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2011 March/April






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Kyiv City Guide #23 March/April


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Facts & Figures
LOCATION: Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland in the west, Belarus in the north, and Russia in the east. GEOGRAPHY: Ukraine is the second largest state (slightly smaller than Texas) in Europe and consists mostly of plateaus. The only mountain chains are the Carpathians (west) and the Crimean Mountains. HIGHEST POINT: Mount Hoverla 2,061m (Carpathians). LONGEST RIVER: Dnipro 2,200 km (1,204 km within Ukraine). CLIMATE: temperate continental; Mediterranean on the southern Crimean coast. The summers are warm, even hot in the south. Winters vary from cool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland, summers are warm across the greater part of the country, hot in the south. The heaviest rainfalls are observed in July. Snowfall is common in winter. Average temperature: July +21C, January 6C. (South). THE FLAG: consists of two equal horizontal bands of azure and yellow representing grainfields under a blue sky. ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION: Unitary state divided into 24 provinces (oblast) and one autonomous republic Crimea. Additionally, two cities Kyiv and Sevastopol, have a special status. LANGUAGE: The official language is Ukrainian, an Indo-European, Slavic group language, which is similar to Russian. Russian is widely spoken in Kyiv, on the North-East and South. RELIGION: Ukraine is predominantly Orthodox Christian. Greek Catholic on the western part. LOCAL TIME: Eastern European Time (GMT+2) and Eastern European Summer Time (GMT+3) zones, along with Finland, Baltic States, Greece, and Turkey.
Area: Population: Capital: Major cities: Ethnic composition: 603,628 sq. km 46,179,266 (2008 est.) Kyiv, 2,819,566 Kharkiv 1,470,902 Dnipropetrivsk 1,065,008 Odesa 1,029,049 Donetsk 1,016,194 Ukrainians: 77.8 % Russians: 17.3 % Belorussians: 0.6 % Moldovans: 0.5 % Crimean Tatar: 0.5 % others: 3.8 %

History in brief

4500BC Flourishing of the Late Neolithic Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. 482AD Foundation of Kyiv (founded, according to legend, by first settlers Kiy, Shcheck, Horiv and Lybid). 882 Kyiv becomes the centre of the first Slavic State - Kyivan Rus, which during the 10-11th centuries was the largest and most powerful in Europe. 988 The ruler Vlodymyr the Great converts Kyivian Rus to Christianity. 1240 Genghis Khans grand-son, Batu Khan conquers Kyivian Rus. 1362 Weakened by internecine quarrels and Mongol invasions, Kyivan Rus was incorporated into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 15th century The cultural and religious legacy of Kyivian Rus laid to the foundation of Ukrainian nationalism and a Cossack quasi-state, the Zaporizhian Host was established. 1648 After uprising against Poles lead by Cossack leader Bohdan Khmelnitsky the Hetmanate remained autonomous for well over 100 years. 17th century Ukraine was progressively incorporated into the Russian Empire despite the promises of Ukrainian autonomy given by the Treaty of Pereyaslav. 1917 following the collapse of czarist Russia in 1917 independent Ukrainian Peoples Republic was proclaimed. 1920 Soviets reconquered Ukraine and forced to endure a brutal communist regime that engineered artificial famine - Holodomor (1932-33) in which over 8 million Ukrainians died. 1941 German troops invade Ukraine. 1944 Soviet army occupies Ukraine again. In WWII, both German and Soviet armies were responsible for 7 to 8 million deaths. 1945 Ukraine became the member of the United Nations. 1954 Crimea transferred to Ukraine by Soviet leader Khrushchev. 1986 Horrific Chernobyl disaster. 1990 Proclamation of sovereignty and independence from Soviet Union. 1996 Adoption of new Ukrainian Constitution; the Hryvnia is introduced as the new Ukrainian monetary unit. 2004 Following peaceful mass protest Orange Revolution Victor Yushchenko becomes the president of Ukraine. 2008 Ukraine became the member of the World Trade Organization.

Hello -pryvit Good morning -dobry ranok Good afternoon -dobry den How are you? -yak spravy? Yes -tak No -ni Please -budlaska Excuse me -vybachte Thank you -dyakuyu You are welcome -proshu Help -dopomozhit Hotel -gotel Hospital -likarnya Doctor -likar Food -yizha Water -voda Right -na pravo Left -na livo Straight -pryamo Street -vulytsya Square -ploscha Terminal -vokzal Post office -poshta Open -vidkryto Closed -zachyneno Pull -na sebe Push -vid sebe What is your name? -yak vas zvaty? My name is... -mene zvaty... Nice to meet you -pryemno poznayomytys Goodbye -do pobachennya Where is... -de znakhodytsya... Cheers! -Budmo! May I have the bill please -rakhunok budlaska Monday -ponedilok () Tuesday -vivtorok () Wednesday -sereda () Thursday -tchetver () Friday -pyatnytsya () Saturday -subota () Sunday -nedilya () Spring -vesna Summer -lito Autumn -osin Winter -zyma Please take me to the ... hotel -gotel ... budlaska Arrive -prybuvaye Depart -vidhodyt Is there an information desk nearby? -chy ye po blyzu spravochna? I would like to order a taxi -ya hotiv by zamovyty taxi How much does it cost? -skilky tse koshtuye?

Your mini dictionary

Public holidays

When a public holiday falls on a weekly day off (for example, Sunday), the following working day (often it is Monday) turns into an official day off too. For the most of Ukrainian employees weekly days off are Saturday and Sunday. If only one or two working days are between a public holiday and another day off then the Government usually shifts these working days onto a certain Saturday following that day off.
January 1 January 7 March 8 April 24 (2011) May 1,2 May 9 June 12 (2011) June 28 August 24 New Year Orthodox Christmas Womens Day Orthodox Easter Labour Day Victory Day Orthodox Pentecost Constitution Day Independence Day


At the airport
There are two airports in Kyiv. The Kyiv Boryspil International (KBP) serves international (terminal B) and domestic (terminal A) flights and has a separate terminal C for VIP and officials. Inside terminal B there are post office, 00-24 Internet cafe, restaurant, bank offices, exchange points, and several ATMs (bankomats), luggage room on the -1 floor (open 0024, no breaks), rent-a-car offices, and a handicapped travellers service in the arrival hall, and related facilities www.airport-borispol.com.ua, tel. 8 900 116 5711 (657 from mobile), lost luggage tel. (044) 281 7498. Airport located 35 km from the city centre. Taxi ride to the city centre takes about 40 minutes depending on traffic. The reasonable fare would be around 250 hryvnias ($30), however, some pushy taxi drivers may hard-sell a $50 or even higher ride. There are also shuttle buses available that ride roughly every 30 minutes (see timetable at the bottom of page). The ride takes about one hour and gets you to the Kyiv Central Train Station, and the fare is 25 hryvnias ($5). Travellers can also hire a car that usually arrive within 30 minutes. The smaller one Kyiv City Airport (IEV) also known as Zhulyany Airport located within the south-western limits of the city, in some 15 km from the city centre. It serves predominantly domestic flights with several flights from CIS capitals and can be reached by taxi in 20 minutes from the city. The taxi fare may range from 30 to 70 hryvnias ($5 - $15) depending on distance. tel. (044) 242 2308 (from 07:00 till 22:00). Located in the city centre the Central Train Station has two terminals, one is refurbished old Ukrainian Baroque style terminal (build in 1927) and the other is ultramodern, Pivdenniy (Southern) terminal. The tracks located between the terminals, info tel. (044) 503 7005, www. uz.gov.ua. Each terminal has an exchange point, however, rates usually are unreasonable. A good option would be ATMs (bankomats) that are located in the main hall of both terminals. The old terminal has also a post office. The metro station Vokzalna is situated near the old terminal, constituting the stations main intersection with city transport. Southern new terminal is more convenient for getting a taxi. Kyiv Passenger Railway Station provides long-distance service including international destinations to several European capitals and CIS countries, and also a short-distance trains (the so-called elektrichkas) for nearby regions. Remote regions may be accessed with overnight trains.

At the train station

By car

The main route to Kyiv from the West is via Poland, through the 24h border post Dorohusk (Poland) and Yagodyn (Ukraine), Volynska province. The nearest significant town on the Polish side is Lublin, and it is easy to find the road by following the route #373 to Kovel and Lutsk or by watching numerous lorries and trucks heading East. The first question you will be asked when entering Ukraine, probably, is let me see your vehicle insurance police (in Ukrainian of course) which means you must have insurance police which applies to Ukraine too. A good idea is to buy one in your home country or in Poland. Otherwise you will be required to insure your car on the border and, for sure, pay exaggerated fee. Once you are in Lutsk, just follow the main road to Rivne, Zhytomyr and Kyiv. Speaking of fuelling, premium brands in Ukraine are Shell, Okko and WOG. They trade fairly good petrol and diesel fuel.

Kyiv Central Bus Station lies at the Moskovska ploscha, Lybidska, which is the edge of the city centre, tel. (044) 525 5774. The bus station terminal has luggage room (working hours: 06:00-11:00, 11:3017:00, 17:30-22:00), and several ATMs. There is also a McDonals's restaurant just off the terminal. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the city centre using both trolleybus and metro. The taxi can get you to the centre within 10-30 minutes depending on traffic with a reasonable fare around 50 hryvnias ($8). To Airport (from Central Train Station)
01:00 06:10 08:40 10:50 12:50 14:45 16:50 19:00 22:20 01:30 06:30 09:15 11:15 13:10 15:05 17:10 19:20 22:50 02:30 07:00 09:35 11:30 13:30 15:25 17:35 20:00 23:50 03:40 07:20 09:55 11:50 13:50 15:45 18:00 20:30 04:45 07:55 10:15 12:10 14:05 16:10 18:20 21:00

At the bus station

From Airport Boryspil

00:10 05:15 07:30 09:45 11:40 13:35 15:40 17:50 21:20 00:40 05:30 07:55 10:05 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:15 21:55 01:40 05:50 08:15 10:25 12:15 14:25 16:20 18:50 22:45 02:35 06:20 08:35 10:45 12:45 14:40 16:45 19:30 23:35

Airport - Kyiv centre shuttle bus timetable

04:00 06:45 08:55 11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 20:00 04:45 07:10 09:25 11:20 13:20 15:20 17:25 20:30 00:35 05:50 08:15 10:35 12:30 14:30 16:35 18:40 21:30

Citizens of the United States of America, Canada, European Union, and certain other states are allowed to enter Ukraine without a visa for a visit of up to 90 days. However, the overall duration of the stay without a visa must not exceed 90 calendar days per 180 calendar days from the date of arrival. An appropriate visa will be required for a longer stay or if you are coming to Ukraine for the purpose of employment, study, family reunion, immigration etc. If you plan to stay more than six months, you must register with the Ministry of Internal Affairs following your arrival in Ukraine. Your passport must be valid for at least one month beyond your intended date of departure from Ukraine. More info on registration: State Department on Immigration, 34 Shevchenka Blvd. Kyiv, tel. (044) 234 8502

Visas & Entry

Both the US and British embassies publish information that the risk of radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl 1986 accident is insignificant, other than within the 30 km exclusion zone immediately around the Chernobyl site.

Chernobyl & Ecology


Public transport
TRAMS, TROLLEYBUSES AND BUSES in Kyiv comprise extensive public transport system and operate from 06:00 to 01:00 depending on type of transport and day. Public transport is usually overcrowded during rush hours. The fare is 1.5 hryvnia per ride for a particular type of transport irrespective of an actual distance of a ride. Tickets are available in street kiosks or in drivers cabin. There are plenty of mini-buses (so-called marshrutkas) fare range from 2 to 3 hryvnias per ride) though their routes are puzzling. You must possess a valid International Driving Licence to drive legally. Ukraine is a zero tolerance policy on drink driving. Generally driving standards are poor and driving Ukraine is very stressy. Ukrainian law allows the police to stop a vehicle but only if a traffic offence has been committed. The police are not permitted to fine you on the spot. They should issue a ticket and send a report to the court to decide if a penalty should be applied. Police have no right to confiscate your driving license or documentation. The Traffic Police Department telephone you may contact for advice: (044) 272 4659 (help line), (044) 272 3660 (duty telephone).

Driving Ukraine

Fire 101 Police 102 Ambulance 103 Gas leakage 104 Wreck service water, electric 057 Hospitalised patients info 003 Pharmacy info 24h 067 Rescue 295 2447 Traffic accidents 483 1023 Medication delivery 24h 235 4035 Veterinarian clinic 24h 245 7666



METRO (Underground) Kyiv has one of the deepest metro in the world and its three line network with 46 stations covers nearly all the city. It is convenient, fast and reliable. Metro frequency depends on the daytime and is 1 minute during rush hours, 3-4 minutes during daytime and up to 25 minutes at evenings (after 21:00). During rush hours metro usually is heavily overcrowded. There are restrictions on the size of luggage that passengers are allowed to carry, and those that do are required to pay additional fees. Bicycles and animals are not allowed. The fare is 2 hryvnias per ride; metro function from 06:00 to 24:00. No English signs are available in metro so check our map section for Kyiv metro map. FUNICULAR (cable car) Since 1905 Kyiv funicular links lower town Podil (Poshtova Ploscha) and the upper Old City (Mikhailivska Square) Open from 06:30 to 23:00 (and to 22:00 in winters) and runs every 10 minutes.

TAXIS in Kyiv comparing to most European cities are quite inexpensive and convenient, however, English-speaking drivers are rare. A card with an address written in Ukrainian may be useful and recommended. Licensed cabs have orange or black checkered plates however, nearly every car in Kyiv may convert to a gipsy cab. Extra precaution should be taken in the evenings, when it is advisable to use only a clearly marked taxi rather than a private vehicle. Taxi bookings: Kyiv Taxi 502 0202; Euro Taxi 249 4040; Chic Taxi 222 2222. To make sure in getting a reasonable price, you may always request a taxi operator to quote a fixed fare in advance.


You should carry a photocopy of your passport with you at all times for ID purposes and keep the original in a safe place. You should beware of petty crime and keep valuables and cash out of sight, especially in crowded areas and tourist spots, where pickpockets and bag snatchers operate. You should not exchange money in places other than banks. Although the great majority of visitors experience no difficulties, there has been an increase in the number of mugging and other attacks on foreign nationals.

Tips & Tricks

DISABLED RAVELLERS Unfortunately Kyiv is not a disable friendly city and has no shopmobility and other facilities for disabled people. ELECTRICITY 220 volts AC, 50 Hz; European standard 2-pin plugs are in use. CAR FREE DAYS During holidays and weekends traffic is limited on central streets.
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Kyiv City Guide

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PUBLIC TOILETS These generally are dirty. A good idea is nearest hotel or a coffee shop. WATER Dont drink tap water without boiling it. We advise bottled water readily available in shops. Hryvnia is the national currency (introduced in 1996). One hryvnia equals 100 kopeck. There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kopiyok, and 1 Hr. The bank notes are of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 denominations. Visa and EC/MC are widely accepted although AmEx and Diners credit cards are not so popular. Exchange available either at banks or at exchange points. Please note that rates may vary a lot or deteriorate fast outside business hours or in less competitive places. 1 USD = 7.93 UAH; 1 EUR = 10.92 UAH (Feb 25, 2011)


is UK country code, (20) is London area code, and (XXXX XXXX) is subscribers phone number. Telephone directory enquiries: 059 (addresses, services), 559 (all inclusive, from mobile phone), and 592 0909 (business enquiries). Ukraine international code is + 380, Kyiv city code is 44 ROAMING There are several mobile phone operators in Ukraine having extensive GSM network that cover nearly all territory of the country. KyivStar, MTC, BeeLine, and Life are leading mobile phone operators that provide roaming, however, a convenient and much cheaper option would be to buy a prepaid SIM card with a new local Ukrainian free incoming calls number (these are Ace&Bace or Djuice for the KyivStar, and Sim-Sim for the MTC ). Local prepaid SIM cards and account update scratch cards are available nearly in every shop.

Courier & Express mail

DHL 1 Vasylkivska str, tel. 490 2600 (24h), fax 258 1766, www.dhl.com.ua Open 08:00-20:00, Sat 09:00-16:00. EXPRESS-MAIL 97 Zhylianska str, tel. 494 3928, www. express-mail.net FED EX (federal express) 44 Kikvidze str, tel. 495 2020, fax 495 2039, www.fedex.com/ua Open 09:0018:00, Sat, Sun closed. TNT 28a Moskovskyi Blvd. tel/fax 207 0770 www.tnt.com Open 09:00-18:00, Sat 09:00-14:00. UPS (United Parcel Service) 20 Mechnykova str, tel. 280 0000, fax 280 1019 www.ups.com

Internet cafes

Telephones & Roaming

STREET TELEPHONES or pay phones in Kyiv are capable of making international calls and operate either with phonecards or with coins, or both. Phone cards are available in street kiosks and post offices. To place a call from/to a land line within Kyiv, simply dial a 7 digits local phone number. To make a regional or cell phone call within Ukraine, dial (0) + (tone) + (city/network code) + (subscribers phone number). To place an international call dial (00) + + (country code) + (city/network code) +(subscribers phone number), e.g. to call to London, UK, dial 00 + 44 + 20 + XXXX XXXX, where (00) is international prefix, (44)

Post & Telegrams

AIRPORT BORYSPIL Terminal B, Open 00-24 C-CLUB Maidan Nezalezhnosti (in Globus shopping mall), tel. 238 6446, www.c-club. com.ua Open 00-24 ORBITA 29 Khreschatyk str, tel. 234 1693, Open 00-24

CENTRAL POST OFFICE 22 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezaezhnosti, tel.230 0838, www.ukrposhta. com POST OFFICE #2 (left bank) 16/4 Lunacharskoho str, Livoberezhna, tel. 517 3637 POST OFFICE #33 48 Saksahanskoho str, tel. 289 7583, Open 09:00-19:00, Sat 09:00-17:00, closed Sun. TELEGRAMS Telegrams by phone, tel. 1566

ISP & Telephony

ADAMANT 111/113 Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 563 0563, www.adamant.ua DIA WEST 8 Oleni Telehi str, Dorohozhychi, tel. 455 6655, www.diawestr,com IP TELECOM #208, 34 Lesi Ukrainki Blvd, tel. 238 8988, www.iptelecom.net.ua UKRTELEKOM tel. 8 800 506 8800, www.ukrtelecom. ua Telephony, Internet, ISDN, ...

Country telephone codes

Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Canada China (PRC) Croatia Cyprus Denmark +374 Estonia +61 Finland +43 France +994 Georgia +375 Germany +32 Greece +359 Hong Kong +1 Hungary +86 Iceland +385 India +357 Ireland +45 Israel +372 Italy +358 Japan +33 Kazakhstan +995 Kyrgyzstan +49 Latvia +30 Lithuania +852 Luxemburg +36 Moldova +354 Netherlands +91 Norway +353 Poland +972 Portugal +39 Romania +40 +81 Russia +7 +7 Slovakia +421 +996 Slovenia +386 +371 South Korea +82 +370 Spain +34 +352 Sweden +46 +373 Switzerland +41 +31 Turkey +90 +47 Turkmenistan +993 +48 United Kingdom +44 +351 USA +1

Ukraine city codes

Cherkasy Chernihiv Chernivtsi Dnepropetrovsk Donetsk Ivano-Frankivsk Kharkiv Kherson Khmelnytsky Kirovograd Kyiv Lugansk Lutsk 047 046 037 056 062 034 057 055 038 052 044 064 033 Lviv Mikolayiv Odesa Poltava Rivne Sevastopol Simferopol Sumy Ternopil Uzhgorod Vinnytsya Zaporizhya Zhytommyr 032 051 048 053 036 069 065 054 035 031 043 061 041


8 WHAT'S ON...
March 02, Wednesday 19:00 Ballet Spartacus by A. Khachaturian. National Opera. March 08, Tuesday 19:00 Folk dance show Sukhishvili (Georgia). Palave Ukraina. March 10, Thursday 19:00 Pop-Rock concert by the Roxette (Sweden). International Exhibition Center. March 11, Friday 19:00 Opera la traviata by G.Verdi. National Opera. March 12, Saturday 19:00 Ballet la Sylphide by H.S.Lovenskiold. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the National President Orchestra, conductor: Anatoliy Molotay, soloist: Dmytor Filatov (violin). Programme: F.Mendelsohn. National Philharmonic. March 13, Sunday 19:00 Opera "Madama Butterfly" by G.Puccini. National Opera. 19:00 Heavy Metal concert by the Slayer (USA), and the Megadeth (USA). International Exhibition Center. March 15, Tuesday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Brass Orchestra, conductor: Gennadiy Grigoryev. Programme: L.v.Beethoven, G.F.Handel, J.Strauss. National Philharmonic. March 16, Wednesday 19:00 Operetta Eugene Onegin by P.Tchaikovsky. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Natalia Ponomarchuk, soloist: Jacob Kasman (piano, USA). Programme: M.Metner, L.v.Beethoven. National Philharmonic. 20:00 Jazz concert by Oleh Skrypka and the Zabava Band. Crystal Hall. March 17, Thursday 19:00 Ballet Marriage of Figaro by W.A.Mozart. National Opera. March 18, Friday 19:00 Opera Zaporozhets za Dunayem by S.Hulak-Artemovsky. National Opera. March 19, Saturday 19:00 Ballet Volodar Borisfena by Y.Stankovych. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Mykola Diadiura, soloist: Dord Oravetz (piano, Hungary). Programme: F.Liszt. National Philharmonic. 19:00 Pop concert by Valeri Meladze. Palace Ukraine. March 20, Sunday 19:00 Opera Rigoletto by G.Verdi. National Opera. March 22, Tuesday 19:00 Ballet Swan Lake by P.Tchaikovsky. National Opera. March 23, Wednesday 19:00 Opera The Queen of Spades by P.Tchaikovsky. National Opera. 19:30 Chamber concert by Lyatoshynsky ensemble, conductor: Valentina Ikonnik-Zakharchenko. Programme: A.Vivaldi, J.Haydn. Organ and Chamber Music House. March 24, Thursday 19:00 Ballet Don Quixote by L.Minkus. National Opera. March 25, Friday 19:00 Opera la traviata by G.Verdi. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Roman Kofman, Chamber Choir Credo, conductor: Bohdan Plish. Programme: Arvo Pyart. National Philharmonic. 19:00 Hard Rock concert by Deep Purple (England). International Exhibition Center. March 26, Saturday 19:30 Chamber concert by Olga Basistiuk (soprano), Ganna Bubnova (organ). Programme: F.Schubert, E.Grieg, F.Liszt. Organ and Chamber Music House. March 27, Sunday 19:00 Classical guitar concert by Andriy Ostapenko. Programme: J.S.Bach, F.Moreno-Torrobi, S.Scott. National Philharmonic. March 28, Monday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Shuguno Moriyama (Japan), Soloists: Yuki Kawaguchi (flute, Japan), Tomoko Kabayashi (soprano, Japan), Mariko Fujimoto (violin, Japan), Migumi Toda (piano, Japan), Sashiko Niyoka (piano, Japan), Tomomi Morita (piano, Japan). Programme: L.v.Beethoven, C.Rainekke, G.Verdi, G.Gerschwin. National Philharmonic. March 29, Tuesday 19:00 Opera The Barber of Seville by G.Rossini. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by Boriss Bloch (piano, Germany). Programme: D.Scarlatti, L.v.Beethoven, F.Liszt. National Philharmonic. 19:30 Chamber concert by Lysenka Quartet, Katerina Bazhenova (piano), Valeria Balakhovska (organ). Organ and Chamber Music House.

Sukhishvili 08.03 Palace Ukraina

Roxette 10.03 IEC

Valeri Meladze 19.03 Palace Ukraina


10 WHAT'S ON...
March 30, Wednesday 19:00 Ballet Romeo y Julieta by S.Prokofiev. National Opera. 19:00 Classical concert by the National Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Volodymyr Kozhykhar. Programme: G.Rossini, M.Ravel, A.Skryabin. National Philharmonic. 19:30 Chamber concert 'Ave Maria' by Natalia Lavrenova (soprano), Irina Kharechko (organ). Programme: A.Caccini, G.F.Handel, W.A.Mozart, F.Schubert, G.Verdi, and other composers. Organ and Chamber Music House. March 31, Thursday 19:00 Opera Macbeth by G.Verdi. National Opera. April 01, Friday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmony Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Igor Palkin, soloist: Roman Lopatinskyi (piano). Programme: M.Ravel, C.Debussy. National Philharmonic. April 02, Saturday 19:30 Church Organ concert by Jevgenija Lisicina (Latvia). Programme: A.Vivladi, J.Reubke, F.Poulenc, J.Haydn. Organ and Chamber Music House. April 11, Monday 20:00 Pop-Rock concert by Nikoali Noskov (Russia). International Center of Culture and Arts. April 12, Tuesday 20:00 Jazz concert by Jamala. International Center of Culture and Arts. April 13, Wednesday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Volodymyr Syrenko, soloist: Valeriy Sokolov (violin). Programme: Y.Stankovych, A.Bruckner. National Philharmonic. April 14, Thursday 19:00 Classical concert by Florian Kitt (violin, Austria), Maria Mack (piano, Austria). Programme: R.Schumann, C.Debussy, F.Liszt, R.Strauss. National Philharmonic. April 15, Friday 19:00 Classical concert by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Mykola Diadiura. Programme: J.Haydn, B.Britten. National Philharmonic. April 19, Tuesday 19:00 Rock concert by Guano Apes (Germany). Alta Expo. April 20, Wednesday 19:00 Pop-Fusion concert by Goran Bregovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Palace Ukraina. ACADEMIC DRAMA THEATRE 3 Ivana Franka ploscha, tel. 279 5991, www.franko-theatre.kiev.ua CENTER OF CULTURE AND ARTS (Zhovtnevyi Palace) 1 Institutska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 1582, www.icca.kiev.ua DIM OFITSERIV 30/1 Hrushevskoho str, Arsenalna, tel. 253 8072, 253 2163 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Center 15 Brovarskyi prosp, Livoberezhna, tel 201 1161, www.iec-expo.com.ua IVANA FRANKA THEATRE 3 Ivana Franka Square, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 5881, 279 5991, 279 5921 KOLESO CAFE-THEATRE 8 Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha tel. 425 0527, 425 0422, www. koleso.teatr.kiev.ua NATIONAL OPERA 50 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 279 11 69, www.opera.com.ua NATIONAL PHILHARMONIC 2 Volodymyrskyi uzviz Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 1697, www. filarmonia.com.ua ORGAN & CHAMBER MUSIC HOUSE 77 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 526 3186, www. organhall.kiev.ua PALACE OF SPORTS 1 Sportyvna ploscha Palats Sportu, tel. 246 7406 www.spalace.com.ua PALACE UKRAINE 103 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Palats Ukraina, tel. 247 2476, www.palaceukraina.kiev.ua PLASTIC DRAMA THEATRE 7a Shovkovychna str, Khreschatyk, tel. 253 9383, www.ktpd.ho.com.ua RUSSIAN DRAMA THEATRE 5 B.Khmelnytskoho str, Teatralna, tel. 234 4223, www.rusdram.com.ua THEATRE OF OPERETTA 53/3 Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 287 3650, www.kiev-operetta.kiev.ua UKRAINIAN HOUSE 2 Khreshatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 7707


Jamala 12.04 ICCA

Guano Apes 19.03 Alta Expo

Goran Bregovic 20.04 Palace Ukraina


CTK 16 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 234 6066, www.ctk.kiev.ua Open 11:00-20:00 KVYTKY.UA www.kvytky.ua e-tickets booking online.

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BUTTERFLY DELUXE Respublikanskyi 50 Gorkoho str, Stadion, tel. 206 1320, www.kinobutterfly.com.ua BUTTERFLY PETRIVKA 6 Moskovskyi prospekt Petrivka, tel.531 39 77 BUTTERFLY ULTRAMARINE 1a Urytskoho str, Vokzalna, tel. 206 0350 FLORENZIA 31 Mayakovskoho prospekt, tel. 230 1410 KINODROM (drive-in theatre) 2 Povitroflotskyi p-t, (CSKA Stadium), tel. 205 0404, www.kinodrom.kiev.ua KINOPALATS Maidan 1 Instytutska str, Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 7223, www. kinopalace.net KINOPANORAMA 19 Shota Rustaveli str, Palats Sportu, tel. 287 1135, 287 3041, www.kinopanorama.com.ua KYIV 19 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 234 7381, 251 2199, 234 3380, www.kievkino.com.ua KYIVSKA RUS 93 Artema str, Lukyanivska, tel. 486 7474, www.kievrus.com.ua LINIA KINO (in Alladin shopping mall) 5 Hryshka str, tel. 200 0190 LINIA KINO (in Magelan shopping mall) 13b Akademika Glushkova pr, tel. 496 1314 LINIA KINO (in Metropolis shopping mall) 12 Malinovskoho str, tel. 585 1404 MULTIPLEX (IMAX THEATRE) 34b Moskovskyi prospekt Petrivka, tel. 498 4832; 4 Lunacharskoho str, Livoberezhna, tel. 593 3577, 593 3580, www.multiplex.ua ODESSA KINO (in Karavan shopping mall) 12 Luhova str, tel. 495 1771 ODESSA KINO (in Ukraina shopping mall) 3 Peremohy prospekt Universytet, tel. 496 1511, www.kinoodessa.com UKRAINA 5 Horodetskoho str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 6301, 279 6750, 279 8232, www. kino-ukraina.com.ua ZHOVTEN 26 Kostyantynivska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 8909, www.zhovtenkino.kiev.ua ZORYANIY 31/33 Moskovska str, Arsenalna, tel. 254 2028

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From 10.03 FASTER Directed by George Tillman, Jr., starring Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Clara Gugino, Moon Bloodgood, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Maggie Grace, Matt Gerald. www.fasterthemovie.com Faster is a 2010 American action film. MARD NEED MOMS Directed by Simon Wells, starring Seth Green, Seth Robert Dusky, Tom Everett Scott, Joan Cusack, Elisabeth Harnois, Dan Fogler, Dee Bradley Baker, Mindy Sterling. Mars Needs Moms is a 3-D computeranimated sci-fi film based on the book by Berkley Breathed. The film was created using performance capture process. From 17.03 RANGO Directed by Gore Verbinski, starring Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Winstone, Timothy Olyphant. www.rangomovie.com Rango is a 2011 American computeranimated comedy western film. From 24.03 GULLIVER'S TRAVEL Directed by Rob Letterman, starring Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, Catherine Tate, Chris O'Dowt. www.gulliverstravelsmovie.com Gulliver's Travels is a 2010 American fantasy comedy film loosely based on the 18th-century novel of the same name by Jonathan Swift, though the film takes place in the modern era. From 31.03 A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN Directed by Nicole Kassel, starring Kate Hudson, Gael Garcia Bernal, Rosemarie DeWitt, Lucy Punch, Romany Malco, Treat Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Bates. www.gulliverstravelsmovie.com A Little Bit of Heaven (formerly entitled Earthbound) is a romantic comedy film. From 07.04 RIO Directed by Carlos Saldanha, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez. www.rio-themovie.com Rio is a 2011 3-D Brazilian/American computer-animated film from creators of the Ice Age.


Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps



closed. This museum is unique for offering an insight into the history of 17th-18th century Ukrainian Cossack State and its leaders - hetmans. English speaking guides on request. HISTORICAL VALUABLES MUSEUM 21 Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna, tel. 280 1396, Open 10:00-17:00, Fri 10:0016:30, Mon closed. Located in the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra this museum houses more than 100 architectural relics of the past. The collection within the churches and caves include articles of precious metal, prints, higher clergy portraits and rare church hierarchy photographs. The main exposition contains items from 16 to early 20th centuries which include chalices, crucifixes, and textiles with needlework and embroidery of Ukrainian masters. The remainder of collection consists of pieces from Lavras Printing House and Lavras Icon Painting Workshop. HOLODOMOR MEMORIAL 15A Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna. Kyiv Holodomor Memorial dedicated to the great famine of 19321933 in Ukraine under Soviet rule that forced farmers into collective farms. At that time millions of people were starved to death. The Holodomor is considered one of the greatest national catastrophes to affect Ukrainian nation in modern history where millions of inhabitants of Ukraine died of starvation in an unprecedented peacetime catastrophe. Estimates on the total number of casualties within Soviet Ukraine are over 8 million. IVAN HONCHARS MUSEUM (The Ukrainian Centre of Folk Art) 29 Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna, tel. 573 9268, 288 9253, Open 10:00-18:00, Sat, Sun closed. The museumis founded on a private collection of Ivan Honchar which consists of more than 15,000 items from 16th to 20th centuries including 500 icons of the 16th century, 100 paintings (including famous panting of the Ukrainian folklore hero Cossack Mamay), and impressive collection of over 2,500 items of textiles 8th-19th centuries, pottery, toys, Easter eggs, wood carvings, and Ukrainian folk music instruments. METRO (KYIV UNDERGROUND) MUSEUM 35 Peremohy prospekt, Politekhnichnyi Institut, tel. 238 4494, Open Mon, Wed 15:00-17:00, Tue, Thu 09:00-12:00 Opened first in 2000 to the 40th celebration of the mainstay of Kyiv's public transport - the first rapid transit system in Ukraine and the third one built in the USSR (after Moscow and Saint Petersburg respectively). Three halls with expositions are open to public with dozens of exhibits, including moving models of trains and depot. MODERN UKRAINIAN FINE ARTS MUSEUM 14 Bratska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 463 7669, Open 10:00-18:00, Sat, Sun 11:00-18:00, Mon closed. Museum exposition includes paintings and sculptures of contemporary Ukrainian painters and artists. NATIONAL ART MUSEUM 6 M.Hrushevskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 7454, Open 10:0018:00 Fri 11:00-19:00. Originally called the Kyiv City Museum of Antiques and Art, the founders set out to put together a collection of pieces representing Ukrainian fine art ranging from medieval icons to portraits of military and church leaders during Cossack times, some depicting caricatures of Mamay. At present exhibition includes over 20,000 pieces, among them works of such famous artist as Shevchenko, Repin, Pimonenko, Vrubel, Ge, Malevich, and many others. NATIONAL HISTORY MUSEUM 2 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 278 2924, Open 10:00-17:00, Wed closed. Located near St. Andrew's church, this museum tells about the history of Ukraine from prehistoric times to the modern day events. ONE STREET MUSEUM 2b Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 0398, http://onestreet. kiev.ua Open 12:00-18:00. It is a small but fascinating museum which tells visitors rich history of the famous street Andriyivskyi Descent. Museum exhibits include historical photographs, documents, letters, posters, and countless personal effects from the descent houses residents. It builds the displays of the past and ranges from complete room interiors to fascinating shop fronts. PHARMACY MUSEUM 7 Prytysko-Mykilska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 2437, Open 09:00-19:00 The first floor of the museum represents both working pharmacy and a 19th century pharmacist cabinet equipped with wooden furniture, scales, and different devices. The basement located exposition is notable for its impressive dimmed light medieval lab and its wax alchemist-researcher.

Holodomor Memorial

The WWII Museum

The One Street Museum


AVIATION MUSEUM 1 Medova str, tel. 461 6485, Open 10:0016:00 Located in just some 9 km from the city centre near Kyiv Zhuliany airport. Both civil and military Soviet era constructed aircrafts are represented on two open-air fields, totalling to more than 70 exhibits. Among most notable items there are Cold War iconic Tupolev Tu-142 huge four-turboprop anti-submarine aircraft (modification of Tu-95 strategic bomber Bear), Mikoyan MiG-29 jet fighter, Beriev Be-12 Seagull twin-turboprop powered amphibious maritime patrol boat-aircraft, the UN retired Mil Mi-26, the largest and most powerful helicopter ever to have gone into production, and main attack helicopter during Soviet war in Afghanistan - Mil Mi-24. The highlight of civil aviation is Tupolev Tu-104, world's first successful jet airliner, and the sole operating in the world between 1956 and 1958. BULGAKOV MUSEUM 13 Andriyivskyi Uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 3188, Open 10:00-18:00 Wed closed. This museum lies on the famous Andriyivskyi Descent and represents a collection of writers personal effects, autographs, books, and original photographs. Museum interior and decorations are fully reconstructed from old photographs and allow the museum to recreate authentic spirit of days gone and the atmosphere in which Mikhail Bulgakov wrote his best books. CHERNOBYL MUSEUM 1 Khoryva provulok, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 4329, 417 5422, Open 10:00-17:45, Sat 10:00-16:45, Sun closed. The exhibition comprises over 7000 declassified documents, maps, photographs, video records and other exhibits on the worst accident ever in the history of nuclear power. English and German speaking guides on request. Besides museum there is a possibility to visit the remains of the Chernobyl power plant #4 reactor, which is very impressive to say the least. Check our Tours section for more info. ETHNOGRAPHIC OPEN-AIR MUSEUM ( ) Pyrohovo village, tel. 526 2416, fax 526 2527, Open 10:00-17:00. This museum occupies about 150 hectares (370 acres) at a beauty spot in Pyrohovo village on the edge of Kyiv. Authentic Ukrainian houses, wooden churches, windmills, and farmsteads represent different ethnical regions of Ukraine of 16th - 20th centuries. The museum has also taverns, where you can taste traditional Ukrainian dishes. You can also buy wares of from craftsmen right in the exposition. MUSEUM OF FOLK DECORATIVE ARTS AND CRAFTS OF UKRAINE 21 Sichnevoho Povstania str, Arsenalna, tel. 280 1343, 280 3693, Open 10:00-18:00, Closed Tue. The collection of the museum comprise more than 75,000 works of traditional folk craft and decorative art of Ukraine from 15th century to the present days. Permanent exposition of the museum represents different kinds of folk art and traditional Ukrainian clothing and paintings of remarkable Ukrainian primitivist Mariya Prymachenko and Kateryna Bilokur. KYIV FORTRESS ( ) 24a Hospitalna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 235 0146, Open 10:00-17:00, Fri closed. Kyiv fortress is a generic name for the 19th century fortification buildings situated in the capital, that once belonged to western Russian Fortresses. Having lost their military importance in 20th century, buildings continued to be used as barracks, storage and incarceration facilities. The Kosyi Kaponir became a prison for the political inmates in the 1900s 1920s and was later turned into a Soviet museum. A small fortress built in 1872 on the Lysa Hora in 1906 became a place of executions for convicted political inmates. It is now a landscape reserve and part of the museum complex. Today the fortress with some of the buildings being restored and converted into museum, while others are in use of various military and commercial installations. THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR HISTORY MUSEUM (WWII MUSEUM) ( ) 44 Sichevoho Povstannia str, Arsenalna, tel. 285 9452, Open 10:00-17:00, Mon closed. The entire complex beneath the best recognisable monument in Kyiv the Motherland statute covers the area of 10 hectares (roughly 25 acres) overlooking the Dnipro River. It contains the giant bowl "The Glory Flame", a site with the WWII military equipment, and the "Alley of the Hero Cities". One of the expositions also displays the armaments used by the Soviet army in modern times. HETMANSHIP MUSEUM 16a Spaska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 1613, Open 10:00-17:00, Fri

Aviation Museum

Pyrohiv Open-Air Museum

Chernobyl Museum


ANDRIYIVSKYI UZVIZ Andiyivskyi Descent is one of the best known historic streets and a major tourist attraction in Kyiv. The street starts near the St. Andrews church and winds down to Kontraktova Ploscha in historical Podil neighbourhood. The touristy street is lined with museums, souvenir sellers, galleries, restaurants, and it is often advertised as the Montmartre of Kyiv. By way down there are baroque St. Andrews Church, the Castle of Richard Lionheart, Mikhail Bulgakovs house and museum, the One Street museum, and numerous other monuments. ST. ANDREWS CHURCH 23 Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 278 5861, Open 10:00-18:00. According to the legend it was the spot where Saint Andrew erected a cross and prophesied foundation of a great Christian city in what was then a sparsely inhabited area. The baroque St. Andrews Church was built in Kyiv in 17471754, to a design by famous Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Overlooking the historical Podil quarter from a steep hill to which the church gave its current name his exuberant and colourful structure is one of the citys best known landmarks. GOLDEN GATE (Zoloti Vorota) 40A Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota. The Golden Gate of Kyiv was once a gateway in the ancient city wall of Kyiv. This gateway was one of three constructed by Yaroslav the Wise, Prince of Kyiv, in the 11th century (the gate was reputedly modelled after the Golden Gate of Constantinople). During subsequent centuries the gate remained the entrance to the city often used for ceremonies although it gradually fell into ruins. In 1832 the ruins were excavated and an initial survey for their conservation was undertaken. Further works in the 1970s added an adjacent pavilion, housing a museum of the gate where one can learn the history of the gate construction and history of ancient Kyiv. In 1982, the Golden Gate reconstructed to the 1500th anniversary of the city. ST.MICHAELS GOLDEN-DOMED MONASTERY (Mykhaylivskyi zolotoverkhyi monastyr). 8 Triokhsviatytelska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti. The monastery is located on the edge of a bluff near the St. Sophia Cathedral in the historic and administrative Upper-town and overlooks the citys historical commercial and merchant quarter Podil. Originally built in the Middle Ages, the monastery comprises the Cathedral itself, the refectory of St. John the Divine, the Economic Gates, and the monasterys bell tower. The exterior of the structure was rebuilt in the Ukrainian Baroque style in the 18th century while the interior remained in its original Byzantine style. KYIV PECHERSK LAVRA (Kyiv Monastery of the Caves) 21 Ivana Mazepy str, Arsenalna, tel. 254 2257, Open 09:00-18:00. Since its foundation in 1051 the Lavra has been the preeminent centre of the Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. At present the Lavra contains numerous architectural monuments ranging from bell towers, cathedrals, and underground cave systems to strong stone fortification walls. The Great Bell tower, the most notable building of the Kyiv landscape, is one of the main attractions of the Lavra. The Lavra cavern comprise a complex system of narrow underground corridors along with numerous living quarters and underground chapels. MARIYINSKYI PALACE 5a M.Hrushevskoho str, Arsenalna. Surrounded by Mariyinskyi park and the Miskyi sad (City Garden), earlier called Gosudarev sad (Czars Garden), the Mariyinskyi Palace is another masterpiece of Bartolomeo Rastrelli baroque architecture. The palace was finished in 1752 and renamed to its present name in 1870 after the then reigning Empress Maria Alexandrovna. Today the palace is the official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine. ST.SOPHIA CATHEDRAL 24 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota tel. 228 2083, Open 10:00-17:30, Wed 10:00-16:30, Thu closed. The cathedral's name comes from the 6th century Hagia Sophia cathedral in Constantinople. The earliest mention of the St. Sophia Cathedral in chronicles says that it was constructed in 1037. Originally the structure had 5 naves, 5 apses, and surprisingly for Byzantine architecture 13 cupolas. In 1633 the upper part of the building was thoroughly rebuilt, and in 1740 the cathedral was completed to its present form. Today St. Sophia Cathedral is a museum and World Heritage Site with most of its visitors being tourists.

St. Sophia Cathedral

St. Andrews Church

The Golden Gate


ST. VOLODYMYR CATHEDRAL 5a Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. Universytet. Located centrally, Saint Volodymyrs Cathedral is the mother church of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The cathedral was finished in 1882 to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the baptism of Kyivan Rus by prince Volodymyr the Great (St. Volodymyr). The design was executed in a traditional Byzantine architecture style with six-piered, threeapsed temple design crowned by seven cupolas. The height to the cross of the main dome is 49 meters. Cathedrals mosaics and colourful interior particularly strikes the eye. Its mosaics were executed by masters from Venice and frescoes were created by famous painters. INDEPENDENCE SQUARE & KHRESCHATYK Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) is well known throughout the world as the place where supporters of Yuschenko and the Orange Revolution camped for weeks on end in October 2004. Throughout its history Maidan was renamed six times. Khreschatyk, in its turn, is the main street of Kyiv. The entire street was completely destroyed during WWII by the retreating Red Army and rebuilt in the neoclassical style of post-war Stalinist architecture. Today, the street is the administrative and business centre of the capital, as well as a popular place for Kyivans. During weekends and public holidays, Khreschatyk is a car free zone and reserved for pedestrians. Among points of interest situated along Khreschatyk there are 50 metre People's Friendship Arch (called 'The Yoke' by Kyivans, dedicated to the unification of Russia and Ukraine), 19th century National Philharmonic building, National Musical Academy Concert Hall, City Council Building, Kyiv Passage, Central Department Store, the 19th century Bessarabsky Indoor Market and Bessarabsky Quarter. ST.NICOLAS CATHEDRAL 77 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikanskyi Stadion. The St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral was erected in the beginning of 20th century in a Gothic style featuring two 60 metre towers. Today the cathedral houses the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine and holds concerts regularly. THE HOUSE WITH CHIMAERAS 10 Bankova str, Khreschatyk. The House with Chimaeras is an Art Nouveau building, build in the period of 19011902 by noted architect Vladislav Gorodetsky, who was regarded as the Gaudi of Kyiv. Originally an upmarket apartment building, it derives its popular name from its ornate chimaera decorations depicting various scenes of exotic animals and hunting scenes, which were added because Gorodetsky was an avid hunter. It is situated on Bankova Street, across from the President of Ukraines office in the historic Pechersk neighbourhood. Since 2005 it has been used as a presidential residence for official and diplomatic ceremonies. THE NATIONAL BANK BUILDING The building of the National Bank of Ukraine opened in Kyiv in 1905. The main facade was designed by O.Verbitskyi, who joined the project shortly after construction started. The new building featured electrical lighting and ventilation and a central heating system. In 1933, when the capital of Ukraine was transferred from Kharkiv to Kyiv, two more stories were added to the building to handle the growth. The Italian sculptor Emilio Sala was invited to create the decorations for the new building. VYDUBYCHI MONASTERY 40 Vydubytska str, Located adjacent to the Central Botanical Garden. The monastery' history goes back to 1070. From the 1596 (Union of Brest) the Monastery was the seat of Metropolitan bishops of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine. Vydubychy monastery was continuously protected by Ukraines hetmans and aristocratic families. Only a few churches of this monastery have survived over the centuries. One of these is the Collegiate Church of Saint Michael, which was built on behest of Vsevolod I and partly reconstructed between 1766 and 1769. The Ukrainian baroque structures include the magnificent 5-domed St. George Cathedral, Saviour Church, and refectory, all dating around 1700. A bell tower was erected in 1727-1733 and built up in 1827-31. KITAYEVO MONASTERY 15 Kitaevska str, tel. 527 9779 The monastery (established in 14th century) has remains of the 10th century caves and underground galleries, as well as ancient settlement.

Independence Square

The House with Chimaeras

St. Nicolas Cathedral



MYSTERIOUS KYIV tel. 491 1176, www.interesniy.kiev.ua NEW LOGIC (in Leonardo business centre) #523 - 17/52 Khmelnytskoho str, Teatralna, tel/fax 206 3322, 206 2200, www.newlogic. ua More than 20 different excursions in 12 different languages. Tours to Chernobyl.

City guides & Tours


ALEXANDRIA LANDSCAPE PARK Located in Bila Tserkva, slightly off the city, in some 80 km from Kyiv. It was founded in 1793 by Francisco Branicky in honour of his wife Alexandra. It is the largest dendro park in Ukraine with the area of 2 sq. km. Park museum is open daily, except Tuesday.. DNIPRO RIVER CRUISE The river boat cruise starts usually at the central river station Poshtova Ploscha. The navigation time is from March to November with the peak in May to September. Thereare numerous cruise routes ranging from nearby one-hour boat rides 'Kyiv Panorama' to enjoy the capital sights from the river, to a multi-day cruises to Kaniv, Zaporizhya, or even ship trips to Crimea, Odesa and Istanbul in Turkey. More info: tel. 428 7141, www.riverest.kiev.ua (short rides) or tel. 494 4606 www.asku.com.ua (multi-day trips). SOFIYIVSKYI PARK www.sofiyivka.org.ua Located in Uman city, roughly 200 km south from Kyiv Sofiyivsky landscape park in was founded in 1796 by the Polish nobleman count StanislawPotocki. There are many scenic areas in the park including waterfalls, fountains, ponds and a stone garden. It is one of the most famous examples of late 17th or early 18th century European landscape garden design that has been preserved to the present time. The Park was named one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine in 2007, based on voting by experts and the Internet community. MUSEUM OF STRATEGIC ROCKET FORCES Tel. 05161 73972, 05161 65427, 05161 73230, www.rvsn. com.ua Open 10:00-17:00 Located in Kirovograd oblast, near Pobuzke village (Uman-Mykoleyev Rd). This museum was founded in 2000 based on real complex and infrastructure of the Soviet era intercontinental ballistic missiles silo launchers. Museum consists of the located in the field battle launching positions, infrastructure, and the special auxiliary ground equipment.

After 25 years from the nuclear disaster in April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant the site and surrounding area was ranked by the Forbes Magazine as one of 'the most exotic place for tourism on earth'. Today several companies propose travel tours to this place, located 120 km north from Kyiv. The tour usually takes the form of a bus-ride from Kyiv in a group of several visitors. One-day package include transportation and food (though we recommend to bring snacks and water with you). The sights include: Chernobyl reactor 4. You will be as close as 100 meters from the reactor sarcophagus. Although radiation level in this area will be higher than elsewhere in the Zone, you will not be exposed a significant dose during your stay. Vehicle scrap yard. If youre lucky youll be able to see the scrap yard containing the contaminated emergency vehicles, fire tenders, ambulances, trucks and helicopters which tended the disaster. Pripyat city. Famous ghost city once was home to 50,000 residents today is a freeze-frame of 1980s Soviet life. Propaganda slogans still hang on walls, and childrens toys and other items remain as they were in 1986. Sights are schools, kinder-garden, public buildings and the amazing culture palace which contains a swimming pool, cinema and gym, and overlooks the famous Ferris wheel. The view from one of the Pripyats tall buildings reveals that the power plant is chillingly close to the town where its workers lived. More info at www.pripyat.com







Also known as the green city, Kyiv has more parks than any other Ukrainian town and counts roughly 80 parks ranging by area from 4.5 square kilometres open spaces to small downtown squares. The green nature of the city is probably most notable by the green hills of the right bank along the Dnipro river and several islands that have been relatively untouched by development.
ASKOLD'S GRAVE PARK Arsenalna. Located centrally this park ( ) on the steep bank of Dnipro is marked by a monument atop the Ugorske Hill - the Askold's Grave. This place is identified with a burial mound of Askold the ruler of Kyiv in the 870s. This park is good for a calm walk though some slopes and ascents may appear pretty sporty enough for elderly. CENTRAL BOTANICAL GARDEN Also called the Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, it is the second largest open space in Kyiv covering around 1.3 square kilometres. It contains more than 13,000 species of plants including trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants from all over the world. The garden with it's slopes is considered the most picturesque in Kyiv neighbouring to the Vydubychi Monastery. The time of lilac blossom (late spring) is the most busy season in the garden. If you consider to picnic this is the place though the place is very popular with local folks and quite noisy on weekends. FOMIN BOTANICAL GARDEN Universytet. Excellent location in the very centre. Established in 1839 by Kyiv University the garden covers roughly 0.2 square kilometres. The place is good for walking or a morning jog for neighbouring residents. It has also a children's playground. The garden's University section houses over 8000 species of plants and a 30-meter tall greenhouse which lodges the oldest palm trees in Ukraine. We tried our best to venture in it but every time it was closed to public. HYDROPARK This park lies between the two parts of the capital Hidropark on the Venetianand Dolobetsky islands with the Venetian Bridge connecting the two it includes an amusement park, beaches, boat rental, tennis, paintball and football, water attractions, restaurants, casino and Sun-City Slavutych beach disco club, spooky open-air Soviet era gym and riverboat excursions. MARIYINSKY PARK Arsenalna. Centrally mapped in the Pechersky neighbourhood next to the House of Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers. This park is adjacent to the Mariyinsky Palace and Miskiy Sad (City Garden), earlier called Gosudarev Sad (Czars Garden), which has several monuments, fountains and an openair green theatre. The park is further linked by the 1912 build cast-iron Parkovy Bridge (also known as the lovers bridge) with Khreshatyi Park. The latter has a number of monuments, including the the Arc for Friendship of Nations, the Pillar to the Magdeburg Rights (once enjoyed by Kyiv), and the excellent watchpoint overlooking Podil neighbourhood and left bank of the city. TRUKHANIV ISLE Located amidst the Dnipro River opposite the historical Podil neighbourhood Trukhaniv Island is the largest open space in Kyiv with the area of 4.5 square kilometres. It can be accessed both by Moskovskyi and Pedestrian bridges. The former divides the isle into northern Park Druzhby Narodiv which is accessible only by car and southern isle part which is within walking distance from the European Square. Trukhaniv Island contains numerous cafes, restaurants, sport complexes, hotel, and the largest and the cleanest city beaches. The island is also popular for fishing. This place has the cleanest air in the capital making the island very good for recreational activities, including biking and long distance running, and cross country skiing in winters. ST. VOLODYMYR'S HILL Poshtova Ploscha. This park lies between the old city and Podil neighbourhood. Funicular ride from the Poshtova Ploscha to the upper Old City (Mikhailivska Square) is a must. The park is a beautiful place for romantic promenades and has several watchpoints uncovering magnificent panorama that overlooks historical Podil Quarter and the river.

Central Botanical Garden

Volodymyr's Hill Park

Fomin Botanical Garden



Kyiv offers a range of business-class hotels in the city centre, as well as moderately priced accommodation. Generally, room rates are much higher than in Western Europe. The staff of most hotels is fluent in English. For your convenience all rates are listed in US$ provided that exchange rate is 1$=8,00 UAH, however, room rates may vary depending on weekdays, season, or currency fluctuation. We used the star ratings here as indicated by hotels themselves, however, these ratings do not necessarily reflect the quality of amenities or service provided. Enjoy your stay in Kyiv! Wi-Fi = Internet access, = We recommend

HYATT REGENCY Wi-Fi 5 Tarasovoi str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 581 1234, fax 581 1235, www.kyiv.regency.hyatt.com Rates: single $665, double $690, junior suite $785, suite $950. Firm location with many historical landmarks and numerous shops within easy reach. INTERCONTINENTAL Wi-Fi 2A Velyka Zhytomyrska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 219 1919, fax 219 1929, www.intercontinental.com/kiev Rates: standart $365, junior suite $610, suite $1110. Rates include breakfast, VAT. Centrally located newly built luxury hotel within walking distance from main historic sights and business centre. OPERA HOTEL Wi-Fi 53 B.Khmelnytskoho str, Universytet, tel. 581 7070, fax 537 7373 www.opera-hotel.com.ua Rates: single $580, double $605, junior suite $700, suite $1140. Rates include breakfast, VAT, use of fitness centre, and Wi-Fi access. Centrally located hotel offers 138 rooms with the suites designed after famous operas in Japanese, Italian, Russian, Egyptian, French, and Moroccan furnishing. Rooms have air conditioner, TV, mini bar, and phone. Business floor feature private check-in/check-out, and upgrade amenities. Business centre and conference room feature all necessary facilities and services.


PREMIER PALACE Wi-Fi 5-7 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd, Khreschatyk, tel. 537 4500, fax 279 8772, www.premier-palace.com Rates: single $400-470, double $530-675, junior suite $600-700, suite $1180-1285, suite apartment $4250. Rates include VAT and breakfast. Kyiv first five-star hotel logged in the commercial city occupying nicely renovated 1909 Art-Noveau building. Hotel has eight accommodation floors, two restaurants, four bars, cafe, casino, deluxe fitness club, and underground parking. Two executive floors feature conference rooms, library, and business centre. RADISSON Wi-Fi 22 Yaroslaviv Val str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 492 2200, fax 492 2210 www.radissonsas.com Rates from $430. Rates include VAT, fitness centre use and free Wi-Fi. Radisson Kyiv has secure and central location within walking distance to business centres, government offices, and the city's main street - Khreschatyk. It offers the best Buffet Breakfast in the city. Hotels 255 spacious rooms are designed in 3 distinct styles. Hotel has all facilities for business meetings and conferences. RIVIERA Wi-Fi 15 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 581 2828, fax 581 2868, www.rivierahotel.com.ua Rates: single/double $390-475, junior suite $550, suite $700-810. Rates include VAT and breakfast. Lodged in the newly-build Art-Noveau house this hotel is especially convenient by its location being surrounded by park and numerous sights of the historical Podil Quarter along with Kyiv business centre.



VOZDVYZHENSKY Wi-Fi 60 Vozdvyzhenska str, tel. 531 9900, fax 462 5843, www. vozdvyzhensky.com Rates: single $225, double $340, junior suite $430, suite $470. Rates include VAT and breakfast. This special hotel is mapped just a stones throw from the famous Andriyivskyi Descent. Nice customised rooms with comfortable furniture and TV, phone, air-conditioner, mini-bar, and Internet access. Transfers, room service, laundry, and tickets booking.

BAKKARA ART-HOTEL Wi-Fi 6 Naberezhne shose, tel. 537 73 37, 223 44 00, fax 537 73 53, www.bakkara-hotel.com.ua Parking. Located in the Dnipro riverside Bakkara Art-Hotel has 208 comfortable rooms airconditioned and equipped with security system, TV, free Internet access, safe, mini-bar, and phone. CITY PARK HOTEL Wi-Fi 20 Vorovskoho str, tel. 451 8710, 503 7790, fax 451 8727, www.cityparkhotel.com.ua Small boutique hotel located in the city centre offers cosy rooms with modern furnishing and air-conditioning, orthopaedic mattress, TV, safe, mini-bar, and free Wi-Fi Internet. DNIPRO Wi-Fi 1/2 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 254 6777, fax 254 6737, www.dniprohotel.kiev.ua Rates: single $140, double $215, junior suite $280, suite $330, superior suite $440 (VAT and breakfast included). Perfectly situated hotel in the lively cultural and business centre of Kyiv. Rooms equipped with phone, Internet access, and TV. Business centre, ATM, currency exchange, luggage room, and parking. KAMELOT Wi-Fi 4 Melnykova str, Lukyanivska, tel. 455 9467, www.kamelot. in.ua Rates: single/double $125, junior suite $150, suite $175200. Rates include lunch and VAT. Kyiv best mini-hotel mapped slightly out of centre limits is notable for a design and furnishing depicting a medieval castle interior. KHRESCHATYK Wi-Fi 14 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 7339, 279 8544 fax 278 5111 www.khreschatik.kiev.ua Rates: single $85, double $120, suite $135-260. Rates include VAT and breakfast. Excellent location at the capitals busiest Khreschatyk street with busy pavements and long lines of shops. Rooms are furnished with TV, telephone, refrigerator and air-conditioner. Business centre and parking available. KYIV 26/1 M.Hrushevskogo str, Arsenalna, tel. 253 0155, fax 253 6432, www.htl.kiev.ua Rates: junior suite $150, suite $190. VAT and breakfast included. Hotel Kyiv benefits from its exceptional location neighbouring to the buildings of Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, Mariyinsky Palace, and City Park. LYBID Wi-Fi 1 Peremohy ploscha, Vokzalna, tel.239 7600, fax 236 6336, www.hotellybid.com.ua Rates: single $100 (UAH 805), double $115 (UAH 930), junior suite $130 (UAH 1050), suite $170-275 (UAH 1400-2150). Rates include breakfast and VAT. Parking. This hotel resides in the busy centre. All 273 air-conditioned comfy rooms have modern amenities including Sat-TV, phone, electronic security system, and room service. Allergic-proof and nonsmoker rooms on request. Business centre and conference rooms have all necessary facilities.



NATSYONALNY Wi-Fi 5 Lypska str, Arsenalna, tel. 255 8888, fax 255 8997, www. natsionalny.kiev.ua Rates: single/double $210, junior suite $245, suite $310-$430.Rates include VAT and breakfast. Excellent location near the Parliament and Cabinet of Ministers building. This hotel is notable for hosting foreign leaders such as Jaques Chirac and Helmut Koll. Cosy rooms go with TV, phone, safe, mini-bar, air-conditioning and Internet access. Hotel features also a business centre with all facilities. PRESIDENT HOTELWi-Fi 12 Hospitalna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 256 3256, fax 256 3254, www.president-hotel.com.ua Rates: single $100-135, double $120-155, junior suite $240-403, suite $380. Rates include VAT, breakfast, swimming-pool, sauna, and use of fitness centre. This hotel lies in the city centre in quiet neighbourhood. Modern comfy rooms ranging from economy to president apartment are at your service. Each room comes with telephone, TV, air-conditioner, and mini-bar. PODOL PLAZA HOTEL 7a Kostyantynivska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 503 92 92, fax 503 92 20, www.podolplazahotel.com.ua Rates: single $150, double $200, junior suite $200-270, suite $370550. Rates include VAT and breakfast. Lodged in completely renovated delight Art-Nouveau building in the historical Podil. Air-conditioned comfortable rooms with all necessary facilities and equipment. RUS Wi-Fi 4 Hospitalna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 256 4000, fax 289 4396, www.hotelrus.kiev.ua Rates: single $95-130, double $120150, suite $165-240. Rates include breakfast and VAT. Lodged in a quiet centre within easy reach from historical sights, shops, and elegant restaurants. Air-conditioned rooms are equipped with TV, phone, and mini-bar. Business centre and parking. VISAK 17 Obolonska Naberezhna, tel/fax 581 7360 www.visak-hotel. com.ua Newly built hotel located in the northern Obolon neighbourhood.

Senator Apartment Hotel

6 Pyrohova str, tel. 200 7755, fax 200 7733, www.senatorapartments.com.ua Centrally located upmarket apartmenthotel in a fully restored historical building. Each of the 26 apartments is fully equipped and furnished and ranges in size from one to four spacious rooms. Modern kitchen, washer/dryer, high-speed Internet access, Sat TV, 24/7 security, and parking at your service.


ADRIA 2 Rayisy Okipnoi str, Livoberezhna, tel. 568 4457, 568 4477, fax 517 8933, www.adria.kiev.ua Rates: single $70, double $75, junior suite $145, VAT included. Lodged on the left bank near the International Exhibition Centre, Adria is a higher quality hotel inside another hotel named Tourist.



SALUTE 11B Sichnevoho Povstannia str, Arsenalna, tel. 494 1420 1420, fax 280 6130, www.salutehotel.kiev.ua Rates: single $95, double $120, junior suite $155,suite $190-235. Rates include breakfast, and VAT. Owing to its extraordinary, an UFO-looking architecture, hotel Salute has become one of the symbols of Kyiv. Located near parks and picturesque slope hotel boasts magnificent panorama over the river, left bank, and Lavra. Air-conditioned rooms go with TV and phone. SLAVUTICH 1 Entuziastiv str, Livoberezhna, tel. 561 1111, fax 561 1170, www.hotel-slavutich.com Rates: single $50, double $60, junior suite $90, suite $105-120 VAT included. Rooms with TV and phone, TV, telephone, air-conditioner, and mini-bar.

Internet plug (junior suite only). Hotel features meeting facilities and parking. ATTACHE 59 Zhylianska str, Vokzalna, tel. 501 1155, fax 501 1155, uhs@flat.com.ua, www.attache.com.ua Rates: single $120, double $150, suite $235, VAT included. Parking. DOMUS Wi-Fi 19 Yaroslavska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 462 5120, fax 462 5145, postmaster@domus-hotel.kiev.ua, www.domushotel.kiev.ua, Rates: single $120, double $160, junior suite $185, suite $220, superior suite $345 VAT included. Located in Podil Quarter hotel occupies renovated 19th century building. Rooms feature allergic-proof bedding, Sat-TV, safe, mini-bar, phone, and air-conditioning.



DIPLOMAT HOTEL 59 Zhylianska str, Palats Sportu, tel. 587 5380, fax 569 9399, www.diplomat-hotel.kiev.ua Rates: single $95, double $100, VAT and breakfast included. Free Wi-Fi Internet. Parking. Located in the lively centre this mini-hotel occupies one level of a newly-built apartment block. Air conditioned rooms are equipped with modern furnishing, mini bar, and safe deposit box. EXPRESS Wi-Fi 38/40 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. Universytet, tel. 234 2113, 503 3045, fax 503 3047, www.expresskiev.com Rates: single $90, double $110-125, junior suite $185, suite $245 VAT included. Centrally located, near the Central Train Station this hotel offers cosy rooms, each with Sat-TV, phone, refrigerator. GINTAMA Wi-Fi 9 Triokhsviatytelska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 5092, 278 5347, fax 279 4941, www.gintama.com.ua, Rates: single $180, double $210, junior suite $280, suite $300-330. Rates include VAT and breakfast. IMPRESSA Wi-Fi 21 Sagaidachnogo str, Pochtova Ploscha, tel. 239 2939, fax 463 7902, www.impressa.com.ua Rates: single/double $250, junior suite $275, suite $325370, superior suite $385. Rates include breakfast and VAT. Nice small hotel located in the lively Podil Quarter. Rooms are decorated and furnished in European design. Rooms are airconditioned with mini-bar, TV, telephone. OBOLON Wi-Fi 29 Tymoshenka str, Minska, tel. 412 0527, fax 414 5702, www.obolon-hotel.com.ua UKRAINA 4 Instytutska str, Khreschatyk, tel. 278 6675, fax 279 1788, www.ukraine-hotel.kiev.ua Rates: single $60-105, double $90-120, junior suite $95-145, suite $140-200, suite apartment $340. VAT and breakfast included. Excellent location right on the Independence Square. Rooms have phone, TV, and refrigerator. Some rooms are air-conditioned. Parking.

7-DAYS 4 Heroyiv Kosmosu str, Svyatoshin, tel. 407 2797, fax 407 2443, www.7dney.com Rates: single $70, double $80, junior suite $90, suite $135 VAT included.


ALL+TOGETHER 3 Chervonozoryany Blvd. Vokzalna, tel. 249 8059, fax 249 8012 www.all-together.kiev.ua AIRPORT HOTEL BORYSPIL Boryspil Airport, tel. 281 7105, fax 281 7953, www.airportborispol.kiev.ua Located next to the Kyiv Boryspil International airport. Parking. BRATISLAVA 1 Malyshka str, Darnytsa, tel. 537 3981, fax 559 7570, www. bratislava.com.ua Rates: single $40-90, double $70-125, junior suite $165, suite $185. Rates include breakfast and VAT. Lodged on the left bank this hotel benefits from neighbouring the International Exhibition Centre. Rooms with TV, mini-bar, and phone.



KOZATSKY 1/3 Mykhailivska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 4914, fax 279 2709, www.kozatsky.kiev.ua Rates: single $65-85, double $95, junior suite $100-140, suite $160. Rates include breakfast and VAT. Excellent location at the Independence Square. Hotel offers cosy and comfortable rooms with phone, TV set and refrigerator. TOURIST Wi-Fi 2 Rayisy Okipnoi str, Livoberezhna, tel. 568 4017, fax 517 8253, www.hotel-tourist.kiev.ua Rates: single $65-90, double $80-120, junior suite $70, suite $100-180. Rates include breakfast, and VAT. Located on the left bank near the International Exhibition Centre. Rooms are with TV, refrigerator, and phone.

Campervans & Trailers

PROLISOK 139 Peremohy prospekt. Zhytomyrska, tel. 451 8038, 451 9037, fax 444 0390, www.prolisok.com.ua Located in a park zone on the edge of Kyiv this spot along with a hotel offers parking equipped for camper-vans and trailers.

DRUZHBA 5 Druzhby Narodiv Blvd. Lybidska, tel. 528 3406, fax 528 3387, www.hotel-druzhba.com.ua Rates: single $35, double $60, suite $110 VAT included. Located near Central Bus Station and Moskovska Square. MIR 70 Holosiyivskyi Blvd, tel. 520 2609, 520 2608, fax 520 2679, www.hotelmir.kiev.ua Uptown located hotel in Holosiyivskyi district near Kyiv City airport and Central Bus Station and a nice park. Modest but clean rooms. PARK HOTEL 2 Tsurupinska str, Nyvky, tel. 422 0344/422 0355 www.parkhotel.kiev.ua Rates: $40-120 breakfast and VAT included. PROLISOK 139 Peremohy prospekt. Zhytomyrska, tel. 451 8038, 451 9037, fax 444 0390, www.prolisok.com.ua Quiet hotel located in a park zone on the western edge of Kyiv with a parking equipped for camper-vans and trailers. SPORT 55a Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 289 0252, fax 289 7620, www.h-sport.kiev.ua ST.PETERSBURG 4 Tarasa Shevchenka blvd. Khreschatyk, tel/fax 279 7472, 279 7364, www.s-peter.com.ua Rates: single $35-70, double $50-100, triple $65, junior suite $105-125. Rates include breakfast and VAT. If you choose this place you will benefit greatly by the excellent location near main Khreschatyk street and Bessarabska Square in the vey city centre.


GOLDEN GATE HOSTEL 18/1 g, Prorizna str (apt. 46, door code 353), Khreschatyk, tel. 098 263 6507 www.hihostels.com.ua Located just off the Khreschatyk on a very quiet street near Golden Gate. 27 beds. TIU BACKPACKERS 18 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 098 669 4783, www.tiuhostels.com YAROSLAV HOSTEL 10 Yaroslavska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 3189, www.hihostels.com.ua Located in the historical part of the lower town Podil. Internet access.

Hostels & Backpackers

ALMATEYA tel. 237 9790, 063 237 9790, 067 500 0252, www.almateya. com One to three-rooms apartments for rent in the city centre. Rates from $60 to $170 per night. DAILY RENT tel. 360 6909, 067 209 6708, www.arendakiev.com.ua Rates: 1-room: $45-70, 2-room: $50-80, 3-room apartments: $80120. Fully serviced apartments for daily rent. City centre. DANIELLA HOTEL SERVICE 10 Kostelna str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 531 7387, 561 6900, www.best-kiev-apartments.com Serviced apartments for daily rent in the centre of Kyiv. GRATA APARTMENTS 9a Mikhailivskyi provulok, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 486 0757, fax 238 2603, service@aparthotel.kiev.ua, www. accommodation.kiev.ua Fully furnished and serviced apartments in the centre of Kyiv. KIEV APTS 11 Horodetskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 361 8326, 8 (093) 685 0076, www.kievapts.com Largest variety of fully serviced apartments. Lowest prices. Located in the city centre.



Kyiv restaurants represent cuisines nearly from all regions of the world, ranging from Japanese sushi, to Mexican Chili Diablo. Compared to European cities, Kyiv restaurant prices may appear to be slightly higher. With respect to service there are two categories of restaurants. The one represents top and chain restaurants with excellent service, whereas the other lacks it, and we tried not to list these here. Most restaurants are busy at evenings and reservations are recommended. So, here you have the list and, of course, Ukrainian cuisine goes first. Enjoy your meal in Kyiv! $$$ = Upmarket, $$ = Mid-range, $ = Inexpensive Wi-Fi = Wireless Internet, = We recommend
This cosy wooden house with rural wooden furniture is especially popular among foreign tourists for offering traditional Ukrainian food and ease atmosphere. PECHERSKY DVORYK (Pechersky Yard) $$ 6 Kriposnyi prov, Arsenalna, tel. 253 2667 www.dvoryk.com. ua Open 11:00-24:00. Located in the political heart of Kyiv this restaurant recreates an atmosphere of bourgeois life in Kyiv at the beginning of the 20th century. Restaurant claims that most dishes are unique and taken from old recipe-books. Restaurant's special is pork a la Russian Merchant. PERVAK $$$ 2 Rohnidynska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 235 0952, 246 7784 www.pervak.kiev.ua Open 11:00-24:00, Fri, Sat 11:00-02:00. Parking. Located centrally in the vicinity of Bessarabska Square this establishment calls itself an amusement palace. Trylly, a trip back in the 19th century Kyiv is worth of attention - fascinating interior decorated with old artefacts that can be viewed endlessly. Authentic Ukrainian cuisine and wide selection of seafood. Try restaurants special drink liqueur Mikstura infused from 18 herbs. PUZATA HATA (Paunchy Hut) $ 1/2 Baseina str. Khreschatyk; 15 Khreschatyk str. Khreschatyk; 24 Sahaidachnoho str. Kontraktova Ploscha, Open 08:00-23:00. Self service restaurants Puzata Khata is a right pick for fast-dining in democratic atmosphere. It offers decent and inexpensive food. SHYNOK $$ 28 Lesi Ukrainki blvd, tel. 285 5777, Open 11:00-00:00. Parking. Small Ukrainian folk restaurant-museum with a lot different interesting exhibits. Most popular dishes from all Ukrainian regions. From the menu: smoked sausage, Ukrainian ravioli called 'vareniki' stuffed with various fillings, thick vegetable soup with pork ribs 'borsch', and salceson. Wide selection of strong drinks 'nastoyankas'. SPOTIKACH $$$ Wi-Fi 16 Volodymyrska str, tel. 586 4095, Open 11:00-24:00. Parking. Excellent home-style Ukrainian cuisine restaurant located just off the Sophia cathedral in the Old Town. TSARSKE SELO (Tsars Village) $$ 42/1 Sichevoho Povstannia str, Arsenalna, tel. 288 9775, 280 3066 www.tsarske.kiev.ua Open 11:00-01:00. Parking. Located near the Lavra this restaurant strives for preservation of traditions and it must be admitted that Tsarskoe Selo is very good at creating atmosphere of Ukrainian rural eating house and serving genuine food. Upon leaving you are in for a surprise - Ukrainian tradition requires you to be given a drink na konya (one for the road). Live Ukrainian folk music. VEDENSKA SADIBA $$ 25 Vvedenska str, Tarasa Shevchenka, tel. 417 4179, 417 8710, Open 11:00-23:00. Parking. Nonsmoker hall. One of the best Ukrainian restaurants in the Podil boasts cosy wooden interior with a setting of different obsolete instruments and devices depicting medieval tavern. Restaurant serves Ukrainian dishes and a range fish meals. ZA DVOMA ZAITSAMI (chasing two hares) $$ 34 Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 279 7972 Open 11:00-23:00. Parking. Authentic Ukrainian cuisine. Located on the famous Andriyivskyi Descent and named after old Ukrainian comedy restaurant features racy interior depicting the rich life of the famous street in 19th century.

FORTETSYA (Fortress) $$ 21 Gongadze avenue, tel. 463 5131, Open 00-24. Out of town located hotel and restaurant depicts Medieval fortress. One of the largest Ukrainian and fusion cuisine restaurant in Kyiv. This place boasts roomy seven halls each with different interior not to mention terrace. Traditional Ukrainian meals in menu as well as grill and tandoor stuff. Special children's menu. KHUTOROK IN AIRPORT BORYSPIL $$ (in Airport Boryspil, Terminal B, 2nd floor) tel. 466 6313, Open 00-24. If you have missed all opportunities to explore Ukrainian cuisine this restaurant is a chance. Located on the 2nd floor of the Boryspil International terminal B, this restaurant welcomes round the clock to make a farewell impression of Ukrainian cuisine. KORCHMA $$ Wi-Fi 44a Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 4071, 278 2901, Open 00-24, Parking. This restaurant is notable for serving genuine Cossack cuisine including kulish, and meat dishes cooked on roasting jack. In addition here you can taste original strong drinks such as pervak, and different nastoikas. LIPSKY OSOBNYAK (Lipsky Mansion) $$$ 15 Lipska str, Arsenalna, tel. 254 0090 Open 11:30-01:00. Live music. Parking. Situated in the highly fashionable Lipsky neighbourhood, this is the top restaurant in Kyiv that specialises in haute Ukrainian cuisine. The fact that restaurant was visited by Gio Armani, Rudy Giuliani, Vladimir Putin, and many other renowned politicians and celebs speaks for itself. MONASTYRSKA TRAPEZNA $$ 40 Vydubytska str, Druzhby Darodiv, tel. 451 4256, 501 2717 Open 10:30-02:00. Non-Smoker hall. Live music. Parking. This venue is the place for people who want to kill two birds with one stone. The two-in-one restaurant and museum occupies the two-storied extension of the Vydubychi monastery with the Cucuteni ceramics, ancient books, and other artefacts exhibited in it. The cuisine is represented with a variety of oldUkrainian dishes. The restaurants special drink is vareniukha - a strong liqueur made of dry fruits and honey with spices. OPANAS $$ 10 Tereshenkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 585 0523, 235 2132, www.opanas.com.ua Open 08:00-01:00. You can find this restaurant easily if you are in the central Taras Shevchenko Park.


ARIZONA BBQ $$ 25 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 2438. Open 08:00-24:00. Parking. Kyiv first expat venue entertains with pool, darts, and big screen TVs broadcasting sporting events. Childrens parties are held on Sunday afternoons. Real American burgers and dishes on grill are in the restaurant menu. PIZZA PAPA $ 82 Artema str, Lukyanivska, tel. 486 7072. Open 11:0023:00. Parking. Here you can have the best American pizza in Kyiv. You can custom your meal individually using different toppings for a different size pizza pie from kids to a one-kilo giant family pizza. SOHO $$$ Wi-Fi 82 Artema str, Lukyanivska, tel. 484 0351. Open 11:0024:00. Parking. Admired for its pleasant atmosphere, live jazz music, elegant interior, and comfy leather sofas this restaurant creates a feel of true delight. If you are after real Texas steak or refined and flawless fish dishes this place is the right pick. Menu lists more than 400 kinds of wine. T.G.I. FRIDAYS $$ 5a Bessarabska ploscha Khreschatyk, tel. 235 4264, www. fridays.com.ua Open 11:00-23:00. The Fridays serves good food, creates a friendly environment, and does a superior service.


GORETS (Highlander) $$$ 9 Vorovskoho str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 272 1549, Open 12:0001:00. Parking. The first impression of Caucasian hospitality creates welcoming highlander in traditional Georgian hat and costume. A variety of kebabs and other meat dishes in Georgian and Adygei flavour can be savoured here. Find in the list exceptional Caucasian wine. KUVSHYN (Jug) $$$ Wi-Fi 94/10 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 592 6363, www.2k.com.ua, Open 12:00-02:00. Parking. This restaurant has stylish interior with wrought furniture and offers probably the best Georgian khachapuri, cheeses, and shashliks in Kyiv. MIMINO $$ 10a Spaska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 3545, Open 11:00-01:00. This restaurant speciality are Georgian cheeses, sauces and meat spices delivered from Georgia. Restaurant features genuine Georgian wines and strong Chacha.


MAROCANA $$ 24 Lesi Ukrainki Blvd, Pecherska, tel.254 4999, 206 0156, www.carte-blanche.com.ua Open 09:00-02:00. Parking. Stylish merger of eastern luxury and European comfort along with Arabic - fusion cuisine and lunge-music highlighted Marocana as one of the most fashionable Kyiv restaurants.


LUN VAN $$ 26 B.Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 279 8191, Open 11:00-24:00. Parking. This restaurant claims to serve the best Peking Duck and royal shrimps in Kyiv. Chinese chef. Business lunch offerings from 11:00 to 17:00. VOSTOK (East) $$$ 11 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska str, tel. 537 0240, Open: 12:0022:00. Parking. Authentic Chinese cuisine by native Chinese chef. Pleasant interior features japanned dark red furniture and light painted walls with Eastern design.

Central Asian

BELLE VUE $$ 7 Saksahanskoho str, Palats Sportu, tel. 289 8780, www. belle-vue.com.ua Open 11:00-23:00. Parking. This brasserie is notable for serving different sorts of genuine Belgian beer though the prices are fairly high. The Belle Vue special is one meter-long sausage, in addition you can taste here famous Belgian desserts based on beer - Brusselss Vaali and the apples in Leffe style. LE COSMOPOLITE $$ 47 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 278 7278, Open 11:00-23:00, Sat, Sun 11:00-02:00. Parking. Centrally located brasserie serves authentic Belgian beer - 10 kinds of draft, and 12 kinds of bottled beer. Traditional Belgian French and German beer dishes and snacks. ANI $$$ Wi-Fi 72 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 590 2565, Open 11:00-24:00. Parking. This venue offers genuine Armenian cuisine featuring excellent Caucasian shashliks and kebabs in a number of aromas and flavours with sauces and fragrant herbs. Live folk music.


KARAVAN $$ Wi-Fi 10 Klovskyi uzviz, tel. 280 9577, Open 12:00-24:00. Parking. Centrally located Uzbek restaurant offers Central Asian cuisine and vegetarian menu. This place offers excellent lamb dishes with the best roasted lamb in the city. Interior represents a typical Central Asian courtyard with sofas.

PILSNER BAR $$ 20 Pushkinska str, Teatralna, tel. 235 2101, Open 11:0024:00. Classical Czech beer restaurant interior. You can always find here original Czech Pilzner and specialties for beer. U HROMOGO POLA $$ 4 Suvorova str, Arsenalna, tel. 280 5007 www.uhromogopola.com.ua Open 10:00-24:00. This restaurant offers a number of special Czech dishes, poultry, and a variety of grilled stuff. Famous Czech beer Krusovice in light or dark.



ANNABELLE $$$ 57/3 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 287 7334, 287 4325, Open 11:00-24:00. Parking. The first French gourmet restaurant in Kyiv invites to explore the French cuisine in all its excellence.


Your guide

to Ukrainia


Borsch is a vege borsch is based table soup. Traditional red colour. Bors on beets giving it a strong (sour cream), anch is served with smetana breads topped wd pampushki (small hot ith chopped garli Kulish is a tradition Cos c). something betweenal sousack dish which is a Kulish is based on a roostep and a porridge. additive of millet, potato r broth with vegetables, and eggs. , carrot, different Salo or Smaletas is pork underskin fat (lard) which is served usually in Holubtsy are cabbage slabs or minced leaves stuffed with with garlic and minced meat and rice. vegetables.

Varenyky are boiled dumplings. These are filled usually with meat, potatoes, or cheese and topped with butter and shkvarky (fried bits of bacon and onions). Among other fillings there are cabbage, berries or seasoned fruits. Varenyky go well with smetana (sour cream).

Domashnya Kovbasa is a tra ditional Ukra ian sausage inmade from fin chopped meat e of a boar or de with minced laer and spices. rd

Mlyntsy - these are crepes served with cottage cheese, meat, caviar, or fruits. Dessert mlintsy are filled usually with poppy seeds and served in a pouch like fashion.

Deruny - these rs are potato fritte that are served with smetana (sour cream). Yazyk - boiled neat's tongue salted and served with smetana (sour cream).

Kruche small m nyky - these are mushrooeat rolls filled w smotherems or cheese a ith d in broth nd .

Medovukha is semi-strong coholic drink made from honaland contains roughly 20 ey of alcohol by volume. percent

Syrnyky - these are fried quark cheese pancakes, garnished with sour cream, jam, honey, or apple sauce.

Images courtesy of Andrey Azarov (www.talerka.ru)

FELLINI $$$ 5 Horodetskoho str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 5462, Open 00-24. French and Italian exclusive cuisine. Wide selection of pasta dishes and French, Italian, and Georgian wines. LE GRAND CAFE $$$ 4 Muzeynyi provulok Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 7208, Open 11:00-23:00, parking. The best part of this place is that it is expensive and this makes it very empty most of the time. If you are after intimacy, good food and excellent service, this is the place. WINSTUB TAVERN 9 Andriyivska str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 428 8370, Open 11:00 - 23:00, guarded parking. Located on Podil the Winstub tavern-restaurant offers French and German cuisine and claims to serve genuine Alsace dishes in Kyiv. Cosy rural style interior and good service. Live folk music.


NEW BOMBAY PALACE $$ 33a Druzhby Narodiv Blvd. Druzhby Narodiv, tel. 285 8708, Open 10:00-04:00, parking. Authentic Indian cuisine. Stylish interior dazzle with Asian luxury. Widest choice of vegetarian dishes in Kyiv.


CHATEAU BREWERY $$ Wi-Fi 24 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 3704, Open 00-24. Nonsmoker hall. This beer restaurant has its own mini-brewery and offers good draught. In addition they serve a range of traditional beer dishes - Bavarian sausage, Polish bigos, and the like. SCHNITZEL HOUSE $$ 51 Saksahanskoho str, tel. 289 0667, 286 8509, Open 10:0002:00. Weighty portions of German cuisine and 28 types of schnitzel are served here, and a fervent German songs accompaniment creates jolly mood of Oktoberfest.

BEER LOFT $$ 12 Lugova str, tel. 206 4202, Open 11:00-23:00. Located in Kyiv largest shopping mall Karavan, this beer cafe is worth of a pitstop. Italian and German cuisine courses as well as beer offered here are great at recondition after shopping. BELVEDERE $$$ 1 Dniprovskyi uzviz Arsenalna, tel. 288 5070, www.belvedere.kiev.ua, Open 11:00-24:00, parking. As the very name of the restaurant implies, Belvedere uncovers magnificent panorama that overlooks from its step-like construction over Lavra, Podil, Dnipro River, and Kyivs left bank. The place has good selection of seafood and sushi. KARETNIY $$ Wi-Fi 15a Prorezna str., tel. 278 57 57, Open 11:00-23:00, www. kareta.kiev.ua Best exclusive cuisine. Wide selection of salads and main dishes. You can sing your favorite hits at karaoke. TERRACE $$ 60a Vozdvyzhenska str, tel. 531 9933, Open 11:00-23:00, parking. Terrace presents luxury atmosphere and offers best European and Ukrainian dishes cooked on special French rotisserie. Vegetarian menu.

International & Fusion


AMICI MI EXTRAORDINARY CAFE $$$ Wi-Fi 67 Honchara str, Universytetr, tel. 501 1690 No, this is not 'yet another Italian restaurant'. Firstly, because besides of traditional Italian dishes that are made at a gourmet level, their menu represents also all-European culinary values. Secondly, Italian character is something more than a taste of food and wines. It is also a gracious interior, and a special artistry of the waiters, and in order to get complete idea of the Amici Mi one should visit this 'Extraordinary Cafe'. BOCCONCINO Wi-Fi 2 Mechnikova str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 593 3710 This classical Italian restaurant and pizzeria is located in the premises of the Parus sky-scrapper. Pretty reasonable prices, sweet stylish interior, tasty traditional Italian meals and light atmosphere. CIRO'S POMODORO 12 Shota Rustaveli str, Palats Sportu, tel. 221 4545 www. pomodoro.kiev.ua Open 12:00-05:00 DA VINCI FISH CLUB $$$ Wi-Fi 12 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 490 3434, Open 11:00-24:00, parking. This exorbitantly priced place is popular with politicians, business folks and socialites, and if you have unlimited expense accounts this definitely the place to go. IL PATIO $$ 5a Bessarabska ploscha, Khreschatyk, tel. 246 4327, Open 11:00 - 22:00, parking. MILLE MIGLIA RISTORANTE $$ Wi-Fi (in Radisson SAS hotel) 22 Yaroslaviv Val Zoloti Vorota, tel. 492 2255, Open 13:00-23:00. This restaurant was inspired by the progressive design, elegance and atmosphere of the Mille Miglia race for touring cars created in 1926 to run over 1,000 miles from Brescia to Rome via Florence and back. Menu offer a taste of the distinctive cuisine and wines of the regions of Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Toscana, Lazio and Le Marche. VESUVIO PIZZA $ 2 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. Khreschatyk, tel. 235 6681; 25 Reytarska str, tel. 278 3028; 2a Balzaka str, tel. 459 7306 www. vesuvio.ua Open 10:00-22:00 The capital first pizzeria still spin delicious small and large pizzas at moderate prices. Spaghetti, salads and desserts are also on offer, not to mention a variety of crepes. Friendly English-speaking staff.


TEN-PO $$ 34/2 Esplanadna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 246 7124, www.tenpo.com.ua, Open 11:00-22:00 If you are tired with annoying sushi you can find nearly everywhere in Kyiv (I personally will no wonder in finding them, say, in Kyiv pharmacies one day), here you can have, not to mention sushi, different Japanese salads, soups, rice meals, noddles, and desserts.

KING DAVID $$ 24 Esplanadna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 235 7436, Open 11:0023:00. Lodged in the city centre this restaurant has two halls: Jewish Street and main marble hall. Walls feature pictures of night Jerusalem. Jewish background music. Menu offers true kosher and all the food products are delivered from Israel. Wine card includes also kosher wine. TZIMMES $$ 5 Ihorivska str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 428 7579, Open 11:0022:00, parking. Very good Podil located restaurant. Here you can have meals maximally approximated to kosher requirements. Cosy atmosphere and affable staff. Good selection of Israeli wine.

Jewish & Kosher

HAN GANG 1 Entuziastiv str, Livoberezhna, tel. 294 1414, Open 11:0024:00, parking. Getting to this Korean Japanese restaurant takes a small effort. Hop over the Dnipro to the bank and the Slavutich Hotel, ascend to the 16-th floor and turn right out of the lift. Once inside youll discover that the minor travel hassle was well worth it. The panoramic view of the right bank and the stunning domes of Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra is arguably the best in the city. Skip the Japanese and order the Korean you wont be disappointed. Karaoke is available. KHANKOOKWAN $$ 10A Zhelyabova str, Shuliavska, tel. 458 4514, Open 10:0022:00, parking. The restaurant with hard-reading name offers exclusive variety of Korean dishes cooked on a grill. A dozen of salads and traditional marinaded vegetables at your choice.


HAN GANG 1 Entuziastiv str, Livoberezhna, tel. 294 1414, Open 11:0024:00, parking. Getting to this Korean Japanese restaurant takes a small effort. Hop over the Dnipro to the bank and the Slavutich Hotel, ascend to the 16-th floor and turn right out of the lift. Once inside youll discover that the minor travel hassle was well worth it. The panoramic view of the right bank and the stunning domes of Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra is arguably the best in the city. Skip the Japanese and order the Korean you wont be disappointed. Karaoke is available. NOBU $$$ 12 Shota Rustaveli str, tel. 246 7734, 235 5227, Open 12:0024:00. This sushi bar serves one of the best Japanese fare in Kyiv. Authentic oriental interior and native Japanese chef makes Japan to become closer to Kyiv.


TEQUILA HOUSE $$ 8a Spasskaya str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 0358, Open 12:00-23:30, parking. Podil located restaurant offers aromatic and spicy Tex-Mex cuisine. Hot tortillas, burritos, nachos, tacos, and various grilled meat dishes are served here. Widest selection of Tequila in Kyiv - more than 20 kinds. Live music Thursday - Saturday.



OPALKOVA KHATA $$ 16 Petropavlivska str, tel. 466 8806, 274 9782, www.opalkova. com.ua, Open 11:00-23:00. Located at ring-road (near KyivZhytomyr junction) in a park zone, restaurant is fairly distant from the centre but it is worth to taste genuine Polish meals.

#011 (Belgrade phone code) $$ 18 Illinska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 2979 Open 11:00-24:00, parking. Podil located restaurant has late 19th century interior and offers traditional Serbian dishes.


DA VINCI FISH CLUB $$$ Wi-Fi 12 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 490 3434, Open 11:00-24:00, parking. This exorbitantly priced place is popular with politicians, business folks and socialites, and if you have unlimited expense accounts this definitely the place to go. RYBNYI BAZAR (fish market) $$$ 24A/2 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 278 2265, Open 11:00-24:00, parking. Located in the very centre this elegant restaurant offers excellent seafood meals. SOHO $$$ Wi-Fi 82 Artema str, Lukyanivska, tel. 484 0351. Open 11:0024:00. Parking. Admired for its pleasant atmosphere, live jazz music, elegant interior, and comfy leather sofas this restaurant creates a feel of true delight. If you are after refined and flawless fish dishes this place is the right pick. Menu lists more than 400 kinds of wine.


STATUS BAR (in shopping mall Ukraina) 3 Peremohy ploscha, Universytet, tel. 496 1590, Open 11.00-23.00, parking. Located on the 4th floor of the shopping mall Ukraina the Status bar is a part of the VIP Status billiard club. Stylish interior performed in dark-red wooden design. Private VIP niches. Live DJ sets 20:0023:00. Free Wi-Fi Internet access. VERNISSAGE CAFE-BISTROT #1 30 Andriyivskyi uzviz, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 2403, Open 11:00-23:00. Location at the Andriyivskyi Descent, nice atmosphere, excellent food, drinks, and good pastry of this cosy French cafe attracts greatly foreigners and Kyiv expats. VERNISSAGE CAFE-BISTROT #2 10 Sichovykh Stryltsiv str, tel. 272 2003. Location: Lvivska Square at the/Smirnova-Lastochkina street corner. Salads, sushi, pizza.

Bars & Cigar clubs

BUDDHA BAR 14 Khreschatyk str. (next to the Khreschatyk hotel), tel. 270 76 76, Open 13:00-02:00. One of the most cult places of the world. Visiting Buddha-bar can be compared with visiting a SPA resort. This is how powerful its positive energy. Immerse into a world of refined pleasures and enjoy the careless relaxing atmosphere - these are just few reasons to visit Buddhabar at least once and come back again. LA CASA DEL HABANO 13 Klovskyi uzviz, tel. 492 7448, 206 0157, Open 10:00-23:00. La Casas premises include restaurant hall, bar and cigar room. In cigar section on offer there are 25 classical brand names of cigars including limited edition products. LONDON CIGAR CLUB (in Dnipro hotel)1 Khreschatyk str, tel. 278 4708, Open 10:0024:00. The Club invites to its public and VIP rooms to taste a cigar from most popular brands as well as products from exclusive manufacturers.

ANTRESOL Wi-Fi 2 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. Khreschatyk, tel. 235 8347. Open 10:00-24:00, nonsmoker hall. Centrally located just across the Bessarabska Square this is two-level cosy cafe featuring a huge bookcase, where you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere, affable staff, soft comfortable sofas, and a wide variety of books to read or to buy. DOUBLE COFFEE 42 B.Khmelnytskoho str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 234-69-78; 6 Mykhailivska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 206 6913; 1/2 Kostiantynivska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 206 6911; 17 Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 206 6914; www. doublecoffee.com.ua One of the best cafe chains in Kyiv though their service is fairly slow comparing to Baltics. If you were in their establishments in the Baltics you can easily recognise interior and convenient newspaper-like Double Coffee Times menu with mouth-watering illustrations of meals on offer. These are a variety of really good sandwiches, snacks, crepes, appetizers and, of course, excellent coffee & tea. JAM CAFE 1/2 Institutska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 590 1815, Open 10:00-24:00, nonsmoker area. Located on the second floor of the central shopping mall Globus. The best of this cafe is the panoramic view overlooking Independence Square and its buzz. The Jam is very popular with foreigners and notable for good food, exquisite deserts, and affable staff.

Coffee & Tea


#1 DOUBLE COFFEE 6 Mykhailivska str, (Location: City centre, Maidan Nezalezhnosti), tel. 206 6913, Open 00-24; 17 Khreschatyk str, (Location: City centre, Kyiv Passage), tel. 206 6914, Open 08:00-02:00; 31 Sahaidachnoho str, (Location: City centre, Poshtova Ploscha), tel. 206 6918, Open 00-24. #2 TEATR KAVI KAFFA 5 Hryhoriya Skovorody str (Location: Podil, Kontraktova Ploscha), tel. 425 3845, Open 09:00-23:00, Mon 11:00-23:00. #4 TIRAMISU 60 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. (Location: City centre, Ploscha Peremohy), tel. 238 7655, Open 10:00-24:00. Excellent desserts, best apple strudel in Kyiv. #5 ANTRESOL 2 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. (Location: City centre, Bessarabska Ploscha), tel. 235 8347. Open 10:00-01:00. Coffee shops listed here are editor's best picks based on drink and service as well as establishment quality. The 'Top Five' has no advertising efforts and was not influenced by these establishments given in the list. REPRIZA 10/5 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 417 1908, Open 10:00-22:00. Podil located spot with excellent coffee and desserts. TEATR KAVI KAFFA (The theatre of coffee Kaffa) 5 Hryhoriya Skovorody St., Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 3845. This place offers probably the widest selection of coffee in the city. In menu you can find more than 60 types of coffee ranging from Jamaica Blue Mountain and Columbia to India Cherry robust and Kenya fragrant with luxuriant taste. They also serve decaf in different favours. Excellent service. TIRAMISU 60 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd, tel. 238 7655, Open 10:00-24:00. Excellent desserts and probably the best apple strudel in Kyiv. BELFAST IRISH PUB 4 Kontraktova Ploscha, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 6000, Open 09:00-23:00. Strange name for Irish pub... still, this spot is easy to find on Kontraktova Square. The pub attracts mostly foreign folks. 14 kinds of beer and wide selection of strong drinks. Live sporting events on TV. BELLE VUE $$ 7 Saksahanskoho str, Palats Sportu, tel. 289 8780, www. belle-vue.com.ua Open 11:00-23:00. Parking. This brasserie is notable for serving different sorts of genuine Belgian beer though the prices are fairly high. The Belle Vue special is one meter-long sausage, in addition you can taste here famous Belgian desserts based on beer - Brusselss Vaali and the apples in Leffe style. LE COSMOPOLITE $$ 47 Volodymyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 278 7278, Open 11:00-23:00, Sat, Sun 11:00-02:00. Parking. Centrally located brasserie serves authentic Belgian beer - 10 kinds of draft, and 12 kinds of bottled beer. Traditional Belgian French and German beer dishes and snacks. BIER PLATZ $$ Wi-Fi 7 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. (067) 407 5544, Open 11:00-24:00 GOLDEN GATE 15 Zolotovoritska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 235 5188, Open 10:00-01:00, parking. This pub & restaurant offers largest selection of draught beer in Kyiv and serves bangers and mash, kidney pie, and special aged steaks. JOHN BULL PUB 36 Saksaganskoho str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 289 1369, 220 1369, Open 12:00 - 23:00. LUCKY PUB 13 Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 499 1313, Open 11:00-01:00. Is a friendly place, where you can find cold beer, delicious appetizers and cool atmosphere. 11 big plasma TVs to watch your favourite games, 13 taps with draught beer from Germany, Ireland, England and Ukraine. Live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Table football. OBRIENS IRISH PUB 17a Mikhaylivska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 1584, 279 0214, www.obriens.kiev.ua Open 08:00-02:00. Good location near Independence Square. Western atmosphere, live sporting events on TVs, good food, and a wide variety of Irish beer.

Pubs & Beer Restaurants


Shopping in Kyiv basically is the same as in any other European city. Most world brands are represented here, however, some shops may try to sell fake goods even in respectable shops and from most popular fashion brands. One thing that can catch your attention is that some shopping malls may have nearly more security guards than shoppers and some shops are anxious to expose even a bizarre uniform dressed special forces rather than security managers. Of course it is silly but counts normal in Kyiv.
BUKVA Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Globus shopping mall), tel. 585 1141, Open 10:00-22:00 LITERA 11/61 Lva Tolstoho str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 234 8197, Open 09:00-21:00 SIAYVO 6 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 235 4366 Open 10:00-22:00 SVIT KNYHY Slavy ploscha Arsenalna, tel. 254 5009 Open 10:00-21:00


CENTRAL DEPARTMENT STORE 2 B.Khmelnytskoho str, Khreschatyk, tel. 234 9505, Open 09:00-20:00, Sun 10:00-19:00. HALLMARK Maidan Nezalezhnosti Maidan Nezalezhnosti, shopping mall Globus), tel. 590 1845, Open 09:00-22:00 SILVER BELLS 18/29 Sichevoho Povstannia str, Arsenalna, tel. 254 5777 Open 10:00-20:00 SOUVENIRS 32 Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 235 4134 Open 10:0019:00 UKRAINIAN SOUVENIRS 31a Pushkinska str, Teatralna, tel. 234 2277 www.ukrsov. kiev.ua Open 10:00-20:00

Art & Souvenir shops

Cash & Carry

METRO CASH & CARRY (PETRIVKA) 26B Moskovskyi prospekt, Petrivka; tel. 8 800 501 4010, www.metro.ua METRO CASH & CARRY (POZNYAKY) 43, Grygorenko prospekt, Poznyaky; tel. 8 800 501 4010

Computers & Software

ANTIQUE CENTRE 3 Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 1237 Open 10:00-19:00 ANTIQUE SALON 11 Gorkoho str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 287 3758 Open 10:0019:00 ANTIQUE SHOP 11 Yaroslaviv Val Zoloti Vorota, tel. 234 7206, 234 5844 Open 10:00-19:00 GELOS 14 Sahaidachnoho str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 531 9927 Open 11:00-19:00


COMPUTERLAND (near Victory Square) 2 Dmytrivska str, Universytet, tel. 492 3167 www.computerland.kiev.ua Laptops, desctops, software and hardware. MACSTORE (in shopping mall Olimpiysky) 72 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikansky Stadion tel. 590 2552 www.macstore.com.ua Open 10:00-20:30. Apple computers and other products.

Electronics & Communication

NOKIA 2 Maidan Nezalezhnosti Maidn Nezalezhnosti, tel. 461 7946; 5 Lva Tolstoho str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 235 8417, Open 10:0020:00. Nokia mobile phones & accessories. TSYFROVOY PORTAL (Digital Portal) Maidan Nezalezhnosti Maidan Nezalezhnosti, in shopping mall Globus, tel. 585 1142, Open 10:00-22:00. Digital and video cameras, CD and MP3 players, audio&video. UNITRADE 18 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 461 9070 www.unitrade.ua Open 09:00-21:00, Sun 10:00-20:00. Mobile phones and accessories, office equipment and PCs.

CACHAREL & LAGERFELD (Menswear) Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 590 1819, Open 10:00-22:00. CAMEL ACTIVE (Menswear & womens wear) 24 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 461 9805, Open 11:00-20:00 ESPRIT (Menswear & womens wear) Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 590 1812, Open 10:00-23:00.

Fashion & Footwear


to bring back from

Dolls in traditional Ukrainian folk costumes. You can find these nearly in every souvenir shop.

Bulava, which is both the military and a ceremonial mace or baton carried by a hetman, or the military head of a Cossack state. Today bulava is a symbol of the Presidency of Ukraine, and while being sworn into office President holds one. You can buy decorative ornamental bulava in most souvenir shops.

Pysanka is a traditional Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated using a wax-resist (batik) method. Pysankas are meant to be decorative.

Kyiv Cake is a brand of dessert cake, made in Kyiv since 1950s. The cake has become one of the symbols of Kyiv city, particularly by its brand name and package. The cake has a large layer of biscuit with hazelnuts and caramel filling.

Petrikivska wood painting handicraft articles featuring original technique of painting wood in flowers and plants, that create unique lightness and expression in design.

Matryoshkas (a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside another) are traditionally associated with Eastern Slavic culture. You can find these at Andriyivskyi descent in different themes, ranging from fairy tale characters to pop stars and Soviet leaders.

A bottle of Horilka. Horilka is a traditional Ukrainian strong drink analogous to Russian vodka. One of the best selling kinds of horilka is Medova z Pertsem (honey with red hot pepper). The best brands are Nemiroff, Khortytsa, Mernaya, Medoff, and SV.

A CD of Ukrainian music. Along with jolly Ukrainian folk music a good option is Okean Elzy ( ) currently the most popular pop-rock band in Ukraine, and Ruslana, the winner of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest Ukrainian beer (pyvo). Among other kinds Lvivske beer is one of the oldest in Ukraine (Brewery founded in 1715).

Salo (slabs of pork underskin fat) is the most stereotypical attribute of Ukrainian culture, same as vodka in Russian. You can find plenty of salo at Bessarabka market.

Rushnik. Rushniks are traditional Ukrainian towels decorated with the ornamental pattern and used for ceremonial events. An example of their use would be a host offering his guests bread and salt, which would then be served on a rushnik.

With Love from Ukraine (Ukraina z Lubovyu) set of chocolate sweets is available in shops as well as in the Kyiv International duty-free. The set features a geographic embossed map of Ukraine.

GLENFIELD (Menswear & womens wear) Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 585 1162, Open 10:00-21:00. HUGO BOSS (Menswear) 4 Horodetskoho str, tel. 279 5181 ECCO (Footwear) Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 585 1104, Open 10:00-22:00. LACOSTE (Menswear, womens wear, footwear) 3 Baseina str, Khreschatyk, in shopping mall Arena City Open 09:00-22:00. MANGO 13 Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 3860, Open 11:0020:00, Fri, Sat 11:00-21:00. MEXX (Menswear & womens wear) Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 590 1864, Open 10:00-22:00. NAF NAF (Womens wear) 15 Khreschatyk str, Khrescatyk, tel. 278 2782, Open 10:0021:00, Sat, Sun 11:00-21:00 PAUL & SHARK (Menswear) 4 Baseina str, Lva Tolstoho, in shopping mall Mandarin Plaza, tel. 230 9515, Open 10:00-22:00. PIERRE CARDIN (Menswear) Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 585 1161, Open 10:00-22:00. TOMMY HILFIGER (Menswear & womens wear) Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 585 1168, Open 10:00-22:00.


BESSARABSKYI 2 Bessarabska ploscha, Khreschatyk, Open 06:00-18:00 VOLODYMYRSKYI 115 Gorkoho str, Open 07:00-16:00 ZHYTNYI 16 Verkhnyi Val, Kontraktova Ploscha, Open 07:00-16:00

EUROSTAR 1/2 Baseina str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 247 5656, Open 10:0022:00. More than 37 000 items of audio, video, and books.

Music & Video


LUX OPTICA Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 585 1164, Open 10:00-22:00. Sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lens and accessories

Perfume & Cosmetics

FLOREAL 14 Vorovskoho str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 272 2594, Open 08:3020:00, Sat, Sun 09:00-18:00 FLOWER VANILLA 15 Lva Tolstoho str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 244 2200, Open 08:3020:00, Sat 10:00-20:00, Sun 11:00-18:00 KRISTINA 4 Kostyolna str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 7950, Open 10:00-20:00, Sun 10:00-18:00 KVITKA 37 Obolonska str, tel. 537 2266, www.kvitka.com.ua Open 09:00-20:00. Flower international delivery. LILEYA 14 Kibalchicha str, tel. 229 4766, 8(067)538 2909, www.lileya. kiev.ua, Open 09:00-20:00. Gifts and flower delivery.


BROCARD Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 585 1109, Open 10:00-22:00. IVES ROCHER Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 585 1126, Open 10:00-22:00.

FURSHET (in Mandarin Plaza) 4 Baseina str, tel. 230 9522, Open 00-24; 57 Yaroslavska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 0350, Open 00-24; 165 Gorkoho str, Lybidska, tel. 528 2165, Open 0024 MEGAMARKET 50 Gorkoho str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 248 7387, Open 09:00-24:00. VELYKA KYSHENYA (In shopping mall Ukraina) 1 Peremohy Ploscha, Universytet, Open 00-24

Grocery stores

ARENA CITY 1-3 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 494 4475, Open 10:00-22:00, parking. CENTRAL DEPARTMENT STORE 2 Khmelnytskoho str, Khreschatyk, tel. 234 9505, Open 09:00-20:00, Sun 10:00 - 19:00. GLOBUS Maidan Nezalezhnosti Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 585 1137, www.globus.com.ua, Open 10:00-22:00 From clothes, and sportswear to CDs, jewellery, and coffee shops. MANDARIN PLAZA 4 Baseina str, Khreschatyk, tel. 230 9550, www.mandarin. kiev.ua, Open 10:00-22:00, parking. The plaza is stuffed mostly with boutiques and expensive shops.

Shopping malls & Department stores

Wine & Tobacco

TABAKERKA Maidan Nezalezhnosti (shopping mall Globus), tel. 590 1817, Open 10:00-22:00. Wide selection of cigars, cigarillos, pipe tobacco, and accessories. VINOTEKA 44 Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 428 1228, 428 1229, Open 10:0021:00, Sun closed. The first wine boutique in Kyiv sales best collection of wines from famous trading houses of the world.


TERMINAL AQUAPARK 316 Kyivska str, Brovary, tel. 2001450, 200 2980, 200 2981, www.aquapark-terminal.com.ua Open 10:00-22:00. Kyiv largest aquapark with 9 slides 5 swimming-pools, jacuzzi and saunas, kid's entertaining zone, bar and restaurants.


TERMINAL CARTING CENTER 316 Kyivska str, (Brovary city, 19 km from Kyiv), tel. 200 1390, 200 1400, Open 10:00-24:00. Two double-level tracks, each is capable of operating up to 15 carts.

5TH ELEMENT 29a Elektrikiv str, tel. 351 7733, www.5el.com.ua All-inclusive elite fitness club situated on Podil Rybalskyi peninsula. AQUARIUM 45 Heroiv Stalingrada str, Minska, tel. 239 2222, www. aquarium.kiev.ua Open 06:30-24:00 Gym, pool, diving, sauna, squash, yoga, and more... KODOKAN 3 M.Hrushevskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 279 0101, Open 07:00-23:00, Mon, Sat 09:00-21:00 KYIV SPOT CLUB 5 Druzhby Narodiv Blvd. Lybidska, tel. 252 8866, Open 07:00-23:00 Gym, pool, yoga, squash, and sauna facilities. SOFIYSKIY FITNESS CENTER 5 Rylskyi provulok, tel. 206 7711, 206 7717, www.sofiyskiy. com.ua, Open 00-24. Gym, spa, saunas, and a long list of other body-meant facilities. English-speaking staff.

Aerobics & Gyms


CINDERELLA 8 Karelskyi prov, tel. 573 2622; 5 Mala Zhytomyrska str, tel. 573 2622; 5 Sichnevoho Povstania str, Arsenalna, tel. 290 5816. UN MOMENTO 21 Lesi Ukrainki Blvd., tel. 492 7267; 12 Lugova str, (in shopping mall Karavan); 10a Liuteranska St; 16b Yaroslaviv Val; 27a Peremohy prospekt. Collection and delivery call 495 2495

CHAMELEON (in shopping mall Ukraina) 3 Peremohy ploscha, Universytet, tel. 496 1717, www.club300.com.ua, Open 11:00-06:00, Rates $16-40/hour 10 Brunswick lanes bowling. JUMBO 20b Moskovskyi prospekt, Petrivka, tel. 390 5377, www. jumbo.kiev.ua Open 00-24 The largest bowling centre in Kyiv with 30 lanes. STRIKE BOWLING CLUB 87 Peremohy prosp, Nyvky, tel. 501 0110, 501 0111, www. strike.kiev.ua, Open Mon 17:00-02:00; Tue-Thu, Sun 11:0002:00; Fri, Sat 11:00-04:00, Rates $13-43/hour. The Bowling Club Strike has 12 VIA lanes, billiard, and snack bar. ULTRAMARINE 1a Uritskoho str, www.ultramarine.com.ua, tel. 206 0351, 206 0353, Open 10:00-06:00, Rates $11-43/hour. The club has 18 AMF lanes.


AVANTO 22/17a Kostiantynivska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 531 3797, also at 13 Staronavodnytska str, Pecherska, tel. 451 4060, www.avanto.com.ua, Open 09:00-21:00 MEDLIFE 20 Heroiv Stalingrada str, (M. Minska), tel. 412 2123, 412 1012, also at 10a Yakira str, (M. Dorohozhychi), tel. 238 6626, 230 8404 www.medlaif.ua, Open 00-24 PRISMA 25 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 425 1404, Open 08:00-20:00 STEDLEY 25/18 Lva Tolstoho str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 288 2376, 288 2378, www.stedley.com.ua


Golf & Mini-golf

BUFFALO 2/8 Vyshniakivska str, Kharkivska, tel. 565 6559, Open 12:00-02:00. MAYAK 17/1 Moskovskyi prospekt, Petrivka, tel. 464 6901 This club is one of the most prestigious in Kyiv. Pool, snooker, and so on. STATUS 3 Peremohy prospekt Universitet, shopping center Ukraina). tel. 496 1590, Open 00-24, parking. American pool, snooker and Russian pyramid.


KIEV GOLF CENTER 10d Heroiv Stalingrada str, tel. 230 9436, www.golf-center. com.ua The Centre offers driving range (Open Sat, Sun 10:0020:00), and the golf course (Open Mon-Fri 10:00-till dark). Every Wednesday weekly tournament (at 17:00). GOLFSTREAM tel. 545 7177, www.kievgolfclub.com Located in Gavronshina village 30 km west from Kyiv (direction Zhytomyr), this club has three professional golf courses, horse riding academy, summer sport park with a swimming pool, and three club residential areas.

Hairdressers & Beauty salons

CLEO 12 Rusanivska Naberezhna, tel. 095 308 4200, 361 9296, Open 09:00-21:00 Professional massage, tattoo, manicure, pedicure.


MAIJA 10 Tarasa Shevchenka blvd, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 206 2007, also at 117 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Palats Ukraina, tel. 529 0016, www.maija.lv Open 09:00-21:00, Sun 11:00-19:00. Hair colouring, hair cut and hair texture.


Horse riding

24 HOUR PHARMACY 7 Bessarabska ploscha, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 235 3856, Open 00-24 ENGLISH FRIENDLY PHARMACY 36a Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd. tel. 235 4035 English speaking staff. 00-24 delivery.

BUTENKO STABLE 12 Komsomolska str, Prostiv village, Boryspil raion, tel. 593 8033, www.butenko-stable.com.ua Elite horse club, grill bar, restaurant, park-hotel.

AILAS 12a Bazhana prosp, Osokorky, tel. 291 0191, 8 800 50 50 060, www.ailas.com.ua AMERICAN MEDICAL CENTER 1 Berdychivska str, Lukyanivska, tel/fax 490 7600, www. amcenters.com, Open 00-24. BORYS 55a Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 238 0000, 536 1980, www. boris.kiev.ua, Open 00-24. First aid and consultations. CMD 10a Pymonenka str, Lukyanivska, tel. 239 1223, www.cmd. kiev.ua Laboratory tests and results within 24h. DR. ROEDGER LAB 13 Staronavodnitska str, Pecherska, tel. 569 2828, www. medlab.kiev.ua UKRAINIAN GERMAN CLINIC 67/7 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 419 3482, 289 4435, 289 5572, www.unk.kiev.ua

Hospitals & Clinics

KARAVAN (in Karavan shopping mall) 9 Luhova str. Minska, tel. 461 8206, Open 09:00-24:00, one day admission $5-10.

Roller skating

ARGO 9 Predslavynska str. Palats Ukraina, tel. 522 8784, Open 0024. Russian bath, massage, and solarium. AROMA-SAUNA 21 Sichovykh Striltsyv str, Lukyanivska, tel. 272 0993, Open 00-24. HAMAM (Turkish bath) 9a Tolstoho str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 223 5833, www.hammam. kiev.ua VODOLEI 38 Biloruska str. Lukyanivska, tel. 438 2475, Open 08:0020:00. Finnish, Japanese, and Russian bath.


Sky diving

PIONEER 1 Dniprovskyi uzviz Arsenalna, tel. 496 5353, www.ice-club. com.ua, Open 10:00-24:00, admission $5-10.

Ice skating

DROPZONE (Chaika airfield 15 km from Kyiv) tel. 424 8293 Svyatoshin, www.dzchaika.com.ua PARASKUF (Borodyanskyi airfield 45 km from Kyiv) tel. 553 2643, info@paraskuf.com.ua www.paraskuf.com.ua, Open 09:00-18:00


ROZGULIAYEVO 70 Stolichne shose, tel. 259 1700, 259 1000, 502 2222, www. kartamir.com.ua

Pets & Vets

FAUNA SERVICE 44G Saksaganskogo str, tel. 289 7744, 278 8803, fax 279 8848. Working hours 00-24 PET HOTEL & VETERINARY CLINIC 31 Vidradnyi prospekt, tel. 404 7642, 917 9585 Pet hotel, veterinary clinic, and hairdresser.

OLYMP 10 Dymytrova str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 227 6149, Open 07:00-21:00, Sat 09:00-18:00, Sun 09:00-16:00. Indoor 25 meter pool YUNIST 7 Bastiona str, tel. 295 2122, Indoor 25 meter pool

Swimming pools

Running & Hashing (hashing has nothing to do with drugs :)

KYIV HASH HOUSE HARRIERS Kyiv Hashers meet at Lucky Pub (13 Velyka Vasylkivska str) @ 13:00 every other Sunday. www.hashhouseharriers.kiev.ua

MERYDIAN 11b Heroiv Sevastopola, Beresteiska, tel. 408 6444, www. meridian-sport.com.ua NAUKA TENNIS CLUB 32 Vernadskoho str. Svyatoshin), tel. 424 3481, www.naukatennis.kiev.ua, Open 07:00-23:00 PODIL TENNIS COURTS 56/63a Mezhyhirska str, Tarasa Shevchenka, tel. 451 5858, Open 07:00-23:00



AEROSVIT UKRAINIAN AIRLINES 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 490 3490, www. aerosvit.com, Open 08:00-19:00, Sat Sun 08:00-19:30. AIR BALTIC 52 Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 238 2649, 238 2668, fax 238 6271, www.airbaltic.com, Open 09:00-18:00, Sat, Sun closed. AIR FRANCE 34/33-36 Ivana Franka str, tel. 496 3575, fax 496 3588, www. airfrance.com.ua ALITALIA 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 492 7222, 390 9093, www.alitalia.com Open 09:00-17:30, Sat, Sun closed. AUSTRIAN AIRLINES 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 289 2032, www. aua.com.ua Open 09:00-17:30, Sat, Sun closed. BRITISH AIRWAYS 48 Yaroslavyv Val, tel. 490 6060, fax 235 5961, www.ba.com, Open 09:00-17:30, Sat 10:00-14:00, Sun closed. CZECH AIRLINES 36 Ivana Franka str, tel. 288 1060, www.czechairlines.com EL AL ISRAEL AIRLINES 34 Lesi Ukrainki blv. tel. 230 6993, fax 537 0812 ESTONIAN AIR 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 289 0520, fax 289 9853 www.estonian-air.ee, Open 09:00-18:00. FINNAIR 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 247 5777, www. finnair.com, Open 09:00-17:30, Sat, Sun closed. KLM 34/33 Ivana Franka str, tel. 490 2490, fax 495 2406, www.klm. ua, Open 09:30-17:00, Sat Sun closed. KOREAN AIR (Dosvid) 1 Entuziastiv str, tel. 531 1423, 295 6464, fax 561 1009 LOT POLISH AIRLINES 36 Ivana Franka str, tel. 246 5620, fax 246 5622, www.lot.com, Open 09:00-17:00, Sat Sun closed. LUFTHANSA 52 B.Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 490 3800 fax 490 3801 www. lufthansa.com.ua, Open 09:00-20:00, Sat 09:00-17:00 NEW LOGIC (in Leonardo business centre) #523 - 17/52 Khmelnytskoho str, Teatralna, tel/fax 206 3322, 206 2200, www.newlogic.ua Air tickets for domestic and international flights. SWISS AIR 9/2 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 490 6500 UIA (Ukraine International Airlines) 63a B.Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 461 5050 fax 230 8866 www. flyUIA.com, Open 08:00-19:30, Sun 08:00-18:00

Airlines & Air tickets


BORYSPIL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KBP) tel. 585 7254, 0 900 116 571, (or 657 from mobile), www. airport-borispol.com.ua Located 35 km from the city centre within 40 minutes taxi ride from the city centre. Average taxi fare is 200 hryvnas ($25). Kyiv Boryspil International airport serves both domestic (terminal A) and international (terminal B) flights and is Ukraines main gate to the other countries Daily flights connect nearly all major cities worldwide (online timetable). Please note - when leaving Kyiv never put anything of value into your suitcase and take valuables as a cabin luggage. It is strongly recommended to wrap your bag or suitcase with plastic and cords to keep your goods safe (suitcase locks are ineffective). Take luggage plastic wrapping service in the departure area. The -1 floor has a 00-24 luggage room. Same wrapping procedure recommended prior to leaving a suitcase there. KYIV CITY (ZHULYANY) AIRPORT (IEV) 92 Povitroflotskyi prospekt tel. 242 2308, Open 07:00-22:00. www.airport.kiev.ua Located within the south-western city limits in some 12 km from central Khreschatyk street it can be accessed in 20 minutes for some 100 hryvnias ($12).


1234567 12345-12345-7 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234561234567 1234567 1234567 -234567

Days Dep. Arr.

21:00 13:00 09:10 22:40 20:50 15:20 21:15 20:40 10:10 15:05 21:35 20:20 11:00 09:35 18:45 06:00

From Kyiv

22:00 Dnipropetrovsk (Z6) 1234567 19:00 20:00 14:00 Dnipropetrovsk (Z6) 12345-- 11:00 12:00 10:25 Donetsk (7D) 1234567 06:50 08:10 23:55 Donetsk (7D) 1234567 20:35 21:55 22:00 Ivano-Frankivsk (Z6) 1234567 06:40 07:50 16:25 Kharkiv (Z6) 1234567 19:10 20:15 22:20 Kharkiv (Z6) 1234567 13:15 14:20 22:10 Luhansk (Z6) 1234567 06:45 08:10 11:25 Lviv (Z6) 1234567 08:00 09:15 16:20 Lviv (Z6) 1234567 12:15 13:30 22:50 Lviv (Z6) 1234567 18:05 19:20 21:30 Lviv (PS) 123456- 06:45 07:55 12:10 Odesa (Z6) 1234567 17:15 18:25 11:00 Simferopol (Z6) 1234567 07:15 08:40 20:10 Simferopol (PS) 1234567 21:10 22:35 07:20 Simferopol (WU) -234567 08:05 09:30


To Kyiv

Days Dep. Arr.

Airline Codes: 7D - Donbassaero, PS - Ukraine International Airlines, W6 - WizzAir, Z6 - Dniproavia.



Days Dep. Arr. City Days Dep. Arr. 1234567 06:20 08:20 Amsterdam (PS) 1234567 09:15 13:10 1 2 3 4 567 17:45 19:50 Amsterdam (KL) 1 2 3 4 567 13:05 16:50 -5 06:50 09:25 Antalya (W6) -5 10:05 12:30 137 12:55 15:35 Athens (VV) 137 16:25 19:05 5 05:45 08:30 Athens (VV) 5 09:20 12:05 23 09:25 12:15 Barcelona (PS) 23 13:15 17:55 6 15:50 18:40 Barcelona (PS) 6 19:25 00:10 136 15:30 04:40 Beijing (VV) 247 06:10 09:55 37 14:10 15:15 Belgrade (VV) 37 16:00 18:55 123457 14:30 15:35 Berlin (PS) 123457 16:25 19:25 1234567 16:15 16:50 Budapest (MA) 1234567 12:50 15:25 246 06:00 07:45 Cologne (W6) 246 08:15 11:55 25 12:00 18:05 Dubai (PS) 25 19:30 23:50 123457 10:20 12:00 Dortmund (W6) -23457 20:20 23:50 1234567 15:15 17:05 Dusseldorf (LH) 1234567 10:50 14:30 1234567 08:20 10:05 Frankfurt/Main (PS) 1234567 11:10 14:45 1234567 14:05 15:45 Frankfurt/Main (LH) 1234567 09:50 13:15 135 13:50 15:50 Helsinki (AY) 135 11:15 13:10 12457 13:50 15:50 Helsinki (PS) 12457 16:50 18:50 12345 06:50 09:00 Istanbul (VV) 12345 09:55 11:50 13457 11:45 13:50 Istanbul (TK) 13457 08:45 10:45 1256 18:00 20:05 Istanbul (TK) 1256 15:00 17:00 357 10:20 11:00 Katowice / Krakow (W6) 357 11:30 14:00 257 17:40 20:40 Lisbon (PS) 257 22:20 05:10 5 17:50 19:00 Ljubljana (JP) 5 14:00 17:05 1234567 09:00 10:30 London - Gatwick (PS) 1234567 11:30 16:50 1234567 15:55 17:25 London - Heathrow (BA) 1234567 09:45 15:05 35 18:40 20:10 London - Luton (W6) 35 12:45 17:50 1467 07:40 11:20 Madrid (PS) 1467 12:20 17:40 246 18:50 20:10 Hamburg (W6) 246 20:35 23:50 12357 16:10 18:10 Milan (PS) 12357 19:10 22:55 1234567 07:00 09:35 Moscow - Sheremetyevo (VV) 1234567 10:40 11:15 12456 11:00 13:30 Moscow - Sheremetyevo (VV) 12456 14:30 15:05 1234567 06:45 08:10 Munich (LH) 1234567 13:00 16:15 1234567 17:05 18:30 Munich (LH) 1234567 19:25 22:40 246 12:40 14:10 Munich (W6) 246 14:40 18:00 24567 13:35 17:05 New York (VV) 24567 19:05 12:05 1234567 06:30 09:10 Paris (PS) 1234567 10:05 14:20 1234567 12:55 15:10 Paris (AF) 1234567 07:35 11:40 1234567 17:45 20:20 Paris (AF) 1234567 12:35 16:40 1234567 15:20 16:15 Prague (OK) 1234567 11:25 14:20 1234567 14:50 16:30 Riga (BT) 1234567 11:55 13:30 1234567 20:10 21:55 Riga (VV) 1234567 08:50 10:25 1234567 18:15 20:05 Rome (PS) 1234567 13:30 17:25 13567 07:35 09:30 Rome (AZ) 13567 10:30 14:25 123456 07:05 10:05 Saint Petersburg (VV) 1234567 11:00 11:55 1357 14:10 16:15 Sofia (VV) 1357 16:55 19:00 14567 13:40 15:05 Stockholm (VV) 14567 15:55 19:20 135 15:45 17:35 Tallinn (OV) 135 13:05 14:55 136 09:45 13:00 Tbilisi (PS) 136 07:05 08:30 27 22:35 01:40 Tel Aviv (LY) 27 18:05 21:25 27 13:05 16:50 Toronto (VV) 27 18:50 11:30 1234567 07:45 08:50 Vienna (OS) 1234567 20:15 23:10 123457 17:20 18:20 Vienna (OS) 123457 17:40 20:35 1234567 15:15 16:25 Vienna (PS) 1234567 10:35 13:30 123457 11:25 12:25 Vienna (PS) 123457 07:25 10:20 14:30 15:05 Warsaw (LO) 1234567 11:05 13:35 1234567 13456 08:00 08:40 Warsaw (VV) 13456 09:20 12:00 1234567 09:25 11:15 Zurich (PS) 1234567 12:10 15:45 3567 10:20 11:50 Venice (W6) 3567 12:20 15:40 236 08:30 09:55 Vilnius (VV) 236 10:40 12:00 1457 13:30 14:55 Vilnius (VV) 1457 15:35 17:05 Airline Codes: AF - Air France, AY - Finnair, AZ - AlItalia, BA - British Airways, BT - Air Baltic, JP - Adria Airways, KL - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, LH Lufthansa, LO - LOT Polish Airlines, LY - El Al Israel Airlines, MA - Malev Hungarian Airlines, OK - Czech Airlines, OS - Austrian Airlines, OV - Estonian Air, PS - Ukrainian International Airlines, TK - Turkish Airlines, VV - AeroSvit, W6 - WizzAir. Updated information: www.airport-borispol.com.ua

From Kyiv


To Kyiv


-23-5-7 -----61234567 1234567 -23-567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 1234567 ----5-1234567 -2--5-1--------4---

Days Dep. Arr.

17:38 06:22 11:07 09:30 23:58 10:39 15:40 08:37 20:42 22:09 20:09 20:42 15:55 10:30 11:07 16:37 20:42 11:07 11:07

From Kyiv

23:45 Astana (+3 days) -2-4-67 10:40 09:57 21:35 Baku (+2 days) - 2 - - - - - 23:40 16:12 20:36 Belgrade (+1 day) 1234567 07:20 20:00 09:09 Berlin (+1 day) 1234567 15:15 16:42 05:27 Bratislava (+1 day) 12-45-7 13:57 20:00 11:07 Budapest (+1 day) 1234567 18:43 20:00 19:30 Bucharest (+1 day) 1234567 06:25 09:29 22:59 Chisinau 1234567 11:45 02:03 15:27 Krakow 1234567 13:00 10:19 08:35 Minsk 1234567 21:25 08:33 06:39 Moscow 1234567 23:23 08:00 06:51 Prague (+1 day) 1234567 21:32 10:19 1234567 19:40 09:29 05:55 Sofia (+1 day) 10:44 Saint Petersburg 1234567 15:58 14:40 13:06 Thessaloniki (+2 days) 1------- 17:02 20:00 09:04 Warsaw 1234567 16:00 09:44 06:22 Vienna (+1 day) - - - 4 - - 7 22:08 10:19 07:16 Venice (+1 day) - - - 4 - - - 21:32 20:00 19:36 Zagreb (+1 day) - - - - - 6 - 10:00 20:00


To Kyiv

Days Dep. Arr.


UKRZALIZNYTSA (Ukrainian Railway) Central Train Station, Vokzalna, tel. 465 2111, www.uz.gov. ua Daily trains to cities in Ukraine and major European destinations. Timetable information tel. 503 7005, train tickets reservation tel. 465 1917

CENTRAL BUS STATION 3 Moskovska ploscha, Lybidska, tel. 265 5774. Luggage room working hours: 06:00-11:00, 11:30-17:00, 17:30-22:00. It takes about 45 minutes to go to the city centre using both trolleybus and metro. The taxi can get you to the centre in 10 minutes with a reasonable fare would be around 70 hryvnias ($13). AVTOLUX Central Bus Station Lybidska, tel. 451 8628, tel. 289 3731, www.autolux.ua ticket booking: +38 044 200 16 20 ECOLINES 2 - 16 Mykhailivska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 278 2742, 279 2462; also at the Central Train Station, 2 Vokzalna ploscha (Polesye mall 2nd floor), Vokzalna, tel. 245 03 52; also at the Central Bus Station, 3 Moskovska ploscha, Lybidska, tel. 525 92 99, www.ecolines.net Routes from Ukraine to the Western Europe. Online tickets booking. EXPRESS A 22 Vasylkivska str, tel. 332 4695, 494 2211, www.express-a. com.ua, Open 08:00-21:00 Routes to the European countries, including Germany, Spain. KIY-GRAND 20 Zlatoustivska str, Vokzalna, tel. 486 5908, www.avtobus. kiev.ua, Open 08:00-18:00, Sat, Sun 08:00-15:00 Links Kyiv with Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Portugal. KRAFT REISEN 35 Zlatoustivska str, Universytet, tel. 486 8731, www.kraftreisen.de Routes to Germany.

Long distance buses & Coaches

Car rentals

AVIS RENT A CAR 72 Yamska str, tel. 502 2010, fax 502 2014, www.avis.com.ua, Open 08:00-17:00 BUDGET CAR RENTAL 8a Pushkinska str, tel. 279 6492, fax 279 7092, real@res.relc. com, www.res.com.ua EUROPCAR 48a Gorkoho str, tel. 238 2691, fax 238 26 92, office@ europcar.relc.com, www.europcar.ua, Open 09:00-18:00, Sat, Sun closed. HERTZ 7d Zdolbunivska str, tel. 492 3270, fax 492 3273, www.hertz. com.ua, Open 09:00-18:00 Sat, Sun closed. LIMON #18, 4 Mykhailivskyi provulok, tel. 332 9797, 278 8854, www. limonauto.com.ua, Open 10:00-19:00, Sun closed. LIMOUSINE SERVICE 19b Instytutska str, tel. 253 6986 limo@limo.kiev.ua, www. limo.com.ua, Open 09:00-19:00 SIXT 46 Dmytrivska str, tel. 499 26 64, 496 0530, fax 4908158, www.sixt.ua SMART CAR RENT Tel. 4918424, 8 (067) 230 3838, info@smart-car-rent.kiev.ua, www.smart-car-rent.kiev.ua

67 Peremohy prospect, tel. 490 1088, www.budget.ua Open 09:0018:00, Sat, Sun closed.

If you have extra weekend then Crimea is a must. Take the night train or fly down to Simferopol from Kyiv (while in Simferopol you can take exotic inter-city trolleybus Simferopol - Alushta - Yalta route #52 - currently the longest T-bus line in the world about 86 kilometres (54 miles) long. The T-bus ride to Alushta takes roughly 1,5 hours, and to Yalta roughly 2,5 hours. Crimea southern coastline counts a number of historical sights spanning from Foros in the west to Alushta in the east. ALUSHTA The town is notable for its rocky terrain and ruins of a Byzantine defensive tower and a 15th-century Genoese fortress near Sudak village. Accommodation Radisson BLU Alushta 2 Lenina str, Alushta, tel. +38 (06560) 26226, +38 (06560) 26222 BAKHCHISARAY A town in Central Crimea, once was a capital of the Crimean Khanate. It is notable for its main landmark Hansaray, the only extant palace of the Crimean Khans, currently opened to tourists as a museum. CHERSONESOS Locally named Khersones, or Khersonesos National Archeological Reserve in full, it was an ancient Greek colony founded 2500 years ago in the southwestern part of Crimea - Taurica by settlers from Heraclea Pontica. The ancient city is located on the shore of the Black Sea at the outskirts of today's Sevastopol. Chersonesos also is notable, among others, for being the city of baptism of the Grand Prince of Kyiv in 988. It has been nicknamed the Ukrainian Pompeii or Crimean Troy, and in 2007 Chersonesos tied fifth in the Seven Wonders of Ukraine poll. SEVASTOPOL Founded in 1783, when Russia annexed Crimean peninsula today the city still remains the home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Try to visit Sevastopol towards the end of July when the Russian Navy has the Navy Days. Quite impressive demonstration of the Russian Navy in the port with submarines, attack helicopters, sky divers and frigates. Numerous Sevastopol attractions include WWII Museum, The Panorama Museum from the Crimean war, St.Volodymyr Cathedral, and the Russian Black Sea Fleet Museum. YALTA & BEYOND A city on the north coast of the Black Sea enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with many vineyards and orchards in the vicinity. The top sights include Swallow's Nest, Livadia Palace, Ai-Petri Mountain, Palace of Bukhara Emir, Massandra Palace, and Vorontsov Palace. Accommodation Palmira Palace 12a Alupinske shosse, Yalta, www. palmira-palace.com, tel. +38 (0654) 275321, fax +38 (0654) 247000

Chersonesos in Crimea


Swallow Nest in Yalta, Crimea

The city of Kamianets-Podilskyi located in the southern portion of the Khmelnytskyi Oblast (western Ukrainian region of Podillia). The Smotrych River, a tributary of the Dniester, flows through the city. Famous tourist attraction include numerous architectural attractions in the old town, including the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, the city hall building, Polish and Armenian markets, city hall building, and the numerous fortifications, including the new castle and the ancient city castle. The latter is the most notable tourist attraction and since 2007, the Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle is on the list 'the Seven Wonders of Ukraine' when it came into 3rd place in the nation-wide competition. Accommodation Gala Hotel 84 Lesi Ukrainki str, Kamianets-Podilskyi, tel. (03849) 38 370, (03849) 91 769, www.gala-hotel.com Parking. Rates: $40 - $80. Comfortable hotel located slightly off the old town. Restaurant, meeting room, and sauna available. In addition, hotel offers several guided excursions to the old town.

Fortress in Khotyn


Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle

Khotyn located in Chernivtsi Oblast of western Ukraine in some 10 km southwest of Kamianets-Podilskyi. The city is notable for its fortification complex located on the shores of the Dniester River. Construction of the current fortress dates back to the 1325, while major improvements were made in the 1380s and in the 1460s. The fortress is a large tourist attraction. The complex consists of citadel and the fortress itself. The latter has also ruins of a Turkish mosque.

Lutsk & Beyond
Located 150 km from Lviv, and 100 km from Poland/Ukraine border this is one of the oldest towns in Ukraine. Lutsk can be accessed by daily overnight train from Kyiv. City's most prominent landmark is the 14th century Lubart's Castle which also appears on the 200 Hryvnia note. The castle was the seat of the last ruler of post-Kyivan Rus Galicia-Volhynia principality. The main entrance, now bricked in, was from the west and adjoined a bridge over outer moat. Three main towers, named after Lubart, Svitrigaila and the Bishop, were built in 16-17th centuries. The walls of the castle formerly enclosed residence of the Grand Duke of Lithuania, St. John's Cathedral, and episcopal palace. Of these buildings, only neoclassical palace of the bishops still stands. Among other city' must see there are a Catholic cathedral (built 1610 as a Jesuit church), and the Volynska Ikona museum (located slightly off the Volyn Univerisy). DUBNO CASTLE Located in 50 km south from Lutsk, the castle was build in 1492 by Prince Ostrogski on a promontory overlooking the Ikva River. The castle was rebuilt in stone in the early 16th century. It had a church, a two-storey palace, and an impressive array of 73 cannons. It is the only Volhynian castle featuring a hornwork. Accommodation Zaleski Hotel 39 Kryvyi Val, tel. (0332) 772 701, fax (0332) 772 703 www.zaleski-hotel.com Newly build comfortable hotel in the old town. Restaurant, meeting room, and a beauty salon. Parking. Rates: $90 - $325. Eating & Drinking The Good Soldier vejk Wi-Fi 56 Lesi Ukrainki str, tel. (0332) 722 094. Centrally located German restaurant. Kurin' 26 Hrushevskoho str, tel. (03322) 31 483. Ukrainian cuisine restaurant.


Lviv is the largest city in Western Ukraine located roughly 500 km from Kyiv. The city can be accessed by train (travel time 8 to 14 hours). There are also daily flights from Kyiv to Lviv airport which is located just 7km from the downtown. Lviv is the major Ukrainian cultural centre, and it is the only Ukrainian Historic City Centre included in the UNESCO Heritage List with numerous tourist attractions, including the Old Town itself, Market Square, the Black House, Armenian Cathedral, Orthodox Cathedral, the Korniakt Palace, Roman Catholic Cathedral, St. Georges Cathedral, Dominican Church of Corpus Christi, Chapel of Boim family, High Castle, Union of Lublin Mound, Lychakivskiy Cemetery. Lviv Tourist Information inLviv.info TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE 3/19 Rybna str, (near Market Square), tel. 0322 728 001, 098 449 2525, andriy@inlviv.com, www.inlviv.info. Offers information about accommodation, apartments, city tours, pubs, cafes and restaurants, shopping, travel information, advice and support. English-speaking guides and guided city tours, and special one day trip to visit few ancient castles scattered around Lviv. Accommodation GRAND HOTEL 45 Svobody prospekt, tel. (0322) 724 042, 727 665, fax (0322) 769 060, www. ghgroup.com.ua, Rates: $138 - $400. Special weekend packages. OPERA HOTEL 45 Svobody prospekt, tel. (0322) 259 000, 727 665, fax (0322) 259 001, reception@hotel-opera.lviv.ua, www. hotel-opera.lviv.ua, Rates: $110 - $365. Eating & Drinking VIDENSKA KAVIARNYA 14 Svobody prosp. tel. (0322) 722 021, www.wienkaffe.lviv.ua Try this famous and oldest coffee shop in Lviv (from 1829).

Lubart's Castle in Lutsk

Pedestrial street in the Lviv Old Town

Lviv City Council


DELOITTE & TOUCHE 48-50a Zhylyanska str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 490 9000 fax 490 0001, www.deloitte.com.ua ERNST & YOUNG 19a Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 490 3000 fax 490 3030 www.ey.com.ua KPMG 11 Mykhailivska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 490 5507 fax 490 5508 www.kpmg.net

Auditors & Accountants

UKRAINIAN BAR ASSOCIATION 2-2a Zolotovoritska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 288 0391, 234 5208, fax 279 2835, 246 5800, www.ukrinur.com.ua UKRAINIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 33 Velyka Zhytomyrska str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 272 2911, fax 272 3353, ucci@ucci.org.ua, www.ucci.org.ua


Auto repairs & Services

AUDI (Vipos Group) 54 Dehtiaryvska str, tel. 537 3320, www.audi.kiev.ua BMW (ABT Bavaria) 4 Ivana Lepse Blvd. tel. 490 7733, www.bmw.ua CITROEN (AIS Citroen Centre) 20 Baltiyska str, tel. 585 4888, www.citroen.ua FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA (ItalMotors) 25 Artema str, tel. 207 5057, www.italmotors.com.ua MERCEDES-BENZ (Automobilny Dim Ukraina) 90 Stolichne Shose, tel. 201 6000 www.mercedes-benz.ua MITSUBISHI (Niko) 4 Naberezhno-Lugova str, tel. 205 3331, www.niko.ua VOLKSWAGEN (AutoSoyuz) 28 Moskovsky prospekt, tel. 207 070, www.avtosojuz.ua VOLVO, FORD, JAGUAR, LAND ROVER, PORSCHE 24D Moskovsky prospekt, tel. 4960006 www.winnerauto.ua

CINDERELLA 8 Karelskyi prov, tel. 573 2622; 5 Mala Zhytomyrska str, tel. 573 2622; 5 Sichnevoho Povstania str, Arsenalna, tel. 290 5816. UN MOMENTO 21 Lesi Ukrainki Blvd., tel. 492 7267; 12 Lugova str, (in shopping mall Karavan); 10a Liuteranska St; 16b Yaroslaviv Val; 27a Peremohy prospekt. Home/office collection and delivery call 495 2495

CENTRAL POST OFFICE COPY CENTRE 22 Khreschatyk str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 230 0856 MEGAPRINT 41 Nyzhniy Val str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 425 8888, 425 1414, Open 08:30-18:00, Sat 10:00-16:00, Sun closed. Risography, digital printing, lamination, scanning, photo printing, ... VETA COPY SERVICE 30A Gonchara str, Zoloti Vorota, tel/fax 234 3346, 272 1913, Open 08:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun closed. Risography, lamination, scanning, photocopying, ...

Copy & Print centres

ING BANK UKRAINE (ING Group) 30a Spaska str. Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 490 0330, fax 490 0340, www.ingukraine.com OTP BANK 43 Zhylianska str, tel. 300 0500, 490 0500 (24h) www.otp. com.ua SEB BANK (SEB Group) 10 Chervonoarmiyska str, tel. 238 6767, fax 2346350, www. seb.ua



AVANTO 22/17a Kostiantynivska str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 531 3797, also at 13 Staronavodnytska str, Pecherska, tel. 451 4060, www.avanto.com.ua, Open 09:00-21:00 PRISMA 25 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 425 1404, Open 08:00-20:00

AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 42/44 Shovkovychna str, Palats Sportu, tel. 490 5800, fax 490 5801, chamber@chamber.ua, www.chamber.ua BRITISH BUSINESS CLUB IN UKRAINE 10 Baseina str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 234 6781, 545 6142, www. bbcu.com.ua BRITISH-UKRAINIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 34a M.Hrushevskoho str, Arsenalna, tel. 410 5720, fax 230 2151, administrator@bucc.com.ua, www.bucc.com.ua EUROPEAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION 1a Andriyivskyi uzviz Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 496 0601, fax 496 0602, www.eba.com.ua KYIV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 55 Khmelnytskoho str, tel. 482 0301, fax 482 3966, info@kievchamber.org.ua, www.kiev-chamber.org.ua

Business networking

Domestic services

SVITLANA-GROUP 24 Predslavenska str, tel. 360 7115, 8 (093) 509 9929, info@ svitlana.net.ua, www.svitlana.net.ua Nannies, housekeepers and housemaids, drivers, cooks and gardeners.

KYIV EXPO PLAZA 2b Saliutna str, Nyvky, tel. 461 9585, fax 461 9921, expo@ expoplaza.kiev.ua, www.expoplaza.kiev.ua INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE 15 Brovarskyi prosp, Livoberezhna, tel/fax 201 1161, 201 1162, reklama@iec-expo.com.ua, www.iec-expo.com.ua UKRAINIAN HOUSE (Ukrainskyi Dim) 2 Khreschatyk str, tel. 278 3833, www.ukrdim.org.ua

Expo centres

CABINET OF MINISTERS 12/2 M.Hrushevskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 256 6333, www.kmu.gov.ua MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS 1 Mykhailivska ploscha, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 238 1777, fax 272 2212, www.mfa.gov.ua NATIONAL BANK OF UKRAINE 9 Instytutska str. Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 253 0180, fax 230 2033, www.bank.gov.ua OMBUDSMAN 21/6 Instytutska str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 253 7589 www.ombudsman.kiev.ua PARLIAMENT (Verkhovna Rada) 5 M.Hrushevskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 255 2122, www.rada.gov.ua PRESIDENT 11 Bankova str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 255 7333, www. president.gov.ua


Lawyers & Legal advise

BAKER & MCKENZIE 24 Vorovskoho str, tel. 590 0101, fax 590 0110, www.bakernet. com DLA PIPER 77a Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 490 9575, fax 490 95 77, www. dlapiper.com NOTARY SERVICES #105, 19-21 Frunze str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. (044) 455 9318, fax (044) 455 9318, Open 09:00-18:00. English speaking licensed notary. Witnessing signatures on documents, legal documents and deeds certification, oaths and affirmations administration, mortgage/real estate, wills and other testamentary documents, and powers of attorney notarization.

AILAS 12a Bazhana prosp, Osokorky, tel. 291 0191, 8 800 50 50 060, www.ailas.com.ua AMERICAN MEDICAL CENTER 1 Berdychivska str, Lukyanivska, tel/fax 490 7600, www. amcenters.com, Open 00-24. BORYS 55a Velyka Vasylkivska str, tel. 238 0000, 536 1980, www. boris.kiev.ua, Open 00-24. First aid and consultations. CMD 10a Pymonenka str, Lukyanivska, tel. 239 1223, www.cmd. kiev.ua Laboratory tests and results within 24h. DR. ROEDGER LAB 13 Staronavodnitska str, Pecherska, tel. 569 2828, www. medlab.kiev.ua UKRAINIAN GERMAN CLINIC 67/7 Velyka Vasylkivska str, Respublikanskyi Stadion, tel. 419 3482, 289 4435, 289 5572, www.unk.kiev.ua

Hospitals & Clinics

Marriage agencies

DAISYBRIDE 1 Sofiyivska str, tel. 332 8535, www.daisybride.com ELENAS MODELS 21 Sahaidachnoho str, Poshtova Ploscha, tel. 203 3765, fax 463 7903, www.elenasmodels.com

Pets & Vets

FAUNA SERVICE 44G Saksaganskogo str, tel. 289 7744, 278 8803, fax 279 8848. Working hours 00-24 PET HOTEL & VETERINARY CLINIC 31 Vidradnyi prospekt, tel. 404 7642, 917 9585 Pet hotel, veterinary clinic, and hairdresser.

Human resources

KODAK EXPRESS (in Central Post Office premises) 22 Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 230 0856, Open 10:0019:00

Photo development & Equipment

BRAIN SOURCE INTERNATIONAL 3 Sportyvna str, tel. 390 5010 Recruitment expertise for international and local businesses in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and CIS countries. PEDERSEN & PARTNERS EXECUTIVE SEARCH 59 Zhylianska str, tel. 569 5988, fax 569 5987, www. pedersencee.com

Real estate


ARCO REAL ESTATE 15 Turgenivska str, tel. 490 2266, info@arcoreal.com.ua www. arcoreal.com.ua Sale/purchase/lease of housing and commercial real estate, consulting and evaluation services. OBER-HAUS 19 Gorkoho str, tel. 287 8770, www.ober-haus.com Real estate housing, lease, consulting, and evaluation services.

PRO 100 10 Gertsyna str, tel. 8 800 5007260, 206 2885, fax 206 2884; 65 Honchara str, tel. 238 6125, www.pro100.ua PZU UKRAINE 62 Dehtyarivska str, Beresteiska, tel. 238 6238, 581 0400 www.pzu.com.ua


TRIS TRANSLATION CENTRE 11a Horodetskoho str, Khreschatyk, tel/fax 279 3057, 486 0263, www.tris.ua Notary certification, apostille, delivery.

When venturing out to a night of fun and excitement do not ignore some common sense rules. DO NOT FORGET that you are a visitor and you might look different, speak a foreign language or have any other common tourist attributes. Hence you can be a target for any scam. MIND the pickpockets at the night-clubs; when it is crowded, you won't even notice how your wallet will disappear from the back pocket of your jeans. DO NOT ACCEPT any drinks from strangers or that have not been poured or mixed in front of your eyes. DO NOT CARRY big amounts of money on you. It is good to split your cash from your credit cards. DO NOT FORGET to use condoms if you decide to have sex.
44 ART CLUB 44 Khreschatyk str, Khreschatyk, tel. 279 4137, www.club44. com.ua Open 11:00-02:00 (Fri, Sat 11:00-04:00). Located on the main Khreschatyk street this two-hall music club boasts informal and friendly atmosphere, live music by guest bands (from 22:00) as well as free movie theatre (small hall - from 19:00). During daytime chef offers European lunch (11:0016:00 happy hours). Live spotring events on TV. Affable staff. ARENA NIGHTCLUB 2a Baseina str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 492 0000, www.arena-kiev. com. Parking. Admission: $0-20. One of the best, prestigious, and famous Kyiv nightclubs. On the stage, depending on day, there are prominent pop-stars, models, designers, business folks, and other socialites are partying here. On the stage there are top stand-up comedians, DJs, or famous bands performing RnB and jazz. AZHUR 3 Leontovicha str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 234 7494, 502 2000, www.avalon.ua Admission $0-20 The club Azhur is the right shot for peoples who admire music of 60s-80s. Calling itself Stereo Disco Club Azhur in full this spot is in the manner of the Beatles and Elvis Presley, with a charm of Marilyn Monroe and Lisa Minelli, and with a drive from Rolling Stones and the Doors. BABY FACE 44 Shorsa str, Pecherska, tel. 286 0776, table reservation: +38 067 608 9757 www.babyface.com.ua CARIBBEAN CLUB 4 Symona Petliury str, Universytet, tel. 288 1290, 067 224 4111, www.caribbean.com.ua, Open 18:00-06:00, Admission: $0-20. Traditional Caribbean interior, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Guanguanco music. Originally the club opened in 1998 as a small Cuban restaurant and shortly after the place gained popularity thanks to glamour-free democratic atmosphere and vivid Latino music. In the snack bar you can taste Spanish-Cuban cuisine and in the lounge - a hookah or a Cuban cigar. CHRYSTAL HALL 1 Dniprovskyi uzvis, Arsenalna, tel. 288 5069, 067 442 9267, www.crystalhall.com.ua Located in the city center this is one of the largest venues in Kyiv (capacity up to 2000 people) with outdoor view and modern design and equipment for producing all kind of parties and events.

Night clubs

Entertainment centres

ARENA ENTERTAINMENT 2a Baseina str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 492 0000, www.arena-kiev. com, Open 00-24, parking. Located at the Bessarabska Square this all-inclusive entertainment centre has elite nightclub, casino, sports, good beer restaurant with mini brewery, and many, many more. AVALON 3 Leontovicha str, Zoloti Vorota, tel. 234 7494, 502 2000, www. avalon.ua. Centrally located entertainment centre. You can find inside casino, a disco nightclub Azhur, lounge bar, really good seafood restaurant, and stylish coffee bar-restaurant Mocco. CHALIAPIN 21 Pushkinska str, Teatralna, tel. 288 3022, www.shalapin. kiev.ua Open 20:00-06:00. Reataurant and karaoke club Boulevard - Cafe Chalapin in the city centre offers European and Japanese cuisine and musical menu with more than 20 000 songs. LA LA FA Moorage 6, Naberezhno-Khreschatytska str, Pochtova Ploscha, tel. 428 7387, www.lalafa.com.ua Open 20:00-06:00. Podil located karaoke club-restaurant. Professional sound, back-vocal, large song list, dance floor, European, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine, friendly staff. In addition, you can record your solo singed songs.

Karaoke clubs



CINEMA CLUB 1 Entuziastiv str, Livoberezhna, tel. 555 5854, www.cinemaclub.com.ua, Admission $0-10. Lodged in the Slavutich hotel on the left bank of Kyiv, the Cinema club is an underground-like venue with shady interior and mainly techno and electro music sets played by residents and guest DJs. DECADENCE HOUSE 16 Shota Rustaveli str, Lva Tolstoho, tel. 206 4920. Admission $0-30. The House combines restaurant and lounge. FABERGE 22 Rybalska str, Klovska, tel. 501 7979, Open 00-24. Centrally located exclusive club has very strict face control and you cannot be sure to get in unless you are 20+ and dressed respectably. Clubs bar has one of the longest lists of drinks in the city and impress with variety. FORSAGE CLUB 51a Harmatna str, Shuliavska, tel. 406 7600, www. forsageclub.com.ua, Admission $0-10, guarded parking. Located in the uptown this nightclub markets itself as a midprice venue selling good entertainment for a big crowds. The club main stream is a house music and dancing parties. Dress code and face control managers are keeping clubs guests secure and comfortable. FIDEL 4B Hrushevskoho str, tel. 279 8278 Centrally located all-in-one nightclub, bar, pub and art-restaurant. GANESHA PARTY BAR 11a Artema str, www.ganesha-bar.com One of the smallest centrally located after-party spots in Kyiv. For positive folks only! Face control management is doing well at keeping the venue secure and free from stressors.



PATIPA 10 Muzeynyi provulok, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 253 0150, www.patipa.com. Admission: $0-20. This hot and glamour club gifts its guests jolly time and loud party atmosphere. Clubs main stage is surrounded by 11 private rooms with capacity from 2 to 20 persons featuring air-conditioning, and TV screens. SHOOTERS Wi-Fi. 22 Moskovska str, tel. 254 2024, www.shooters.com.ua Threelevel Shooters includes cozy Terrace, elegant fusion restaurant, exotic chill-out bar Harem and night club Shooters, where you are afford to rest at full capacity, even to dance on the table. Bright parties, mainstream DJs, guest shares, original cocktails and special outfits Shooters Girls create special atmosphere.

SORRY BABUSHKA 18/24 Dmitrivska str, Universytet, tel. 486 0300, www.sorrybabushka.com.ua Open 18:00-06:00 (Tue-Sun). Located in the centre this three-level popular venue boasts the best quality sound system in Kyiv. Club first floor you can try your singing skills with karaoke. DJs of the second floor spin disco, and 90's hits. SULLIVAN ROOM KYIV 8 Prorizna str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 098 682 2150 This centrally located club, in some 100 meters from central Khreschatyk street, is a branch of the Sullivan Room New York nightclub. TATO FASHION CLUB 6/11 Sofii Perovskoy str, Shuliavska, tel. 456 1782, www. tatoclub.com.ua Open 22:00 - 06:00 This spot is a restaurant during a day which converts to a night club in the evenings. Pretty small premises with a bar, billiards, scene and a podium. Evening program feature fashion or erotic show. Admission 3050 UAH. TSAR PROJECT 1b Hrushevskoho str, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, tel. 297 0000, www.tsar-project.com Centrally located nightclub is one of most ambitious and dazzling projects of capital nightlife scene designed to cater mainly wealthy and snobby people. XLIB 12 Frunze str, Kontraktova Ploscha, tel. 417 3233 Open Thu, Sun 20:00-02:00, Fri, Sat 23:00-06:00. Located in Podil neighbourhood this underground - like night club caters youth and meant for those who like democratic atmosphere. The club consist of a dance floor and a chill out room.


BODY MASSAGE tel. 228 1818, Open 00-24. The beautiful and professional masseurs help you to relax and enjoy the art of erotic massage. CHOCOLATE tel. 096 545 3444, 063 233 0067, www.chocolate-studio.com. ua Open 00-24 Erotic, Thai and own brand chocolate massage given by girls at this parlour located in Kyiv downtown. CLEO RELAX STUDIO 12 Rusanivska Naberezhna, tel. 095 308 4200, 361 9296, Open 09:00-21:00 All kinds of exotic, professional and erotic massage. EROTIC MASSAGE SALON tel. 067 5251699, Respublikanskyi Stadion, Open 00-24. VIP erotic massage salon in the city centre. Also available at your place. HOT MASSAGE tel. 228 1818, Fully undressed fully body to body soul massage. Also available at your place. IMPERIA tel. 237 0771, Zoloti Vorota, www.imperia-mas.kiev.ua, Open 00-24. VIP erotic massage. Best girls. City centre. Also available at your place. JOSEPHINE 4 Prorizna str, Khreschatyk, tel. 362 9909, 050 993 3015, www.vip-massage.kiev.ua Open 00-24 LILIT 86 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho str, Universytet, tel. 228 8728 www.lilit.kiev.ua

Massage salons

IMPERIA 1 Vorovskoho str, tel. 237 0771, 050 383 5485, Zoloti Vorota, www.imperia-mas.kiev.ua, Open 00-24. The pretty girls professionals in erotic massage will meet you in thissalon and make you to release from muscular and nervous strain, and recover your strength. RAKUENA 48 Shovkovichna str, Khreschatyk, tel. 568 2947, www. rakuena.com Open 10:00-23:00 ROKSOLANA 20 Mukhailivskyi provulok, tel. 227 9510, 067 833 3366, 063 144 4440, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, www.imperia-mas.kiev. ua, Open 00-24. VIP erotic massage. Professional masseurs will make you stay full of pleasure. City centre.


Please note that several streets in Kyiv have been renamed recently and some are still in the process of changing their old communist and Soviet names to original Ukrainian ones. Despite these changes the old names are still widely used and street signs are right where they are puzzling Kyiv visitors. Here are the most confusing cases:
Amosova Mykoly Andriyivska Andriyivskyi uzviz Antonovicha Anyschenka Arsenalna Arsenal'na ploscha Artema Bahhovutivs'ka Bankova Barbiusa Anri Baseina Bastionna Bekhterevskyi provulok Bessarabska ploscha Bilokur Bohdanivs'ka Bohomoltsa Borschahivs'ka Borychiv tik Borychiv uzviz Borysohlebska Botanichna ploscha Bozhenka Bratska Brovarskyi prospekt Chapaieva Chekhovskyi provulok Chervonoarmiys'ka Chervonozoryanyi prosp. Chornohirska Chornovola Chyhorina Darvina Davydova Oleksiya Blvd.d Dehtiarivs'ka Dehtiarna Desiatynna Dmytrivs'ka Dmytrova Dniprovska Naberezhna Dniprovskyi uzviz Druzhby Narodiv Blvd.d Dubens'ka Dzerzhynskoho ploscha Entuziastiv Erenburga Illi Esplanadna Evropeiska ploscha Filatova Fiodorova Ivana Franka Ivana Franka Ivana ploscha Frunze Glazunova Gorkoho Hlybochitska Hlybochitskyi proizd Hoholivs'ka Honchara Olesia Honcharna Hordienka provulok Horodetskoho Hospitalna Hospitalnyi provulok Hrushevskoho Husovskoho Illinska A4/B3/B4 B2/C2/G1 B2/G1 A2/B2/F2 C3 C3/H4 C3 A2/B2/F2 A1 C2/G3 B4/C4/G4 B3/C3/G3 C4/D4 B2 B3/G3 D4 A3 C3/G3 A2 B2/G1 C2/G2 C1/G1 B2 B3/B4/F4 B1/C2/G1 D2/D3/E2 B2/F2 B2/F2 B3/F3 A4 C4 A2 C4 C3/G3 E3 A1 B2/F2 B2/G2 A2 B3/F4 E3 D3 C4/D4 D4 C4 E3 B3/F4 B3/G4 C2/G2 C4 B3/F4 B2/F2/F3 C2 B1 C4 B3/F4 A1/A2/F1 A2 A2/B2 B2/F2 B2/F2 C3/H3 G3 C3/G4 C3/G4 C3/H3 C3 B1/C1/G1 Institutska Khmelnytskoho Bohdana Khoryva Khreschatyk Kikvidze Klovskyi uzviz Kominternu Kontraktova Ploscha Kopernyka Korolenkivska Kosohirnyi provulok Kostiantynivs'ka Kostelna Kotsiubinskoho M. Kotsiubinskoho Yuriya Kovpaka Kozhumiatska Koziatynska Kropyvnytskoho Kruhlouniversytetska Kryvonosa Petra ploscha Kudriavs'ka Kudriavs'kyi uzviz Kurhanivska Kutuzova Laboratorna Laboratornyi provulok Lavrskyi provulok Leiptsyzka Leontovicha Lesi Ukrainki lbvd Lesi Ukrainki ploscha Lieskova Liniyna Litnia Liuteranska Lubenska Lukashevicha M. Lukianivs'ka Lukianivs'ka ploscha Lumumby Patrisa Lunacharskoho Lva Tolstoho Lva Tolstoho ploscha Lvivska ploscha Lybids'ka Lykhachova Lypska Lysenka Maidan Nezalezhnosti Mala Zhytomyrs'ka Malopidval'na Mazepy Ivana Mechnikova Mel'nykova Mendeleeva Mezhyhirs'ka Michurina Moskovs'ka Moskovs'ka ploscha Mykhailivs'ka Mykhailivs'ka ploscha Mykhailivs'kyi provulok Mykilsko-Slobidska Myrnoho Panasa Muzeinyi provulok Naberezhne Shose NaberezhnoKhreshatytska C2/H3 B2/F3 B1/F1 B2/C2/G3 C4 C3/H3 A3/B2 B1/G1 A2 B3/F4 B2/F1 B1 C2/G2 B2/F3 B2 B4/C4 B2/F1/F2 D3 C3/G3 C3/G3 A3 B2/F2 B2 C4 C3 B3/B4 C3/G4 D3 C3 F3/F4 C3/H4 C3 C3 B3/F3 C3 C2/G3 C4 A3 A1/F1 A1 C4 E2 B3/A3/F3 B3/A3 B2/F2 B3 C4 C2/C3/H3 B2 C2/G2 B2/G2 B2/G2 D3 C3/H4 A1 C4 B1 D4 C3 B4 B2/G2 C2 B2/G2 E2 C3/H3 C2/G2 C2/G2 C1/G1
40-richya Zhovtnya Artema Chervonoarmiyska Gorkoho Sichovoho Povstannya

Old Name:

Holosiyivskyi prospekt Sichovykh Striltsyv Velyka Vasylkivska Antonovicha Ivana Mazepy

New Name:

Naberezhno-Pecherska D4 Sichnevyi provulok Naddnipryanske shose D4 Sichnevoho Povstania Nemirovicha-Danchenko C3 Sichovykh Striltsyv Nimanska C4 Smirnova-Lastochkina Novopecherskyi provulok C4 Spaska Novovokzalna B3 Sportyvna ploscha Nizhniy Val B1/F1 Sofiyivska Nyzhnnoiurkivs'ka B1 Sofiyivska ploscha Obolonska B1 Solomianska Observatorna B2/F2 Solomianska ploscha Okypnoy Raisy E2 Stadionna Olehivska B1 Staronavodnytska Olhyns'ka C2/G3 Starovokzalna Orlyka Pylypa C3/H3 Strutytskoho Serhiya Ostrovskoho M. A3 Stryletska Panfilovtsyv D3 Studentska Panfilovtsyv provulok D3 Suvorova Pankivs'ka B3/F3 Tarasivska Parkova doroha C2/H2 Tatarska Pavlivs'ka A2 Teatralna ploscha Pecherska ploscha C3 Telmana Pecherskyi uzviz C3/H4 Tereshenkivska Peremohy ploscha A2 Triokhsviatytelska Peremohy prospekt A2 Trukhanivska Perova Blvd.d E1 Tsytadelna Pestelia Pavla A2 Turhenivska Petrivs'ka B2/F1 Tverska Petrivska aleia C2/G2 Tverskyi tupik Petrozavods'ka A3 Tykha Perspektivna C4 Tymiryazevska Pervomaiskoho L. C3/G3 Uritskoho Pidvysotskoho C4/D4 Vasylevskoy Vandy Pochanyns'ka B1/C1 Velyka Vasylkivska Pokrovska B2/G1 Velyka Zhytomyrska Polovetska A1 Verkhnia Poltavs'ka A2 Verkhnyi Val Polzunova A3 Verkhnyi provulok Poshtova ploscha C2 Vietrova Povitroflotskyi prospekt A2/A3 Vokzalna Predslavynska B3/B4 Vokzalna ploscha Prorizna B2/G3 Volhohradska Protasiv Yar A4/B3/F4 Volodymyro-Lybidska Pushkinska B2/G3 Volodymyrska Pymonenko Mykoly A2 Volodymyrskyi proizd Pyriatynska D4 Volodymyrskyi uzviz Raievskoho Mykoly C4 Voloska Raskovoi M. E2 Volzka Redutna D3 Vorovskoho Redutnyi provulok D3 Vozdvyzhenska Reuta M. D3 Voznesenskyi uzviz Risnytska C3 Vozzyedania prospekt Rusanivska Naberezhna E3 Vvedenska Rusanivskyi Blvd.d E3 Vydubytska Rustaveli Shota B3/G3 Vylshanskyi provulok Rybalka Marshala A2 Vyshny Ostapa Rybalska C3/H4 Vyzvolyteliv prospekt Rzhyschivska D4 Yamska Sadova C2/H3 Yana Vasylia Sahaidachnoho Petra B2/C2/G1 Yaroslaviv Val Sahaidaka Stepana E1/E2 Yaroslavska Saksahanskoho B2/B3/F4 Yurkivska Shekavytska B1 Zadniprovskoho M. Shevchenka Tarasa Blvd.d B2/F3 Zankovetskoy Shmidta Otto A1 Zemlianska Shorsa B4/C4 Zhylianska Shorsa provulok C3 Zhytniotorzka plosha Sholudenka A2 Zolotoustivska Shovkovychna C3/G3 Zvyrynetska

C3 C3/D3 A2/F2 B2 B1/C1 B3 B2/G2 B2 A3/A4 A3 A3 C3/D3 A2 D4 B2/F2 A2 C3 B3/F4 A1 B2 B4 B3/F3 C2/G2 C1/C2/D1 C3/D3 A2 B4 C4 C4 D4 A3 A2 F4 B2/F2 C4 B1/F1 D4 B3 A3 A3 A4/A4 B4 B2/B3/F3 B2/G2 C2/G2 B1/C1/G1 B4 A2/B2/F2 B2 F1-F2 E3 B1 D4 D4 C4 E2 B3/B4/F4 B3/F4 B2/F2 B1 B1 C3 G3 D4 A2/B3/F4 B1 A2 D4


Heroiv Dnipra Minska Obolon

River Dnipro

Petrivka Tarasa Shevchenka Kontraktova Ploscha Poshtova Ploscha Zoloti Vorota Hidropark Livoberezhna Darnytsia Arsenalna Teatralna Dnipro Palats Sportu Klovska Pecherska Druzhby Narodiv Vydubychi Demiivska Holosiivska Vasylkivska Osokorky Slavutych Kharkivska Pozniaky Maidan Nezalezhnosti Khreschatyk Lisova Chernihivska


Sviatoshinsko-Brovarska Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska Syretsko-Pecherska Funicular



Akademmistechko Universytet Vokzalna Ploscha Lva Tolstoho



Lukianivska Politekhnichnyi Institut




Respublikanskyi Stadion Palats Ukraina Lybidska

Boryspilska Vyrlitsa Chervony Khutir

River Dnipro

Map courtesy of R. Schwandl (UrbanRail.Net) 2006-2011 R. Schwandl (UrbanRail.Net) 2007-2011 Kyiv City Guide (ZOOM Media)

Pr i p y a
ts '



De sna
Homyel' Kursk

Konotop Nizhyn Chornobyl' Korosten'




Sul a

NovohradVolyns'kyi Romny Belgorod




Luts'k Zhytomyr


n Sa


Kyiv Kharkiv
V o rs k l a


Przemysl Berdychiv Lubny


Bila Tserkva Poltava
Kremenchuk Dniprodzerzhyns'k Zhovti Vody Pervomays'k







Starobil'sk Izyum



Dn ist



pr Vdskh. o Cherkasy Smila










Kryvyi Rih

Slovians'k Lozova Stakhanov Kramators'k Luhans'k Pavlohrad Kostyantynivka Alchevs'k Horlivka Krasnyi Dnipropetrovs'k Luch Yenakiieve Shakhty Donets'k Makiyivka Marhanets'


Kahovske Vdskh.

et Sir


uh .B


Mykolayiv Odesa Kherson

Melitopol Nova Kakhovka Berdyans'k


K a rkin ists'k
Mouths of the Danube

a Za

a t ok

Dzhankoy Kerch

Yevpatoriya Sevastopol Simferopol


Galati Braila Izmayil

k ns c he


Krasnodar Novorossiysk
ol i v

National capital Capital of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and oblast' centre City, town Airport International boundary Autonomous Republic of Crimea and oblast' boundary Road Railroad

Oblast names are the same as their respective centres except were labelled.

b Da nu

Yalta Constanta






300 km






200 mi