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1.size alteration of rxcmsd block saaep:sae=all,block=rxcmsd; saaii:sae=sae_no,block=rxcmsd,ni=ni_number; 2.

command log manually execution sycsi:sfn=0000018; iocmp; iocmc:state=active; iocmi:file=filename,proc=f,skip; sylae; 3.backup information fault sybui:disc; 4.ap reboot aploc; alist acease 6012:0 5.ali bolcked alale:ali=0; 6. system restarted syrae; 7.ap system clock not syncronized set clock in both apg40 node through pc anywhere cacls:date=060113,time=1530,day=fri 8.IO PRINTOUT DESTINATION FAULTY AP 1 DEVICE AD-40 APNAME AP0504193651C PDS IpClient NODE B NODENAME AP0504193651B

REASON Lost connection to remote server 9. CP BACKUP TAKEN PROCESS

SYBFP:FILE; SYBUE; SYBUP:FILE;; SYTUC; SYBUI:DISC; 10. RP Fault 372 check exemp:em=all,rp=all; check dbtsp:tab=tab name ,rpaddr=rp number; block blrpi:rp=rp number; deblock blrpe:rp=rp number; 11. CCITT7 DISTURBANCE SUPERVISION LIMIT REACHED ENUM 4 reset the enum c7err:enum=enum number; 12. SEIZURE SUPERVISION OF DEVICES IN BSC DETY RALT2 check the deivce never in used by rasap; reset the device never in used rasar:dety=ralt2; 13. The following is a Primus(R) eServer solution: ID: SCS517249 Domain: primus_owner Solution Class: 4.X Fact Fact Fact Fact Network: GSM Node: AXE HLR Node: AXE MSC Node: AXE BSC

Fact Fact Fact Fact Fact Fact Fact

Node: AXE SCP Hardware: AXE BYB 501 Hardware: AXE810 APG40 APZ 212 30 APZ 212 33 APZ 212 40



Lost connection to remote server

The alarm "IO PRINTOUT DESTINATION FAULTY" is received. PROCEDURE:1) Check in the cpdlist whether AD-40 is defined properly or not. C:\>cpdlist -l DEVICE SEP TYPE TIME STATE QPRT PRCA AD-25 No mml Read 0 AD-40 No IpClient 0 Faulty 0 46,48-49,51-58,69 -i -b AD-46 No mml Faulty 0 PARAMETER


2) If the state is Faulty then we have to delete and define the list again. Also if the state is Idle and still the alarm "IO PRINTOUT DESTINATION FAULTY" recieves, then there may be some hanging, which can be removed after redefining the cpdlist again. 3) Remove the AD-40 by command cpdremove c:\>cpdremove AD-40 4) Define cpdlist again using the command cpdinsert. CPDINSERT -i <ossIpAddr>:50000 -b -v (lists the printout categories ) AD-<deviceId>

Example: C:\>cpdinsert -i -b -v 35,32,37-46,48-49,5158,69 AD-40 5) Check in the cpdlist again whether it is defined properly. C:\>cpdlist -l DEVICE SEP TYPE TIME STATE QPRT PRCA AD-40 No IpClient 0 Idle 0 46,48-49,51-58,69 -i -b 6) Check the alarm, the alarm should be ceased now. PARAMETER 32,35,37-