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Gilat at a Glance

Boundless Communications


Market Leadership
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. is a premier global provider of broadband satellite communications products and services. For 25 years, Gilat has been at the forefront of VSAT technology and today is a leader in the innovation and development of advanced satellite technologies in multiple disciplines.

End-to-End Connectivity
Deploying and managing broadband networks requires industry-leading expertise. Gilat delivers advanced broadband satellite connectivity with end-to-end solutions, turn-key projects, managed network services and network outsourcing, including: Satellite ground network solutions - advanced, high-performance, modular VSAT platforms in Ka, Ku, C and X bands enabling boundless communications and connectivity for service providers, enterprise and governments Communications on the move (COTM) solutions VSAT technology and advanced low profile antennas for emergency response, disaster recovery, offshore operations, defense and homeland security applications High power solid state power amplifiers supporting Ka, Ku, C and X bands Customized, tailor made solutions for satellite and high availability hybrid networks Turnkey system integration, project management and outsource network operations

Scalable VSAT systems can support small networks requiring as little as 256Kbps, to networks supporting more than 300Mbps. Enterprise and consumer VSATs - high throughput satellite terminals with embedded advanced acceleration and caching technologies enable cost-effective communication services. Superior adaptive inbound and outbound technologies provide very high service availability. Mesh and multi-star topologies provide an optimized, tailor made satellite-based networks. Hardened VSATs - High performance MIL-Spec satellite terminals supporting adaptive spread spectrum, modulation and coding, low Eb/No, fast signal acquisition and TRANSEC for satellite on the move, defense, emergency response, and homeland security applications. Gilat end-to-end communication solutions provide added value to operators through engineering services, optimal performance design, integration and deployment assistance.

High Performance VSAT Technology

Gilat technology delivers high performance satellite communications for voice, video and data applications anywhere in the world: SkyEdge and SkyEdge II - leading VSAT platforms for high-quality voice, broadband data and video services. Efficient space segment management, DVB-S2 ACM and DVB-RCS modulations, dynamic inbound channels and uplink power control deliver high service uptime.

On-the-Move Antenna Systems

Advanced and field proven low-profile antenna systems support on-the-move satellite communication applications for defense, homeland security, emergency response and search and rescue missions.

Power Advantage technology provides higher output power, greater reliability and lower energy usage in compact packages.

World-Class Support and Service

With 22 sales and service offices worldwide, Gilats strong global footprint facilitates rapid network deployments. Advanced network operation centers monitor customer networks to provide constant connectivity. Local support offices and centralized supply facilities ensure prompt, reliable customer training, maintenance and support - anywhere, anytime.

High Power Amplifiers

Next generation solid-state power amplifiers and BUCs for mission-critical satellite communications systems including 2-way VSAT systems, Satellite News Gathering (SNG), and high throughput video broadcast teleports. Patented Spatial

Sample list of Gilats extensive and diverse customer base:

Angola Telecom Astel, Kazakhstan Bharti, India Gateway Communications, Belgium China Unicom Comsat, Brazil Cotas, Bolivia Russian Electric Facility, FSK DCC, Nigeria Embratel, Brazil Enitel, Nicaragua HCL Comnet, India Orange Business Services, France Telecom, Namibia isNet, Turkey Ministry of Education, Russia, via Global Teleport KazakhTelecom Elektra, Mexico Optus, Australia Portugal Telecom Russian Post GE Satcom, Germany Hispasat, Spain Sibirtelecom, Russia ethio telecom BT, Brazil Star One, Brazil Tatanet, India Petrobrass, Brazil Telefonica, LATAM SES, Astra2Connect Globalsat, Mexico

SkyEdge II VSAT Terminals

Hardened Satellite Modem

RaySat SR-5000


Wavestream BUCs

SatTrooper Manpack

RaySat S-200

Corporate HQ (972) 3 925 2000 Australia (61) 3 9866 6877 Brazil (55) 21 2142 6600 China (86) 10 6787 5857 Colombia (57) 1744 9494 India (91) 120 4670600 Indonesia (62) 21 526 7670 Kazakhstan (7) 7272 596575/7 Mexico (52) 55 110 016 00 North America (1) 703 848 1000 Russia (7) 495 981 0965 South Africa (27) 12 344 0240 Thailand (66) 2 634 1780 www.gilat.com
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