to Get The good thing about installing a new swing plate assembly is removing it from the printers frame is easy simply remove the three screws holding it in place. The hard part is all the parts you need to remove to get to it. As youll see in the following instructions, a good portion of the printer needs to be disassembled until you can finally get a screwdriver to the swing plate assembly. Its for this reason that we strongly encourage you to try reseating or exchanging the fuser first, as these options take much less effort. However, you may not have an extra known good fuser on hand, and since the fuser is considerably more expensive than the swing plate assembly, taking the extra time to install a new swing plate assembly may be worth it. Getting To The Swing Plate 1. The swing plate assembly is nestled deep inside the printer (Figure 3, red box) and requires a lot

Figure 3 - The red box shows the swing plate assembly as it is positioned within the printer.

Figure 4 - The red arrows indicate the two screws that attach the formatter and its cage to the printer.

of disassembly. Follow these steps to get to it. 2. The first step in removing the swing plate assembly is to remove the rear face-up tray, toner cartridge, fusing assembly, and the left, right and top covers. 3. Remove the formatter and its cage by removing

two screws (Figure 4, red arrows). 4. After you remove two more screws labeled M4 (Figure 5, red arrows), you should be able to slide the right tray guide (Figure 6) out by pushing in the plastic circle (Figure 5, yellow arrow).

Figure 5 - Remove the two screws labeled M4 (red arrows) and push the plastic circle (yellow arrow) to remove the right tray guide (Figure 6).

Figure 6 - The right tray guide.

Figure 7 - Remove the switch rod.

Figure 8 - The two white ribbon cables (being held) and three multi-colored cables (red boxes) must be removed from the DC controller.

5. Remove the switch rod (Figure 7). 6. The DC controller has several cables attached to it, but you will only be removing the two ribbon cables and the three plugs with multi-colored cables (Figure 8, red boxes). Slide these cables through the hole in the side of the printer

(Figure 9) and pull them from the other side so they hang loose in the inside of the printer (Figure 10). 7. Staying on the right side of the printer, find the four screws labeled M3 (Figure 11, arrows) and remove them.

Figure 9 - Slide the cables through the hole in the side of the printer.

Figure 10 - Pull the cables so they hang loose in the inside of the printer (right, three of the five cables shown).

Figure 11 - Remove the four screws labeled M4 (red arrows).

Figure 12- Once the five screws labeled M3 (red arrows) are removed, the connector access cover can be removed (yellow box).

8. Now switch to the left side of the printer and locate the five screws labeled M3 (Figure 12, arrows) and remove them. Two of these screws hold on the connecter access cover, which you should remove at this time (Figure 12, yellow box).

9. Locate and unplug the two cables underneath the connector access cover that are connected to the power supply, just below the main fan (Figure 13, arrows). 10. You are now ready to pull out the power supply as shown in Figure 14. The power supply will

Figure 13 - Red arrows indicate the two cables underneath the connector access cover.

Figure 14 - Pull up and out on the power supply to remove.

Figure 15 - The plastic power supply guide.

Figure 16 - The plastic wire guide.

not slide out unless you lift it up slightly and pull back. 11. Remove the plastic power supply guide (Figure 15) and the plastic wire guide (Figure 16). 12. The toner cartridge guide is attached to the printers frame by a spring. Use a spring hook to detach the spring and remove the toner car-

tridge guide (Figure 17). 13. Finally, remove the white 23-tooth gear (Figure 18) and the three screws that hold the swing plate assembly in place (Figure 19, arrows). You can now remove the swing plate assembly. If youve followed these instructions, youll have a lot of parts strewn about your work area. To put everything back in, install a new spring guide assembly, then work through the steps in reverse. Even though this is a small and relatively cheap part, it can cause a big headache for you or your customers. Knowing how to replace it which should be a last resort should come in handy for you if youre working on the LaserJet 4200/4300 series. I Matt Barnum
Mr. Barnum has edited and wrote for Service Today since May 2001.

Figure 17 - Use a spring hook to detach and remove the toner cartridge guide.

Figure 19 - The red arrows indicate the three screws that hold on the swing plate assembly.

Figure 18 - Remove the 23-tooth white gear.





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