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Truth About Indus Valley Civilization

The ancient Indus Valley people, India ’s oldest known civilization had
a culture that stretched from Western India to Afghanistan and a
populace of over 5 million. ie, India ’s oldest known civilization—
were an impressive and apparently sanitary bronze-age bunch.

The scale of their baffling and abrupt collapse rivals that of the great
Mayan decline. They were a hygienically advanced culture with a
highly sophisticated sewage drainage system, and immaculately
constructed baths.

4000 year ago or approximately 2000BC Aryans invaded the area

and destroyed everything on sight.


Who were the Aryans?

The Caucasians living in the plains between Caspian lake & Caucasus mountain.
As their population grew these nomadsstarted out looking for greener pastures.

Those who reached Roman became Roman Arya

Those who reached Greece became Greek Arya

Those who reached Arab peninsula became Arab Arya

Those who traveled through present day Iran - Afghan and reached Indian
became Indian Araya.

By the time they reached India they had already started composing Veda. They
had already invented chariot, arrow and better fighting skills as they had to fight
their way through all the wilderness of the time.

Peace loving people of Indus valley civilization were highly developed but they
were not fighters as they did not need that skill till that time. These hordes of
Ayan barbarians invaded and drove them in to India . Mass killings happened.
Their dams were destroyed. All these incidence well described in Vedas! Aryans
leaders described as gods and local population described as Asuras or
Raksyasas or Dravids!

Then slowly drove them further south.

This process was the biggest genocide of human history.

Slowly these Aryans developed the language Sankrit.

The original language of Sind civilization was Prakrit and it evolved in to Tamil
and lead to Malayalam,Telugu and other South Indian language.

The South Indian are Dravids and Aryans became elite class Brahmins. Manu
Samhita was wrote to protect Brahmins and gave them godlike stature among
the conquered people.
Now Brahmin dominated Indian society tries to delete the correct history and try
to teach nothing like above happened.

But Tamils have not forgotten this past.

They very well recognize these Brahmins.

They worship Ravan as a great saint and hate Rama and his army!

In any war the victorious or the strong writes the history and people accept it as
truth! That’s how Rama became a god and Ravan became an Asura!

Thanks to modern technology we are able to know the truth of Iraq war other
wise victorious & strong America tried its best to fool the world that they invade
Iraq to spread democracy and wipe out terrorism & WMD!

But truth: they wanted the oil, they wanted to tilt Middel-East in favor of Israel .
Before invasion there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq & there was nothing that could be
labeled WMD!!

Govt of India doing its best to re-write history of Indus Valley Civilization and
delete the unpleasant truth from the history. These facts were nicely there in
Weikipedea online encyclopedia and by pressure from India these were deleted.
Even genocide is denied by this web site now!!
Reason: The divide between Dravid & Brahmins to be minimized. The gap
between lower class (the original Indian) and higher caste Hindu (who are
decedents of Aryans) to be minimized. Otherwise result could be total
disintegration of India .