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English has become an international language since along time ago. The role of English is so great that every progress in all aspect of modern being important international communication. English is also needed in scientific fields as a means of expanding science and technology. In the information era, communication which most important means is language, cannot be separated from grammar. Language plays a very important role in human life, for it allows people to share and express desire feeling, and thought. So in learning English we ought to know it grammar. Many people can speak English fluently but sometimes their grammatical knowledge is poor. English grammar has always been a problem for people who learn English. The rules are often highly complex and the interpretations of such as are often controversial. The situation is further complicated by different grammar systems that seem to operate in writing and in speech by continually changing grammatical usage. So we have to learn grammar rules.


Therefore one of the important purposes of formulating the problem is to focus attention and curiosity on a particular point. Does the teaching of conditional sentence type 1 through discovery inquiry method to the second year students of SMK Negeri 1 Kedawung reach a good achievement.


Besides, this research the writer wants to find out the effectiveness of discovery inquiry method to the second year students of SMK Negeri 1 kedawung.

The Topic of this paper is in this study is described as follows : The Hypothesis proposed The Teaching of Conditional Sentences Type I to The Second Year Students of SMK Negeri I Kedawung Through Discovery Inquiry Method. So, in this paper the writer The discovery inquiry method is not about the process of the conditional sentences has decided to limit it only to the discussion effective for teachingteaching conditional sentence type I because only conditional sentence type I that is taught in GBPP The discovery inquiry method is not effective for teaching the conditional sentences




The method used is experimental method. In this research, the writer tries to obtain, get the description of process which take place at life of research executed, then the description analyzed. This research used rational approach, it means the data are collected suitable, and the conclusions are taken from the datas collection


In this research, the writer has collected the data, as follows : Observation According to Surahman, Winarno, 1998 ; 162, Observation is technique of collecting data that observe that phenomena of the research closely. The writer has held an observation to the second year students of SMK Negeri 1 Kedawung. Test According to Arikunto, Suharsimi, 1986, 29. Test is ay series of questions or exercises or other means of measuring theskill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities, or aptitudes of an individual of group (Arikunto, Suharsimi, 1986 : 29). The writer gives the test to the students as one of the instrument for collecting data of the research. The test given to the students is to know how far the students ability in learning grammar. Usually, it Suharsimi Arikunti (1196 : 115) teaching and learning The population according to is given to the students I the end ofis Keseluruhan Subjek process THE POPULATION AND Alrect (1985 Penelitian, Population is the entire subject. And Pamela L.SAMPLE : 419) defines sample as the term of sample is the number and / or identification or respondent the population who will be or have been included in the survey. In this research, the writer takes the second grade students of SMK Negeri 1 Kedawung as population, that consist of 6 classes with 282 students. The sample used is the students of class II-I(45).


Data Analysis can be conducted by using statistical method and non statistical method. In this research, statistical method will be applied to analyze the data. Based on that is obtained of the research, the writer applies test formula, because this formula is suitable with the research.

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